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Egg Stop Singapore Menu

Egg Stop Singapore is a sandwich shop that believes in the power of breakfast. They believe that breakfast should be fun and exciting, simple and delicious. And they want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a fantastic breakfast—no matter where they are or when they eat it! That’s why they’ve created their all-day breakfast concept: it’s a tribute to diversity, spontaneity, and accessibility.

They knows that life is fast-paced for many people, and sometimes the only time you have for breakfast is on your way to work or school. They aim to make that easier with their sandwiches on-the-go—they’ve got something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for something healthy or indulgent (or both), they’ve got options that will keep you fueled all day long without breaking the bank.

Egg Stop Singapore menu Price List

Egg Stop Singapore has a huge menu, with a wide variety of choices. They are known for their famous Egg Sandwiches and combo sets, side dishes and waffles. The Egg Stop menu also includes a wide range of drinks, including juice, tea and soft drinks.

Here is the list of Egg Stop Singapore Menu with Price:

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Egg Stop Popular Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Fried Chicken SandoS$7.80
Loaded Tater TotsS$5.70
Smoked ChickenS$6.80
Beef Chili CheeseS$7.50
Egg MayoS$5.00
Turkey Bacon & CheeseS$6.50

Egg Stop Sandwiches

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet Thai Chilli Fish SandwichS$7.60
Fried Chicken SandoS$7.80
Smoked ChickenS$6.80
Beef Chili CheeseS$7.50
Chicken Ham & CheeseS$6.50
Turkey Bacon & CheeseS$6.50
Mala ChickenS$6.80
Mackerel OtahS$6.80
Egg MayoS$5.00
Kimchi & Chicken SpamS$6.50

Egg Stop Sides

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheesy Chicken PopS$5.60
Mac & CheeseS$5.50
Loaded Tater TotsS$5.70
Garlic Bread SticksS$3.70
Beef Cheesy Pasta PotS$5.90

Egg Stop Combo Sets

Menu ItemsPrice
Mala Chicken + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.80
Mackerel Otah + Tater Tots + JuiceS$15.00
Smoked Chicken + Tater Tots + JuiceS$15.00
Beef Chilli Cheese + Tater Tots + JuiceS$15.20
Turkey Bacon & Cheese + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.80
Spicy Fried Chicken Sando + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.00
Chicken Ham & Cheese + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.80

Egg Stop The Batter Guys

Menu ItemsPrice
S’mores SandwichS$5.50
Fried Chicken & WafflesS$7.90
Chicken Ham & Cheese WafflesS$5.50
Breakfast Sausage SandwichS$7.90

Egg Stop Tea Latte Series

Menu ItemsPrice
Oolong LatteS$5.20
Earl Grey LatteS$5.20
Hojicha LatteS$5.20
Matcha LatteS$5.20

Egg Stop Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice
Calamansi JuiceS$2.70
Fruit PunchS$2.70
Blackcurrant JuiceS$2.70

Egg Stop Best Seller Menu

At Egg Stop, they believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why they’ve created a menu full of delicious, nutritious food that will have you feeling energized and ready to take on your day. They have options for every budget and taste, so check out their bestseller menu below:

Egg Stop Fried Chicken Sando Sandwich

Top Egg Stop Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

You’re looking at the Fried Chicken Sando Sandwich. It’s crispy fried chicken with scrambled eggs, sliced cheese & signature sauce.

It’s made to order and served hot, so you know it’s going to be fresh!

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I decided to try this sandwich out for myself, because I love fried chicken sandwiches. They’re usually pretty greasy and unhealthy, though, so I was curious about how this one would compare.

The verdict? This sandwich is delicious! The bread is soft and fluffy, which makes it perfect for dipping into the sauce (which is superb). The meat is crispy on the outside but still juicy on the inside—not greasy at all! And it’s not just plain old regular cheese, either—they use a sharp cheddar that adds some extra kick of flavor without being overpowering or overwhelming your taste buds. The scrambled eggs are cooked well and add a nice creamy texture to balance out all those crispy bits of chicken.

