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Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu Prices 2024 vs 2023

Old Chang Kee Singapore is the place to go for delicious Chinese food. Old Chang Kee Singapore has everything you need whether you are looking for a quick bite or a sit-down dinner. Their extensive menu features many well-known dishes, like the Curry’O, but also includes plenty of unique offerings that will make your mouth water.

Comparing their 2024 vs 2023 menu prices, there is a 0.10-1.00 increase for all of the various series under Old Chang Kee.

From their traditional food to their chicken wings, this restaurant offers something for everyone. This restaurant has been a  favorite since 1956 and  continues to serve up delicious food and great service. 

Old Chang Kee Menu 2024 Prices

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Furthermore, Old Chang Kee Singapore has a happy hour to accommodate customers, so stop by for some great deals. For more than 50 years, the people at Old Chang Kee Singapore have been serving up delicious Chinese food in Singapore. 

If you are seeking out a scrumptious and hearty meal, head to Chang Kee Singapore. The Chicken Wing is a fan favorite, but there are plenty of other options on the menu, like the Prawn Nugget Onstik.

Now, Old Chang Kee has experienced a shift in its price structure in 2023. The revised menu showcases an upward trend in prices, mainly attributed to a surge in operational costs, ingredient prices, and inflationary pressures prevailing in the Singapore market. This price alteration was undertaken to ensure the brand’s sustainability and continuity in serving the customers with the same quality and rich, distinct flavors.

Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu Price List

Old Chang Kee Menu 2024 Price

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Chang Kee Singapore is known for its delicious and affordable food. The Chang Kee Singapore menu consists of a number of the city’s famous dishes, such as Cheesy Chicken Balls Onstik, Chicken Chunky Pop, Spring’O, Fishball Onstik, and many more.

The following is a list of the current Old Chang Kee Singapore menu prices. 

2024 Menu Price
Curry’O BoxS$ 11.00
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.30
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.30
Gyoza OnstikS$ 2.30
Prawn Nugget OnstikS$ 2.30
Chicken Chunky PopS$ 3.90
Curry’O BoxS$ 11.00
Curry’OS$ 2.10
Sardine’OS$ 2.10
Spring’OS$ 2.20
Gyoza OnstikS$ 2.30
Black Sesame BallS$ 2.00
Fishball OnstikS$ 2.00
Sotong Head OnstikS$ 2.40
Sotong Wing OnstikS$ 2.40
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.30
Prawn Nugget OnstikS$ 2.30
Tiger Prawn OnStikS$ 2.20
Chicken Nugget OnstikS$ 2.30
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.30
Cheesy Chicken Balls OnstikS$ 2.30
Chicken Chunky PopS$ 3.90


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Old Chang Kee Popular 2023 Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’O BoxS$ 10.00
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.20
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.20
Cheezy Fish Finger OnStikS$ 2.20
Tiger Prawn OnStikS$ 2.20
Chicken Chunky PopS$ 3.60

Old Chang Kee New! (Seasonal Item) 2023 Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Durian Ball (4Pcs)S$ 5.00
Salted Egg Yam’OS$ 3.80
Salted Egg Yam’O In A BoxS$ 10.00

Old Chang Kee Boxes 2023 Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’O BoxS$ 10.00
Spring’O BoxS$ 10.00

Old Chang Kee Snacks 2023 Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’OS$ 2.00
Sardine’OS$ 2.00
Mushroom Chicken’OS$ 2.00
Spring’OS$ 2.00
Black Sesame BallS$ 1.90
Fishball OnstikS$ 1.90
Big Fishball OnstikS$ 2.80
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.20
Prawn Nugget OnstikS$ 2.20
Cheezy Fish Finger OnStikS$ 2.20
Tiger Prawn OnStikS$ 2.20
Chicken WingS$ 2.30
Chicken Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.20
Cheesy Chicken Balls OnstikS$ 2.20
Chicken Chunky PopS$ 3.60

Old Chang Kee Popular Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’O BoxS$ 9.50
Chicken WingS$ 2.10
Cheezy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.10
Chicken Chunky PopsS$ 3.40
Braised Bee HoonS$ 2.50
Chicken Porridge With YoutiaoS$ 4.00

Old Chang Kee CNY Special

Menu ItemsPrice
Prosperous PlatterS$ 28.80
Fish Finger (Alaska Pollock) With QQ FriesS$ 5.00

Old Chang Kee Bee Hoon

Menu ItemsPrice
Bee Hoon Set AS$ 6.00
Bee Hoon Set BS$ 7.00
Braised Bee HoonS$ 2.50
Dry Mee Siam Bee HoonS$ 3.50

Old Chang Kee Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry Chicken with RiceS$ 7.40
Chicken Porridge With YoutiaoS$ 4.00
Century Egg Chicken Porridge With YoutiaoS$ 5.00

