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Best Fluffy Pancakes Singapore 2022

Pancakes are always the best ways  to jumpstart your day! Together with coffee, eggs, and bacon, nothing can stop you from having a very productive work. If you’re really a fan of pancakes, get excited because we got you the best pancakes in Singapore! 

Fluffy Pancakes Near me

These pancake cafes are the best of the best in Singapore, meaning they have garnered over 4.0 overall ratings from customers who experienced the cafe. Of course, we made sure that these pancake cafes are also Instagram-worthy, so you can enjoy a cozy and nice place for a pancake breakfast!

Top Pancake Cafes in Singapore – Halal, Cheap, Breakfast, Peanut Pancakes

Check out the top-rated pancake cafes that you can visit this morning! Bring your family and friends to experience a fine and delicious breakfast staple today.

Pancake Cafe belle-ville Bugis Junction

best pancake singapore 2022
Image Source: @pancakecafe_belleville

Pancake Cafe Belle-Ville originated all the way from Osaka, Japan. Their Bugis Junction branch is actually the first overseas branch that they ever had, and it’s actually as similar as what they have in Japan.

This cafe is very well known for its millefeuille pancakes, which is a French term directly translating into “thousand layers”. You can expect that this belle ville pancake comes in 2 to 8 layers of soft and fluffy pancakes together with some luscious Hokkaido cream. 

Another crowd favorite is the matcha pancake which is delightfully soft and fluffy. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet and it goes very well with some espresso.

Their prices usually range from $11 to $20 for the pancakes, and you can also find some savory breads (the Katsu sandwich is our favorite one!) tea, and coffee. 

Since the pancakes are made to order, you might have to expect longer waiting times than other stores. My order took about 20 minutes upon ordering, but it surely is worth the wait!

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best pancake singapore
Image Source: @pancakecafe_belleville
  • Address: Bugis Junction #01-01B, Towers 230 Victoria Street Singapore 188024 (Bugis MRT Exit C, facing Victoria Street, under the giant TV screen)
  • Telephone number: +65 6255 5456
  • Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)
  • Overall Rating: 4.2

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant offers you not only with fluffy and delicious pancakes, but also hearty breakfasts to start your day. They are most popular for their blueberry pancakes and these are actually voted by New York Times – twice!

What makes their blueberry pancakes different from the rest is because of the maple butter. The maple butter is super creamy and not too sweet, and it goes well with any other pancake variation from this cafe. 

The blueberry pancakes can also be substituted with banana walnut or chocolate chunks depending on your preference. This meal is known to be the Pancakes with Warm Maple Syrup costing about $21.

If you want a savory breakfast, you’ll definitely love their Chicken & Waffles for only $21. Other meals in their menu include Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich ($19), Brioche French Toast ($20), Kale & Quinoa Salad ($20), Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($23), and more!

  • Address: 31 Purvis Street Singapore 188608
  • Telephone Number: +65 9654 6822
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Thu: 8am – 4pm / Fri & Sat: 8am – 9pm / Sun: 8am – 6pm


pancake singapore
Image Source: @clintonstbakingco

If you’re looking for a nice and cozy place to have your favorite pancake breakfast, PUNCH should be on top of your choices. They serve all-day breakfast and their bestseller is the earl gray pancakes. 

This best pancake recipe is infused with earl gray tea topped with poached pears and drizzled with luscious white chocolate macadamia crumble. This pancake cafe also serves other breakfast menu items like french toast, the regular scrambled eggs on toast.

The prices of their meals range from $13 to $16, which is actually very affordable considering that they offer high quality food choices.

pancake singapore 2022
Image Source: @clintonstbakingco
  • Address: 32 N Canal Rd, Singapore 059288
  • Telephone number: 93581588 
  • Operating hours: 8AM to 6PM (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • Overall Rating: 4.0


singapore best pancakes
Image Source: @earlybirdsg

Nothing beats spending your busy mornings in a cozy bird-themed restaurant, Earlybird. For chicken lovers like me, I cannot resist their chicken and pancakes because it goes perfectly together. 

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The chicken is very crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and the slightly sweet pancakes give out that flavor explosion together with the sweet chili sauce. Customers also love the homey vibes that this instagrammable cafe offers, you can even take your date here if you’re up for brunch!

singapore best pancakes 2022
Image Source: @earlybirdsg
  • Address: 17 Jalan Pinang Singapore 199149 (Bugis MRT)
  • Telephone number: +65 9788 6856
  • Operating Hours: 9AM to 5PM Daily
  • Overall Rating: 4.4

Pancake Boss

top pancake singapore
Image Source: @pancakeboss_sg

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings on Pancake Boss, because this pancake cafe offers you with the best and authentic Indonesian pancakes called Martabak Manis. They slightly differ from your regular pancakes since they are thicker, and they usually come in square bite-sized pieces. 

