Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu

Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu

When you’re looking for a place to eat, you have a lot of options. You can go to the local restaurant down the street, or you can get takeout from your favorite restaurant. What if there were a place where you could get high-quality food at an affordable price? At Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant, they provide exactly that. 

Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant is here to take your taste buds on a journey. With delicious indonesian and indian dishes, including murtabak and roti john, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. They offer halal certified Indian cuisine that is prepared fresh every day. From their Nasi Ayam Penyet to their Soup Kambing and Roti Prata, they are sure that you will enjoy your dishes as much as they do!

The menu at Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant is extensive and offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something a little more unique, this restaurant has what you need.

With an extensive menu that includes everything, it’s hard not to find something that will make you happy at Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant.

Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu Price List

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of prices for your favorite seafood restaurant, look no further.

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And If you’ve ever been to Singapore and had an incredible meal at a restaurant that served amazing seafood, but couldn’t remember the name of the place, this list is for you. If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of fish are popular in Singapore and what they cost per pound—this list is for you. And if you just like knowing what things cost before going out to eat—this list is definitely for you.

Whether it’s a simple meal or an elaborate feast, this list will help ensure that your next visit to a seafood restaurant in Singapore is as epic as possible!

Check out their menu below:

Adam’s Corner Seafood Popular

Menu ItemsPrice
Nasi AyamS$ 4.50
Char Kuey TeowS$ 6.00
Nasi LemakS$ 4.50
Bubur TaiwaneseS$ 6.50
Nasi Ayam PenyetS$ 6.00
Bubur AyamS$ 4.50

Adam’s Corner Seafood *Foodpanda Exclusive Combo Meals*

Menu ItemsPrice
Combo Meal 1: Nasi Ayam Penyet & Bubur TaiwaneseS$ 19.50
Combo Meal 2: Nasi Goreng Kampung (Small)S$ 20.50
Combo Meal 3: Char Kway Teow & Bubur TaiwaneseS$ 19.50

Adam’s Corner Seafood Soup

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken SoupS$ 8.00
Tom Yam SoupS$ 8.00
Seafood SoupS$ 8.00
Ox-tail SoupS$ 8.00
Fish Ball SoupS$ 8.00
Fish SoupS$ 8.00
Mushroom SoupS$ 8.00
Beef SoupS$ 8.00
Mixed Vegetable Seafood SoupS$ 8.00
Tauhu SoupS$ 8.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Indian Food

Menu ItemPrice
Soup KambingS$ 6.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Fresh Fruit Juices

Menu ItemsPrice
Orange JuiceS$ 3.00
Watermelon JuiceS$ 3.00
Fresh Lemon JuiceS$ 3.00
Green Apple JuiceS$ 3.00
Coconut JuiceS$ 3.00
Soursop JuiceS$ 3.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Beef

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Pepper BeefS$ 10.00
Oyster Sauce BeefS$ 10.00
Sambal BeefS$ 10.00
Dried Chilli BeefS$ 10.00
Spring Onion BeefS$ 10.00
Sweet & Sour BeefS$ 10.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Squid

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet & Sour SotongS$ 10.00
Sotong SambalS$ 10.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Vegetables

Menu ItemsPrice
Plain KailanS$ 7.00
Kangkung BelacanS$ 7.00
Baby Kailan with BeefS$ 10.00
Baby Kailan Oyster SauceS$ 7.00
Baby Kailan with SeafoodS$ 10.00
Baby Kailan with SambalS$ 7.00
Bean Sprouts with Salted FishS$ 7.00
Chap ChaiS$ 7.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Murtabak

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Cheese MurtabakS$ 8.00
Mutton MurtabakS$ 6.00
Sardine MurtabakS$ 6.00
Chicken MurtabakS$ 6.00
Sardine Cheese MurtabakS$ 8.00
Mutton Cheese MurtabakS$ 8.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Roti John

Menu ItemsPrice
Roti John Cheese MushroomS$ 7.00
Roti JohnS$ 5.00
Roti John AyamS$ 5.00
Roti John CheeseS$ 6.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Roti Prata

Menu ItemsPrice
Mushroom Cheese PrataS$ 3.00
Planta (Margarine) PrataS$ 2.50
Cheese Onion PrataS$ 3.00
Banana Egg PrataS$ 3.00
Banana Cheese PrataS$ 3.50
Double Egg PrataS$ 2.00
Banana PrataS$ 2.50
Cheese Egg Onion PrataS$ 3.50
Milo PrataS$ 2.50
Egg Onion PrataS$ 2.00
Cheese Egg PrataS$ 3.00
Cheese PrataS$ 2.50
Plain PrataS$ 1.00
Mushroom PrataS$ 2.50
Onion PrataS$ 1.30
Banana Honey PrataS$ 3.50
Bom PrataS$ 2.50
Egg PrataS$ 1.50
Egg Onion Chilli PrataS$ 2.50
Double Cheese Egg PrataS$ 3.50

