With air tickets so cheap nowadays, Hong Kong has become one of the top visited countries by Singaporeans. Though it is similar to Singapore in its economy, languages and culture, the rustic view of Hong Kong as well as its extremely fast-paced of life is one that you should experience for yourself. Not to forget, the crazy long check list of Hong Kong food and wide offering of shopping places just can’t keep you still in the seat just staring at this guide. Moreover, the cafe scene in Hong Kong has been booming and you would be able to find high quality coffee joints in various clusters around Hong Kong.

  1. McDonald’s Menu Singapore 2021
  2. KFC Menu Singapore 2021
  3. Jollibee menu Singapore 2021
  4. Koi Cafe Menu Singapore 2021
  5. Shake Shack Menu Singapore 2021
  6. Starbucks Menu Singapore 2021
  7. Subway Menu Singapore 2021
  8. Burger King Menu Singapore 2021 With Prices
  9. Coffee Bean Menu Singapore 2021

In this guide, we share with you all the cafes that we have detected in our cafe-radar and our list of must-eats and must-shops in Hong Kong! Enjoy!

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