Springleaf prata

Springleaf Prata Menu Singapore 2022

Springleaf Prata Place is a roti prata restaurant in Singapore. They just do not serve Prata in their restaurant but also many other items including thosai, noodles, biryani, etc. Each food item on their menu is available in different varieties. Here is the list of Springleaf Prata Menu Singapore with prices:

Menu items Price
Most ordered right now.Most ordered right now.
Egg PrataS$ 2.70
Cheese PrataS$ 3.80
Coin PrataS$ 4.20
Egg Onion PrataS$ 10.50
Mutton BriyaniS$ 9.90
Maggi Gorengfrom S$ 5.90

Special Prata

Menu items Price
Plain Pratafrom S$ 1.60
Egg PrataS$ 2.70
Cheese PrataS$ 3.80
Coin PrataS$ 4.20
Egg Cheese prataS$ 4.80
Egg Onion PrataS$ 3.20
Egg Onion Cheese PrataS$ 5.50
Egg Mozzarella Cheese PrataS$ 5.20
Egg Onion Mushroom If steroids are illegal for professional athletes Should photoshop be illegal for models? – Philosoraptor – quickmeme oxandrolone for sale online buzzing stocks: aurobindo pharma, cartrade, cadila healthcare and other stocks in news today PrataS$ 5
Double Egg PrataS$ 4.20
Double Egg Cheese PrataS$ 6
Double Egg Onion PrataS$ 4.50
Paper PrataS$ 2
Special Paper PrataS$ 2
Special Milk Paper PrataS$ 2.80
Special Sugar Paper PrataS$ 2.60
Special Milk & Sugar Paper PrataS$ 3.30
Plaster PrataS$ 3
Plaster Cheese PrataS$ 5
Plaster Onion PrataS$ 3.40
Plaster Chilli PrataS$ 3.70
Onion PrataS$ 2.50
Onion Cheese PrataS$ 4
Banana Choc PrataS$ 5.50
Ultimate HawkerfestS$ 5.50

Ultimate Kawkerfest

Menu items Price
Ultimate Murtabakfrom S$ 10.50
Murtaburgerfrom S$ 10.50
Plaster BlasterS$ 7.50
Indian Plaster BlasterS$ 7.50
Umami 50from S$ 11.90
Prata Alfredofrom S$ 12.90
La Ayam ParottaS$ 11.90
Magic Meatless MurtabakS$ 8.9
Das PratwurstS$10.50

Speciality Pratas

Menu items Price
Egg Floss PrataS$ 5.50
Egg Cheese Floss PrataS$ 6.70
Mozzarella Cheese PrataS$ 4.50
Mushroom Cheese PrataS$ 5.90
Portobello Mozzarella PrataS$ 7
Combo PrataS$ 5.20
Mushroom PrataS$ 4.50
Hot Dog PrataS$ 4.50
Hot Dog Cheese PrataS$ 5.90
Impossible Murtaburgerfrom S$ 13.90
Impossible Murtaburger VeganS$ 13.90


Menu items Price
Lamb Shank BriyaniS$ 20.9
Curry Chicken BriyaniS$ 8.90
Masala Chicken BriyaniS$ 8.90
Fried Chicken BriyaniS$ 8.90
Mutton BriyaniS$ 9.90
Fish BriyaniS$ 8.50
Prawn BriyaniS$ 14.30
Vegetable BriyaniS$ 7.50
Vegetarian Set MealS$ 7

Goreng Goreng

Menu items Price
Maggi Gorengfrom S$ 5.90
Nasi Gorengfrom S$ 5.90
Mee Gorengfrom S$ 5.90
Mee Hoon Gorengfrom S$ 5.90
Kuey Teow Gorengfrom S$ 5.90
Prata Gorengfrom S$ 5.90


Menu items Price
Chicken Murtabakfrom S$ 9.90
Mutton Murtabakfrom S$ 10.90
Sardine Murtabakfrom S$ 8.90
Vegetable Murtabakfrom S$ 8.80
Mini Ultimate Murtabakfrom S$ 10.59
Ultimate Murtabakfrom S$ 16.90

Dessert Pratas

Menu items Price
Banana PrataS$ 4.50
Red Bean PrataS$ 4.50
Milky PrataS$ 4.90
Chocolate PrataS$ 3.90
Strawberry PrataS$ 3.90
Roti Bomb PrataS$ 3.20
Banana Chocolate PrataS$ 5.50
Egg Banana PrataS$ 5.50
Ice Cream PrataS$ 5.20

