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Tasty Wok Singapore Menu

Tasty Wok Singapore is the ultimate source for Chinese food in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a place to dine in or take out, we’ve got you covered with an array of authentic and delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or dinner, Tasty Wok Singapore will have something that fits the bill. Their menu has all of your favorites, from fried rice to sweet and sour chicken, and everything in between! They even offer vegetarian options as well as gluten-free items, so everyone can enjoy their meal without having to worry about what ingredients might be lurking in their food.

If you want to order online and pick up your food when it’s ready instead of waiting around at the restaurant while they prepare it fresh just for you, they’ve got that too! Some delivery websites are easy to use and allow you to customize exactly what you want on your plate before placing your order. Using this method allows customers to ensure that their meal will be exactly how they ordered it every time.

So whether it’s lunchtime or dinner time—or even if it’s late night snacking time—they’ve got something for everyone at Tasty Wok Singapore!

Tasty Wok Singapore Menu Price List

The Tasty Wok Singapore Menu Price List is the most comprehensive list of food available at the popular restaurant chain, Tasty Wok.

Tasty Wok has been serving Singaporeans with authentic Chinese cuisine for how many years. By providing quality food at an affordable price, this restaurant has gained popularity among Singaporeans and tourists alike. Here is the list of their menu items with prices:

Tasty Wok Popular

Menu ItemsPrice
Salted Egg Chicken with RiceS$ 8.40
Cereal Chicken with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Dry Fried Hor FunS$ 7.40
Thai Style Chicken Cutlet with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Cereal Prawn with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Mongolian Chicken with Fried RiceS$ 8.40

Tasty Wok A La Carte

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet & Sour SeabassS$ 25.90
Thai Style SeabassS$ 25.90
Salted Egg Prawn BallS$ 19.00
Cereal Prawn BallS$ 19.00
Chilli Tofu PrawnS$ 18.00
Dried Chilli Prawn BallS$ 19.00
Salad Prawn BallS$ 19.00
Fried BunS$ 4.50
Assam Prawn BallS$ 19.00
Traditional Chilli La LaS$ 15.90
Sambal La LaS$ 15.90
Dried Chilli La LaS$ 15.90
Ginger Spring Onion La LaS$ 15.90
Black Pepper BeefS$ 13.00
Ginger Spring Onion BeefS$ 15.90
Salted Egg Chicken CutletS$ 15.90
Cereal Chicken CutletS$ 15.90
Mongolian Chicken CutletS$ 15.90
Thai Style Chicken CutletS$ 15.90
Salted Egg Big Prawn Ball with RiceS$ 10.80
Hainanese Chicken CutletS$ 15.90
Ginger Spring Onion Sliced FishS$ 15.90
Sweet & Sour Sliced FishS$ 15.90
Dried Chilli Sliced FishS$ 15.90
Boneless Chicken Thigh in CubeS$ 14.90
Salted Egg Sliced FishS$ 15.90
Sambal Seafood PetaiS$ 15.90
Sambal SotongS$ 15.90
Omelette EggS$ 9.00
Oyster Sauce VegetableS$ 13.00
Salted Vegetable Seafood Bean Curd SoupS$ 7.90
Tom Yam Seafood SoupS$ 7.90
Curry Fish HeadS$ 28.00
Fragrant Spicy Fish HeadS$ 36.00
Traditional Style Chilli CrabsS$ 72.00
Black Pepper Sauce Crabs (2 pcs)S$ 72.00
ASSAM Fish HeadS$ 28.00
Fried Mantou (12 pieces)S$ 12.00
Fried Mantou (9 pieces)S$ 9.00
Fried Mantou (6 pieces)S$ 6.00
Salted Egg CrabsS$ 72.00
Teochew Steamed SeabassS$ 25.90
Hong Kong Steamed SeabassS$ 25.90
Deep Fried SeabassS$ 25.90
Ginger Spring Onion ChickenS$ 15.90
Qing Long Veg White MushroomS$ 12.00
Prawn Paste ChickenS$ 14.90
Sambal Kang KongS$ 8.00 

