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Best Omakase Restaurant Singapore 2022 | How much does Omakase cost?

We just have recently reviewed the Best Japanese Restaurants that you can try in Singapore but I think the Best Omakase Restaurants also deserve their own article! If you are an avid fan of Japanese food and surprises, then you deserve to have an authentic omakase meal without ever leaving Singapore.

Omakase meals are ideal for people who are very indecisive about certain things, even food. Having an Omakase meal would make you excited each time the chef hands you a meal, because you would never know what’s next!

I must give you a heads-up that omakase meals can be very expensive depending on the restaurant and the chef. On the other hand, I highly recommend visiting any of these restaurants that we have reviewed below if you want to experience real Japanese fine dining.

There are only a few omakase restaurants in Singapore, but we have chosen only the best of the best ones that we can find! Let’s get the list going and start reserving tables for these amazing omakase restaurants!

What is an Omakase meal?

An Omakase meal in Japan means that the menu is specifically selected by the chef. They would usually vary from time to time. Customers don’t get to choose what they would eat, the chefs would be giving the food to them. 

Why is Omakase so expensive? How much Omakase cost in Singapore

You might be wondering why someone would have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a Japanese Omakase meal. The reason behind this is that Omakase meals are usually priced as a set meal, so you can get 3 or more courses in just one dining.

Another reason behind the expensive prices of omakase meals are the quality of ingredients used for each food item. You would never have to deal with inferior ingredients, because highly skilled chefs are the ones choosing and preparing them – especially the seafood!

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If you are on budget, go for OMAKASE lunch instead of dinner in Singapore. Why? Because some of these lunch prices are 2x cheaper than night time. Lunch has lesser crowd during weekdays. So for busy people like you and me, we have to take leaves in order to consume such extravagant dishes!

Top Omakase Restaurant in Singapore

Sushi Kimura

best omakase singapore
Image Source: @sushikimurasg

If you would like to enjoy your omakase meal without having to worry about the crowd, Sushi Kimura should be the restaurant you should visit. Sushi Kimura only offers seating to 22 diners all at once, so booking a table might be a challenge too!

Sushi Kimura prides themselves on the freshest quality of ingredients and the premium ones came all the way from the different parts of Japan. So, you might be wondering about how dining at Sushi Kimura would look like.

Since we have mentioned that it only allows 22 people to dine all at once, you can imagine that you are actually in an Omakase restaurant in Japan. All of the diners are seated on one table, facing the chef.

Then, the chef would be putting different kinds of sushi and other food items depending on what set menu you ordered.

For the pring, here is an updated list of prices at Sushi Kimura below. Just take note that these prices may change without prior notice:


  • HAGI: $180
  • RAKU: $250
  • RIKYU: $450


  • RIKYU: $450

Here are other details of the restaurant that you might want to check out too:

  • Website
  • Address: 390 Orchard Rd, #01-07, Singapore 238871
  • Contact No.: +65 6734 3520
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 12:30 to 3:00 PM, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Shoukouwa Restaurant

best omakase singapore 2022
Image Source: @shoukouwa

Shoukouwa Restaurant promises that you will have the treasure of the seas from Japan when you dine with them! You have to know that this restaurant is the only 2-Michelin starred Japanese restaurant in the entire city of Singapore.

For their Hana Omakase Set meal ($480 per pax), you are entitled to have an appetizer, cooked dishes, nigiri sushi, miso soup, Japanese omelette, and dessert.

For $480, you would not only experience dining in a 2-Michelin star restaurant, but you would definitely have a lunch or dinner of a lifetime!

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There is another set meal called Miyabi ($320 per pax) and it is for people who have a more gentle appetite. You can reserve a table online (which is highly recommended) so you don’t have to visit the restaurant before your dinner or lunch just to reserve a table.