A La Carte

Menu items Price
Masala ChickenS$ 6.40
Fried ChickenS$ 6.40
Curry ChickenS$ 6.40
Butter ChickenS$ 9.20
Curry FishS$ 4.60
Sambal FishS$ 5.10
Fried FishS$ 4.50
Fish Head Curryfrom S$ 30.20
Vegetablesfrom S$ 1.40
Curry MuttonS$ 7.10
Mutton Keema CurryS$ 7.10
Pepper Mysore MuttonS$ 9.10
Pepper MuttonS$ 9.10
Lamb Shank Ala CarteS$ 19.30
Sambal EggS$ 1.40
Single OmeletteS$ 2.10
Double OmeletteS$ 4.10
Pepper PrawnsS$ 11.30
Masala PrawnsS$ 11.30

Favourite Fares

Menu items Price
PappadumS$ 1.20
Kambing SoupS$ 6.70 Price


Menu items Price
Plain ThosaiS$ 2.50
Paper ThosaiS$ 3.40
Onion ThosaiS$ 3.90
Masala ThosaiS$ 3.90
Egg ThosaiS$ 3.50
Ghee ThosaiS$ 3.70
Masala Paper ThosaiS$ 4.40
Masala Onion ThosaiS$ 5
Cheese ThosaiS$ 4.80
Masala Ghee ThosaiS$ 4.90
Egg Masala ThosaiS$ 4.90
Masala Mushroom ThosaiS$ 5.90
Masala Cheese ThosaiS$ 5.90
Portobello Mozzarella Cheese ThosaiS$ 8.90

Favourite Hot Beverages

Menu items Price
Teh Tarikfrom S$ 1.70
Teh Ofrom S$ 1.60
Teh Cfrom S$ 2.20
Teh Haliafrom S$ 1.90
Teh O Limaufrom S$ 1.70
Coffee Tarikfrom S$ 1.70

Updated Springleaf Prata Menu January 2022

Being the most famous roti prata restaurant in Singapore, Springleaf serves its customers halal, fresh, and delicious Prata service. They just not become famous because of their Prata, but they also introduce and serve many items to their customers to bring them back.

New lunch of Kimly Dim Sum Menu.

Here are some pictures of the Springleaf Prate menu:

Best Food Items

The most famous dish on their menu, which makes them most famous in Singapore, is their famous Prata, the Prata is generally crispy outside but soft from inside.

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It’s a great choice for breakfast as well as for lunch. I also use it for snacks and supper, it just tastes better. If you visit their restaurant I will highly recommend you to taste Prata.

I usually get their Egg Prata in a basic package for $2.30. As compared to their normal Prata, there is more rectangular shaped having nice thin crisp on the outside.

This is the best combination with Dhal Cha curry and Fish Curry, tasty and spicy with tangy flavors. Also, other special Prata includes Mozzarella Cheese with Egg, Portobello Mushroom with Mozzarella ($5.90), or go for the Combo of mushroom, egg, tomato, and a combo of Mushrooms.

Springleaf Prata Delivery Locations

Springleaf Prata has 9 outlets in Singapore from where you can enjoy their food item. Here is the list of Springleaf Prata delivery locations in Singapore:

57B Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457253
Phone numbers
6636 2935, 8481 4083
Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 8am to 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 8am to 12am

1 Thong Soon Avenue. Singapore 787431
Phone numbers
6459 5670, 8119 2297
Operating Hours:
8am to 11pm

396 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678048
Phone numbers
6219 2540, 9654 0711
Operating Hours:
8am to 11pm

1 Woodlands Road #01-25 Junction10
Phone numbers
6951 3027
Operating Hours:
9am to 9pm

1 West Coast Drive #01-108,109
Phone numbers
9100 8134, 6996 4962
Operating Hours:

333 Boonlay Way, #2c-01, Singapore 649848
Phone numbers
6951 0593
Operating Hours:
8am to 10pm

106 Clementi Street 12, #01-64 Sunset Way, Singapore 120106
Phone numbers
6996 9670, 9853 5947
Operating Hours:
8am to 12am

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SAFRA 1/A Tampines Street 92 #01-K1
Phone numbers
6966 8073
Operating Hours:
8am to 10pm

60 Yishun Ave 4, #01-07 Singapore 769027
Phone numbers
8408 5760
Operating Hours:
8am to 10pm