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When you’re craving something sweet, there’s one thing that comes to mind: waffles. You see them everywhere, in every shape and form, and they’re all equally delicious. But what if you want something different? Something unique? Something special?

That’s exactly what Revelry is here for. At Revelry, they make savory Belgian waffles that are unlike any other waffle you’ve ever tried. They’re crispy and light, with tons of air pockets inside—just like our dessert waffles, which are just as unique!

They don’t just offer waffles though; they also serve up delicious desserts like tiramisu. If you’re craving something sweet with a kick of coffee or chocolate, they’ve got your back.

But don’t take their word for it—try their food today!

Revelry in Bukit Timah Menu Price List

Revelry has a wide range of menu items that are suitable for all ages. Their patrons include families and students who want to dine out together, couples who want to have a romantic evening and even groups of friends who want to hang out after work.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the menu, including prices and what items are available.

Revelry Popular Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken and WafflesS$20.30
The Original WaffleS$6.90
Trufflin’ Over PastaS$18.20
Cookie Monster SmoothieS$8.60
Truffle FriesS$9.60
The Full BandS$20.30

Revelry Savory Waffles

Menu ItemsPrice
Waffle BenedictS$18.50
O.K. Waffle PizzaS$17.10
Chicken and WafflesS$20.30
Waffle RoyaleS$19.80
Revelry’s Signature TruffleS$20.30
The Full BandS$20.30

Revelry Pasta

Menu ItemsPrice
Summer Salsa PastaS$16.00
Trufflin’ Over PastaS$18.20
Laksa Prawn PastaS$19.30
Spicy Crispy Fish PastaS$19.30
Sawasdee Tom Yum Prawn PastaS$19.30

Revelry Sides

Menu ItemsPrice
Classic Fries and DipS$7.50
Hangover SaladS$7.50
The ‘All Mine’ WingsS$10.70
Truffle FriesS$9.60

Revelry Sweet Waffles

Menu ItemsPrice
The Original WaffleS$6.90
Strawberries and Cheese WaffleS$17.20
Fly Me to Mars WaffleS$16.00
On Cloud Nine WaffleS$17.20
Monkey King WaffleS$17.20
Aloha WaffleS$17.20

Revelry Dessert

Menu ItemPrice
At The End of A RainbowS$9.00

Revelry Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced Lemon TeaS$4.80
Matcha LatteS$5.90
Chai LatteS$5.80
Hot Chocolate DrinkS$5.80
Iced Salted Butterscotch LatteS$8.50

Revelry Tea by Gryphon

Menu ItemsPrice
Earl Grey LavenderS$6.50
Osmanthus SenchaS$6.50
Lemon Ginger MintS$6.50
British BreakfastS$6.50
Chamomile DreamS$6.50
Straits ChaiS$6.50
Nymph of the NileS$6.50

Revelry Coffee By Allpress

Menu ItemsPrice
Long BlackS$4.50
Cafe LatteS$5.50
Flat WhiteS$5.50

Revelry Fresh Cold Pressed Juices

Menu ItemsPrice
Apple Juice S$7.40
Carrot JuiceS$7.40
Orange JuiceS$7.40
Combination JuiceS$7.40

Revelry Smoothies

Menu ItemsPrice
Cookie Monster SmoothieS$8.60
Bananarama SmoothieS$8.60
Gila About Gula SmoothieS$8.60
Banoffee SmoothieS$8.60
Strawberry Cheesecake SmoothieS$8.60
Haut Shake SmoothieS$8.60
Malibu SmoothieS$8.60

Revelry Best Seller Menu

Here you will find all of their most popular menu items, as well as some new favorites. They’re always looking for ways to expand the options they offer and bring you new things to try, so don’t be surprised if you see a new item here every once in a while.

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Revelry Chicken and Waffles

Best Seller Revelry in Bukit Timah Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’ve ever been to Revelry, you know that their chicken and waffles are a must-have. The crispy chicken is served with maple syrup, and the waffles are perfectly sweet and fluffy, with just the right amount of crispiness to them.

This dish is one of my favorites on their menu because it’s so simple, but also so satisfying. It’s not too heavy or greasy like other options on the menu can be—it’s just the right balance of everything you need in your mouth at once: sweet, salty, crispy, soft, crunchy… it’s all there!