Tasty Wok Rice Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
Spring Onion & Ginger Sliced Fish with RiceS$ 8.40
Salted Egg Prawn with RiceS$ 8.40
Salted Egg Chicken with RiceS$ 8.40
Cereal Prawn with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Cereal Chicken with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Thai Style Chicken Cutlet with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Dried Chilli Chicken with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Seafood RiceS$ 7.40
Mongolian Chicken with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Mongolian Prawn with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Sambal Sotong & Prawn with RiceS$ 8.40
Sweet & Sour Chicken with RiceS$ 7.40
Sweet & Sour Fish with RiceS$ 8.40
Marmite Chicken with RiceS$ 8.40
Seafood Fried RiceS$ 7.40
Sambal Fried RiceS$ 7.40
Salted Fish Fried RiceS$ 7.40
Sweet & Sour Chicken Cutlet with Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Fried Rice Chicken ThighS$ 6.90
Fried Rice BeefS$ 7.90
Yang Zhou Fried RiceS$ 7.40
Tom Yam Fried RiceS$ 7.40
Curry Chicken RiceS$ 8.40
Cereal Big Prawn with RiceS$ 13.80
Petai Sambal Fried RiceS$ 8.40
Chilli Tofu Prawn with Butter RiceS$ 10.80

Tasty Wok Noodle Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
UdonS$ 7.40
Traditional Hokkien MeeS$ 7.40
Crispy Noodle ChickenS$ 7.40
Crispy Noodle SeafoodS$ 7.40
Mee GorengS$ 7.40
Xin Zhou Bee HoonS$ 7.40
Fried Hong Kong NoodleS$ 7.40
Hor Fun ChickenS$ 7.40
Hor Fun BeefS$ 6.50
Bee Hoon ChickenS$ 7.40
Hor Fun SeafoodS$ 7.40
Bean Paste Hor FunS$ 8.40
San Lao Hor FunS$ 7.40
Seafood Lala White Bee HoonS$ 8.40
Chicken Cutlet Hor FunS$ 8.40
Dry Fried Hor FunS$ 7.40

Tasty Wok Sets

Menu ItemsPrice
Set AS$ 40.90
Set BS$ 40.90
Set C1S$ 15.90
Set C2S$ 14.90
Set C3S$ 15.90
Set C4S$ 15.90

Tasty Wok Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
CokeS$ 2.20
Green TeaS$ 2.20
Pokka Sparkling Fuji Apple Juice 325mlS$ 1.95

Tasty Wok Singapore Best Seller

As we all know, Tasty Wok Singapore is one of the most popular food restaurants in Singapore. Their delicious dishes and affordable prices have made them a household name, especially among those who are looking for fast yet affordable food.

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If you are one of the many people who love their food, here are some of the best sellers from their menu:

Tasty Wok Prawn Paste Chicken

Best Tasty Wok Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Prawn Paste Chicken is a delicacy that has been enjoyed by Malaysians since the 1960s. It’s made from prawn paste, which is a popular ingredient in many Malaysian dishes. This particular dish is made with chicken, shredded and marinated in prawn paste, then stir fried until cooked through.

The result? A rich, sweet dish that’s perfect for those who love their food on the sweeter side. The prawn paste gives it an extra kick of flavor that goes well with any rice dish or vegetable side dish you might be eating with it.

The first time I tried it, I was blown away by how much flavor there was in each bite. The prawn paste had an almost creamy texture and taste, but with a hint of spice from chilies and ginger. The chicken was tender and juicy, and the sauce had just enough sweetness to balance out the spicy kick of the prawn paste.

If you’re looking for something to change up your usual dinner routine, this dish would be an excellent option!

Tasty Wok Thai Style Chicken Cutlet

Famous Tasty Wok Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Thai Style Chicken Cutlet is a delicious dish that is composed of chicken cutlets, onions, peppers and spices. The dish is served with a side of rice and salad. It has a distinct taste that is sure to leave you wanting more! If you are looking for something different then this is the dish for you!

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The dish came hot, fresh off the grill and full of flavor—we could smell it as soon as it was placed in front of us! The sauce was flavorful without being overpowering, and the chicken itself was tender and juicy. It had just enough spice to give it some kick without making your mouth burn off your face (if you’re into that sort of thing). The vegetables added another layer of texture and flavor, while not taking away from the chicken itself.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, this dish might not be for you—it’s pretty straightforward. But if you’re looking for something simple with good flavor and minimal ingredients, this chicken cutlet will do the trick!

Tasty Wok Cereal Prawn Ball

Best Seller Tasty Wok Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I’ve been trying out new foods lately, and I have to say that this one is my new favorite.

