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List of Korean Bingsu Singapore 2022

Do you ever feel some cravings for Korean Bingsu every time you’re watching your favorite K-drama? 

In this article, we’ll be guiding you through the best Korean bingsu that you can easily find in Singapore. We are very lucky to have a very diversified food culture in Singapore, making us have access even to foreign desserts like the Korean Bingsu.

There’s nothing more satisfying than having some bingsu on a hot summer weekend while binge-watching your favorite Korean star.

Korean Bingsu Near me

Let’s indulge with some sweet and cold bingsu cafes nearby

What is Bingsu made of?

Korean Bingsu is a popular dessert from Korea and it comes with shaved ice, fresh fruits, syrup, and more! The shaved ice is usually mixed with evaporated or condensed milk which is the main source of sweetness of the dessert. 

A lot of restaurants create various recipes of Bingsu, making it one of the most exciting desserts that anyone has ever got to try.

It truly is a one of a kind dessert because there are a lot of ingredients that your palates can taste in just one bowl!

Top Korean Bingsu Singapore 2022

Check out the most famous restaurants in Singapore that offers refreshing and delicious Korean Bingsu below:

O’ma Spoon

best bingsu in singapore
Image Source: @omaspoon

At O’ma Spoon, you can easily satisfy your Korean Bingsu cravings! Each bite of the bingsu will surely be worth the calories because all of the flavors taste great. 

O’ma Spoon is the most authentic Korean Bingsu that you would ever find across Singapore, but you have to be financially prepared for each order.

Mango Berry Cheesecake is my favorite of all the bingsu flavors at O’ma Spoon and it costs about $18.90. Your taste buds will be welcomed with an explosion of very fine ice shavings, tangy mango slices, and strawberries.

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Their bingsu servings are just enough to feed two to three people, so you can split the bill too! They also have a lot of toppings, which is probably why their prices are quite higher than other bingsu restaurants.

If you’re curious about all the bingsu flavors from O’ma Spoon, here’s a list you can check:

best bingsu in singapore 2022
Image Source: @omaspoon
  • Signature Injeolmi Bingsu
  • Nokcha Injeolmi Bingsu
  • Green Tea Bingsu
  • Matcha Mochi Rice Cake
  • Original Injeolmi Bingsu
  • Pat Bingsu
  • Oreo Bingsu
  • Caramel Cookie Bingsu
  • Green Mountain Bingsu
  • Brown Sugar Bingsu
  • Mango Cheesecake Bingsu
  • Yuzu Mango Bingsu
  • Fresh Strawberry Bingsu
  • Berry Cheese Bingsu
  • Milo Queen Bingsu
  • Choco Banana Bingsu
  • Yogo Mango Bingsu
  • Very Berry Bingsu
  • Black Sesame Bingsu
  • Berry Yoghurt Bingsu

Other Restaurant Details:

  • Address: 313 Orchard Rd #04-20 Singapore 238895 Singapore
  • Telephone No: 6333 0995
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Thurs: 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM / Fri to Sat: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM / Sun: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Overall Rating: 4.2 stars

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

top korean bingsu singapore 2022
Image Source: @nunsaram_cafe

The Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe is strategically located inside the Westgate shopping mall. So, if you get tired from all the shopping spree and walking, you can take a break and grab a bowl of satisfyingly good bingsu!

This cafe offers 15 different types of bingsu that you can choose from depending on your cravings for the day. The prices vary from $12.90 and $15.90 depending on the bingsu flavor that you are going to choose. 

If ever you want another scoop of ice cream, you can easily request it on the counter and you just have to add $1.50. Another scoop of the famous red beans are also available for only $2.50.

And to complete your entire Korean experience, this cafe also has authentic Korean snacks like tteokbokki, Korean toasts (garlic cheese, honey, or chocolate), waffles, and Gimbap (Korean sushi rolls).

Here are the bingsu flavors that you can avail at the Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe:

top korean bingsu singapore
Image Source: @nunsaram_cafe
  • Injeolmi Bingsu
  • Milo Bingsu
  • Green Tea Bingsu
  • Strawberry Bingsu
  • Red Bean Bingsu
  • Oreo Bingsu
  • Chocolate Banana Bingsu
  • Acai Fruit Bingsu

Other Restaurant Details:

  • Address: #04-37, 3 Gateway Dr, K4 Westgate, Singapore 608532
  • Telephone No: +65 9664 2574
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 11AM to 10PM
  • Overall Rating: 4.2

Han Bing Cafe

bestselling korean bingsu in singapore
Image Source: @hanbingkoreandessertcafe

The Western Cuisine meets Korean cuisine inside the cozy Han Bing Cafe. The dining area is pretty small, but they sure have legitimate and mouth watering bingsu. 

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Their bingsu flavors include unique flavors like Durian Bingsu, Black Sesame Bingsu, Green Tea Bingsu, Lychee Rose Bingsu, and Tangerine Fruity Bingsu.

Their flavor variation is less than other bingsu restaurants, but they offer unquestionably unique ones!

The crowd-favorite flavor is the Durian one, because it gives a flavor explosion with every bite. It comes with real durian fruit and the milky ice shavings fully complements the smooth texture of the fruit.

We mentioned the Western cuisine in our first statement, and it’s because Han Bing Cafe also offers Western dishes like Spaghetti, Pomodoro, Aglio Olio, and more.

