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Bober Tea Singapore Menu

If there’s one thing Singaporeans love, it’s a good cup of tea. We’re not talking about that watery, tasteless stuff from the grocery store. We’re talking about the kind of tea that makes you feel like you’re on vacation, no matter how many times you drink it. And in Singapore, there’s no better place to find this kind of tea than at Bober Tea Singapore.

Bober Tea Singapore is a local artisanal brand that specializes in creating delicious, affordable bubble teas with high-quality ingredients. They strive to bring your favorite Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese tastes to Singapore in beautiful packaging that’s sure to impress your friends. Their drinks are made with premium ingredients like Okinawa black sugar, Hokkaido milk, and pure matcha powder—and they’re right here in Singapore!

They have a wide range of teas, each one more delicious than the last. Whether you’re looking for something to relax with after work or a way to spice up your Sunday morning routine (or both!), Bober Tea Singapore has got what you need!

Bober Tea Singapore Menu Price List

The very mention of “Tea” brings back memories of childhood, when we had Tea Parties with our friends. Those were the days! Bober Tea, Singapore – Singapore’s favorite Tea Store has come out with their new menu and price list!

Bober Tea Popular Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Coconut Shake LargeS$6.40
Milk Tea – LargeS$4.40
Coconut Shake MediumS$5.00
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea – LargeS$5.90
Grapefruit Jasmine Tea – LargeS$6.00
Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk – LargeS$7.10

Bober Tea Fruit Smoothie

Menu ItemsPrice
Coconut Shake MediumS$5.00
Coconut Shake LargeS$6.40
Coconut Grape Shake MediumS$7.30
Coconut Grape Shake LargeS$9.00
Coconut Strawberry Shake MediumS$6.90
Coconut Strawberry Shake LargeS$8.60
Coconut Mango Shake MediumS$6.30
Coconut Mango Shake LargeS$7.50
Coconut Rose Lychee Shake MediumS$7.00
Coconut Rose Lychee Shake LargeS$8.70
Chizu Coconut MediumS$6.20
Chizu Coconut LargeS$7.80
Chizu Grape MediumS$7.40
Chizu Grape LargeS$9.20
Chizu Strawberry MediumS$7.10
Chizu Strawberry LargeS$8.70
Rose Lychee Green Tea MediumS$6.90
Rose Lychee Green Tea LargeS$8.60

Bober Tea Oolong Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Golden Jade Oolong Tea – MediumS$3.90
Golden Jade Oolong Tea – LargeS$4.70
Honey Golden Jade Oolong Tea – MediumS$4.30
Honey Golden Jade Oolong Tea – LargeS$5.50
Chizu Golden Jade Oolong Tea – MediumS$4.60
Chizu Golden Jade Oolong Tea – LargeS$5.60
Golden Jade Oolong Milk Tea MediumS$4.30
Golden Jade Oolong Milk Tea LargeS$5.60
Golden Jade Oolong Fresh Milk MediumS$5.00
Golden Jade Oolong Fresh Milk LargeS$6.20
Floral Osmanthus Oolong Tea MediumS$3.90
Floral Osmanthus Oolong Tea LargeS$4.70
Honey Floral Osmanthus Oolong MediumS$4.30
Honey Floral Osmanthus Oolong LargeS$5.50
Chizu Floral Osmanthus Oolong MediumS$4.60
Chizu Floral Osmanthus Oolong LargeS$5.60
Floral Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea MediumS$4.30
Floral Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea LargeS$5.60
Floral Osmanthus Oolong Fresh Milk MediumS$5.00
Floral Osmanthus Oolong Fresh Milk LargeS$6.20

Bober Tea Earl Grey Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Earl Grey Tea MediumS$3.40
Earl Grey Tea LargeS$4.40
Honey Earl Grey MediumS$3.90
Honey Earl Grey LargeS$5.20
Chizu Earl Grey MediumS$4.30
Chizu Earl Grey LargeS$5.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea MediumS$4.30
Earl Grey Milk Tea LargeS$5.60

