Ikea Singapore Menu 2022

Are you looking for Ikea Singapore Menu? We gatherd ther all sinpore served dishes and make list with there prices. Here you will find Ikea menu lists for Singapore with there latest prices in 2022.

Jam & Kaya Menu with Price

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Lingonberry Jam Organic 400gSGD 6.50
IKEA Cloudberry Jam Organic 425gSGD 12.90
IKEA Blueberry Jam Org 425gSGD 6.50
IKEA Raspberry and Blueberry Jam Organic 425gSGD 6.50
IKEA Strawberry Jam Organic 400gSGD 6.70

Prepacked Food Menu

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Vegetable Balls 1kgSGD 8.90
IKEA Vegetable Medallion 600gSGD 8.60
IKEA Mashed Potatoes 600gSGD 3.50
IKEA Cheese Pie Frozen 185gSGD 4.90
IKEA Almond Cake with Chocolate and Crunchy Caramel 400gSGD 9.90
IKEA Almond Cake with Roasted Almond 400gSGD 9.90
IKEA Cinnamon Bun, Ready to Bake 510gSGD 6.00
IKEA Gooey Choc Cake 400gSGD 8.90
IKEA Pizza Vegetarian FR 700gSGD 8.50
IKEA Cream Cake w Almond Paste 320gSGD 8.90
IKEA Salmon Chowder Retail ASC 500gSGD 5.90
IKEA Mushroom Soup Retail 500gSGD 5.50
IKEA Plant Balls FR 500gSGD 8.00

Biscuits and Cookies

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Oat Biscuits 600gSGD 7.20
IKEA Biscuits with Raspberry Flavoured Filling 176gSGD 2.90
IKEA Biscuits with Chocolate Flavoured Filling 176gSGD 2.90
IKEA Oat Biscuits with Chocolate UTZ 600gSGD 9.00
IKEA KEX Biscuits 175gSGD 3.00
IKEA Gold Marie Bisquits 200gSGD 2.50

Dressings and Toppings

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Savoury Sauce Mix 28gSGD 2.60
IKEA Fried Onion 100gSGD 1.50
IKEA Mustard and Dill Sauce for Salmon 200gSGD 3.20

Ground Coffee, Beans & Filters

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Coffee Beans Dark Roast Organic 250gSGD 6.00
IKEA Espresso Coffee Beans Organic 250gSGD 6.00
IKEA Ground Coffee Dark Roast Organic 500gSGD 9.90
IKEA Press Coffee Dark Roast UTZ Organic 500gSGD 9.90
IKEA Ground Coffee Medium Roast Organic 500gSGD 9.90
IKEA Espresso Ground Organic 250gSGD 6.00

Cordials & Syrups

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Elderflower Drink Concentrate 500mlSGD 5.50

Other Breads

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Multigrain Bread 350gSGD 3.50

Other Spreads

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Kalles Cod Roe Spread MSC 190gSGD 5.90
IKEA Orange and Elderflower Marmalade Organic 425gSGD 5.50

Chocolate Bars & Blocks

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Dark Chocolate UTZ 100gSGD 2.00

Canned Seafood

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Marinated Herring Onion & Carrot MSC 250gSGD 2.90
IKEA Marinated Matjes Herring MSC 250gSGD 2.90

Chips, Crisps & Sticks

Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA OLW Salted Pretzels 250gSGD 5.90
IKEA OLW Cheez Ballz 160gSGD 4.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Dried Durum Wheat Pasta Organic 400gSGD 2.50


Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Herrgard Semi-soft Part-skim Cheese 300gSGD 7.90
IKEA Prast Semi-hard Pasteurised Milk Cheese 300gSGD 7.90


Menu ItemsPrice List
IKEA Salmon Fillet Frozen ASC 500gSGD 20.90
IKEA Cured and Cold Smoked Salmon ASC 200gSGD 12.00
IKEA Peeled Cold Water Shrimp MSC 250gSGD 13.50
IKEA Meatballs 1kgSGD 16.00
IKEA Chicken Meatballs 500gSGD 8.50

Ikea Singapore Menu Updated January 2022

Ikea was founded in 1943 by a 17 years old boys, Ingvar Kamprad. Now it become a brand not just because of their one service, they updated their items in their industry.

Similarly they updated their food menu with time and bring new items in their menu.

Here are some picture of latest Ikea Singapore food menu:

Ikea Best Food Items

Here are top 10 food items of Ikea Menu:

  • Swedish meatball with mashed potato and broccoli.
  • Halal Meatballs.
  • Black pepper chicken leg
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chocolate Cake with Crunchy Caramel
  • Swedish Apple Cake
  • Lamb shank with black pepper sauce
  • Salmon fillet with broccoli
Ikea Singapore Menu

Every Singaporean who visit Ikea Restaurant know well that Swedish Meatball is one of the best food item of their menu. This dish come with very affordable price.

Ikea Chicken Wings is also another their top delicious food item, and also one of the Ikea Signature dish. A lot of Singaporean people order this meal at their home just because of their great taste.

Halal Meatballs is only available at Ikea Halal Food section. This is one of the best food of their menu that we recommend to our Muslims brothers.

Check 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Singapore

Ikea Click And Dabao

Ikea extended their service Click and Dabao to IKEA Tampines and IKEA Alexandra. This service is also available at Ikea Jurong. Customers will order their food through phone call and receive it from their nearest outlet.

Click and Dabao Menu includes Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potato and Broccoli, Salmon Fillet with Medallions and Hollandaise sauce, Chicken Wings, and many other food items.

Ikea Singapore Delivery Locations

They Offer delicious, sustainable and nutritionally balanced food. In this way they add a variety of more delicious options at Ikea Restaurants, Ikea Bistro and Ikea Café.

Here are some Ikea Singapore outlets with Opening hours:

IKEA Tampines Restaurant
Singapore · In IKEA Tampines · +65 6786 6868
Closes soon ⋅ 9PM

IKEA Alexandra Restaurant
Singapore · In IKEA Alexandra · +65 6786 6868
Closes soon ⋅ 9PM

Is Ikea Halal in Singapore?

A lot of people have a question Ikea Halal in Singapore or not. In their menu their is a Halal section of food, in which they serve Halal food. So, some foods in their menu are not Halal. It’s not Halal certifies in Singapore.

Contact with Ikea Team

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