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Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore 2022

Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore specializes in pasta, steaks and burgers.They also have ice cream as a dessert and appetizers that you surely love.

Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore  offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes, from light meals to hearty meals. You can also choose from an extensive selection of drinks, including hot drinks and cold drinks.

It is not only about the food at Craze Kitchen, but also about the service that provides customers with an enjoyable experience. The staff will greet you at the door and help you throughout your meal. They will ensure that all your needs are met while making sure that your dining experience is pleasant and memorable.

Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore Price List

Craze Kitchen is a new Muslim-owned eatery cafe newly opened in Singapore. They become famous because of their Pasta which they serve huge in portion at a reasonable price. Here you can also get pasta without breaking slope here.

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Besides pasta, they also serve many delicious items including rice, noodles, etc. If you are a crab lover then we will highly recommend you to visit their cafe. Here is the list of Craze Chicken updated menu in Singapore:

Menu ItemsPrice
Aglio OlioS$ 15.90
Cream CarbonaraS$ 15.90
NeapolitanS$ 15.90
Fish & ChipS$ 18.90
Truffle FriesS$ 13.90
[New] Lobster Bisque Pasta [Limited Time Period Only!]S$ 15.90

Craze Kitchen Saver Combos (1-2 Pax)

Menu ItemsPrice
1 Pax Saver Combo – 3 ItemsS$ 36.00
2 Pax Saver Combo – 5 ItemsS$ 78.00

Craze Kitchen Tapas Platters (4-6pax)

Menu ItemsPrice
4 Pax Tapas Platter – 11 ItemsS$ 138.00
6 Pax Tapas Platter – 15 ItemsS$ 196.00

Craze Kitchen Italian Pastas

Menu ItemsPrice
Aglio OlioS$ 15.90
Cream CarbonaraS$ 15.90
ArrabiataS$ 15.90
NeopolitanS$ 15.90
Vegetarian PastaS$ 12.50
Mushroom PastaS$ 15.90
[New] Salted Egg Pasta [Limited Time Period Only!]S$ 15.90
[New] Lobster Bisque Pasta [Limited Time Period Only!]S$ 15.90

Craze Kitchen Seasonal Pasta

Menu ItemsPrice
Seafood MarinaraS$ 22.90
Prawn Laska PastaS$ 23.00

Craze Kitchen Mains

Menu ItemsPrice
Fish & ChipsS$ 18.90
Fish on Fire!S$ 19.50
Margherita Grilled Cheese ChickenS$ 19.90
Hot Chick SteakS$ 19.50
BBQ ChickenS$ 19.50
Craze Double Chicken CutletS$ 21.90
Lamb ChopsS$ 22.90
The Better SalmonS$ 23.90
Striploin Beef SteakS$ 26.90
Angus RibeyeS$ 36.90
Wagyu Beef SteakS$ 49.90

Craze Kitchen Paella Rice

Menu Items Price
Sambal Chicken PaellaS$ 16.90
Harissa Chili Chicken PaellaS$ 16.90
Sambal Fish PaellaS$ 16.90
Craze Double Chicken PaellaS$ 21.90
Sambal Salmon PaellaS$ 23.90
Sambal Striploin PaellaS$ 26.90

Craze Kitchen Burgers

Menu ItemsPrice
The HawaiianS$ 14.90
Bottom FisherS$ 14.90
Barbeque TimeS$ 14.90
Chicken RunS$ 14.90
Craze FirebirdS$ 20.90
Two on The HookS$ 20.90
Classic Wagyu BurgerS$ 26.90

Craze Kitchen Appetizers

Menu ItemsPrice
Mash PotatoesS$ 5.90
Raisin Paella RiceS$ 5.90
Mushroom SoupS$ 6.90
Chicken WingsS$ 7.90
Curly FriesS$ 7.90
CalamariS$ 8.90
Nacho Cheese FriesS$ 8.90
Parmesan Cheese FriesS$ 11.90
Truffle FriesS$ 13.90

Craze Kitchen Family Platters

Menu ItemsPrice
Meat Platter for 3S$ 69.00
Surf & Turf Platter for 4-5S$ 93.00

Craze Kitchen Desserts

Menu ItemsPrice
Butterscotch Banana Crepe & Ice CreamS$ 12.90
Craze Waffles with Ice CreamS$ 13.90
Molten Lava Fondant with Ice CreamS$ 18.90
Craze Hot Fudge SundaeS$ 13.90
Scoop Ice CreamS$ 4.50

Craze Kitchen Iced Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Fizzy PopsS$ 3.50
FloatsS$ 7.90
Homemade Ice Lemon TeaS$ 4.50
Bandung JellyS$ 4.50
Ice LonganS$ 4.50
CoolersS$ 7.90
JuicesS$ 5.20
Mineral WaterS$ 2.30

Craze Kitchen Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot ChocolateS$ 7.50
TeaS$ 5.20
Gourmet CoffeeS$ 5.20

Craze Chicken Updated Menu January 2022

Besides their Pasta, they are also famous in Singapore because of their wide range of dishes including burgers, mains, Pella rice, and family platters.

