Malayan council cafe Menu Singapore 2022

At Malayan council cafe, you will find out fresh produce, bold flavors, traditional profiles, inspired combinations, decadent desserts, and refreshing mocktails. Besides this, you can also taste them. Here is the list of all Malayan council cafe menus with prices:


Menu Items Price
Eggs BenedictS$ 21
Eggs RoyaleS$ 23
Grand Malayan BreakfastS$ 28

Kid’s Menu

Menu Items Price
Chicken In A BasketS$ 14
Creamy Sausage Bacon PastaS$ 14
Chicken Seafood MarinaraS$ 14
Aglio Chicken MushroomS$ 14


Menu Items Price
Crabmeat Egg DropS$ 16
Wild Mushroom Truffle (V)S$ 14


Menu Items Price
Gado-Gado RouletteS$ 18
Oriental Smoked Duck & Lychee SaladS$ 21


Menu Items Price
Baked Oyster CorianderS$ 26
TMC SatayS$ 26
Malaysian WingsS$ 15
Crispy SalmonS$ 16
Truffle FriesS$ 15
Prawn Tahu TelorS$ 23


Menu Items Price
Sambal Goreng Pengantin PastaS$ 32
Smoked Duck Lemak Chili Padi LinguineS$ 29
Asam Pedas Lobster Aglio OlioS$ 48
Butter Chicken LinguineS$ 34
Laksa Goreng BarramundiS$ 38
Green Garden Pesto (V)S$ 25

Main Courses

Menu Items Price
Tiga Rasa Wagyu BurgerS$ 32
Cereal Fish And ChipsS$ 28
Angus Ribeye Masak MerahS$ 39
Roti Kirai Beef RibsS$ 39
Ayam Pangang Cordon BleuS$ 32
Barramundi Truffle PorciniS$ 38
Salmon LemongrassS$ 32
TMC Angus TomahawkS$ 98
Imperial Five Spice KobeS$ 48
Seafood Claypot Tang HoonS$ 32
Softshell & Mudcrab Fried RiceS$ 32
Singapore Chili Lobster Surf and TurfS$ 68
Lamb Mandhi KabuliS$ 48

Sliced Cakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Classic Ondeh-OndehS$ 9.50
Putu PiringS$ 10.50
Chocolate OvomaltineS$ 10.50
Red Velvet SpeculoosS$ 11.50
Durian PengatS$ 11.50
Southern Pecan PieS$ 10.50

Mineral Water

Menu ItemsPrice
Aqua PannaS$ 6
San PellegrinoS$ 6

TMC Signature Mocktails

Menu ItemsPrice
Bandung Butter BeerS$ 14
Foamy Espresso MartiniS$ 14
Rose & Berries SangriaS$ 16
Pandan Lemongrass MojitoS$ 14
Singapura SlingS$ 14
White Bouquet Longan SangriaS$ 16
Pina ColadaS$ 14

Champagne Mocktails

Menu ItemsPrice
MimosaS$ 14
TMC BelliniS$ 14

Halal Sparkling Wines Royal Select (Belgium)

Menu ItemsPrice
Sparkling ApplS$ 42
Sparkling Red GrapeS$ 42
Sparkling PeachS$ 42

Halal Sparkling Champagne Prisecco (Germany)

Menu ItemsPrice
Dom ApplesymphonieS$ 62
Veuve 7S$ 58
WeissduftigS$ 58
Apple Rose On MintS$ 68

Halal Wines Alain Milliat (France)

Menu Items Price
Cabernet RoseS$ 14
Chardonnay WhiteS$ 14
Merlot RedS$ 14


Menu Items Price
EspressoS$ 4
LatteS$ 6
Gula Melaka LatteS$ 8.50
CappucinoS$ 6
Long BlackS$ 6
MochaS$ 6
Flat WhiteS$ 6
Salted Caramel LatteS$ 8
Chai LatteS$ 7
AffogatoS$ 8

Iced Coffee

Menu Items Price
Iced AmericanoS$ 7
Iced LatteS$ 7
Iced MochaS$ 7
Iced CappuccinoS$ 7
Iced Salted Caramel LatteS$ 9
Iced Chai LatteS$ 8
Iced Gula Melaka LatteS$ 9.50

Chocolate Drinks

Menu Items Price
Chocolatefrom S$ 6

Premium Fresh Infusions By Tea Forte

Menu Items Price
Organic English BreakfastS$ 9
Supreme Earl Grey TeaS$ 9
Detox Ginger LemongrassS$ 9
Jasmine GreenS$ 9
Golden Chamomile CitronS$ 9

Tea Infusions (TMC Loose Leaf By Gifel House Blend)

Menu Items Price
Singapore DreamS$ 8
Pu-erh With PearS$ 8
Strawberry ChampagneS$ 8
Spice WineS$ 8
Eight Secret From Far EastS$ 8
Melon OolongS$ 8

Iced Teas

Menu Items Price
Honey Lemon SootherS$ 7.50
Lemon TeaS$ 6.50
Red Longan TeaS$ 8.50


Menu Items Price
Fresh CoconutS$ 6.50

Fizzy Drinks

Menu Items Price
CokeS$ 6
SpriteS$ 6
Root BeerS$ 6

Malayan Council Cafe Updated Menu February 2022

Malayan Council restaurant offers a wide range of Malay dishes heading Western influences. They make their food dishes more delicious by combining restaurant’s traditional recipes with fresh ingredients such as Scallops, Soft Shell Crabs, and King Prawns, and Angus Rib-eye.

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They always introduce new menu items in their menu to bring their customers back. Here are pictures of their updated menu:

Malayan Best Food Items

If you are first time visiting Malayan Council restaurant then must try their famous dish Malayan Wings. If you are a lover of the good chicken wing then there is no better option than this. So get ready to sink your teeth into tender, juicy wings that are perfectly marinated in kicap chilli padi and experience a burst of flavors. 

If you want something heavier, then must try their signature dishes like the Roti Kirai Beef Ribes. This dish is made using fresh and homemade ingredients. If you believe it is one of the best dishes which you don’t want to miss.

About Malayan Council Cafe

According to the owner of the restaurant Hafiz Alkhatib, “Singapore was known as Malaya in the olden times, and ‘Council’ is a SiThe Malayan council always presents a montage of loving food memories. Their menu includes Malay-Asian and Western fusion flavors.

They are proud of themselves for being a perfect spot to kick their customer shoes off for anyone who wants a family gathering meal, or for a meetup place for their friends or fans.

Malayan Council Cafe Singapore
Malayan Council Cafe

Malayan Delivery Locations in Singapore

Here are some Malayan Cafe outlets in Singapore, from where you can get their food items:

DAILY HOURS: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

DAILY HOURS: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

DAILY HOURS: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

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DAILY HOURS: 11:00AM – 11:00PM