Bridge Review Singapore CITY HALL 2022

BRIDGE is a cafe by day and restaurant by night and they serve a sumptuous brunch menu for the hungry weekend crowd.

Finally, a decent cafe has opened up in this area around Bugis, at the quieter stretch where the stores sit humbly amongst the shophouses and await the likeminded to stumble upon them.

Bridge Review Singapore


BRIDGE has a lovely meaning to it – a place where relationships are bridged and good folks come together. In line with what it stands for, the ambience is laidback and welcoming, making it a great place for gatherings.

Though it has adapted some elements of the trending industrial style, we can’t deny that the interior is true to its own and appealing to the eyes as well. Despite the focus on the appearance, they also ensured not to compromise on the comfort with their careful selection of furniture.

I personally love the intricate details to the cafe, such as the little monuments that dress up the walls and dining tables, as well as the elegant lamp shades that decorates the ceiling.

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We had to give its Eggs Florentine a try since this is the signature cafe dish across Singapore. It had a BRIDGE twist to it, as they have used Champagne in its hollandaise sauce, which gave a light fragrance to its taste. The eggs was done slightly too watery than preferred, but the overall taste was still pleasant. The salmon slices were rather salty, but this, to an extent, is subjective – I am sure there are some people out there who would appreciate this.

The Big Breakfast is also a standard brunch item, and I would like to commend on their choice of bratwurst as it is possibly one of the best tasting one around. Each of the item on the plate was satisfying, though the eggs could do better with more moisture in it.

The crowd pleaser has to be the French Toast, which bought us over with its soft and crispy toast drizzled in truffle honey. Yes you heard it right, now you get truffle in honey too, but only at BRIDGE. The truffle fragrance was strong on the first mouthful, and I am glad to say it was not overpowering.  The balance in taste was perfect.

There is also the Beef Parmentier, which was strongly recommended by the cafe owner. You might be surprised to see real truffle slices on the plate, as most of us have only come across truffle-infused dishes. The mashed potato is soft and dissipates in the mouth instantly and but the corn beef was not too impressive.

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BRIDGE creations are credited to the Austrian executive chef, Daniel Grobnik. Being trained in fine dining cuisines and six years working in Singapore, Daniel has a good grasp of the local palate and creates a hearty European fare with a fine dining twist at BRIDGE. With high emphasis placed on the ingredients, the cafe sources its ingredients with farms globally.


BRIDGE is definitely a good bet for those who are looking for a new place to go. It is situated at a convenient prime area which is not too conspicuous, making it perfect for a relaxed weekend meal. Most of the items are reasonably priced for its quality and we would recommend the French Toast as a must-try. The cafe is still in the soft launch period, and they would be ready to greet everyone with a whole new menu in January.

Thank you BRIDGE for hosting us.

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