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Al Amaan Menu Singapore 2022

Al Amaan restaurant was created in 2012 in Singapore. It is famous because of its delicious food items, prepared using fresh quality ingredients, available at affordable prices. Their staff is too friendly and mindful, they treat their customers in a good manner. Here is the list of Al Amaan Menu Singapore with price list:

Al Amaan Updated Menu February

Menu ItemsPrice
T39. Pataya NoodlesS$ 9.50
T53. Kampong Style Fried RiceS$ 7.80
T55. Pataya Fried RiceS$ 8.50
N33. Chicken BiryaniS$ 10
N34. Mutton BiryaniS$ 10
W24. Kebab with CheeseS$ 7.80

Thai Soups

Menu ItemsPrice
T01. Tomyam Seafood Soupfrom S$ 12
T02. Tomyam Slice Fish Soupfrom S$ 11
T03. Tomyam Chicken Soupfrom S$ 11
T04. Chicken Soupfrom S$ 11
T05. Slice Fish with Vegetables Soupfrom S$ 11
T06. Fish Ball Soupfrom S$ 11
T07. Oxtail Soupfrom S$ 12

Soups and Vegetables

Menu ItemsPrice
T08. Mixed Vegetablesfrom S$ 10
T09. Kailan Salted Fishfrom S$ 10
T10. Kailan Shrimp Pastefrom S$ 10
T11. Kailan Oysterfrom S$ 10
T12. Kailan Beeffrom S$ 10
T13. Kang Kong Shrimp Pastefrom S$ 10
T14. Bean Sprouts Salted Fishfrom S$ 10
T15. Fried Long Bean with Eggfrom S$ 10

Beef, Chicken, Prawn, Cuttle Fish & Sliced Fish

Menu ItemsPrice
T16. Hot & Spicyfrom S$ 13
T17. Black Soya Saucefrom S$ 13
T18. Ginger Brown Saucefrom S$ 13
T19. Sweet & Sourfrom S$ 13
T20. Red Saucefrom S$ 13
T21. Yellow Gingerfrom S$ 15
T22. Thai Salad in Lime Saucefrom S$ 15
T23. Black Pepperfrom S$ 13

Dishes and Omelettes

Menu ItemsPrice
T24. Crab Stick OmeletteS$ 7
T25. Onion with Chilli OmeletteS$ 6
T25. Onion with Plain OmeletteS$ 6
T26. Sausage OmeletteS$ 7
T27. Prawn OmeletteS$ 9
T28. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables OmeletteS$ 10
T29. Beef with Sweet & Sour Sauce OmeletteS$ 10

Noodles and Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
T30. Tomyam NoodlesS$ 10
T31. Bandung Soup NoodlesS$ 8
T32. Hong Kong NoodlesS$ 8
T33. Hailam NoodlesS$ 8
T34. Thai Style Fried NoodlesS$ 8.50
T35. Sambal Style Fried NoodlesS$ 7.50
T36. Chinese Style Fried NoodlesS$ 7.50
T37. Fried Noodles with BeefS$ 7.50
T38. Fried Noodles with SeafoodS$ 7.50
T39. Pataya NoodlesS$ 9.50

Steam Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
T41. Hot & Spicy with Red Sauce Steamed RiceS$ 7.80
T42. Black Oyster Sauce Steamed RiceS$ 7.80
T43. Sweet & Sour Steamed RiceS$ 7.80
T44. Black Pepper Steamed RiceS$ 7.80
T45. Ginger Brown Sauce Steamed RiceS$ 7.80
T46. Mui Fun Steamed RiceS$ 7.80