Bober Tea Green Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Blossom Jasmine Green Tea – MediumS$2.90
Blossom Jasmine Green Tea – LargeS$4.00
Honey Blossom Jasmine Tea – MediumS$3.40
Honey Blossom Jasmine Tea – LargeS$4.80
Chizu Blossom Jasmine Tea – MediumS$4.30
Chizu Blossom Jasmine Tea – LargeS$5.50
Blossom Jasmine Milk Tea – MediumS$3.70
Blossom Jasmine Milk Tea – LargeS$4.90
Yakult Blossom Jasmine Tea – MediumS$4.30
Yakult Blossom Jasmine Tea – LargeS$5.50
Lemon Lime Green Tea – MediumS$4.40
Lemon Lime Green Tea – LargeS$5.90
Grapefruit Jasmine Tea – MediumS$4.70
Grapefruit Jasmine Tea – LargeS$6.00
Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea – MediumS$4.30
Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea – LargeS$5.50
Mango Green Tea – MediumS$5.60
Mango Green Tea – LargeS$7.00

Bober Tea Brown Sugar Series

Menu ItemsPrice
Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk – MediumS$5.10
Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk – LargeS$6.40
Brown Sugar Roasted Oolong Milk – MediumS$5.00
Brown Sugar Roasted Oolong Milk – LargeS$6.40
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea – MediumS$4.70
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea – LargeS$5.90
Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk – MediumS$5.60
Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk – LargeS$7.10
Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte – MediumS$6.50
Brown Sugar Boba Matcha Latte – LargeS$7.90
Brown Sugar Boba Oreo Milk – MediumS$5.60
Brown Sugar Boba Oreo Milk – LargeS$6.70
Brown Sugar Winter Melon Milk Tea – MediumS$5.40
Brown Sugar Winter Melon Milk Tea – LargeS$6.70

Bober Tea Milk Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Milk Tea – MediumS$3.40
Milk Tea – LargeS$4.40
Honey Milk Tea – MediumS$4.30
Honey Milk Tea – LargeS$5.60
Chizu Milk Tea – MediumS$4.40
Chizu Milk Tea – LargeS$5.90
Hazelnut Milk Tea – MediumS$4.30
Hazelnut Milk Tea – LargeS$5.60
Caramel Milk Tea – MediumS$4.30
Caramel Milk Tea – LargeS$5.60
Chocolate Milk Tea – MediumS$4.40
Chocolate Milk Tea – LargeS$5.90
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea – MediumS$3.80
Roasted Oolong Milk Tea – LargeS$5.20
Signature Roasted Milk – MediumS$4.10
Signature Roasted Milk – LargeS$5.40
Winter Melon Milk Tea – MediumS$4.00
Winter Melon Milk Tea – LargeS$5.20
Matcha Milk Tea MediumS$5.60
Matcha Milk Tea LargeS$7.10

Bober Tea Latte Series

Menu ItemsPrice
Chizu Mango – MediumS$6.60
Chizu Mango – LargeS$7.90
Chizu MatchaS$5.60
Chizu Matcha – LargeS$6.60
Uji Matcha Latte – MediumS$4.80
Uji Matcha Latte – LargeS$6.20
Fragrant Taro Latte – MediumS$4.70
Fragrant Taro Latte – LargeS$6.30
Matcha Strawberry Latte – MediumS$4.80
Matcha Strawberry Latte – LargeS$6.20

Bober Tea Best Seller 

True tea experts will tell you that the best seller tea from Bober Tea is not the most popular, but it is also not the most difficult one to get your hands on. The best seller tea from Bober Tea is a family favorite that even grandma enjoys. It is a delicious blend that brings a flavor you have to taste to believe.

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If you have tried their other teas, but are wondering what The Best Seller Tea drink from Bober Tea tastes like, then go check out this section.

Bober Tea Coconut Shake

Most Recommended Bober Tea Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for something that’s creamy, light, and refreshing—but also tastes like the beach—this is the drink for you. Whether you’re having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, or celebrating that great meeting with your boss, this coconut shake will help you relax and feel like all is right in the world.

The first sip is creamy and smooth like a milkshake should be, but then a subtle hint of coconut creeps in—it’s just enough to make you think about what you’re drinking, but not so much that it overpowers everything else. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with just enough tartness to keep your taste buds interested.

This is an absolute tropical delight for any occasion—whether it’s your morning commute or an afternoon pick-me-up, this drink will definitely put a smile on your face.

So, If you want a drink that will make your mouth water (and maybe even make you feel like dancing around) then this is the shake for you!

Bober Tea Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Best Bober Tea Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I’m a huge fan of milk teas, and I’m not the only one. The milk tea market is booming right now, and there are so many new flavors to try.

But if you’re looking for something different—something that’s not too sweet but still has a rich flavor—then this is the drink for you.

