O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Menu

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu

Are you looking for a perfect spot to satisfy your appetite for delicious and mouth-watering food? Then you’re at the right place. O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore is located at 63 Tg Pagar Rd..

The O.bba BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu includes jjajangmyeon and bossam. If you are familiar with the delicious food from Korea, you will be delighted to find some of their best-sellers at O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore. You can also enjoy the jjang-tang and all-you-can-eat service.

If you’re going to try Korean food for the first time, this is the best place to start.

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu Price List

BBQ + Jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) is a fusion Korean-Chinese dish that is insanely delicious. BBQ stands out as a very unique restaurant with an emphasis on quality meats and lots of burbling hot charcoal to cook them on. The menu features a selection of different meats, along with the option to grill them on the spot before you eat.

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Here is the list of O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore menu with their prices:

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Popular Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Jjamppong Chinese Style Seafood Vegetable SoupS$18.00
Tangsuyuk Sweet & Sour PorkS$30.00
Haemul Pajeon Seafood Spring Onion PancakeS$27.00
Bossam Steamed Pork BellyS$42.00
Jokbal Pigs TrotterS$54.00
Saeu Bokkeumbap Shrimp Fried RiceS$17.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Korean Chinese

Menu ItemsPrice
Jajangmyeon Black Bean Sauce NoodleS$14.00
Jjamppong Chinese Style Seafood Vegetable SoupS$18.00
Seafood UdonS$18.00
Japchae Korean Glass Noodle Stir-fried with VegetableS$21.00
Saeu Bokkeumbap Shrimp Fried RiceS$17.00
Gun Mandu Fried DumplingsS$13.00
Seafood Jajangmyeon Black Bean Sauce Noodles with SeafoodS$32.00
Tangsuyuk Sweet & Sour PorkS$30.00
Yangnyeom ChickenS$38.00
Garlic ChickenS$38.00
Kkanpunggi Deep-fried Chicken in Hot Pepper SauceS$41.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Korean

Menu ItemsPrice
Jokbal Pigs TrotterS$54.00
Bossam Steamed Pork BellyS$42.00
Jokbal Pigs Trotters & Bossam Steam Pork BellyS$81.00
Tteokbokki Korean Original Rice CakeS$23.00
Jumeokbap Flying Fish Roe with RiceS$11.00
Steamed Gong Gi Bab White RiceS$2.00
Rose Tteokbokki Creamy Korean Rice CakeS$27.00
Mul Naengmyeon Buckwheat Noodle SoupS$18.00
Bibim Naengmyeon Spicy Buckwheat NoodleS$18.00
Japchae Stir-fried Korean Glass NoodlesS$20.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Korean Pancakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Haemul Pajeon Seafood Spring Onion PancakeS$27.00
Kimchijeon Kimchi PancakeS$24.00
Cheese Kimchijeon Cheese Kimchi PancakeS$27.00
Cheese Haemul Pajeon Cheese Seafood Spring Onion PancakeS$30.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Korean Soup and Stew

Menu ItemsPrice
Budae Jjigae Army StewS$43.00
Kimchi Jjigae Kimchi & Pork SoupS$14.00
Doin Jang Jjigae Bean Paste StewS$14.00
Soondubu Jjigae Soft Tofu StewS$14.00
Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken SoupS$21.00
Honghabtang Mussel SoupS$41.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang BBQ Sets (RAW)

Menu ItemsPrice
Best Set(2 Portion 3cm wet aged pork belly & korean bean paste stew)S$56.00
New Set(1 Portion prime beef, 1 portion pork belly 3cm & rice ball)S$78.00
O.BBa Set(1 Portion pork belly 3cm, 1 portion pork collar & rice ball)S$53.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang BBQ (Raw)

Menu ItemsPrice
Prime BeefS$48.00
Sliced Pork BellyS$21.00
Thin Sliced Beef BellyS$22.00
Pork CollarS$24.00
Pork JowlsS$24.00
Chicken S$21.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Soju

Menu ItemsPrice
Jinro SojuS$22.00
Chum ChurumS$20.00
Green GrapeS$20.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Soft Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Sekseek Orange BeverageS$4.00
Sikhye Sweet Rice BeverageS$4.00
Coke OriginalS$3.00
Coke ZeroS$3.00
Fanta OrangeS$3.00

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Best Seller Menu

The O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang best seller menu is perfect for those who like to enjoy big portions of delicious Korean BBQ, suitable for a group or even sharing with another group.