Adam’s Corner Seafood Porridges

Menu ItemsPrice
Bubur DagingS$ 5.50
Bubur TaiwaneseS$ 6.50
Bubur AyamS$ 4.50
Mui FanS$ 6.50
Bubur IkanS$ 5.50

Adam’s Corner Seafood Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
Nasi Goreng Daging MerahS$ 9.00
Nasi Goreng Sambal BelacanS$ 6.00
Nasi Daging MerahS$ 6.50
Nasi Goreng SeafoodS$ 6.00
Nasi Ayam KicapS$ 6.00
Nasi Goreng SardineS$ 6.00
Nasi Ayam Black PepperS$ 6.00
Nasi BriyaniS$ 6.50
Nasi Ayam PenyetS$ 6.00
Nasi Goreng Ikan AsinS$ 6.00
Nasi AyamS$ 4.50
Nasi Goreng SambalS$ 6.00
Nasi Goreng Ikan BilisS$ 6.00
Nasi Goreng PaprikS$ 6.00
Nasi Ayam SambalS$ 6.00
Nasi PaprikS$ 6.50
Nasi LemakS$ 4.50
Nasi Goreng PattayaS$ 7.00
Nasi Daging Black PepperS$ 6.50
Nasi Goreng Black PepperS$ 6.00
Nasi Goreng Ayam MerahS$ 9.00
Nasi Ayam MaduS$ 5.00
Nasi Goreng ThaiS$ 9.00
Nasi Goreng KampungS$ 7.00
Nasi Goreng AdamS$ 7.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Noodles

Menu ItemsPrice
Mee Kuah TulangS$ 7.00
Tom Yam MeeS$ 7.00
Soto AyamS$ 4.50
Mee HailamS$ 6.00
Crispy NoodlesS$ 6.00
Mee PattayaS$ 7.00
Maggi PattayaS$ 7.00
Mee Goreng MamaS$ 6.00
Mee Hong KongS$ 6.00
HorfunS$ 6.00
Bee Hoon GorengS$ 6.00
Laksa Bee HoonS$ 7.00
Prawn MeeS$ 6.00
Maggi SoupS$ 6.00
Maggi Goreng ThaiS$ 9.00
Mee SoupS$ 6.00
Fried Seafood NoodlesS$ 6.00
Mee GorengS$ 6.00
Mee Chilli PrawnS$ 6.00
Mee KuahS$ 6.00
Maggi GorengS$ 6.00
Beef NoodlesS$ 6.00
Mee SotoS$ 4.50
Mee HokkienS$ 6.00
Char Kuey TeowS$ 6.00
Mee BandungS$ 6.00
Mee Goreng ThaiS$ 9.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Hotplate

Menu ItemsPrice
Hotplate RiceS$ 8.00
Hotplate SotongS$ 12.00
Hotplate ChickenS$ 12.00
Hotplate NoodlesS$ 8.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Mini Wok

Menu ItemsPrice
Claypot Mee Fried SeafoodS$ 7.00
Claypot Mee Chilli PrawnS$ 7.00
Bak Kut TehS$ 7.00
Claypot Sotong MeeS$ 7.00
Claypot Fried RiceS$ 7.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Side Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
Spring Onion OmeletteS$ 6.00
Plain OmeletteS$ 5.00
Lontong GorengS$ 6.00
Vegetable OmeletteS$ 5.00
Beef OmeletteS$ 8.00
Prawn OmeletteS$ 8.00

Adam’s Corner Seafood Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot Teh TarikS$ 1.20
Hot Kopi TarikS$ 1.20
Hot Teh HaliaS$ 1.30
Teh CinoS$ 3.00
Kopi CinoS$ 3.00
Hot Bru CoffeeS$ 1.40
Iced TehS$ 1.50
Iced KopiS$ 1.50
Iced Milo DinosaurS$ 3.50
Iced Horlicks DinosaurS$ 3.50
Iced LycheeS$ 2.50
Iced LonganS$ 2.50
Iced Teh O LycheeS$ 3.00
Iced Teh O LonganS$ 3.00
Iced Blueberry LycheeS$ 3.00
Iced Blueberry LonganS$ 3.00
Iced Lemon JuiceS$ 2.50
Iced KasturiS$ 2.50
Iced BandungS$ 2.50
Iced Sirap LimauS$ 2.50
Iced BarleyS$ 2.50
Iced AsamS$ 2.50
Iced SirapS$ 2.50
Iced Asam LimauS$ 3.00
Teh OS$ 1.00
Kopi OS$ 1.00
Teh O LemonS$ 1.20
Teh O KasturiS$ 1.20
MiloS$ 1.50
HorlicksS$ 1.50
NescafeS$ 1.30
NesloS$ 1.30

Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant Best Seller 

If you’re looking for a great place to grab a quick bite and a drink, you should check out Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant. They have a menu that covers all of your favorite foods, from nasi lemak to pratta and more. They also have a wide selection of drinks, including coffee, tea and juice. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends after work or on the weekend!

