Komala Vilas Menu

Komala Vilas Menu

When it comes to Indian cuisine, there’s a lot to choose from. But for many Singaporeans, the name Komala Vilas conjures up images of delicious dosais, sumptuous thali meals and aromatic South Indian coffee.

Komala Vilas Restaurant is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant that has been serving delicious food to Singaporeans and tourists for over 40 years.They believe in using only the freshest ingredients to create dishes that are full of flavor, spice, and color.

Their menu includes a wide variety of traditional South Indian dishes, such as dosais, idli, uttapam, vada sambar, masala chai and more! They also have a selection of Indo-Chinese dishes for those who prefer meat or fish.They invite you to experience their restaurant and enjoy some of the finest South Indian vegetarian cuisine in Singapore.

Today, Komala Vilas continues to be a popular dining destination for locals, tourists and vegetarians alike—not just because of their delicious food but also because they offer a warm welcome to all who enter their doors.

Komala Vilas Menu Price List

The Komala Vilas menu price list gives you all the information you need to know about the cost of eating at this restaurant. You may be wondering how much it costs to eat at Komala Vilas, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

This menu price list is designed to help you make a better decision about where to eat. It’s also important to note that this is only a guide; prices may vary depending on what time of day you visit.

Komala Vilas South Indian

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR Vegetable Briyani with Paneer TikkaS$ 16.50
KVR Poori SetS$ 6.00
KVR BhatturaS$ 8.10
KVR Rice Meal with PooriS$ 12.70
KVR Vegetable BriyaniS$ 12.70
KVR PulikulambiS$ 3.50
KVR RasamS$ 3.50
KVR SambarS$ 3.50
KVR Rice MealS$ 12.10
KVR Rice Meal with ChappathiS$ 12.70
KVR Andhra MealS$ 13.20
KVR Masala Dosai MealS$ 12.10
KVR Chappathi MealS$ 12.10
KVR 3pc Chappathi SetS$ 8.10
KVR IdlyS$ 4.20
KVR Rasam Idly SetS$ 6.00
KVR Sambar Idly SetS$ 6.00
KVR Idiyappam SetS$ 3.90
KVR Parotta SetS$ 5.90
KVR Parotta with ChennaS$ 6.50
KVR Chilli ParottaS$ 7.20

Komala Vilas Vegetarian Gravy *NEW*

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR Mock Fish CurryS$ 8.40
KVR Chicken MasalaS$ 12.00
KVR Mysore MuttonS$ 12.00
KVR Mutton CurryS$ 12.00
KVR Prawn MasalaS$ 10.80
KVR Prawn SambalS$ 10.80

Komala Vilas Specials

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR Set Dosai Vadai CurryS$ 6.60
KVR Inippu SevS$ 3.50
KVR Ribbon PakkodaS$ 3.50
KVR OmapodiS$ 3.50
KVR Pepper SevS$ 3.50
KVR Kara SevS$ 3.50
KVR Special Mixture PacketS$ 4.50
KVR Mix Veg Pulao with Paneer TikkaS$ 16.20
KVR Kashmiri Pulao with Paneer TikkaS$ 16.20
KVR Peas Pulao with Paneer TikkaS$ 16.20
KVR Jeera Pulao with Paneer TikkaS$ 16.20 
KVR Mughlai Pulao with Paneer TikkaS$ 16.80
KVR Sambar RiceS$ 9.80 
Mock Mutton MurtabakS$ 9.00
Butter Paneer DosaiS$ 9.40
KVR Set Dosai Vadai CurryS$ 6.60
KVR Vadai CurryS$ 3.60
KVR Plain Murukku PacketS$ 3.00
KVR Spicy Mullu Murukku PacketS$ 3.50
KVR Mullu MurukkuS$ 3.50
KVR Normal Mixture PacketS$ 4.00

Komala Vilas Dosai

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR Plain DosaiS$ 3.60
KVR Masala DosaiS$ 5.60
KVR Paper DosaiS$ 6.00
KVR Paper Masala DosaiS$ 7.00
KVR Mysore Masala DosaiS$ 7.60
KVR Onion DosaiS$ 5.80
KVR Podi DosaiS$ 6.60
KVR Ghee DosaiS$ 6.60
KVR Ghee Masala DosaiS$ 7.20
KVR Rawa DosaiS$ 4.00
KVR Rawa Masala DosaiS$ 6.00
KVR Rawa Mysore MasalaS$ 7.20
KVR Onion Rawa DosaiS$ 6.60
KVR Onion Rawa MasalaS$ 7.50
KVR Ghee Rawa DhosaiS$ 5.70
KVR Ghee Rawa MasalaS$ 7.20
KVR Ghee Onion Rawa DosaiS$ 7.20

Komala Vilas Uthappams

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR Plain UthappamS$ 3.60
KVR Tomato UthappamS$ 6.40
KVR Onion UthappamS$ 6.40
KVR Butter Onion UthappamS$ 7.00
KVR Butter Tomato Onion UthappamS$ 7.60
KVR Podi UthappamS$ 7.00