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Affordable prices of their delicious dishes attract customers, if you want to enjoy food at a reasonable price then we will highly recommend you to visit their restaurant.

They always update their menu and bring new delicious food items to bring their customers back. Here are some pictures of Craze Chicken updated menu:

Best Food Items

There are many best choices on their menu to make your meal wonderful, but here you find mostly western dishes like burgers, Italian Pasta, mussels, Spanish paella rice, and many more. Here are some of the recommended food and desserts from Craze Kitchen at Yishun and Tampines:

Lobster Bisque Pasta 

Lobster Bisque Pasta is one of the most highly recommended dishes by chefs on their menu. Its recipe is as Noodles are cooked with a bisque of lobster, then with a great amount of sauce mixed with sliced red cabbage.

Across two days of cooking the lobster bisque sauce is prepared using lobster shells. Its taste is like sweet, succulent is seafood taste. It becomes spicier when comes up with some fresh chili.

Sambal Chicken Paella 

Sambal Chicken Paella features the Spanish-original paella made sweet with raisins, a fusion of flavours from east and west. For more seafood flavours in rice, you can add some salmon bits to your rice.

For larger, meatier appetites, try it with beef instead. You get a hefty chunk of char-grilled striploin beef with a spread of sambal on top. Also served with raisin paella rice, fried egg, and greens.

Craze Kitchen Best Seller

Craze Kitchen is a Singaporean restaurant and cafe that offers the best-selling foods from all over the world. From the classic American diner food to the Italian pasta, Craze Kitchen has it all.

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This cafe features a wide range of dishes ranging from pasta and burgers. They also have different ice cream to choose from for their desserts. 

Here are the list of their popular menu:

Craze Kitchen Aglio Olio

Best Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

We were told to expect a lot from Craze Kitchen’s Aglio Olio. They told us that it was going to be hot, and we weren’t sure what that meant. But when we tasted it, we knew: they were right on the money.

The heat comes in waves, but each wave is followed by a quick-paced cooling down that keeps you on your toes as you try to figure out what’s next. The olives give this dish an unexpected twist—they’re not something most people would expect to see in an aglio olio, but they really add depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile. The pasta itself is cooked perfectly, so that it has just enough bite to cut through all of the other flavors without getting lost in them.

Best Seller Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

Overall, this is one of those dishes that makes you think about what else could be done with olives and pasta together—that’s how good it is!

Craze Kitchen Cream Carbonara

Top Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore

Image Credit:@Instagram

I’m not going to lie: I was a little bit nervous about this dish.

But then I took a bite, and all my worries melted away.

The carbonara is made with chicken breast and bacon, with a creamy sauce of butter, cream, cheese and parmesan. The noodles are cooked perfectly al dente, so they’re not mushy at all—just the right texture to soak up that rich sauce. The chicken is tender, and the bacon has just enough chewiness to give it texture without being too tough or fatty.

Famous Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore

Image Credit:@Instagram

The sauce is creamy but not overly rich—it’s just right! It doesn’t overpower everything else on your plate (which sometimes happens with cream-based sauces), but instead complements each bite perfectly.

So if you look at a restaurant that serves pasta, I highly recommend this place.

Craze Kitchen Neapolitan

Popular Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore

Image Credit:@Instagram

In the mood for something new? Craze Kitchen Neapolitan Pasta is a delicious, unique twist on pasta. It comes in a choice of meat, mixed with cream and tomato basil sauce, parsley and red kraut. The linguine is covered in chilli padi for a kick of flavor.

We really enjoyed this dish. We liked how different it was from other pastas we’ve had before. The sauce was creamy and rich, but not too heavy. The linguine was cooked perfectly—not too hard and not too soft. The combination of flavors worked well together, with the creaminess of the sauce offsetting the spiciness of the padi so that neither overpowered each other; instead they complemented each other nicely!

Most Recommended Craze Kitchen Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

I would recommend this dish for anyone looking for a new take on pasta!

Craze Chicken Delivery Locations in Singapore

Craze chicken has two outlets in Singapore from where you can enjoy their meal. Here is the list of Craze chicken delivery locations in Singapore:

Craze Kitchen
(398) · Italian

Singapore · In Tampines N2 Shopping Street

Craze Kitchen
(163) · Italian

Singapore · In Junction Nine

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