The dish is called Cereal Prawn Ball, and it’s a version of the traditional Chinese dish called fish ball. The main ingredients are prawns and rice flour. The prawns are ground into a paste, and then mixed with the rice flour. After that, it’s shaped into balls and deep fried until golden brown.

The texture of the prawns is absolutely perfect. They’re soft but not mushy and have just enough crunch to them. The cereal is also perfectly crunchy and sweet, with a hint of saltiness that really brings out the flavor of the prawn and makes it pop.

This dish has a crispy outside and soft inside—the perfect combination! It also has an amazing flavor: savory, sweet, salty… There’s just so much going on in every bite!

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Tasty Wok Salted Egg Chicken with Rice

Most Popular Tasty Wok Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I tried this at a restaurant called Salted Egg Chicken with Rice and I have to say, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. It was so good that I’m still thinking about it now!

The chicken was crispy and golden brown on the outside, while staying tender and juicy on the inside. The salted egg sauce added an amazing flavor to the dish that really made it stand out from other chicken dishes I’ve had before. The rice was cooked perfectly—it wasn’t mushy or undercooked in any way, but it wasn’t too soft either. It had just enough texture for me to enjoy eating it without having to bite into something hard as well.

The portion size was perfect for me since I wasn’t very hungry at all that day, but if you’re looking for a heartier meal, you can always ask for more rice! Overall, this dish gets 5 stars from me because of its taste and presentation as well as its affordability.

Tasty Wok Mee Goreng

Most Recommended Tasty Wok Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Mee Goreng from Tasty Wok is a delicious and authentic taste of Malaysian cuisine.

This dish is served with rice noodles, vegetables, and shrimp. The noodles are prepared fresh and cooked to order. The vegetables are crisp and flavorful, and the shrimp are perfectly cooked. This dish has a spicy sauce that gives it great flavor without being overpowering, so you can enjoy it even if you don’t normally like spicy food.

The best part about this dish is that it is made with fresh ingredients—the vegetables are crisp, the noodles are soft but not mushy, and the shrimp are perfectly cooked every time. The flavors work together in perfect harmony!

Tasty Wok Fried Mantu

Top Tasty Wok Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @facebook

I was not expecting to love the Fried Mantu from Tasty Wok. I had never even heard of it before, and I thought it would be just like any other item on the menu: okay but not great. But I was wrong! This dish was way better than okay. It was amazing.

The fried mantu is basically a dumpling made out of chickpeas, onions, and spices. It’s served with a side of hot sauce for dipping. The first bite was amazing—the crispy outer layer gave way to soft mashed chickpeas and onions that were perfectly seasoned with spices. The hot sauce really brought it all together: spicy but not too hot, tangy but not too tart—just perfect for dipping!

If you’re looking for something different from the usual American fare, try this dish out! You won’t regret it!

Tasty Wok Outlets in Singapore 

Tasty Wok Singapore Outlet
Image Credit: @Instagram

Tasty Wok is a chain of Halal outlets that serves Chinese food. The first outlet was set up in Singapore in 2014 and since then, they are now expanding their restaurant within Singapore.

The chain has a wide menu selection that caters for all tastes. You can choose from dishes like salted egg chicken, seafood fried rice, mee goreng and many others. Their prices are very affordable and they also offer discounts to students and senior citizens. To find out more about this restaurant chain or to see if there is one near you, visit:

Tasty Wok (Heartbeat @ Bedok)

1 Bedok North Street 1, #01-28/29, Heartbeat @ Bedok (My Kampung Food Court) Stall 1, Singapore, SG 469662

Opening Hours: Daily (10:30 AM~9:00 PM)

Tasty Wok (Eunos)

1A Eunos Crescent #01-2461 Yong Li Coffee Station, Singapore 401001

Opening Hours: Daily (10:30 AM~9:00 PM)

Phone: +65 8235 7428

Contact with Tasty Wok in Singapore

The dining experience at Tasty Wok Singapore is genuinely exotic, whether it is your first time dining at a Chinese restaurant or you are simply eager to check out various foods.

Anyone who dines here will have an unforgettable experience because of the food’s excellent taste and artistic presentation. Tasty Wok Singapore is a great choice if you’re looking for a unique spot to eat.

So, if you’re interested in visiting their eateries, check out their website and social media.

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