So who doesn’t love chicken and waffles? But this is the kind of dish that makes you fall in love with food all over again: it’s like they took something that is already incredible and made it even better. They took something we all know and love, but they made it better than we ever could have imagined. It’s like they took our dreams and translated them into a meal. It’s just… wow!

If you haven’t tried this dish yet, I highly recommend it!

Revelry The Original Waffle

Top Revelry in Bukit Timah Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Original Waffle is a Belgian-style waffle that’s been dusted with icing sugar, served with maple syrup and butter on the side, and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

The first thing you’ll notice about this waffle is its beautiful golden color, which comes from the special blend of flour they use to make it. The combination of flours gives this waffle a slightly nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweet and salty toppings.

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It’s also worth noting how incredibly light and airy this waffle is when compared to other Belgian-style waffles, making it an ideal choice for those who don’t want to feel weighed down after eating their meal. The lightness also means that you can eat more without feeling like you’re going to burst at any moment—which is something we all appreciate!

The Original Waffle is perfect for anyone looking for a sweet treat on their breakfast or brunch menu!

Revelry Trufflin’ Over Pasta

Best Revelry in Bukit Timah Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: this pasta is delicious. We know it sounds like an oxymoron, but we promise it’s true. The first time I tasted it, I was skeptical—but as soon as I took a bite, I knew that my skepticism had been misplaced.

The truffle oil adds just enough of a kick to make it interesting, but not so much that you can’t enjoy it without feeling like you’re eating something too spicy or heavy. And even though there are bacon bits in there, they’re not overpowering or too salty; they just add that perfect bit of texture and flavor to make your experience even more enjoyable.

And then there was the creaminess… The cream sauce was incredible—it tasted like pure buttery goodness! It really took this dish up a notch in terms of richness and decadence (which is exactly how I like my pasta).

The mushrooms are fresh and perfectly cooked—they add just enough substance to keep things interesting while still letting the other ingredients shine through. And finally, there’s the grated Parmesan on top—it’s just enough cheese to give you all the flavor without being overwhelming or making your stomach hurt (which is always nice).

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All in all, this dish is a winner!

Revelry The Full Band

Most Recommended Revelry in Bukit Timah Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Full Band is a breakfast dish that’s so good, it’ll make you want to start the day all over again. This dish combines the best parts of a bratwurst, bacon, and waffle into one delicious package. The bratwurst sausage is savory and juicy, while the crispy bacon adds crunch and a little smoky flavor. 

The sauteed mushrooms are earthy and have just enough seasoning to add an extra layer of flavor without overpowering anything else. The grilled tomatoes are sweet with just enough acidity to balance out everything else on the plate. And then there’s those scrambled eggs—they’re creamy with just enough saltiness to keep things interesting.

They definitely don’t skimp on toppings here: there’s a generous amount of each ingredient in every bite! It’s not easy finding a place that makes such high-quality food at such low prices—but Revelry does it time and time again.

Revelry Truffle Fries

Most Popular Revelry in Bukit Timah Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

These fries are the bomb!

I mean, they’re just as good as you’d expect. Shoestring fries that are seasoned with truffle oil and sprinkled with grated parmesan? Sign me up for that.

They’re not too salty, which is great because sometimes I find that truffle fries are too salty. But these ones have a perfect balance of saltiness and flavor.

The fries themselves are nice and crunchy, but not hard enough to make eating them uncomfortable. The parmesan adds an extra layer of flavor—it’s not overpowering or anything like that, but it just adds another level of deliciousness to the whole thing. And the truffle oil? It goes really well with the other flavors and makes it taste like something special instead of just plain old potato sticks (which is what they are).

If you’re looking for something new to try out on your next trip to the movie theater or wherever else you might order food from there’s no better option than Truffle Fries!

Visiting Revelry in Bukit Timah

Revelry Outlet in Bukit Timah

Revelry Bukit Timah

21 Lor Kilat, #01-02, Singapore 598123

Phone: +65 9278 0466

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)/ 

                          Friday (11:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM) / Saturday (10:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM)

      Sunday (10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Contact with Revelry in Bukit Timah

If you have any questions about Revelry in Bukit Timah, please contact them through their social media channels. They are thrilled to hear from you!

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