Haagen Dazs is one of the best ice cream brands in Singapore. Their products include Ice cream Bar, Ice cream cakes, sorbets, Yogurts (Frozen), Italian Gelato and many other delicious dishes. Here is the list of all Haagen Dazs menu with prices:


Build Your Own PintS$ 18.10
Fruity LoverS$ 98
Double ScoopS$ 10.60

Promotion ( Limited Time)

Buy 3 Build-Your-Own Pints (BYOP) At SGD35S$ 35

Hand Packed Pint

Build Your Own PintS$ 18.10


Fruity LoverS$ 98
Forest FriendsS$ 98
Chocolate CurlsS$ 93
Paris at NightS$ 93
Perfect GiftS$ 93
SoleilS$ 93
Enchanting SymphonyS$ 93
Pink DelightS$ 93


Single ScoopS$ 7.40
Double ScoopS$ 10.60
Triple ScoopS$ 14.90

Ice Cream Creations

Neopolitan Croissant SundaeS$ 9.90
Cookie Dream Croissant SundaeS$ 11.90
Triple Chocolate Croissant SundaeS$ 11.90
Waffle Boat with Single ScoopS$ 12.40
Brownies with Single ScoopS$ 9.90
Brownies with Double ScoopS$ 12.80
Vanilla & Citrus Madeleine BowlS$ 9.90
Caramel Biscuit & Butter Madeleine BowlS$ 9.90


Cookies & FudgeS$ 14.90
Caramel & NutsS$ 14.90

Ice Cream Beverages

MilkshakeS$ 8.60
Affogato ClassicS$ 9.40
Affogato PlusS$ 14.90
Vanilla Ice Cream FloatS$ 9.90

Coffee Illy

EspressoS$ 4.60
Café AmericanoS$ 4.90
Café LatteS$ 7.40
CappuccinoS$ 7.40
Café MochaS$ 7.40


CroissantS$ 3.60
WaffleS$ 4.90
MadeleinesS$ 4.90
Petite MadeleinesS$ 4.90
BrowniesS$ 4.90

Other Beverages

Selection of TeasS$ 4.60
Bickford & Sons Soda WaterS$ 4.90
Traditional Creamy SodaS$ 4.90
Esprit Sparkling JuiceS$ 4.90
EvianS$ 3.60

Haagen Dazs menu Updated November 2021

Haagen Dazs is an Ice cream company brand that was founded in 1961 in New York. They start their business with only three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee. They just don’t become a brand on these three flavors, they serve different delicious flavors to their customers not only in America but also in many other countries.

One of the reasons for their success all over the world is their updated menu. They regularly update and bring new items to their menu.

Here are some picture of Haagen Dazs Updated Menu:

Haagen Coffee Chip Ice Cream

While selecting Haagen Daz ice cream flavor, be careful while selecting the coffee flavored Ice creams. They have varieties of flavors that make you happy, but you need to avoid their Coffee Chip Ice Cream. This is their fully flopped flavor on their menu.

Haagen Dazs Singapore Menu

At start they serve this flavor as a name Java Chip Ice Cream, but after they decide to change the recipe flavor. Unfortunately if you like their Java Chip Ice Cream then it is not necessary that you also like Coffee Chip Ice Cream.

This is just because of the removal of the coffee flavor from this item. Now it’s very annoying to taste coffee, it’s a slightly bitter taste. So we suggest not taking this item from their menu.

About Haagen Daz

Haagen Daz is an American Ice Cream brand, it was established in 1961 by Reuben and Rose Mattus in New York. They introduce many traditional as well as numerous flavors that are specifically related to brands like Vanilla Swiss Almond & Bananas Foster. They are known as a super premium brand.

Haagen Dazs Singapore Restaurant

At the age of 8 Reuben Mattus started work to make ice cream, later he married Rose and they started work together and launched Haagen Dazs. Here they started selling ice cream in just three flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla and coffee.

But now they have more than 50 flavors on their menu. According to him ” It took more than 5 years to learn how to make delicious strawberry ice cream).

Haagen Dazs Delivery locations

Here are three Haagen Dazs shops in Singapore from which you can choose, including one of the shops with Plaza Singapore Mall ( 68 Orchard Road).

Here is the list of all Haagen Dazs outlets in Singapore:

Hilton Walkway
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road, #B2-58, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

3 Gateway Drive, #01-11, Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532

Contact with Haagen Dazs

Do you want to get their all latest update early, then must contact them through any of their social media accounts.

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