Boost Juice Bars Menu

Boost Juice Bars Singapore Menu Prices 2023 vs 2022

Boost Juice Bars Singapore Menu is one of the best Australian juice bars in Singapore.

Comparing their 2023 vs 2022 menu prices, there is a 0.10-1.10 increase for some of the various series under Boost Juice Bars.

They have All Berry Ban, Banana Buzz, King  William Chocolate, and many other delicious items on their menu.

The Boost Juice Story

Boost Juice Bars Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

Back in 2000, Janine Allis – a woman with no business experience – opened her first juice bar. The idea behind the bar was to make healthy living both tasteful and fun by combining a variety of smoothie flavors into one delicious drink, which has now become most people’s go-to comfort food.

By embracing fruit and veggie juices as the new soda for a generation of health conscious eaters who are often short on time but not on taste buds, Janine set out to change the way Australians think about health and wellness altogether.

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Boost Juice Bars Menu 2023 Price

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And she succeeded! Boost Juice is now one of Australia’s leading juice and smoothie brands, with over 500 stores in 13 countries, plus many additional international locations where it’s served by licensee partners or sold in select retail outlets.

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Boost Juice Bars Singapore Menu

Boost Juice Bars Singapore Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

Here is the list of all Boost Juice Bars Singapore Menu with prices:

2023 MenuPrice
All Berry BangS$ 5.60
Watermelon Lychee CrushS$ 5.00
Banana BuzzS$ 5.60
Mango MagicS$ 5.60
Cookies & CreamS$ 5.00
Strawberry SqueezeS$ 5.60
Most Popular
All Berry BangS$ 5.60
Mango MagicS$ 5.60
Strawberry SqueezeS$ 5.60
Passion MangoS$ 5.60
Soraya’s FavouriteS$ 5.60
Blueberry BurstS$ 5.60
Superfruit EnergyS$ 6.00
Cookies & CreamS$ 5.00
Berry CrushS$ 4.60
Strawberry Melon CrushS$ 4.60
Banana BuzzS$ 5.60
Berry PeachyS$ 5.60
King William ChocolateS$ 5.60
Raspberry RipeS$ 5.60
Berry Passion Lychee
Tropical Lychee FusionS$ 5.60
Raspberry Lychee SparkS$ 5.60
Blueberry Lychee BurstS$ 5.60
Refreshing Crushes
Watermelon Lychee CrushS$ 5.00
Peach Berry CrushS$ 4.60
Single Juice
Apple JuiceS$ 5.00
Orange JuiceS$ 5.00
Watermelon JuiceS$ 4.60
Pineapple JuiceS$ 4.60
Fresh Juice Bar
5 A Day JuiceS$ 6.60
Wild Berry JuiceS$ 6.00
Energiser JuiceS$ 6.00
Lean & Green JuiceS$ 6.60
Immunity JuiceS$ 5.60
Vita C Detox JuiceS$ 5.60
Create Your Own JuiceS$ 6.00
Protein & Energy
Protein SupremeS$ 8.60
Strawbrekkie ProteinS$ 7.00
Wonder MelonS$ 7.00 
Brekkie To Go-GoS$ 7.60
Gym JunkieS$ 7.00
Skinny DipS$ 6.60
Boost Foods
Banana BreadS$ 1.50
Wonder BarS$ 2.50
Protein Ball – Peanut ButterS$ 1.50
Carrot Chocolate Chip MuffinS$ 2.00
Protein Ball – Chocolate and DatesS$ 1.50
Banana CakeS$ 1.50

Boost Juice Bars Popular Menu Prices 2022

Menu ItemsPrice
All Berry BangSGD 5.00
Strawberry SqueezeSGD 5.00
Banana BuzzSGD 5.00
Vita C Detox JuiceSGD 5.50

Boost Juice Bars Most Popular Smoothies

Menu ItemsPrice
All Berry BangSGD 5.00
Mango MagicSGD 5.00
Strawberry SqueezeSGD 5.00
Passion MangoSGD 5.00
Banana BuzzSGD 5.00
Soraya’s FavouriteSGD 5.50
Cookies & CreamSGD 5.00
King William ChocolateSGD 5.00

Boost Juice Bars Most Popular Crushes

Menu ItemsPrice
Watermelon Lychee CrushSGD 4.50
Berry CrushSGD 4.50
Mango Tango CrushSGD 4.50
Mango Lychee CrushSGD 4.50

Boost Juice Bars Coconut Smoothies

Menu ItemsPrice
Coco-A-NutSGD 5.50
Coco BerrySGD 5.00
Coco MangoSGD 5.00

Boost Juice Bars Fresh Juice Bar

Menu ItemsPrice
5 A Day JuiceSGD 5.50
Wild Berry JuiceSGD 5.50
Energiser JuiceSGD 5.50
Veggie JuiceSGD 5.50
Immunity JuiceSGD 5.50
Vita C Detox JuiceSGD 5.50
Lean & Green JuiceSGD 5.50

Boost Juice Bars Calorie Counters

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure EdenSGD 7.50
Red RoyaleSGD 7.50
Wonder MelonSGD 5.50
Mini Me MangoSGD 5.50

Boost Juice Bars Protein & Energy

Menu ItemsPrice
Protein SupremeSGD 9.00
Strawbrekkie ProteinSGD 7.00
Superfruit EnergySGD 7.00
Brekkie To Go GoSGD 7.00
Gym JunkieSGD 6.50
Skinny DipSGD 6.50

Boost Juice Bars Boost Foods

Menu ItemsPrice
Protein Ball – Peanut Buy Steroids – buy testosterone propionate online judge conditionally approves purdue pharma opioid settlement ButterSGD 1.50
Protein Ball – Chocolate and DatesSGD 1.50
Carrot Chocolate Chip MuffinSGD 2.00
Carrot Raisin CakeSGD 2.00
Banana CakeSGD 1.50

Boost Juice Bars Peach Perfect

Menu ItemsPrice
Peaches & CremeSGD 5.00
Berry PeachySGD 5.50
Peach ParadiseSGD 5.50

Boost Juice Bars Singapore Updated Menu in 2022

Boost juice bar is an Australian juice market that is famous just because of their fruit juice and smoothies that they serve to their customers.

