Dimbulah Coffee originated from Australia and owns their own coffee plantation and roastery there. They have penetrated into our CBD area with as many as 5 outlets, providing the caffeine addicts their daily dose. Just recently, they have expanded with a open dining concept at Chijmes, which recently underwent a makeover and is still getting ready for a new launch.

In addition to the multiple coffee places at Raffles City, we now have a new neighbor in the area. Dimbulah also has an extensive menu at affordable prices, considering its central location.



Dimbulah at Chijmes has taken a bistro look to their interior style, with a good blend of metal and wood. Using very neutral tones and darker bold colours, it has created a very modern looking space, suitable for casual dining as well as evening hang outs.

Despite the efforts in using cooling systems and fans, the hot weather is still hard to beat. It is more cooling at some spots but generally the interior is quite hot especially early in the day.

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The interior is really clean and sleek, fitting very well into the city landscape.

What’s better than a day of some quiet moments with a laptop and coffee?


I have heard about their coffee and though I really wanted to have a taste of the authentic Dimbulah coffee with a hot brew, I succumbed to the hot weather and went for Iced Latte. Indeed, I knew that the taste would be different as iced coffee tends to taste more acidic and bitter in nature, and I really can’t give a fair comment about the quality of the coffee. However, I must say that the caffeine kick was really strong.


I had the Eggs Benedict which was pretty affordable for this portion. However, the eggs broke when it was served and the muffin was a little stiff. Overall there was nothing much to rave about.

Sugar craving got me on Chocolate Lamington, a spongecake coated with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut bits. It was refreshing on the first bite and tasted pretty unique as I have never had something like this before. The chocolate melted well into the sweet and soft cake and the coconut bits added a more powdery texture to it.


I liked Dimbulah Coffee for its chill ambience, and the fact that it was affordable and yet provided all the necessities like free wifi, juice for my laptop as well as good service. I would think that they have to work on air conditioning to attract crowd in the day.

/ Photos were taken with Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 /

Samsung was kind enough to let us trial the Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 when it first launched and we couldn’t wait to try it out at a cafe. The pictures turned out sharp and clear, and the Android interface made it so much easier to switch the settings around. One of the most amazing feature was how we could directly upload the pictures onto the computer and Instagram through wifi connection. It reduced our hassle by a load! We were also impressed with the 21x zoom which was no joke, and there were some funky features like Animated photo which allows a movement to be shown while the rest of the picture remains still, and Beauty Face which gives vain selfie-rs to smoothen skin and enlarge eyes. Overall, the GALAXY Camera 2 was really fun and convenient to use, especially for us who are always on the go and needs to update our social media frequently and instantly!

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