Red Bone Toolang

Tash Tish Tosh Menu Singapore 2022

In 2013, a food lover lady established a restaurant “Tash Tish Tosh”. She picked the restaurant name based on the nickname of their daughter Natasha. The restaurant became famous because of its unique and delicious tasty dishes, signature dishes, appetizers, steaks pasta, submarine, etc. Here is the list of their latest menu with prices:

Menu ItemsPrice
Signature Garlic Cream MusselsS$ 12.50
Red Bone Toolangfrom S$ 21


Menu ItemsPrice
Signature Garlic Cream MusselS$ 12.50
Fried Chicken Wingfrom S$ 21
Toasty Garlic BreadS$ 9.90
Toasty Garlic Cheese BreadS$ 4.50
Cream of Mushroom SoupS$ 5.90
ShroomsS$ 4.90
Tash MashS$ 6.50
Chili DawgS$ 6.50
TashookaS$ 12.50
FriesS$ 4.50
Fries with Cheese DipS$ 6.50
Smoked Salmon BruschettaS$ 8.90


Menu ItemsPrice
Smoked Salmon with Cream CheeseS$ 11.50
Roasted Beef PepperoniS$ 11.50
Grilled ChickenS$ 11.50
Tuna MangoS$ 11.50
Egg MayoS$ 11.50

Angus Ribeye

Menu ItemsPrice
Angus RibeyeS$ 29.50
Angus Red Bone ToolangS$ 32.50

Wagyu Ribeye

Menu ItemsPrice
Wagyu Ribeye MS8S$ 59.90
Wagyu Red Bone ToolangS$ 62.90

Signature Toolang

Menu ItemsPrice
Red Bone Toolangfrom S$ 21

Signature Battleships

Menu ItemsPrice
BattleshipS$ 23.50
MothershipS$ 28.50
DestroyerS$ 33.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Beef Bone MarrowS$ 18.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Lamb Rack ChopS$ 24.50
Lamb Rib StewS$ 29.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Macho BurgerS$ 16.90
The Bomb BurgerS$ 15.90
Toolang BurgerS$ 16.90


Menu ItemsPrice
Meathead Boar PizzaS$ 19.90
Big Beef Bacon Boat PizzaS$ 19.90
Bomb PizzaS$ 19.90
Pepperoni Boat PizzaS$ 19.90
Hawaiian Boat PizzaS$ 19.90
Under the SeaS$ 19.90


Menu ItemsPrice
Allo Allo SignatureS$ 12.50
Allo Allo with PrawnsS$ 15.50
Allo Allo with Grilled ChickenS$ 15.50
Cream Basil Soft Shell CrabS$ 21.50
Cream Basil Soft SeafoodS$ 19.50
Cream Basil Beef BaconS$ 17.50
Cream Basil Grilled ChickenS$ 16.90
PMS Belacan ArrabiataS$ 19.50
Mee Goreng SeafoodS$ 19.50
Mee Goreng BeefS$ 19.50
Bomb ToolangS$ 19.90

Nasi Goreng

Menu ItemsPrice
Nasi GorengS$ 11.50
Nasi Goreng WagyuS$ 22.50
Nasi Goreng Red Bone ToolangS$ 17.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Saffron SalmonS$ 16.90
Fish & ChipsS$ 15.50


Menu ItemsPrice
Smoked Salmon SaladS$ 11.50
Salad PlainS$ 7.50
Vegetarian PastaS$ 12.50
Grilled Chicken SaladS$ 11.50
MargheritaS$ 19.90

Kid’s Meal

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheesy 6 Inch PizzaS$ 10.90
Mac & CheeseS$ 7.90
Fish & FriesS$ 6.90
Hot Dawgs & FriesS$ 4.90
Nuggets & FriesS$ 6.90

Best of Tash Tish Tosh

A signature dish on their menu is one of the famous items on their menu which you can taste in any of their outlets. A number of Singaporeans visit their outlets to taste their tasty signature dishes. Their signature dishes include different varieties like Red Bone Toolang, The Bomb, Battleship.

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Red Bone Toolang

Red Bone Toolang is not just attractive but also protects their attraction by making customers’ meals tastier. Their braise or soup together with the marrow makes it tasty. The sauce of toolang looks like a thing that is cooked through concentration and slowly as possible. It is so yummy and stocking up marrow from toolang is delicious for me.


Their Battleship is a combination of slurpy tulang stew including pizza base. We considered it not to be a huge mess but truly it is very delicious and tasty. It commonly included four tulangs per pie in small size.

Lamb Rack Chop

Lamb Rack chop consists of the pieces of the rack. Most lamb has a unique flavor because of grass-finished. Commonly people consider its flavor to be ironic (gamey) because it has a strong flavor and holds more fat. But I suggest it as grassy, well-balanced, and robust. Comparing lamb rack chop to other meats requires more time and care to cook.

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings have a uniquely sharp and spicy taste. That we can increase or decrease depending upon our favorite flavor (mild, medium, or hot). It has a higher percentage of meat than other parts of the chicken and is almost carbohydrate-free.

It is easy to cook the ingredients of Fried chicken wings: chicken wings, Kosher salt, Freshly ground black pepper, all-purpose flour, garlic powder, mustard powder, cayenne pepper, Vegetable oil, for frying.

Wagyu Cubes

It is expensive because of highly marbled meat. It is buttery, sweet, delicious and umami(sweet, sour, bitter, and salty). The taste or flavor of wagyu cubes is unique and very tender beef compared to other meat(or beef) because of its high-fat content. Generally, wagyu cubes are cooked in low heat. It is also best for the dining experience.