Komala Vilas Snacks

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR Thair Vadai SetS$ 6.80
KVR Vadai SetS$ 3.90
KVR Sambar Vadai SetS$ 5.80
KVR Rasam Vadai SetS$ 6.00
KVR Samosa SetS$ 4.30

Komala Vilas North Indian

Menu ItemsPrice
KVR PhulkaS$ 3.90
KVR Plain Jeera PulaoS$ 7.80
KVR Paneer KulchaS$ 5.20
KVR Masala KulchaS$ 5.20
KVR KulchaS$ 3.90
KVR Plain NaanS$ 3.50
KVR Butter NaanS$ 4.60
KVR Kashmiri NaanS$ 4.60
KVR Garlic NaanS$ 4.60
KVR Cheese NaanS$ 4.60
KVR Roti PlainS$ 3.90
KVR Roti ButterS$ 4.60
KVR Butter Dhal FryS$ 11.10
KVR Gobi ManchurianS$ 11.10
KVR Paneer ManchurianS$ 11.70
KVR Chenna MasalaS$ 11.10
KVR Veg. JalfreziS$ 11.70
KVR Kadai VegetablesS$ 11.70
KVR Peas MasalaS$ 11.10
KVR Aloo MutterS$ 11.10
KVR Gobi MutterS$ 11.50
KVR Mushroom MutterS$ 11.70
KVR Aloo Gobi MasalaS$ 11.70
KVR Gobi MasalaS$ 11.50
KVR Aloo PalakS$ 11.70
KVR Paneer Butter MasalaS$ 12.40
KVR Mutter Paneer MasalaS$ 12.20
KVR Palak PaneerS$ 12.40
KVR Plain Peas PulaoS$ 7.80
KVR Kashmiri PulaoS$ 7.80
KVR Plain Mixed Vegetable PulaoS$ 8.90

Komala Vilas Podi & Pickles

Menu ItemsPrice
Lemon Pickle 300gS$ 5.20
Gogura Pickle 300gS$ 5.20
Ginger Pickle 300gS$ 5.20
Garlic Pickle 300gS$ 5.20
Idly Podi 300gS$ 4.60
Sundai Kai Podi 300gS$ 4.60
Manathakali Podi 300gS$ 4.60
Paruppu Podi 300gS$ 4.60

Komala Vilas Sweets

Menu ItemsPrice
Gulab JamunS$ 2.50
JangiriS$ 2.00
Nei Urundai (Ghee Ball)S$ 2.00
BadhushaS$ 2.00
AthirasamS$ 2.00
Milk PedaS$ 2.00
Mysore PakS$ 2.00
South LadooS$ 2.00
North LadooS$ 2.00

Komala Vilas Best Seller

If you’re looking for some of the best dishes in town, look no further than Komala Vilas Restaurant. This restaurant has been serving up authentic Indian food for decades, and it’s one of the most popular restaurants in town.

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We’ve put together a list of the top 6 best sellers at Komala Vilas Restaurant. These wonderful delicacies are not ones to be missed!

Komala Vilas KVR Mughlai Pulao with Paneer Tikka

Best Komala Vilas Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Mughlai Pulao with Paneer Tikka is a delicious and filling meal that will keep you full for hours. It’s what I like to call a “power lunch.”

I was really excited to try this dish because it’s one of my favorites—the delicious blend of spices and vegetables. The pulao was cooked perfectly, with just the right amount of moisture and crunchiness to each bite. 

The rice is cooked perfectly and really stands up to the strong flavors of the chicken, paneer, and spices. It’s not too spicy, but it has just enough heat to make your nose run a little bit. The paneer tikka has the perfect amount of spice in it to keep things interesting without being overpowering. The vegetables are also cooked well and taste great mixed in with everything else!

The dhal was also good—it had plenty of texture from the lentils, but it wasn’t too heavy. I appreciated that there were two vegetables included with this dish: a cucumber and some red bell peppers that were both sliced thinly so they were easy to eat. The raita complimented all of these flavors well by providing a cooling contrast on the palate.

Komala Vilas Mock Mutton Murtabak

Best Seller Komala Vilas Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

We’ve all been there. You’re at a restaurant, and you want to try something new, but you don’t want to take the risk of ordering something that might be a little too spicy or sweet for your taste buds. That’s where this dish comes in. It’s a delicious combination of mock mutton murtabak with sambar and chutney!

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Mock Mutton Murtabak is a delicious, savory twist on the traditional murtabak. This dish is filled with your choice of chicken or mock mutton, and served with sambar and chutney. The mock mutton is a great alternative to the real thing, but it’s not just for vegetarians! Mock mutton has all the flavors of lamb without the meat.

The sambar and chutney are made from scratch in our kitchen and add a lot of flair to this dish. The sambar is made with lentils and vegetables, while the chutney tastes like mango but has a bite from cilantro. Each bite you take will leave you wanting more!

The dough used to make the mock mutton murtabak is extremely thin and crispy. It’s much thinner than most doughs used to make other Indian breads. The stuffing inside the bread is also very tender and juicy, making for an incredibly flavorful meal. It’s best served hot, so you can enjoy all of its warm goodness!

