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Potato Head Singapore Menu 2023

The Potato Head Singapore Menu offers a wide variety of options when it comes to their food items. They have many different types of food that are all very delicious. Their prices are reasonable and they have great service. The waiters are very nice and will make sure you get everything you need to enjoy your meal at Potato Head.

The first thing that strikes you about the Potato Head menu is how diverse it is. They have many different types of food available for you to choose from including burgers, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and more! 

If you’re looking for something quick but still want quality then look no further than this restaurant chain because they’ve got everything covered! You’ll find everything from fast casual dining options to sit-down meals that take longer but are worth every minute spent waiting on line because they taste so good.

Potato Head Singapore Menu Price List

Potato Head Menu 2023 Prices

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The Potato Head Singapore Menu have a long range of food items to serve people in sg. Are you interested in Potato Head Menu then you are at right place! Here you will find out Potato Head menu with prices below in list.

Potato Head Singapore Menu

Potato Head Special & Deals Menu Prices 2023

Menu ItemsPrice
2 Pac Sharing Meal (U.P. S$ 84)S$ 61.50
Weekday Lunch Set (U.P S$24)S$ 20.50

Potato Head Signature Burgers and Dawgs

Menu Itemsprice
Smokin B-boyS$ 26.50
Fun Boy ThreeS$ 26.50
Baby HueyS$ 19.50
Burning ManS$ 22.50
Truff RyderS$ 34.50
RamboS$ 21.50
Honky TonkS$ 20.50
The RootsS$ 18.50
Truffle HoundS$ 19.50
D.O Double GS$ 16.50

Potato Head Plant-Based Burgers

Menu ItemsPrice
Vegan Seagal (Vegan)S$ 21.50
Fry Me To The MoonS$ 22.14

Potato Head Bowls

Menu Itemsprice
BellyfullS$ 27.50
New Kid on the BrocS$ 17.50

Potato Head Small Plates and Sides

Menu Itemsprice
Truffle Cheese FriesS$ 20.50
Naughty FriesS$ 17.50
Miso Dirty FriesS$ 15.50
House FriesS$ 7.50
Nacho BabyS$ 19.50
Beef SateS$ 16.50
Chicken SateS$ 16.50
Winner WinnerS$ 14.50
Nugg ItS$ 13.50
Sausage PlateS$ 16.50
Bowl of Beef ChilliS$ 10.50
LL Kool SlawS$ 7.50
Secret GardenS$ 9.50
Broc PartyS$ 14.50
Beets by DreS$ 11.50

Potato Head Sweets

Menu Itemsprice
Wilfred’s BrownieS$ 17.50
Rich ChocolateS$ 7.50
Mango JerryS$ 7.50

Potato Head Three Buns Milkshake

Menu Itemsprice
Madagascan Vanilla S$ 11.50
StrawberryS$ 14.50
ChocolateS$ 14.50

Potato Head Bottled Cocktails

Menu Itemsprice
Coconut NegroniS$ 18.00
Venus PickfordS$ 18.00
Banoffee Old FashionedS$ 18.00

Potato Head Bubbles, Red and White Wine

Menu Itemsprice
Bulletin PlaceS$ 70.00
Butter Prosecco DocS$ 70.00
Bulletin PlaceS$ 70.00
Veuve Clicquot BrutS$ 180.00
Dom PerignonS$ 600.00
Bullecart-Salmon Brut Reserve NVS$ 160.00

Potato Head Coffee

Menu Itemsprice
Long BlackS$ 6.00
LatteS$ 6.00
CappuccinoS$ 6.00
Double EspressoS$ 6.00
AmericanoS$ 6.00
MacchiatoS$ 6.00
MochaS$ 6.00
Chamomile DreamS$ 6.00
ChocolateS$ 6.00
Earl Grey LavenderS$ 6.00
Iced TeaS$ 6.00
English BreakfastS$ 6.00
Yuzu Iced TeaS$ 8.00

Potato Head Softdrinks

Menu Itemsprice
Coca-ColaS$ 3.00
Coca-Cola LightS$ 3.00
SpriteS$ 3.00
Tonic WaterS$ 3.00
Coconut WaterS$ 3.00
Ginger AleS$ 3.00
Ginger BeerS$ 7.00
San Pellegrino 500mlS$ 7.00
Acqua Panna 500mlS$ 7.00

Potato Head Singapore Menu Updated In January 2022

Here are some picture of Potato Head sg updated menu:

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New versions of classic burgers & items like beef brisket, bread & butter fritters

Gourmet Burger introduce a great kitchen concept which is known as Tiga Roti’s or “three bread” in Malay.

