Hvala Goma sliced cake

Hvala Menu Singapore 2022

Hvala is a Japanese tea house in Singapore that aims to create the biggest platform for the modern-day Picasso and Hemingway to gather.  It’s the best place for friends to get to gather in Singapore, where you can enjoy your conservation and tea. Their menu includes Kamairicha Hot Brew Green Tea, 1925 Cold Brew Tea, Matcha Hojicha Tea Latte Ice Blend, and many other delicious tea items. Here is the list of all Hvala menu Singapore with prices:

Local favourite

Menu ItemsPrice
Hor Fun with Pork, Prawn & Fish$
Bee Hoon with Pork, Prawn & Fish$
Mee with Pork, Prawn & Fish$
Beef Hor Fun$$
Beef Bee Hoon$$
Beef Mee$$
Stir-fried Hor Fun$
Singapore Fried Bee Hoon$
Hong Kong Fried Noodle$
Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun$$
Fried Rice with Ham, Prawn & Egg$
Chicken Fried Rice with Egg$
Silverfish Fried Rice with Egg$
Bacon Fried Rice with Egg$$
Stir-fried Chicken with Young Ginger$
Stir-fried Beef with Bell Pepper$$
Stir-fried Salmon with Bell Pepper$$
Stir-fried Sweet & Sour Chicken$
Stir-fried Sweet & Sour Pork$
Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Fish$
Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Prawn$$
Signature Hainanese Pork Chop$$
Local Delight Braised Pork Belly$$
Local Delight Herbal Chicken$$
Vegetarian Hor Fun$
Vegetarian Bee Hoon$
Vegetarian Mee$
Vegetarian Fried Rice with Egg$

Pasta de Han’s

Menu ItemsPrice
Spaghetti with Ham in Homemade Tomato Sauce$$ .
Spaghetti with Sausages in Homemade Tomato Sauce$$
Spaghetti with Chicken in Homemade Tomato Sauce$$
Bacon Carbonara Pasta$$
Carbonara Chipolata Pasta$$
Creamy Linguine with Chicken and Fungi$$
Aglio Olio with Chicken$$
Aglio Olio with Bacon$$
Aglio Olio with Sirloin of Beef$$
Aglio Olio with Chicken and Fungi$$
Aglio Olio Crispy with Red Onion, Bell Pepper, and Crispy Shallot$$
Creamy Linguine with Fungi$$
Aglio Olio with Fungi$$

Pies& Pastries

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Pie$
Minced Sausage Roll$
Curry Potato Puff$
Chicken Curry Puff$
Tuna Puff$
Salty Tau Sar Piah (3-Pcs Pack)$
Sweet Tau Sar Piah (3-Pcs Pack)$
Chicken Floss Puff (3-Pcs Pack)$
Lotus Puff (2-Pcs Pack)$
Pandan Green Bean Puff (2-Pcs Pack)$
Yam Puff (2-Pcs Pack)$
Blueberry Crumble Slice$
Apple Crumble Pie Slice$
New Zealand Apple Pie Slice$

All Day Breakfast

Menu ItemsPrice
Breakfast Platter$$
Breakfast Pancake Burger$$
Fried Egg with Bacon$
Fried Egg with Ham$
Fried Egg with Sausage$
Scrambled Egg with Bacon$
Scrambled Egg with Ham$
Scrambled Egg with Sausage$
Omelette Served with French Fries & Salad$
Clubhouse (3 Slices)$

Main Course

Menu ItemsPrice
Fish and Chips$
Grilled Fish Dory$
Grilled Salmon Fillet$$
Grilled Pork Chop$$
Black Pepper Chicken Chop$$
Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce$$
New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak with Black Pepper Sauce$$
New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce$$

Iced Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced Kopi Si$
Iced Kopi O$
Iced Teh Si$
Iced Teh O$
Iced Lemon Tea$
Iced Yin Yang$
Iced Milo$
Orange Juice$
Coke Light$
100 Plus$
Root Beer$
Heaven & Earth Green Tea$


Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Superburger with Egg$
Beef Superburger with Egg$
Chicken Cheeseburger with Egg$
Beef Cheeseburger with Egg$

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Kopi Si$
Kopi O$
Teh Si$
Teh O$
Lemon Tea$
Yin Yang$

National Day 2022 Special

Menu ItemsPrice
NDP Hainanese Pork Chop Rice Set$
NDP Clubhouse Sandwich Set$


Menu ItemsPrice
White Rice$
Cream of Mushroom$

Hvala Updated Menu January 2022

The Hvala outlet is one of the most famous modern tea houses in Singapore which focuses on the depth and breadth of Japanese teas. On their menu, you will find out teas in different flavors using fresh ingredients to serve their customers.

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They prepare their tea under the Japanese concept of 一期一会 (ichi-go ichi-e). They always update their menu and bring new flavors to make their customer’s meals tastier. Here are some pictures of Hvala Updated Menu Singapore:

Hvala Famous Tea Items

In Hvala outlets, you will find out a wide range of house-made Warabi Mochi at a reasonable price of $4.80++. Different flavors are available including Hojicha, Yuzu, Goma, and Kinako.

Kinako is one of the most famous flavors which most Singaporeans like to add to their meal. It’s mostly come with Japanese, or black sugar, on the side.

At their customer’s request, Hvala brings back their most popular Dairy-Free Waffles with house-made gelato.

As their all waffles are made without milk same is, in this case, they made it milk-free. They are also said to be airier than their made-with-dairy counterparts. 

Sliced Cakes

The café also offers a great selection of sliced caked, the most popular of their sliced cake is Goma sliced cake. It is designed as a layer of tasty and nutty sesame sponge and cream which has a wealthy yet mellow fragrance.

The second most favorite sliced cake is their Banana Peanut Butter Walnut Cake. It’s a juicy and vegetarian banana walnut sponge layered with peanut buttercream frosting. You can also taste their other cake flavors including Matcha, Chocolate Velvet, and Hojicha on their menu.

Delivery Locations

Hvala café has 4 outlets in Singapore from where you can taste their Japanese tea in different flavors. Here is the list of all Hvala outlets in Singapore:

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111 Somerset
111 Somerset Road, #01-10
Singapore 238164
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Chijmes (Flagship)
30 Victoria Street, #01-04 to #01-05, Chijmes
Singapore 187996
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Other two outlets are Muse Initiative (Keong Sake) and Craig Road.

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