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The Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea is exactly what it sounds like:  an original recipe that combines a unique blend of fresh tea leaves with milk and brown sugar. It’s not as sweet as other drinks on the market, but it does have a nice sweetness to it that makes it perfect for those who don’t like their drinks too sweet.

The texture is what really sets this drink apart from others: it’s creamy without being heavy or overly sweetened. So, if you’re looking for something that will make your mouth water but won’t leave you feeling like you need to brush your teeth immediately afterward, look no further than Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea!

Bober Tea Grapefruit Jasmine Tea

Top Bober Tea Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

One thing you notice about their Grapefruit Jasmine Tea is the smell. It’s fresh and clean, but it’s also sweet and sour. The scents of grapefruit and jasmine fill the air, and you can’t wait to take your first sip!

As for taste? The first sip of this tea is sweet and sour, just like a grapefruit. It’s perfect for the end of a long day, when you want to wind down with something that’s refreshing but still comforting. The jasmine flowers make it feel like you’re drinking something special, like you’re taking a moment to appreciate your life and appreciate yourself.

The second sip is more of the same: it has a mellow, sweet flavor that really brings out the sweetness in the fruit and flowers. You can feel your stress melting away as you sip on this tea while sitting in front of your fireplace or next to your window with your favorite view in the world outside.

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By the third sip, though, things start to get interesting! You’ll notice that this tea has a slightly bitter undertone—it’s not too bitter, though! Just enough to remind you that while life may be sweet at times, we also have to deal with some sour moments too (we all do). This tea helps us remember that even though there are some challenges ahead of us, we can get through them together because we’ve got each other’s backs—and that makes it all worth it!

Overall, this is probably one of my favorite teas ever! It’s so smooth and flavorful, with just enough sweetness to balance out the tartness of the grapefruit pulp. The jasmine adds an extra element that makes this tea perfect for any time of day—whether it be as an afternoon pick-me-up or an after-dinner treat!

Bober Tea Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk

Most Popular Bober Tea Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Milk is a perfect drink to end the day with. It’s a combination of Brown Sugar Boba with fresh milk crowned with BOBER TEA signature Hokkaido Chizu caramelized Crème Brulee burnt with fire. After a sip, you will get to taste the freshness of the milk, tasting like ice cream. Drink looks might differ upon delivery.

It’s an interesting combination of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy that will leave you wanting more. The strong taste of brown sugar is mellowed out by the ice cream-like texture of the milk, but it’s not too sweet for those who don’t like overly-sweet drinks.

This drink is great for anyone who likes dessert or sweet drinks, and even better if you’re looking for something new to try!

Visiting Bober Tea Singapore

About Bober Tea

In 2017, Singaporean tea connoisseurs BoberTea opened their doors to the world. With eight stores in Singapore and two stores in Sacramento, California, the company has quickly become a leader in the bubble tea market by offering customers new and interesting flavors from around the world.

BoberTea has built its reputation on its commitment to providing delicious beverages that are true to their origins. Their first store was located at Bishan MRT station, and subsequently opened stores at Bukit Panjang Plaza and an Express outlet at Kallang shortly after. 

The company also expanded into other countries such as China, the Philippines and the United States. It also currently has plans to expand further into other countries in Asia,  as well as starting out in Oceania.

Bober Tea Locations in Singapore 

Bober Tea Bedok Central

205 Bedok North Street 1, #01-379

Singapore 460205

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Bober Tea Bishan MRT

200 Bishan Road, #01-01

Singapore 579827

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Bober Tea Boon Keng (Bober Express)

27 Bendemeer Road, #01-665

Singapore 330027

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Bober Tea Boon Lay MRT

301 Boon Lay Way, #01-02

Singapore 649846

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Bober Tea Bukit Panjang Plaza

1 Jelebu Rd, #01-23, Bukit Panjang Plaza

Singapore 677743

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Bober Tea Clementi

Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3, #01-89

Singapore 120442

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Bober Tea Esso Seng Kang

150 Sengkang West Way, Esso Station

Singapore 797622

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Bober Tea IMM

2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-58, IMM

Singapore 609601

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Contact with Bober Tea Singapore

Bober Tea Singapore has been a leading tea company in Singapore for many years. They specialize in selling black and green teas, as well as white and oolong teas. If you have any questions or concerns about Bober Tea Singapore’s menu, please contact them at the following:

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