Take a look at the bingsu flavors from Han Bing Cafe:

  • Red Bean Bingsu
  • Injeolmi Bingu (Soy Flour)
  • Oreo Choco Bingsu
  • Choco Latto Bingsu
  • Mango Tango Bingsu
  • Strawberry Go Bingsu
  • Caramel Coffee Bingsu
  • Milo Choco Bingsu
  • Krunchy Cornflakes Bingsu
  • Mystery Bingsu
  • Mango 50 Strawberry 50 Bingsu
  • Milo 50 Oreo 50 Bingsu
  • Gula Melaka Bingsu
  • Nestum Bingsu
  • Caramel Horlicks Bingsu
  • Brown Sugar Bingsu
  • Bingsugatto
  • Mao Shan Wang (Durian) Bingsu
  • Black Sesame Bingsu
  • Green Tea (Matcha) Bingsu
  • Lychee Rose Bingsu
  • Tangerine Fruity Bingsu
  • Ribena Fruity Bingsu
  • Chendol Bingsu
bestselling korean bingsu in singapore 2022
Image Source: @hanbingkoreandessertcafe

Other Restaurant Details:

  • Address: 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre, #01-03B, Singapore 258748
  • Telephone No: +65 9274 8808
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 12PM to 9PM (closed on Mondays)
  • Overall Rating: 4.1

Ice Lab

korean bingsu in singapore
Image Source: @icelab.bingsu

Nothing is more satisfying than having cold desserts like bingsu and milkshakes after a long hot day! Ice Lab opened way back in 2015 and as of now, it currently has two branches: one in Jewel Changi Airport and one in Bugis.

They can cater up to 32 customers at a time, and you’ll love the bright white and woody theme inside their cafes. As of today, there are currently 32 flavors of Bingsu that you could try and we’ll give you a glimpse of these 32 variations:

  • Traditional Bingsu
  • Milk Bingsu
  • Injeolmi Bingsu
  • Green Tea Bingsu
  • Hojicha Bingsu
  • Milk Tea Bingsu
  • Oreo Bingsu
  • Dalgona Bingsu
  • Chocolate Bingsu
  • Yoghurt Bingsu
  • Taro Bingsu
  • Cheese Bingsu
  • Mango Bingsu
  • Strawberry Bingsu
  • Watermelon Bingsu
  • Lemon Bingsu
  • Green Grape Bingsu
  • Apple Mango Bingsu
korean bingsu in singapore 2022
Image Source: @icelab.bingsu

Other Restaurant Details:

  • Address: 164 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore 188439
  • Telephone No: +65 6977 9665
  • Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-12midnight, Sunday 11am-11pm
  • Overall Rating: 4.0

Sweet Reservations

top korean bingsu in singapore
Image Source: @sweet.reservations

Sweet Reservations is made for Korean drama fans who also have a sweet tooth! Sweet Reservations is a Korean dessert cafe so your palates will surely be satisfied with all the snacks and desserts!

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My personal favorite is the Earl Gray Bingsu because I am a fan of tea. The large-sized bingsu is just enough for two people to share.

This Earl Gray Bingsu is topped with some earl gray ice cream and boba which adds to the great combination of texture.

Another fan favorite bingsu flavor served in Sweet Reservations is the classic Injeolmi Bingsu. This bingsu is packed with soybean powder that goes well with the milky shaved ice.

It also has some almond flakes and rice flour cakes and this bingsu literally has a lot going on – in a delicious way!

Sweet Reservations has garnered the top rating among the rest of our list above. That’s mainly because they offer authentic Korean bingsu at a very affordable price.

They have a very small dining space, so it’s just perfect for a quick dessert run.

Here are the other bingsu variations that you can order from Sweet Reservations:

  • CNY Pineapple Waffle Bingsu
  • Xmas Bingsu
  • Peachy Affair Bingsu
  • Chocolate Banana Bingsu
  • Lychee Boba Bingsu
  • Watermelon Bingsu
  • Milo Bites Bingsu
  • Apple Crumble Bingsu
  • MSW Durian Bingsu
  • Matcha Bingsu
  • Strawberry Bingsu
  • Red Bean Mochi Bingsu
  • Bubblegum Bingu
  • Injeolmi Bingsu
  • Miki Oreo Bingsu
  • Mango Bingsu
  • Bandung Bingsu*Ramadan Special* Bingsu
  • Bubble Tea Earl Grey Bingsu
top korean bingsu in singapore 2022
Image Source: @sweet.reservations

Other Restaurant Details:

  • Address: 118 Rivervale Drive #01-K20, K21 &, Singapore 540118
  • Telephone No: +65 8699 9707
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 12 PM to 9:30 PM
  • Overall Rating: 4.7

Getting the Best Korean Bingsu in Singapore this 2022

If ever you’re craving for some shaved ice with lots of toppings, you definitely won’t have a hard time looking for a bingsu place in Singapore.

This list above is just a glimpse of the entire restaurant chains that offers Korean bingsu in Singapore.

But don’t you worry! We will be updating our list every now and then to help you find the best korean bingsu cafe or restaurant near your place.

Now that it’s getting hot and humid in Singapore again, you can reward yourself with some smooth, creamy, and delectable bingsu and ditch your regular ice cream!

We would be glad to hear from you about your dining experience in these cafes and restaurants above. You can put your comments and stories on the comment section below, and you might be included on our next update!

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