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As with any restaurant, there are certain dishes that have earned a reputation with diners as being particularly delicious. These top five best sellers at Adam’s Corner will have you coming back again and again!

Adam’s Corner Seafood Mee Goreng

Best Seller Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Mee Goreng is a delicious, hearty dish that’s popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s basically fried noodles with vegetables, shrimp, and chicken.

The noodles are made from tapioca flour (or sometimes rice flour), which gives them a unique texture—they’re chewy but not too chewy, and they have a nice spring to them when you bite into them. The vegetables in Mee Goreng—the cabbage, carrots, onion, garlic—are all cooked until tender-crisp, so they retain their flavor even after being deep-fried.

The shrimp are plump and juicy (and not rubbery at all!), while the chicken is tender and flavorful. The sauce has just enough spice to give it some kick without overpowering the other flavors of the dish—I could eat it by itself!

 Adam’s Corner Seafood Nasi Goreng Adam

Famous Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Nasi Goreng Adam Set Meal is an amazing Indonesian dish that you need to try. It’s got fried rice, seafood, chicken wings, fried egg and fish crackers.

The fried rice, seafood, chicken wing, fried egg & fish crackers were all great. The fried rice was perfect—not too salty or spicy, but still flavorful. It had a lot of seafood in it and was just the right amount of greasy. The chicken wings were crispy and tender, with a delicious sauce on them that went perfectly with the rice. The fried egg was amazing! It had just the right amount of runny yolk to go with everything else on my plate.

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The fish crackers were also really good! They were crunchy and salty—I could eat them all day if I wanted to.

Overall this dish was delicious and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for something new or even if you’re just looking for something tasty!

 Adam’s Corner Seafood Nasi Goreng Thai

Delicious Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Nasi Goreng Thai Meal is delicious and flavorful. It’s a mix of fried rice stir-fried in homemade Thai sauce and topped with an egg, a few slices of cucumber, and chopped scallions. The rice is cooked perfectly—not too soft, not too hard—with just the right amount of crunch on the outside. It’s seasoned with soy sauce and fish sauce (which are both included), so you don’t need to add anything else to make it taste good.

The fresh vegetables add some texture and crunch to each bite, while the egg adds another layer of flavor and richness. This dish is filling enough to be an entire meal on its own, but if you’re looking for more protein or carbs, you can add some chicken or beef as well!

Adam’s Corner Seafood Char Kuey Teow

Best Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Char Kuey Teow is a traditional fried rice noodle dish made with prawns, cockles, bean sprouts and Chinese chives.

The dish is typically cooked with thick flat rice noodles which are stir fried with garlic, shallots and dried shrimp paste. The prawns are added last to ensure they are still fresh and crispy when served.

The addition of cockles gives the dish its unique crunchy texture while also adding an element of saltiness to balance out the sweetness from the sauce. The bean sprouts provide a subtle crunch as well and add another layer of flavor to this flavorful dish. Finally, the Chinese chives add an extra layer of flavor as well as giving it some color!

Adam’s Corner Seafood Bubur Taiwanese

Top Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I had never heard of Taiwan porridge before I visited the restaurant, and I had no idea what to expect. But boy, was I in for a treat!

When you first see the dish, it looks like any other bowl of porridge. But then you take a bite and your taste buds are treated to an explosion of flavor. The dish is not only delicious but also filling, making it a great choice if you’re looking for something that will last you until dinner time (or even after dinner) without feeling too heavy on your stomach.

Most Popular Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The side dishes really make this dish pop: salted egg, century egg, pickled lettuce, and ikan bilis all add their own unique flavor profiles to the otherwise simple meal. If you’re looking for something new that tastes great with a variety of textures and flavors, this is definitely worth checking out!

Adam’s Corner Seafood Review by Customer

Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant Location in Singapore

The Restaurant is located in Singapore, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Located in Lavender Street, this restaurant is right in the heart of Singapore’s Little India district. The area is a melting pot of culture, with traditional Indian and Malay cuisine being served alongside Western fare like burgers or pizza. You can drink your favorite beer or cocktail at one of many bars or pubs that are nearby—or even take a walk down to Little India to explore more shops and restaurants.

Because it’s so close to so much other great stuff, Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant makes an ideal place for friends who want to get together for dinner without having to travel far from town. To know the detail of the location, check it out below: 

Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant Lavender Street

324 Lavender St., Singapore 338822

Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hrs

Phone: +65 6294 1821

Contact with Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant in Singapore

If you have any questions about the Adam’s Corner Seafood Restaurant Menu in Singapore, then you can contact them through their social media accounts given below:

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