Fried Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
T47. Chinese Style Fried RiceS$ 7
T48. Thai Style Fried RiceS$ 7
T49. Ikan Bilis & Egg Fried RiceS$ 6.50
T50. Tomato & Chicken Fried RiceS$ 7.50
T51. Fried Chicken RiceS$ 7.50
T53. Kampong Style Fried RiceS$ 7.80
T55. Pattaya Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T56. Chinese Style Fried Rice with Red Chilli BeefS$ 8.50
T56. Thai Style Fried Rice with Red Chilli BeefS$ 8.50
T57. Chinese Style Fried Rice with Hot & Spicy MeatS$ 8.50
T58. Thai Style Fried Rice with Hot & Spicy MeatS$ 8.50
T59. Chinese Style Fried Rice with Black Oyster MeatS$ 8.50
T60. Button Mushroom & Eggs Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T61. Sambal Mushroom & Chicken Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T62. 3 Taste with Chicken & SeafoodS$ 8.50
T63. Sambal with Fried Sambal Chicken Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T64. Black Pepper Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T65. Pineapple Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T66. Chinese Style Fried Rice with Sweet & SourS$ 8.50
T67. Chinese Style Fried Rice with Ginger Brown SauceS$ 8.50
T68. Thai Style with Crispy Ginger Yellow Chicken & EggS$ 8.50
T69. Bush Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T70. Obama Fried RiceS$ 8.50
T71. Thai Style Fried Rice with Chicken, Egg & SambalS$ 8.50
T71. Chinese Style Fried Rice with Chicken, Egg & SambalS$ 8.50
T72. Al Amaan Fried RiceS$ 9.80

Tandoori and Breads

Menu ItemsPrice
N01. Tandoori Chickenfrom S$ 10
N02. Mixed Chicken Platterfrom S$ 14
N03. Chicken Tikkafrom S$ 10
N04. Chicken Hariyalifrom S$ 11
N05. Chicken Reshmi Kababfrom S$ 14
N06. Chicken Iranian Kababfrom S$ 14
N08. Paneer Tikkafrom S$ 12
N12A. Chicken Lollypopfrom S$ 12
N12B. Chicken 65from S$ 14


Menu ItemsPrice
N13. Plain NaanS$ 3
N14. Butter NaanS$ 3.50
N15. Garlic NaanS$ 4.50
N16. Kashmiri NaanS$ 5.50
N17. Cheese NaanS$ 4.50
N18. Keema NaanS$ 5.50
N19. Aloo ParathaS$ 4
N20. Podina ParathaS$ 3.50
N21. Garlic & Onion KulchaS$ 4.70
N22. Tandoori RotiS$ 2.70
N23. Paneer KulchaS$ 4.50
N23A. Butter RotiS$ 3

Chicken and Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
N24. Chicken Kormafrom S$ 10
N25. Chicken Spinachfrom S$ 10
N26. Chicken Masalafrom S$ 10
N27. Chicken Varthafrom S$ 10
N28. Chicken Jalfrezifrom S$ 12
N29. Chicken Mughlaifrom S$ 12
N30. Butter Chickenfrom S$ 10
N31. Chicken Tikka Masalafrom S$ 10
N32. Kadai Chickenfrom S$ 12
N32A. Chilli Chickenfrom S$ 14
N32B. Pepper Chickenfrom S$ 14
N32C. Pepper Chicken Maslafrom S$ 12


Menu ItemsPrice
N33. Chicken BiryaniS$ 10
N34. Mutton BiryaniS$ 10
N35. Prawn BiryaniS$ 11
N36. Vegetable BiryaniS$ 9
N37. Kashmiri PulaoS$ 6
N38. Jeera RiceS$ 5.50
N39. Plain White RiceS$ 3.50
N39A. Egg Fried RiceS$ 6
N39B. Chicken Fried RiceS$ 7.50
N39C. Vegetable Fried RiceS$ 6.50
N39F. Tandoori Chicken BiryaniS$ 12

Ndian Soups

Menu ItemsPrice
N39D. Sweet Corn SoupS$ 6
N39E. Hot & Sour Chicken SoupS$ 6

Mutton and Seafood

Menu ItemsPrice
N40. Mutton Masalafrom S$ 10
N41. Mutton Do Piazafrom S$ 11
N42. Mutton Spinachfrom S$ 11
N43. Kadhai Muttonfrom S$ 11
N44. Mutton Keemafrom S$ 9
N45. Mutton Kormafrom S$ 10
N46. Mutton Rogan Joshfrom S$ 11
N47. Mutton Vindaloofrom S$ 11
N47A. Pepper Muttonfrom S$ 14
N47B. Pepper Mutton Masalafrom S$ 10


Menu ItemsPrice
N48. Kadai Fishfrom S$ 11
N49. Fish Vindaloofrom S$ 11
N50. Madras Fish Curryfrom S$ 10
N51. Fish Masalafrom S$ 10
N52. Kadai Prawnfrom S$ 11
N53. Prawn Vindaloofrom S$ 11
N54. Prawn Masalafrom S$ 10
N55. Prawn Curryfrom S$ 10
N56. Prawn Do Piazafrom S$ 11
N57. Chilli Prawnfrom S$ 11