  • Website
  • Address: 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02A One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
  • Contact No.: +65 6423 9939
  • Operating Hours:
    • Lunch:  Tuesday to Saturday: 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM (last order at 1:30 PM)
    • Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday 6:00 PM for first seating, 8:15 PM for second seating (last order at 8:30 PM)
    • Closed on Mondays and Sundays Lunch

Hakumai Sushi and Omakase

singapore best omakase restaurant-min
Image Source: @hakumai_omakase

The Hakumai Sushi and Omakase restaurant is among the restaurants that offer a much lower priced omakase meal. So, before we get into more specific details about the restaurant and the food, here’s an updated list of the Hakumai Sushi and Omakase restaurant this 2022:


  • Sushi and Sushi Omakase (assorted premium sushi, kawahagi, soup, and Japanese Ice Cream): 8 pcs at $98 / 10 pcs at $118 / 12 pcs at $138
  • Sashimi and Sushi Omakase (Zensai, Assorted premium Sashimi, Soup, and Japanese Ice Cream): $188 per pax


  • Sashimi and Sushi Omakase (Zensai, Assorted premium Sashimi, Soup, and Japanese Ice Cream): $198 per pax
  • Hakumai Signature Omakase (Chef-designed Menu): $268 per pax

Just a reminder if you’re taking the Hakumai Signature Omakase meal, the restaurant recommends that you stay for at least 2 hours so you can enjoy the full dining experience through each dish presented to you by the chef.

  • Website
  • Address: International Plaza, #01-50A 10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903
  • Contact No.: +65 6224 4790
  • Operating Hours:
    • Lunch:  Monday to Saturday: 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM (last order at 2:00 PM)
    • Dinner: Monday to Saturday: 6:00 PM to 10:15 PM (last order at 9:15 PM)
    • Closed on Sundays 

Sushi Kou 鮓 煌

singapore best omakase restaurant 2022
Image Source:

Sushi Kou 鮓 煌 is established just this 2020 and is headed by Chef Yoshio Sakuta who have received two Michelin stars here in Singapore.

All of their premium ingredients are directly supplied by Toyosu Market from Japan, so you are assured that everything is just of excellent quality.

Honestly, this is one of the restaurants that offers the most expensive prices which starts at $420 for the Aya set and $500 for the Kou set. The Aya set consists of 3 cooked dishes, 11 pieces of sushi,  Miso Soup, and some dessert.

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For the Kou set, you get to enjoy 5 food dishes, 11 sushi pieces, Miso soup, and some dessert. $500 might seem very expensive, but the overall dining experience and quality of food is what makes this restaurant special. 

You can also enjoy world-class sake, wine, and champagne to complement the premium quality of sushi that you are currently enjoying. Of course, this comes at an additional cost, so be ready for that!

  • Website
  • Address: 11 Cavenagh Road #01-13/14 Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, Singapore 229616
  • Contact No.: +65 6235 5670
  • Operating Hours:
    • Lunch:  Monday to Saturday: 12:00 AM to 3:00 PM (last order at 2:00 PM)
    • Dinner: Monday to Saturday: 6:00 PM to 10:15 PM (last order at 9:15 PM)
    • Closed on Sundays 

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

singapore top omakase restaurant
Image Source: @teppeisyokudo

Another affordable omakase place in Singapore is the Teppei Japanese Restaurant. Yes, you can experience having an omakase meal at this place, but this does not exactly look and feel like the fine dining restaurants that we have mentioned above.

You can think of it as Omakase for the masses, since it comes at a very reasonable price if you just want to have that experience.

You would probably be seating elbow to elbow with your fellow diners and the place is a little snuggly, but it sure is fun to dine here! 

For only $80, you can enjoy a very lengthy lunch or dinner and leave the restaurant feeling so full! One of my favorite shoes is the Tentama Goma Tofu which is deep fried tofu that comes in a light and sweet batter.

This restaurant is also very famous for their lobster sashimi that always comes in very fresh! The lobster dish is just new to the Tepper Japanese Restaurant, but this is what makes customers come back for more dining experience!

  • Website
  • Address:  1 Tras Link, #01-18 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
  • Contact No.: +65 8831 5185
  • Operating Hours:
    • Lunch:  Monday to Friday: 11:45 AM to 2:30 PM 
    • Saturday and Holidays: 12:00 PM to 2: 30 PM

Finding the Best Omakase Restaurant in Singapore

We have listed down only the legitimate omakase dining experience that you could have in Singapore. We really made it in a varied list where you can check out the price ranges of different restaurants to fit your budget.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to have an omakase experience, but we also included the high end ones if you want that “VIP” access to premium food items.

Did you enjoy reading about these must-try omakase restaurants in Singapore? We really did enjoy dining at all these places – and we hope that you enjoy it soon too!

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