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Poulet Singapore Menu 2023

Poulet Singapore Menu provides something for everyone to enjoy and delight in, whether you’re seeking for delectable food or the ideal location to have dinner with your significant other. At Poulet, you can have real cuisine prepared by hand.

Poulet is a popular chain of chicken restaurants in Singapore. They specialized in chicken with succulent and juicy meat. You can choose from three delectable sauces, making it a lip-smacking delight that you will never tire of. Their organic chickens are freshly roasted daily, and sauces are prepared using old family recipes.

At Poulet Singapore, they believe in providing their customers with the best possible dining experience. They aim to give you the best quality of food at an affordable price. They have done this by sourcing their ingredients from reputable suppliers and using traditional methods of cooking to make sure that everything tastes as good as possible!

Poulet Singapore Menu Price List

Poulet serve amazing French homemade roast chicken at a reasonable price. From Poulet Singapore menu you can choose a great variety of entrees, soups, salads, and French desserts. Here is the list of Poulet Singapore Menu with prices:

Poulet Popular Menu

Half Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce (served with 2 sides)S$ 29.70
Whole Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce (served with 2 sides)S$ 47.84
Garlic BreadS$ 6.37
Chicken Aglio OlioS$ 18.04
Chicken CarbonaraS$ 19.33
Half Chicken with Cranberry Sauce (served with 2 sides)S$ 29.70

Poulet Signature Roast Chicken

Whole Roast Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce + 2 SidesS$ 47.84
Whole Roast Chicken with Cranberry Sauce + 2 SidesS$ 47.84
Whole Roast Chicken with Diane Sauce + 2 SidesS$ 47.84
Whole Chicken with Black Pepper Cream Sauce (served with 2 sides)S$ 47.84
Whole Roast Chicken with Mushroom Cream SauceS$ 42.66
Whole Roast Chicken with Cranberry SauceS$ 42.66
Whole Roast Chicken with Diane SauceS$ 42.66
Whole Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce (à la carte)S$ 42.66
Half Roast Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce + 2 SidesS$ 29.70
Half Roast Chicken with Cranberry Sauce + 2 SidesS$ 29.70
Half Roast Chicken with Diane Sauce + 2 SidesS$ 29.70
Half Chicken with Black Pepper Cream Sauce (served with 2 sides)S$ 29.70
Half Roast Chicken with Mushroom Cream SauceS$ 23.22
Half Roast Chicken with Cranberry SauceS$ 23.22
Half Roast Chicken with Diane SauceS$ 23.22
Half Chicken with Black Pepper Cream SauceS$ 23.22

Poulet From the Grill served with choice of 2 sides

Grilled Sea Bass S$ 25.81
Grilled Salmon Steak S$ 27.11
Grilled Striploin (200g)S$ 28.40
Grilled Ribeye (200g)S$ 32.29

Poulet Pasta&Rice

Chicken Aglio Olio PastaS$ 18.04
Tiger Prawn Aglio OlioS$ 25.81
Chicken Carbonara PastaS$ 19.33
Truffle Chicken AlfredoS$ 20.63
Seafood Pasta with Spicy Pink SauceS$ 23.22
Beef Oxtail Penne PastaS$24.52
Truffle Mushroom RisottoS$19.33

Poulet Soup

French Onion SoupS$ 10.26
Mushroom SoupS$ 10.26

Poulet Starter

Garlic Bread S$ 6.37
Salad de ParisS$ 14.15
Sauté Mixed Mushroom with Sous Vide EggS$ 10.26
Truffle FriesS$ 14.15
Brussels Sprouts with Sesame DressingS$ 12.85
Beef Meatball with Diane Sauce (8pcs)S$ 11.56
Beef Meatball with Cranberry Sauce (8pcs)S$ 11.56
Glazed Winglet with Sriracha Hot Sauce (8 pcs)S$ 8.96
Glazed Winglet with Honey Glazed Sauce (8 pcs)S$ 8.96
Salad de SaisonS$ 16.74
Clam CrostiniS$ 11.56

Poulet Ala Carte

Menu ItemsPrice
Pan-Seared Sea BassS$ 23.22
Pan-Seared SalmonS$ 25.81
Pan-Fried Ribeye with Mushroom Gratin (200g)S$ 33.59