Martabak Manis has two special kinds of butters: Wijsman Dutch Butter which has a milky and creamy aroma and the Blue Brand Indonesian butter that comes with a slightly pungent aroma. Usually, a layer of any of these butters are added on the base before adding the toppings.

Martabak Manis pancakes are never complete without a handful of shavings of parmesan cheese which goes together with the sweetness of the pancakes.

Once you visit the Pancake Boss shop, you would notice that they have a very small space inside. This shop is perfect for a quick breakfast or brunch and you can finish your meal off with some Teh Botol Sosro iced tea for only $2.20.

top pancake singapore 2022
Image Source: @pancakeboss_sg
  • Address: 470 North Bridge Road, #04-15, Bugis Cube Singapore 188735
  • Telephone number: 90662912
  • Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12noon-6:30pm
  • Overall Rating: 4.5

SweeT.Rex – The fLUFFY pancake we all loved

singapore top pancake cafe
Image Source: @sweet.rex

Are you craving for some souffle pancakes? SweeT.Rex is always open for your breakfast or post-lunch dessert! You should never skip trying the Classic Souffle Pancakes which are already good for two pax ($9.80). 

Souffle pancakes are very airy and fluffy unlike regular pancakes and they are also satisfyingly eggy! These jiggly pancakes are the best ways to start your day, and the best part is that they offer a wide variety of pancakes!

Another crowd favorite is the Oreo Chocolate Pancake ($12.80) that offers you with a flavor explosion from oreos and special chocolate cream. You’ll love that the pancakes are very jiggly, fluffy, and airy! 

  • Address: 10, 01-11 Anson Rd, International Plaza, Singapore 079903
  • Telephone number: +65 8163 7630
  • Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12noon-6:30pm
  • Overall Rating: 4.2

Pancake Place

pancake cafe singapore 2022
Image Source:

Pancake boss is one of the hidden gems of the pancake world in Singapore. They boast about their premium pancakes that are 100% Halal too! From savory to sweet pancakes, Pancake Place has got you covered. 

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You can pair their pancakes with creamy milkshakes like their bestselling smores milkshake called the Gimme S’mores that comes with creamy and slightly burnt mallows and crushed graham crackers ($13.90).

I also love their savory pancake, Grilled Tiger Prawn Pancake ($19.90). Who knew shrimp and pancakes can go together to give you a unique and delicious full meal? The black tiger prawns are combined with a creamy white sauce, some baby spinach, and the all time favorite tater tots! 

The Grilled Tiger Prawn Pancake is one of the most expensive and unique pancake meals, but it is truly worth the try! If you’re a sweet tooth, you can try their Blackforest Pancake ($18.90). It comes with a luscious and smooth black chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings, and cherry compote. 

Are you already drooling? Check out Pancake Place’s information below and schedule your visit asap!

pancake cafe singapore
Image Source:
  • Address: 56 Kandahar St, Singapore 198904
  • Telephone number: +65 6518 9368
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 12–3:15PM, 5–9:15PM
  • Overall Rating: 4.3

Tolido’s Espresso Nook

singapore top pancake
Image Source: @tolidosnook

The best way to have brunch is to get delicious meals without spending too much! That’s what Tolido’s Espresso Nook is all about. Pandan pancakes are literally like made from heaven especially when you sip some long black coffee from this cafe. 

Pandan pancakes look just like matcha pancakes, but they differ in terms of flavor and aroma. Pandan has this tropical yet sweet aroma and taste mixed with fluffy and soft pancake batter.

The pandan pancake is topped with vanilla ice cream and melaka syrup that goes together so well – you won’t resist taking another bite!

singapore top pancake 2022
Image Source: @tolidosnook
  • Address: 462 Crawford Ln, #01-63, Singapore 190462
  • Telephone number: +65 6293 0382
  • Operating Hours: Daily from 8AM to 5PM (Closed on Wednesdays)
  • Overall Rating: 4.4

Tasting the Best Pancakes in Singapore

It is an undeniable fact that even pancakes are serious business in Singapore simply because it’s a staple breakfast food. We all deserve to have pancakes that are fulfilling and are ready to help us slay the entire day!

We hope that we have helped you look through the best pancakes in Singapore, and our comment sections are always open for your suggestions! Before you have a long day at work, grab some of these beautiful pancakes. 

You might also want to take some photos with your friends or simply enjoy a few minutes of solemnity as you take each bite of your fluffy pancakes.

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