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Chug Chug Menu Singapore 2022

Chug Chug is one of the best F&b outlets in Singapore. Here you can go for both family as well as party meal, and its food is a fusion of varied cuisines. The menu of Chug Chug is not much extensive. Here is the list of all Chug Chug Menu Items with prices:


Menu ItemsPrice
Fiery Mala PastaS$ 18
Tomato Cream BeefS$ 18
Bacon Aglio Oliofrom S$ 14
King Prawn Chug’s Tom YamS$ 20
Scallop Mentaiko PastaS$ 20
VongoleS$ 18
Truffle Wild Mushroom PastaS$ 18
Seafood Chilli Crab PastaS$ 22

Finger Food

Menu ItemsPrice
Truffle Angel Hair Cold PastaS$ 13
Duck & Seafood CrepeS$ 16
Crispy Roasted Pork BellyS$ 14
Har Cheong Gaifrom S$ 13
Fried Garlic PorkS$ 13
Chug’s Style Sambal StingrayS$ 18
Japanese Pitan TofuS$ 13
Fried Mushrooms with Curry CreamS$ 13
Basket of FriesS$ 12
Mala CalamariS$ 14
Mala FriesS$ 14
Spam FriesS$ 13
Mala Fried CalamariS$ 13


Menu ItemsPrice
Chug’s Buttermilk Chicken Burger 2.0from S$ 18
Fish & Chipsfrom S$ 16
Black Angus Kalbi Ribeye with Truffle MashS$ 29.90
Signature Mala Mini PotS$ 22
Fresh Salmon Fillet with Truffle Mash & Spinach Cream SauceS$ 24
Ginseng Chicken Noodle StewS$ 20
Chef Recommended Chug’s Wasabi Prime Beef BurgerS$ 18.90

Non Alcoholic Chugs

Menu ItemsPrice
Shirley TempleS$ 8
Virgin MojitoS$ 8
CinderellaS$ 8
Mango Yuzu SmoothieS$ 8
Strawberry SmoothieS$ 8
Yuzu Mint SmoothieS$ 8

Canned & Bottled Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
CokeS$ 4.50
Ginger AleS$ 4.50
Yoyic OriginalS$ 4.50
Tonic WaterS$ 4.50
Soda WaterS$ 4.50
Red BullS$ 4.50
SpriteS$ 4.50
Green TeaS$ 4.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Chug’s Iced TeaS$ 4.50
Chug’s Mango Iced TeaS$ 6
British Breakfast TeaS$ 4.50
Lemon Ginger Mint TeaS$ 4.50
Chamomile Dream TeaS$ 4.50
Osmanthus Sencha TeaS$ 4.50


Menu ItemsPrice
HitS$ 8
Tiger CrystalS$ 8
Hahn SuperdryS$ 8
Hoegaarden RoseS$ 11


Menu ItemsPrice
Jinro Grapefruit Sojufrom S$ 16
Jinro Green Grape Sojufrom S$ 16
Jinro Strawberry Sojufrom S$ 16
Jinro Plum Sojufrom S$ 16
Jinro Chamisul Sojufrom S$ 16
Jinro Peach Sojufrom S$ 16


Menu ItemsPrice
Babydoll Sauvignon Blanc 2017S$ 56
Babydoll Pinot Noir 2016S$ 60
Fetzer Sundial Chardonnay 2017S$ 56
Fetzer Valley Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon 2016S$ 60
Marrenon Merlot 2017S$ 58
Michel Lynch Sauvignon Blanc 2017S$ 58

Sparkling Wines

Menu ItemsPrice
Pico Maccario Moscato Docg 2017S$ 56
Casa Burti Flute En RoseS$ 52
Moet Imperial BrutS$ 118

Chug’s Special Cocktails

Menu ItemsPrice
Yuzu BurstS$ 16
Forbidden YogurtS$ 18
Chug BeerS$ 16
Head SpinS$ 25

Cider & Others

Menu ItemsPrice
Sparkling Peach Sake JellyS$ 13
Brother’s Toffee Apple CiderS$ 14
Sparkling Yuzu Sake JellyS$ 13
Row Hard Root BeerS$ 11

Chug Chug Updated Menu Fabruary 2022

If you want to chill with your friends and grab some tasty food in Singapore then Chug Chug is one of the best places in Singapore where you can enjoy. They start their restaurant on the basis of their few food items, but with the passage of time, they increase their menu items list. Now they have delicious food items on their menu to enjoy Singaporeans meals.

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They have not too many items, but few items are much tastier on their menu to enjoy. They regularly update their menu and bring a new taste to each dish to bring their customers back. Here are some pictures of Chug Chug Updated Menu:

Chili Crab Mantou

Their Chili Crab Mantou is a delicious dish on their menu that comes with two soft shell crab sliders flanked by mantou buns, and some chili crab sauce on the side. If you visit their outlet then we will highly recommend you to taste this dish.

When Xinde asked about this dish inspiration he said “I created this because now you can enjoy your Chili Crab without dirtying your hands and having to fuss over crabs shells”. Because of the airy mantou buns and crispy soft shell crab, the dish is very light. They also serve a sweet but spicy sauce with this dish. They can increase this dish demand by adding one more scoop of chili crab sauce to go with it.

Scallops Mentaiko Pasta

Scallops Mentaiko Pasta is another spicy dish that increases their brand demand. Its flavor is just heavenly, you will great taste when eating cream pasta.

If you visit their restaurant and do not taste this dish then you got nothing. Next time when you visit their outlets than I highly recommend you to taste this delicious dish to make your meal tastier. Surely Chug Chug wouldn’t have earned its name without their signature alcohol, and we ended off the night with some cheers.

Chug Chug Delivery Locations

Chug Chug has two delivery locations in Singapore from where you can enjoy your meal through their delicious items. Here is the list of all Chug Chug outlets in Singapore:

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Paya Lebar Quarter – PLQ3
2 Tanjong Katong Road, #01-09, PLQ3, Paya Lebar Quarter – PLQ3
Singapore 437161
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-1am, Saturday-Sunday 5pm-1am

Tanjong Pagar
114 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088529


Chug Chug was established in 2017 in Singapore, they start their business by serving their unique fusion cuisine and a great range of varieties of comfort foods. They also serve Western and Chinese flavors on their menu and at PLQ3 outlets they serve fusion comfort food which is created out of Korean & Japanese cuisines.

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