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One of the main reasons for the popularity of this company is their latest and updated menu  items. They periodically update and bring new menu ideas to bring their customers back.

Here is the pictures of Boost Juice Bar latest menu items:

Boost Juice Bars Famous Juice

Boost juice bar Singapore menu has a great number of delicious juice items on their menu. But Banana Buzz is the most deliciously creamy combination of Milk, Banana, honey, ice & Vanilla Yoghurt.

Boost Juice Bar SIngapore menu

Second favorite juice item on their menu is Immunity juice, it’s a great choice for you if you are feeling a little under the weather. It’s a great combination of Strawberries, Freshly squeezed orange & freshly juiced watermelon. All of these fruits will help to increase your immune system, for this they also add some immunity booster.  

Boost juice bar Singapore Menu

Boost Juice Bars Must Try Menu

Boost Juice Bars are a great way to kickstart your morning, or to get a much-needed energy boost when you’re in need. They offer a wide variety of juices, smoothies and other drinks that are sure to keep you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Here are some of our top picks for Boost Juice Bars Must Try Menu:

Boost Juice Bars All Berry Bang

Best Boost Juice Bars Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

This smoothie is delicious! It’s like drinking a smoothie in a cup—except it’s cold and refreshing, so it feels like a treat.

The berries are very sweet, but not too sweet, and they’re mixed with apple juice so that you get the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. The strawberry yogurt adds a bit of tanginess to the drink, which makes the whole thing feel more refreshing. And the ice is a nice touch—it keeps everything cold and gives the drink an extra crunchy texture.

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Best Seller Boost Juice Bars Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

I wouldn’t say this is something I’d order all the time, but if you’re looking for something delicious and refreshing on a hot day, this is definitely worth trying out!

Boost Juice Bars Watermelon Lychee Crush

Famous Boost Juice Bars Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Watermelon Lychee Crush is a refreshing drink that’s great for summer. Freshly juiced watermelon, lychees and sorbet are mixed with ice to create a light, fruity drink that will keep you cool on those hot summer days. 

The lychee taste is subtle but noticeable, while the watermelon flavor is strong and sweet. The sorbet adds just enough tartness to balance out the sweetness of the other ingredients without overpowering them or making it too sour like some lemonades can be. 

Most Popular Boost Juice Bars Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The drink has just enough carbonation to give it a little bit of fizziness without being overwhelming or tasteless like some soda drinks can be. Overall this is a great drink for anyone who likes fruit juices and soda pop alike!

Boost Juice Bars Cookies and Cream 

Most Recommended Boost Juice Bars Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

This is one of the most unique smoothie recipes I’ve tried in a long time. It’s got some elements of a milkshake, but it’s much lighter than that, thanks to the low-fat milk or soy and sorbet. The cookies crumbs add texture and crunch that make this a really fun experience.

It’s not that sweet—the ice adds a bit of sweetness, but it’s not overpowering at all. The yogurt adds a slight tartness to balance out the sweetness from the cookie crumbs and ice, so you don’t have to worry about your taste buds getting overloaded with sugar.

Top Boost Juice Bars Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The flavors blend together perfectly. You get an overall creamy taste from the mix of milk/soy and yogurt, with just enough vanilla flavor coming through from both sources. And then there’s the crunchy cookie crumb texture, which adds a bit of bite and texture contrast throughout every bite.

The sorbet adds another layer of flavor to this smoothie; while it’s not too strong on its own, it works well with all other ingredients by providing an extra burst of flavor every few bites.

Boost Juice Bar Singapore Locations

In Singapore Boost Juice Bar has more than 9 outlets from which 7 Best Legal Steroids for Sale: Natural Alternatives [2022 List] steroidsaustralia anabolic androgenic steroids associated with early coronary artery diseaSingaporean can enjoy their juice items.

Here is the list of all Boost Juice Outlets in Singapore:


Unit #B1-K1, Junction 8,
Bishan Place,

The Grandstand
#01-04, The Grandstand,
200 Turf Club Rd,

Eastpoint Mall
Unit #01-06, Eastpoint Mall,
3 Simei Street 6,

Shell Toa Payoh
248 LOR 1 Toa Payoh,

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #B2-55 AMK Hub,

Novena Square

Unit #01-24, Level 1, Novena Square Shopping Mall,
238 Thomson Rd,

Tanglin Mall

B1-15 Tanglin Mall,
163 Tanglin Rd,

Holland Village

#B1-22A (Inside Holland Village MRT),
200 Holland Avenue,

ION Orchard

#B4-64, #B4-65, ION Orchard,
2 Orchard Turn,

Tangs Plaza

Kiosk 5 Level 1 Tang Plaza,
320 Orchard Road,

More About Boost Juice Bars

Today, the Boost Juice brand is a remarkable success story. It all began with an idea and the decision to act on it, which has developed over the years – starting in 1999 when businesswoman Janine Allis set up her company to cater to health-conscious consumers who didn’t feel that their fast food options were sufficiently healthy!

Fast forward to today and things have really taken off, with a network of stores stretching as far as New Zealand and West Africa and franchises opening up worldwide.

Boost juice bar singapore restaurant

Contact with Boost Juice Bars

Do you want to get more information about Boost juice bars Singapore menu ? then must contact their staff through following sources:

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