Jon Ng

Covid19 forces me to stay home and order food from various food apps. It became so boring while eating the same thing over and over! Now, it is my revenge time! I am to head out to various eateries in Singapore - restaurants, cafes, bubble teas, hawker food stores... At Cafe Hopping, I blog about the menus of places to eat and drink in Singapore.

Jon Ng

KFC Singapore Menu 2022

KFC Singapore Menu 2022 has many best delicious items also KFC is one of the Famous Restaurants all over the world. Finger Licking Good! Singapore Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu It has some of the best fried Chicken in Singapore. also a variety of menus in Singapore. Here is the KFC Singapore new price list: KFC …

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Yakult green tea

iTea Menu Singapore 2022

Since 2011 iTea is serving its tea services in Singapore. They always make a perfect tea to bring their customers back. They are working on their mission to provide the people of Singapore a perfect tea at an affordable price. With many different types of drinks popping up like below, Singapore users are spoilt with …

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Subway Menu Singapore 2022

Here you will find all information about Subway Menu Singapore 2022. Subway brand started 50 years ago by Dr.  Peter Buck when he changed the life of a student by just saying that “let’s open a submarine sandwich shop.” Subway Menu Prices Now Subway is the world’s biggest submarine sandwich chain. They have many tasting …

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Sushiro Singapore Menu 2022

Are you looking for world’s Best Sushiro Singapore Menu include all cuisines that Singaporeans love? Then you are at right place. Japan’s is of the most popular Sushi restaurant chain. Established in June 1984, Sushiro has grown to become Japan No.1 conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain, with more than 530 branches in Japan and overseas …

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