Haji Lane has long been the hipster street housed with indie boutiques and shady stores in the darker alleys, filled with a fruity scent floating in the air at night. It was slowly losing its appeal as the newness dwindled away, till the recent 6 months, when the hype started building again. All thanks to the new cafes that have popped up all around the area, also known as Kampong Glam, with one cafe in almost every street.


Kampong Glam, historically known as the Malay Quarter, still has its unique atmosphere of cultural richness. With the shophouse restoration efforts, its past splendor has now been unified with its present vibrance.

With new addition of the cafes to the district, especially the popular ones like I Am… and La Marelle, as well as the recently trending Shop Wonderland, this area is now a gem to cafe hoppers. Aside from the popular few, you probably didn’t know that there are as many as 17 cafes dominating the area now!

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We combed the streets in the hot sun to make sure we left none out, and we are more than pleased to present to you the 17 Cafes that Made Haji Lane Cool AgainThis will be the first to our series of the Ultimate Guide to Cafes in Singapore!

  1. McDonald’s Menu Singapore
  2. KFC Menu Singapore
  3. Jollibee menu Singapore
  4. Koi Cafe Menu Singapore
  5. Shake Shack Menu Singapore
  6. Starbucks Menu Singapore
  7. Subway Menu Singapore
  8. Burger King Menu Singapore
  9. Coffee Bean Menu Singapore
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