Old Chang Kee Boxes

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’O BoxS$ 9.50
Spring’O BoxS$ 9.50

Old Chang Kee Snacks

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry’OS$ 1.90
Sardine’OS$ 1.90
Mushroom Chicken’OS$ 1.90
Spring’OS$ 1.90
Gyoza OnstikS$ 2.10
Fishball OnstikS$ 1.80
Big Fishball OnstikS$ 2.60
Sotong Ball OnstikS$ 2.00
Fish Fillet OnstikS$ 2.10
Crab Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Prawn Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Chicken Nugget OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheesy Chicken Sausage OnstikS$ 2.10
Cheesy Chicken Balls OnstikS$ 2.10
Chicken Chunky PopS$ 3.40
Cheezy Fish Finger OnStikS$ 2.10
Chicken WingS$ 2.10
QQ Fries With Nacho CheeseS$ 4.00

Old Chang Kee New Promotions

This mid-autumn, join us as we celebrate with the much-loved and home-grown brand, Old Chang Kee. Get ready to relish their popular mooncake puff – Salted Egg Yam’Os!

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Old Chang Kee Singapore Promotion September 2023

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This favorite treat is available at an affordable price of $3.50. And it’s not just the flavor that’s back, but also its availability. The Salted Egg Yam’Os is here but only for a limited period, so make sure you don’t miss out on this returning sensation!

Old Chang Kee Promotion September 2023

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And that’s not all! Presenting the Old Chang Kee 2-piece Gift Set priced at just $8.80. The set includes two delightful pieces of Salted Egg Yam’Os. Each gift set comes packaged in a vibrant, meticulously designed gift box, along with our signature Old Chang Kee paper bag. It’s a perfect gift idea for this festive season!

Delicious Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu
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Old Chang Kee, Singapore’s original curry puff maker and all-around delicious snack purveyor, is back with a new lineup of offerings.

The new deals are so tasty, you’ll want to eat them all!

First up, they’ve got a deal on a classic favorite: QQ Fries With Nacho Cheese. This crispy French fry dish comes with cheese sauce and ketchup—and it’s only S$ 4. It’s perfect for pairing with your chicken chunky pop or other Old Chang Kee snacks.

Next up is their Nacho Cheese deal! For just S$ 7, you can get any chicken chunky pop plus QQ fries with nacho cheese sauce. Get the whole family together for this sweet deal!

Old Chang Kee Updated Menu 2023

We’ve got a big announcement! 

Famous Chicken'O Special of Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

Hooray! Old Chang Kee is finally adding Mushroom Chicken’O back to the menu permanently.Now you can have a taste of the good old days, no matter what time it is.

Mushroom Chicken’O Special are BACK and here to stay. That’s right—these beloved treats are now a permanent fixture on their menu. We know you’re going to love them as much as we do, so stop by Old Chang Kee today to give them a try!

Old Chang Kee Best Seller 

Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu 2024 Prices

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Old Chang Kee is a meals chain promoting Singaporean delicacies in stores or hawker stalls.. Today I will show you the list of the top best-selling items on their menu.

Old Chang Kee Cheesy Chicken Sausage Onstik

Most Recommended Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu
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If you’re looking for a go-to snack that’s quick and easy to eat, Old Chang Kee’s Cheesy Chicken Sausage Onstik is the perfect fit.

It’s got all the goodness of chicken sausage but with the bonus of creamy melted cheese that gives it a rich, decadent flavor. And because it’s not spicy, everyone can enjoy it.This even makes it an excellent snack for kids.

The light, flaky pastry exterior complements the gooey cheese and chicken flavors to create a unique onstik snack that you’re sure to love. And because they’re from Old Chang Kee, they’re much healthier than your average onstik!

Old Chang Kee has been making food that people love since 1956, and they hope this popular food will continue to bring smiles to faces for many more years to come.

Old Chang Kee Cheesy Chicken Balls Onstik

Top Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu
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The Cheesy Chicken Balls Onstik is a succulent, cheesy treat that’ll have you coming back for more. The chicken balls are filled to the core with creamy melted cheese—so much so that you might need a spoon to eat them! They’re non-spicy, so no worries if you’re not a fan of spicy food.

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They’re perfect on their own or dipped in your favorite sauce. And if you want to take your Cheesy Chicken Balls Onstik on the go, wrap them in a pair of crispy spring roll wrappers. They’ll still taste great, and make sure you don’t get your hands messy!

Enjoyed at home or while traveling, this treat will surely be a crowd-pleaser!

Old Chang Kee Chicken Wing

Best Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu
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Old Chang Kee is a household name for many Singaporeans, and for a good reason: their chicken wings are the best.

The secret to this dish is in the marinade. The chicken wings are marinated in a combination of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and other spices that make this dish so delicious. The marinated chicken wings are then fried until they’re browned and crispy on the outside while retaining their juicy inside—a perfect combination of crunchy and soft.