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Let’s take a look at the best-seller menu of O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang:

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Jajangmyeon Black Bean Sauce Noodle

Most Recommended O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Jajangmyeon is a Chinese-style noodle which a lot of customers order at O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang. The ingredients of this dish include flour noodles, cuts of fresh pork, as well as diced vegetables. 

The flavor of the noodles comes from a thick brown sauce made from black bean and soybean paste mixed with sweet potato starch or cornflour. There are many other ingredients in the sauce, including pork, onion, garlic, sesame oil, salt, and pepper. 

Best O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

The noodles are thick and silky in texture, while the sauce is dark brown in color and sweet in taste. When it comes to flavor, it is sweet, mildly salty, and generally bean-like. Although it sounds like an average noodle dish, a variation on your routine noodles and something new to try, I’d recommend this as one of the great noodles you can try at O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore!

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Jjamppong Chinese Style Seafood Vegetable Soup

Most Popular O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This Jjamppong is a spicy seafood Chinese noodle dish that’s great for sharing!

The broth is made with pork and is rather filling. Fresh vegetables and seafood, such as shrimp, mussels, clams, and squid, are also included. The smoky flavor originates from the wok-fried cooking style, which uses high heat. While the flames engulfed the tossing stir-fried vegetables and shellfish.

Top O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s fine to ask your waitress for assistance if you’re not sure how much to order. This bowl is enormous—enough for sharing—but if you only want a snack or an appetizer-sized quantity of Jjamppong, they will gladly comply if you ask nicely.

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang BBQ Best Set

Best O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

You’re going to want to try this Korean BBQ set. It’s a two-person portion of 3 cm of wet aged pork belly, served with a Korean bean paste stew.

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The Korean bean paste stew is made with soybean paste, meat, and vegetables. The meat and vegetables include onions, potatoes, and carrots. While their 3 cm of wet aged pork belly is perfect for BBQing because it’s tender and flavorful without being too fatty. It’s also affordable, which means you can afford to buy more than just enough for one meal!

Overall, the dish is typically rich in protein and fat, which are good for keeping you warm when it’s cold outside. The saltiness from the soybean paste also helps cut through the bitterness of the radish leaves used in this recipe.

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Best Korean Soup and Stew

The O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Korean Soup and Stew menu has been carefully curated to offer a variety of delicious options for all kinds of tastes!

For those who like spicy food, they offer Budae Jjigae Army Stew. This dish is made with kimchi, pork belly, tofu, and other ingredients that are sure to please any spicy food fan.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, try their Kimchi Jjigae Kimchi & Pork Soup. It’s packed full of flavor due to its unique blend of ingredients such as kimchi, pork belly, and bean paste.

If you’d rather stick with something lighter but still flavorful, try their Doin Jang Jjigae Bean Paste Stew. It’s perfect for those who want something low-calorie without sacrificing taste!

Do you have a sweet tooth? They also got just the thing for you: Soondubu Jjigae Soft Tofu Stew! Made with silky tofu cubes and sweet potatoes in an aromatic broth flavored with ginger root and sesame oil, this dish is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth while also providing nutrients like Vitamin A  and Vitamin B12.

Lastly, if you want something unique and delicious, try their Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup. This soup is made with chicken and ginseng. It’s usually eaten during summer because it’s believed to be good for your health and help you stay warm during the summer months.

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Most Popular Korean Restaurant

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Outlets in Singapore

O.BBa Jjajang & BBQ Cheong Chin Nam Rd

9 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599743

Phone: +65 6463 9262

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:30 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang Tg Pagar Rd

59 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088480

Phone: +65 6223 3020

Opening Hours: Monday /Wednesday to Sunday (5:00 PM ~ 2:00 AM) / Tuesday (closed)

Contact with O.BBa BBQ & Jjajang in Singapore

Have a question regarding the O.bba BBQ and Jjajang in Singapore? or you want the most recent information from them. You can communicate with them through the following social media:

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