This dish is great if you’re looking for something new to try, but don’t want to take any risks. The flavors are classic and familiar enough that it will be easy to fall in love with them right away. You’ll find yourself coming back again and again!

Egg Stop Loaded Tater Tots

Most Recommended Egg Stop Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I’m going to be honest, I was a little skeptical about the whole “loaded tater tots” thing. I mean, how much can you really top a tater tot? What can you possibly do with it?

I am SO glad I tried these. These are the most delicious things to ever touch my lips. The crunchy tater tots are so perfect and crispy, and they just explode in your mouth with flavor when you bite into them. It’s like biting into heaven—or at least a very close approximation of it! 

Then there’s the turkey bacon bits and nacho cheese—it’s like every single thing that makes life worth living is packed into these little morsels of perfection. They’re so amazing that I had three servings in one sitting (which is saying something because I’m not usually that hungry). If you don’t try one of these loaded tater tots for yourself, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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Egg Stop Smoked Chicken Sandwich

Best Egg Stop Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I ordered the smoked chicken sandwich. It’s a sandwich, though. I don’t think I expected it to be life-changing or life-affirming in any way.

But that’s exactly what it was.

The smoked chicken was tender and juicy and flavorful, like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and yellow and had bits of green onion in them, which added just the right amount of crunchy texture to complement the softness of the eggs themselves. 

The shredded chicken had just enough spice to make my mouth water, but not so much as to overwhelm me with flavor (which is often my problem with spicy food). And then there was the signature sauce… oh boy. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted before! It was tangy without being sour; sweet without being too cloyingly sugary; spicy without being overpowering in its spiciness… it was perfect!

If you’re looking for something new to try that will really blow your mind away—and if you’re looking for some real adventure—I highly recommend this sandwich!

Egg Stop Beef Chili Cheese Sandwich

Best Seller Egg Stop Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Beef Chili Cheese Sandwich is a great option for anyone looking for something quick and delicious.

The sandwich comes with scrambled eggs, minced beef and nacho cheese sauce. The eggs are fluffy and delicious, while the minced beef has a nice char on it that adds to the flavor. The nacho cheese sauce is thick and creamy and goes well with the eggs and meat.

The bread is soft but sturdy enough to hold up to all the ingredients inside of it. It can be hard to find a good sandwich place in Singapore, but this one certainly stands out from the crowd with its offerings that are both filling yet not overwhelming at all (meaning they don’t leave you feeling like you need to take a nap afterwards).

Egg Stop Turkey Bacon & Cheese Sandwich

Most Popular Egg Stop Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The first thing I noticed about this sandwich was the smell—it smelled like my mom’s house, when she would make me breakfast for school. It smelled like home.

Then came the taste: it was so good! The best part of this sandwich is how crispy and crunchy it is. The texture is perfect, and it really makes you feel like you’re eating something special. The eggs are cooked perfectly, not too rubbery or hard like some restaurants do them, and the cheese melts in your mouth! This sandwich has everything you could ever want in one bite—and then some!

I think this would be a great meal for anyone who wants something more than just scrambled eggs or bacon alone; it’s filling and satisfying without being too heavy or greasy (which can happen with fried foods). This is definitely going to become my go-to breakfast menu!

Visiting Egg Stop Singapore

Egg Stop Outlets in Singapore

Egg Stop Bedok

84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-35

Singapore 460084

Opening Hours: Monday~Sunday (10:00 AM~8:00 PM)

Egg Stop Farrer Park

89 Rangoon Road, #01-03

Singapore 218375

Opening Hours: Monday~Sunday (10:00 AM~8:00 PM)

Egg Stop VivoCity

1 HarbourFront Walk, #B2-K19, VivoCity

Singapore 098585

Opening Hours: Monday~Sunday (10:30 AM~9:30 PM)

Contact with Egg Stop Singapore

If you want to learn more about Egg Stop Singapore Menu or would like to make an order, send them a message on social media:

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