Poulet Sides

French FriesS$ 6.37
Truffle Mash PotatoS$8.96
Potato WedgesS$ 6.37
Mash PotatoS$ 6.37
French Onion RiceS$ 6.37
Mac & CheeseS$ 6.37
Butter CornS$ 6.37
Aglio Olio Spaghetti (small)S$ 6.37
Mixed SaladS$ 6.37
Sauté MushroomS$ 6.37
Roasted Brussels SproutsS$8.96

Poulet Dessert

Milk Pudding S$ 7.67
Mango PuddingS$ 7.67

Poulet Beverages

Bottled WaterS$ 2.48
CokeS$ 3.78
Coke ZeroS$ 3.78
SpriteS$ 3.78
A&WS$ 3.78

Poulet Promotion in Singapore 2023

Poulet Singapore Promotion

This April 2023, Poulet Singapore is offering irresistible promotions that will excite the taste buds of food lovers across the island. The first promotion is a delectable 3-course feast priced at just $28 for 1 pax, which includes a sumptuous starter, a mouth-watering main course, and a delightful dessert. For those dining with a companion, the 3-course feast for 2 pax is available at $54 and comes with 2 starters, 2 mains, and 2 desserts to share. This promotion allows diners to indulge in a variety of Poulet’s signature dishes, showcasing the best of French cuisine.

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Poulet Singapore Summer Promotion

In addition to the 3-course feast, Poulet has also introduced a special Summer Seafood Stew promotion for April 2023. Priced at only $38.90, this hearty stew is perfect for sharing between two people. Bursting with fresh seafood and a rich, flavorful broth, the Summer Seafood Stew is accompanied by Poulet’s homemade garlic bread, perfect for soaking up every last drop of the scrumptious sauce.

Don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself and your loved ones to these fantastic promotions at Poulet Singapore this April. Whether you’re a fan of their classic French dishes or eager to try something new, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Poulet.

Poulet Singapore Popular Menu 2023

Poulet is a restaurant chain that serves chicken dishes from all over the world. It offers a wide variety of dishes, including chicken rice, fried chicken, and many others. The chain is known for its affordable prices and family-friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant’s most popular menu items for 2023 include:

Poulet Chicken Aglio Olio

Best Pasta of Poulet Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Chicken Aglio Olio is a great dish to share with someone you love. It’s got the perfect balance of flavors, and the parmesan cheese adds a nice kick to the mix. The shredded chicken is tender, while the turkey bacon adds a bit of crunch and saltiness. 

The spaghetti is cooked perfectly al dente and has just enough sauce to coat everything without being too saucy or heavy. If you like spicy food, this dish has just enough heat from the chilli flake to make it interesting without being overpowering.

Poulet Roast Chicken With Cranberry Sauce 

Best Chicken of Poulet Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

I love roast chicken. I love it so much that I almost always order it at the Poulet restaurant, even if it’s something I could easily make at home. But this time? This time, I ordered roast chicken with cranberry sauce, and let me tell you—it was worth every penny.

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The chicken had a gorgeous golden brown crust, and the meat was tender and juicy. The cranberry sauce was luscious and sweet, with just enough acidity to balance out its sweetness. The whole-grained dijon mustard provided just enough spice without overpowering the other flavors in the dish.

This is definitely going on my list of favorite food to have for my dinner !

Poulet Chicken Carbonara

Famous Carbonara of Poulet Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

The chicken carbonara was one of the most delicious pasta dishes I’ve ever had in Poulet. The spaghetti was perfectly cooked, and the sous vide egg was so rich and creamy that I could have eaten it by itself. The parmesan cheese added just the right amount of flavor without being overpowering, and the turkey bacon added a nice crunchy texture to the dish.

The homemade cream sauce really put this dish over the top. It was almost like drinking a milkshake in terms of how rich it tasted while still being light and flavorful.

Poulet Menu Singapore Updated in 2022

The Poulet is a French surname that means chicken. Poulet Restaurant is a French restaurant which serves roasted chicken to their customers. They have a great amount of delicious dishes from which you can choose the best food. Alos Check Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore

Poulet was founded in 2012 in France, but now they have many restaurant branches in many countries including Singapore. The main reason for their success is their updated menu. They periodically update their menu and introduce verities of items in their menu to bring their customers back.