Old Chang Kee chicken wings are an excellent quick and easy meal option. They are full of flavor and relatively low in calories, making them healthier than other fast food options. 

This dish doesn’t have any spicy kick either—it’s just right!

Old Chang Kee Prawn Nugget Onstik

Top Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu 2022
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This dish has been sold since 1984. You know how they say some things never go out of style? Old Chang Kee’s Prawn Onstik is one of them.

What started as a humble nugget has become one of our most popular offerings today: The Prawn Onstik! It was first launched in 1984 and remained an iconic favorite among fans. 

Today, they continue to build on its legacy by offering customers more varieties of this timeless treat that everyone can enjoy. It’s available in 5 flavors: Original Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Cheese Sauce, Satay Sauce & Curry Sauce (new). 

This way, you can choose your flavor depending on your moods or preferences at any given time – whether you fancy something spicy or milder.

Old Chang Kee Curry’O

Best Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu 2022
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The quintessential Singaporean snack, the Curry’O, can be found on every street corner in a sunny city. Baked until golden and crunchy, it contains a tasty, spicy filling and is irresistible to locals and tourists.

The Curry’O has always been one of the customer’s personal favorites. It has become a popular item over time because its unique taste and texture are hard to replicate. The crispy pastry shell encases a thick layer of flavorful chicken curry, which melts in your mouth with each bite.

They’ve been making Curry’O for years and never stopped trying to improve it. That’s because they know that you’re looking for a snack that’s even better than the one you had before—one that’s more flavorful, more satisfying, and just plain better.

Best Seller Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu 2022
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Look no further: this Old Chang Kee Curry’O has everything you’re looking for in a curry puff and then some. It’s stuffed full of curried potatoes, chicken, and a slice of egg, all cooked with special herbs and spices. It’s just the right amount of heat to make your mouth water without overpowering your palette or ruining your day.

The Curry’O: A classic Old Chang Kee creation, it consists of an outer crust filled with a hearty serving of savory chicken curry. This simple yet delicious treat is perfect for those who want something substantial without any fuss. The firm exterior gives way to a juicy, tender center seasoned just right. Each bite tastes like comfort food straight from Mom’s kitchen!

If you’re trying to impress friends at a party or want something delicious on your own time, this snack is sure to please!

Old Chang Kee Chicken Nugget Onstik

Best Seller Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu
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Old Chang Kee Chicken Nugget Onstik: the perfect chicken nugget for those who love a bit of adventure. It’s not just another boring chicken nugget—it’s the tastiest, crunchiest chicken nugget in town!

The Old Chang Kee Chicken Nugget Onstik is tender and juicy on the inside, with a crispy, golden finish that will make your taste buds sing. And because it’s not spicy, your friends can also enjoy it. It’s even finger-licking good!

One bite into their delicious Old Chang Kee Chicken Nugget Onstik, and you’ll know why it’s been one of their best sellers since 1973. Try it today at any Old Chang Kee outlet islandwide. The original chicken nugget that started it all. The taste that made them famous! 

Most Popular Old Chang Kee Singapore Menu
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Crispy, crunchy outside, and tender juicy inside, with a flavor that’s not spicy but pleasantly aromatic and flavorful tasty! You can find it at all Old Chang Kee outlets islandwide.

They guarantee that their products are made from high-quality chicken breast meat, perfectly marinated, and specially seasoned before being pressure-fried to give a uniquely satisfying crunch. It’s finger-licking good!

About Old Chang Kee 

Old Chang Kee has been a beloved Singaporean favorite since 1956 when it opened its first stall in a coffee shop near the Rex Cinema. People from all over Singapore traveled to this stall to try the perfect curry puff, made with special care and attention to detail, stuffed with a slice of egg, curry potato, and chicken. The unmistakable aroma of Old Chang Kee curry puff has won the hearts of many Singaporeans, young and old.

In 1986, Mr. Han Keen Juan made a pivotal decision to change his life as well as the food scene in Singapore.When Mr. Han Keen Juan took over Old Chang Kee in 1986, he had no idea that it would dramatically change his life. The decision to leave his job at an established multinational corporation for the hot and greasy kitchen of Old Chang Kee was a pivotal one—and certainly not one he made lightly.

But it turned out to be just what the company needed: with Mr. Han’s business acumen and enthusiasm, Old Chang Kee began expanding rapidly through Singapore and then into Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Now it continues to expand and serves delicious food leaving a legacy in the food industry.

Is Old Chang Kee Singapore Halal?

Contact with Old Chang Kee Singapore 

Old Chang Kee is a great place to visit when looking for something to eat. There is a wide range of menu choices, including their signature curry puff, buns, and premium items. Their portion sizes are also generous, so there will be food left over for takeaway.

So, if you want to know more about their menu, you can contact them through their social media below:

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