Indian Vegetables

Menu ItemsPrice
N59. Paneer Butter Masalafrom S$ 10
N60. Palak Paneerfrom S$ 10
N61. Kadai Paneerfrom S$ 11
N62. Shahi Paneerfrom S$ 10
N63. Mattar Paneerfrom S$ 10
N64. Aloo Mattar Makhanifrom S$ 7
N65. Mixed Vegetables Curryfrom S$ 7
N66. Vegetables Makhanifrom S$ 8
N67. Channa Masalafrom S$ 8
N68. Dal Makhanifrom S$ 7
N69. Yellow Dalfrom S$ 6
N70. Dal Palakfrom S$ 7
N71. Bhindi Masalafrom S$ 7
N72. Brinjal Masalafrom S$ 7
N73. Mixed Raitafrom S$ 6
N75. Navratan Kormafrom S$ 8
N77. Paneer Tikka Masalafrom S$ 10
N78. Green Indian Saladfrom S$ 5
N79. Gobi Manchurianfrom S$ 9
N80. Chilli Paneerfrom S$ 12
N81. Aloo Gobifrom S$ 7
N82. Vegetables Jaipurifrom S$ 8
N83. Vegetables Chillifrom S$ 8
N84. Mushroom Butter Masalafrom S$ 8

Finger Food

Menu ItemsPrice
W01. Mushroom SoupS$ 6
W02. French FriesS$ 5
W03. Mashed PotatoS$ 5
W04. ColeslawS$ 4
W09. Garllic BreadS$ 5
W11. Spring ChickenS$ 15
W08. Cheese Friesfrom S$ 7

Pasta and Salad

Menu ItemsPrice
W12. Chicken Pastafrom S$ 9
W13. Beef Bolognesefrom S$ 10.80
W15. Mushroom & Chicken Pastafrom S$ 12
W16. Mushroom Oliofrom S$ 9
W17. Seafood Oliofrom S$ 10
W17A. Salmon Oliofrom S$ 14.80
W18. Sausage Carbonarafrom S$ 13
W18A. Chicken Carbonarafrom S$ 12
W18B. Salmon Cabonarafrom S$ 16.80


Menu ItemsPrice
W19. Garden SaladS$ 6
W20. Green Pleasure SaladS$ 6
W21. Chicken SaladS$ 9
W22. Prawn SaladS$ 9


Menu ItemsPrice
W23. Kebab OriginalS$ 7
W24. Kebab with CheeseS$ 7.80

Roti John

Menu ItemsPrice
W25. Roti JohnS$ 6.50
W26. Roti John CheeseS$ 7.50
W27. Roti John MushroomS$ 8.50
W28. Roti John Black PepperS$ 8.80
W29. Roti John Cheese MushroomS$ 9
W30. Roti John ComboS$ 9.50


Menu ItemsPrice
W31. Fried Fish BurgerS$ 10.80
W32. Grilled Chicken BurgerS$ 10.80
W33. Grilled Beef BurgerS$ 11.80
W34. Grilled Lamb BurgerS$ 12.80


Menu ItemsPrice
W35. Fish & ChipsS$ 11.50
W36. Grilled FishS$ 13.50
W37. Garlic FishS$ 15.50


Menu ItemsPrice
W38. BBQ LambS$ 15.80
W39. Pepper LambS$ 15.80
W40. Mushroom LambS$ 15.80
W41. Medina LambS$ 14


Menu ItemsPrice
W42. Mushroom SteakS$ 14
W43. Pepper SteakS$ 14
W44. Stirlion SteakS$ 14
W45. Amaan’s Stirlion SteakS$ 16.50
W46. Amaan’s all-time special Mixed GrillS$ 18

Western Chicken

Menu ItemsPrice
W47. Grilled Mushroom ChickenS$ 13.80
W48. Grilled Pepper ChickenS$ 12
W49. Grilled Chicken ChooS$ 12
W50. Chicken CutletS$ 12


Menu ItemsPrice
D01. Green Applefrom S$ 5
D03. Pineapplefrom S$ 5
D05. Kiwifrom S$ 5
D06. Orangefrom S$ 5
D07. Rambutanfrom S$ 5
D08. Lycheefrom S$ 5
D09. Longonfrom S$ 5
D10. Blue Limefrom S$ 5
D11. Soursopfrom S$ 5


