Costa Coffee Reviews 2022

Costa Coffee originates from UK and it is a big coffee chain there. I don’t usually feature big coffee chains like these as they are, in general, typical and predictable in its interior, making it much more boring than indie cafes.

However, Costa Coffee gave me a whole new idea about how meticulous coffee chains can get in its interior as well.

I love this place for its coffee genuinely and its friendly smiley service crew.

It is located at an extremely visible corner of Raffles City, which used to be the space taken up by Lena’s. It has given a complete revamp to the space and the change surprised me.


The furniture it used comes in a colour scheme of red, grey and lime green, striking yet pleasing to the eyes.


By now, I have tried all its coffee coolers, which are Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut flavoured.

As a whole, the coffee is really nice and fragrant, strong but easy to consume.

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Vanilla Coffee Cooler has just a slight hint of vanilla scent and the sweetness is lower.

Caramel Coffee Cooler is for sweet tooth like me, but it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet like frappes served elsewhere. The coffee flavour and caramel goes really well together.

Costa Coffee food Reviews

Hazelnut Coffee Cooler is also quite awesome. The hazelnut flavour does not overpower the coffee fragrance and the sweetness is just right.

Out of so many times which I tried the coffee cooler, there has only been once which the coffee went wrong and tasted too bland.

Once, I tried their hot Caramel Latte. It is nice and sweet, I didn’t have to add sugar. I like it much better than most of the lattes around.

I also had an Espresso Hazelnut Muffin. The name sounds better than it tasted. There isn’t any taste of coffee though I tried hard to detect. The hazelnut was quite crispy and the muffin was soft. Overall, it isn’t too bad but I would be skipping this option the next time I order something!

I ordered an Oreo Cheesecake and the mix between sweetness and sourness is just right. It is not too sticky and not too spongy as well. However, the taste of oreo is not very strong and it lacked a layer of crispy cookie crumb to enhance the texture. The top and bottom layer are made of powdery oreo which doesn’t add much flavour to the cake. I give credits for the good mix of taste but it is overall, a boring cake.


Costa Coffee is now the cafe I frequent the most because I am constantly looking for places with free power plug and wifi and this is the perfect place for me to do my work. Its comfortable and stylish interior gives me no reason to visit other coffee chains anymore. The good coffee served at huge portions here make me feel guilty for spending willfully but will keep pulling me back every time. You are missing out if you don’t pay Costa Coffee a visit!

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