Tiga Roti use all halal elements to make it tasty, it not include any kind of Haram thing like Alcohol, Lard, Pork.

Potato Head Singapore Menu

Potato Head Desserts

If you want to enjoy their meal through dessert then their are four choices for you to choose. The Bread & Butter Fritters features dimy biscuit bread and butter dessert fried fritters with a delicious vanilla custard cup.

Potato Head Butter & Bread Fritters

If you are shake lover, then you have a great chance to taste their Milkshake with more than 5 flavors. One of them is their local inspired Bandung Milkshake.

Potato Head Bandung Milkshake

Potato Head Must Try Menu

Potato Head Menu 2023 Price

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Potato Head has a menu that is sure to delight your palate. Each dish is made from the freshest ingredients, and their chefs have a knack for surprising you with delicious combinations of flavors. Their menu is perfect for any occasion, whether you are going out with friends or enjoying a relaxing night at home.

Let’s take a look on the list of their Must Try Menu:

Potato Head Baby Huey 

Best Seller Potato Head Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Baby Huey Burger, you had me at “18 Tasmanian Vintage beef patty”. You know what? I’m just going to come right out and say it: this burger is the best burger I’ve ever eaten. And if you don’t believe me, then let me tell you more about it.

First of all, there’s that 18-patty thing again—and they’re not just any patties either; they’re made of 100% pure Australian beef. That’s right: 100% Australian beef! The kind of beef that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. It’s no wonder that when you put 18 of these juicy patties together in one bun, it’s called a Baby Huey Burger.

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Best Potato Head Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s got everything you could want out of a burger: Tillamook cheddar cheese… pickles… spiced mayo… and that demi brioche bun? You can’t beat it! It’s soft like bread should be but sturdy enough to hold up against all those juicy patties and toppings without falling apart or getting soggy before you can finish eating it

Potato Head Fun Boy Three

Famous Potato Head Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This burger is a little bit of heaven. It’s a little bit of hell. A little bit of everything that you’ve ever wanted and everything you never knew you needed. I mean, just look at it! The juicy patty is topped with roasted portobello mushroom,smoked applewood cheddar, double ketchup, garlic miso butter and truffle aioli in a toasted demi brioche bun. The flavors are so rich and complex that they’ll leave you wanting more—but not in the way that makes you feel guilty about eating all of the fries.

Most Recommended Potato Head Singapore Menu
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You know those times when you’re so excited for something that it makes your heart beat faster than normal? That’s what this burger does for me. It’s like a roller coaster ride without the wait or the queasiness afterwards (well, maybe there’s some of that). And the best part? You don’t even have to get up from your chair because it comes right to your door!

Potato Head Smokin B-Boy

Top Potato Head Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for gimmicks. That’s why I was so excited when I found out about Smokin’ B-Boy: a burger at Potato Head that comes with Dingley Dell beer, smoked applewood cheddar and  BBQ ketchup, treacle streaky bacon, bawang goreng and smokey mayo in a toasted demi brioche bun.

Unique Potato Head Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I knew it had to be good—and it was. The burger itself was ideal: juicy but not overly greasy, with just the right amount of seasoning. The smoked applewood cheddar added an incredible depth of flavor that I didn’t know could exist without actual wood fire. The bawang goreng left me with a pleasantly spicy aftertaste that lingered long after I finished eating the burger.

But if there was one thing that really brought this dish together for me, it was the demi brioche bun: warm and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, like nothing else on earth.

About Potato Head

Potato Head Singapore Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

Potato Head is located on Teck Lim Road is the branch of the famous Bali beach club of Singapore. Potato head Singapore (PHS) stretches over three stories, on the first floor there is a three  Buns burger restaurant, On the second floor there is a cosy restaurant that looks like a living.

The third Floor is a private studio and also a house bar and the Fourth Floor is their rooftop garden. There is a great view over Chinatown towards the people’s park complex.

It is such a gorgeous place, it’s very hard to resist yourself without taking photos, but people here prohibit the use of Cameras or DSLR. Only mobile cameras are allowed to take pictures.

Potato Head Restaurant

People also search for mr Potato Head toy and Mrs. Potato head lyrics, here you will find out just about Potato head Singapore.

Potato Head Location

The Potato Head is located on Teck Lim Road is the branch of the famous Bali beach club of Singapore. It’s a 3 stories Restaurant ;

Address: 36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143
Opening Hours: 11am – 1am (Sun to Thu), 11am – 2am (Fri & Sat), Closed on Mondays
Contact: +65 6327 1939
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park

Contact with Potato Head

If you have any suggestion about Potato Head Singapore Menu or you want to contact with them then must contact with their team through following resources:

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