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Here are some pictures of Poulet Singapore updated menu:

Poulet Singapore Signature Dishes

Poulet Singapore Signature Dishes is a must-try for anyone visiting this beautiful city—whether you’re looking for something familiar or something new!

These are sure to leave you satisfied and wanting more. Here is some of their signature dishes:

Poulet Saute Mixed Mushroom with Sous Vide Egg

Best Poulet Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them, and they’re a great addition to any meal. They add flavor, texture and color to dishes, but also have their own unique taste. 

The Saute Mixed Mushroom with Sous Vide Egg is a delicious, savory dish that you can enjoy on its own or as part of a larger meal. The shimeji mushroom and oyster mushroom are both soft, while the button mushroom adds a nice crunch. The 63 degree egg is cooked to perfection: just runny enough to provide a creamy consistency when mixed together with the other ingredients but not so runny that it runs off your plate. The mushrooms have been sauteed to just the right amount of browning—enough flavor to enhance your dish without overpowering it.

If you’re looking for something with as much flavor as this dish, I would definitely recommend it.

Poulet Roast Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Famous Poulet Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This roast chicken with mushroom cream sauce is an easy, satisfying dinner that’s great for a family or a crowd!

This dish is simple and versatile. You can use any kind of mushrooms you like, and it’s easily customizable to your family’s tastes. The sauce is made from just cream, stock, and garlic—so it’s low-fat and healthy! We recommend serving this with mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side.

The chicken comes out juicy and tender, while the sauce is richly flavored without being heavy. It’s a perfect pairing of flavors: savory chicken meets earthy mushroom to create a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied without feeling stuffed.

Furthermore, the sauce also has a hint of nutmeg which adds to its flavor. This dish is great for those who want something light but satisfying for lunch or dinner. This dish is also perfect to bring along during picnics and camping trips because it’s lightweight and easy to eat while on the go!

Poulet Mashed Potato

Most Recommended Poulet Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This is a very good mashed potato.

Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. They’re warm and creamy, they make you feel like everything’s going to be okay, and they taste like home.

This poulet mashed potato is not too creamy, but it’s not too dry either. It has a nice texture and consistency, and the chicken flavor is subtle but noticeable. The potatoes are cooked just right, not too hard or soft in any way.

The portion size is perfect for one person—not too much, but enough to feel satisfied. The price point is also good for this kind of food: it’s not cheap or expensive, so you get what you pay for without feeling ripped off by an overpriced meal.

Poulet Mushroom Soup

Most Popular Poulet Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the rich, earthy taste of mushrooms, look no further than this soup.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish. The mushrooms were fresh and flavorful, and the broth was deep and complex without being overwhelming.

The texture of the soup was very smooth and velvety—it reminded me of a cream of mushroom soup that I used to make when I was younger. The consistency was just right for my taste buds: not too thick or thin, but perfectly balanced between the two extremes.

I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone who enjoys mushrooms—you’ll be impressed by how well the chef has captured their essence in a simple dish!

Poulet Milk Pudding

Top Poulet Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The milk pudding with maple syrup, crushed ritz crackers, and whipped cream is a great dessert. The pudding is smooth and creamy, and the maple syrup adds just the right amount of sweet. The crackers provide just enough crunch to make it feel like you’re eating something hearty and filling. The whipped cream adds a bit of tanginess to the dish—it’s not too sweet or too sour, but it’s just right.

The texture is creamy and light, but still thick enough that you can see the texture of the milk and maple syrup. For anyone looking for a quick snack or dessert that will keep you going all day (or night),you can order this Milk Pudding with Maple Syrup!

About Poulet

Poulet was established in 2012 in France, it was famous just because of their specialism in cooking Amazing French Roast Chicken soft juicy meat.

They have three delicious sauces that when you will taste you will never get enough off. All their menu foods are homemade, and their sauces are cooked using family recipes.

Poulet Singapore

Poulét Delivery Locations

Poulét has more than 5 delivery locations in Singapore from which you can choose from. Here is the list of Poulet outlets in Singapore:

201 Victoria Street, #04-12, Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub
1 Stadium Place, #01-17, Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub
Singapore 397628
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Poulet + Brasserie ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-21, ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-65/66, Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-175/176/177, VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Is Poulet Restaurant Halal in Singapore?

Yes, Poulet is Halal certified in Singapore.

Contact with Poulet

Do you have any question or you want to get their latest new early? then must follow them on following social media platforms:

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