Komala Vilas KVR Mysore Masala Dosai

Most Recommended Komala Vilas Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I love dosas. The crunchy, savory pancake filled with delicious spicy potatoes makes me happy. And when you add cheese, it’s just even better!

Well, I can tell you that this dosai is a must-try! It’s crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, so you get the perfect combination of textures. It also comes with potatoes and onions, which are both seasoned with spices and grilled until they taste amazing. And then there’s some fresh cilantro sprinkled over top—which means you can’t go wrong with any of these ingredients!

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My favorite part about this dosa is definitely how perfect it pairs with chutney—I had some mango chutney on mine and it was incredible! It added flavor to my meal without being overpowering in any way whatsoever; it complimented all of my other dishes perfectly without stealing their spotlight away from themselves either!                                                                      

Komala Vilas KVR Samosa Set

Most Popular Komala Vilas Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Samosa Set is a delicious, affordable meal that’s perfect for those who want to try something new without breaking the bank.

The set includes two samosas and a side of raita (a yogurt dip), all for S$4.30. The samosas are served hot and have an interesting filling of peas and potatoes, topped with a spicy green chutney and cilantro. They’re crispy on the outside and flavorful on the inside, and make for a great snack or treat!

Furthermore, the addition of the chutney and raita make them even better. The chutney is full of flavor and has just the right amount of spice, while the raita lets you cool down after eating. It’s also a good option if you’re not hungry enough to get a whole meal—you can order just one samosa set and call it good!

If you’re looking for something more substantial, we highly recommend this dish!

Komala Vilas KVR Vegetable Briyani

Famous Komala Vilas Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

When I first heard the words “briyani” and “vegetable”, I thought it was going to be like any other vegetable curry. But as soon as I had my first bite, I could tell that this dish was something special. The rice was cooked perfectly and the spices were so flavorful! 

The vegetable curry had a lot of fresh vegetables in it and tasted so good with the saffron rice! The dhal was creamy and delicious and went well with the rest of my meal. The raita was light and refreshing, which helped cleanse my palate after each bite of food. 

The payasam was amazing! Its creamy texture made me feel like I was eating ice cream for dessert! My favorite part about this dish, though? It’s not just one thing – everything works together perfectly to create a harmonious whole!

Komala Vilas KVR Plain Dosai

Top Komala Vilas Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Plain Dosai is a pancake made from lentil, rice flour and served with sambar & chutney. It’s a classic south Indian breakfast dish that is delicious to have on its own or as part of a meal.

The dosai comes in a small portion size, so it’s best to share it with someone else if you’re really hungry. However, if you’re eating alone then you can order one for yourself! The dosai has a thin layer of batter and is served hot off the griddle so it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It tastes great when dipped into some sambar (a lentil curry) or chutney (a spicy mango-based condiment) and washed down with some piping hot tea.

If you don’t like spicy food then you’ll be pleased to know that this dish isn’t too spicy at all! It has just enough spice to add flavor without burning your mouth off, which makes it perfect for those who aren’t fans of spicy foods but still want something flavorful enough to eat in the morning before work or school starts.

About Komala Vilas

One of Little India’s most important institutions is Komala Vilas, one of Singapore’s oldest Indian vegetarian eateries.Komala Vilas is still a family-run company that was founded in 1947 by their founder, Mr. Murugiah Rajoo, who immigrated to Singapore from his home Tamil Nadu in India.

Mr. Rajoo began serving meals on fresh banana leaves in accordance with long-standing customs in the Tanjore District of Tamil Nadu. They have maintained these original recipes for more than 70 years and offer affordable South and Indian vegetarian dinners at every location.

The Singapore Tourism and Singapore Heritage list Komala Vilas as one of the Places to Visit and Eat because it is a proud representative of Singapore’s Heritage Brands.

Today, when people think of Komala Vilas, they think of mouthwatering dosas, scrumptious thalis, and fragrant South Indian coffee. Indians, Singaporeans, tourists, and vegans continue to seek out Komala Vilas from all over the world.

Komala Vilas Review

Komala Vilas Outlet in Singapore

Image Credit: @Instagram

Komala Vilas is a Indian cuisine restaurant which is popular for its authentic Indian food and the ambiance. The restaurant has a very good reputation for their food and services. They are known for their vegetarian dishes which are prepared by the owner of this restaurant who is also a vegetarian. All their food is prepared using fresh ingredients and served with great care. The decor of the restaurant is very simple and elegant with an open kitchen which makes it more appealing to the customers. Here is the detailed location of the restaurant:

Komala Vilas Serangoon Road

76 – 78 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217981

Opening Hours: Monday ~ Sunday ( 7:00 AM ~ 10:30 PM)

Phone: +65 62936980

Contact with Komala Vilas in Singapore

Komala Vilas is a restaurant in Singapore that offers a wide variety of South Indian cuisine. If you want to know more about their menu, then you should contact them through one of the following methods:

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