Menu ItemsPrice
D12. Milo DinosourS$ 4.20
D13. Milo GodzillaS$ 5
D14. Milo King KongS$ 5.50
D15. Horlicks DinosourS$ 4.20
D16. Horlicks King KongS$ 5


Menu ItemsPrice
D17. Sweet LassiS$ 5.80
D18. Salt LassiS$ 5.80
D19. Mango LassiS$ 6
D20. Strawberry LassiS$ 6

Milkshakes and Soda

Menu ItemsPrice
D22. Sweet Corn Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D23. Strawberry Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D24. Chocolate Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D27. Green Apple Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D28. Mango Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D29. Orange Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D33. Oreo Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D34. Avocado Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D36. Cookie Milkshakefrom S$ 5
D37. Dates Milkshakefrom S$ 5


Menu ItemsPrice
D38. Black SodaS$ 5
D39. Pink SodaS$ 5
D40. White SodaS$ 5

Juices and Local Favourites

Menu ItemsPrice
D41. Orange Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D42. Green Apple Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D43. Pineapple Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D45. Watermelon Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D48. Longan Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D49. Lychee Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D50. Rambutan Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D51. Carrot Juicefrom S$ 4.50
D52. Celery Juicefrom S$ 4.50

Local Favourites

Menu ItemsPrice
D54. Teafrom S$ 2
D55. Coffeefrom S$ 2
D57. Milofrom S$ 2
D58. Horlicksfrom S$ 2.20
D59. Chocolatefrom S$ 2.50
D60. Teh Ofrom S$ 1.50
D61. Kopi Ofrom S$ 1.50
D62. Ginger Teafrom S$ 2.20
D63. Ginger Coffeefrom S$ 2.20
D64. Tea Chinofrom S$ 2.50
D65. Coffee Chinofrom S$ 2.50
D66. Bandung Chinofrom S$ 2.80
D67. Syrupfrom S$ 2
D68. Syrup with Limefrom S$ 2.20
D69. Tea O with Limefrom S$ 2.20
D70. Limefrom S$ 2
D71. Lemonadefrom S$ 3
D71A. Honey Lemonfrom S$ 3.50
D71B. Asam Boifrom S$ 3.50
D72B. Neslofrom S$ 3
D72C. Milo Cinofrom S$ 3.80
D72D. Masala Teafrom S$ 2
D72E. Bru Coffeefrom S$ 3
D72F. Coconutfrom S$ 4.80

Ice Cream and Ice Kachang

Menu ItemsPrice
D79. Mixed Ice CreamS$ 6
D80. Ice CreamS$ 5
D81. Deep Fried Ice CreamS$ 9
Al Amaan Menu Singapore 2022S$ 4

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Nasi Goreng Kampung is a unique and different dish from other Asian and Chinese fried rice. They prepare this item using fresh and healthy ingredients like kangkung (water spinach), ikan bilis (anchovies), and chili paste that makes its color golden brownish. Singaporean people like this mildly sweet taste flavor dish.

Nasi briyani

Nasi Biryani dish is the most famous dish on their menu, it’s quite different from other Indian Nasi biryani. They prepare biryani rice and masala separately and then served them together to make it more delicious and slightly starchy sweet.

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They prepare this dish using different fresh ingredients including chicken mutton, Rice, Ghee onion, Ginger, Gralice, carrot, spices, Evaporated Milk, Coriander leaves, and Tomato puree.

Masala Chai

Masala Chai is a famous dish for breakfast, if you visit their outlet to enjoy your breakfast we will highly recommend you this dish. In Singapore, it is also known as Masala tea. Important ingredients of Masala chai are water, whole spices, black tea powder, sugar, and milk.

Because of some species, it is best to fight against diseases like cold, cough, cancer, cholesterol, and to control heart rate and blood pressure. It has a flavor like black tea, fragrant, and spiced. Its flavor can be changed according to over need by including the amount of sugar and the spices or herbs.

Crab Sticks

It is one of the best items on the Amaan Menu. Crab sticks are made of whitefish protein. It is mostly used because of vitamins and also has vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc. It has an exotic fishy taste and also artificial flavors.

Delivery Locations in Singapore

Al Amaan restaurant is located in the west region of Singapore where they serve local, North Indian, and Thai Delights all day till 2 am. Here is the exacy Al Amaan restaurant outlet:

  • 12 Clementi Road Singapore,
    Singapore 129742
  • 6777 0555
  • Operating Hours:
    11am – 3am
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