The Public Izakaya Menu

The Public Izakaya Menu 2023

At The Public Izakaya, they believe that food should be fun. That’s why they have a large and diverse menu of delicious dishes made with the freshest ingredients, and served in a casual atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The Public Izakaya are not only serving up some of the best sushi in town; they’re also offering a variety of other options for those who want to try something new. They offer traditional Japanese favorites like ramen and udon noodles; delicious appetizers like edamame and gyoza; and even comfort foods like chicken karaage or edamame. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, don’t worry! Ask their staff about special dishes that will accommodate your needs.

They’re open seven days a week from 11:30 AM until 12:00 AM. Come by for lunch or dinner—or both—and let them make your eating experience as enjoyable as possible.

The Public Izakaya Menu Price List

At The Public Izakaya is a Japanese-style restaurant that offers a wide range of authentic Japanese dishes and drinks to customers. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of small plates, soups, and sushi rolls served with rice. The restaurant also offers a selection of beer and sake.

This Menu Price List is a comprehensive guide to the cost of dining at their restaurant. It includes a list of all menu items and their corresponding prices, as well as additional fees and taxes.

The Public Izakaya Starters/Salad

Menu ItemsPrice
EdamameS$ 8.56
MomotaroS$ 8.56
Kyuuri Shiro MisoS$ 8.56
Cabbage MisoS$ 8.56
HiyayakkoS$ 8.56
MoyashiS$ 8.56
Potato SaladS$ 8.56
Agedashi TofuS$ 8.56
Hamon Serrano HamuS$ 11.77
Torikawa Oroshi PonzuS$ 14.98
Reba ShoyuzukeS$ 14.98
Jaga ShiokaraS$ 12.84
Avocado SashimiS$ 12.84
The Public Izakaya SaladS$ 10.70

The Public Izakaya Chinmi/Tsukemono

Menu ItemsPrice
KimuchiS$ 7.49
Ika ShiokaraS$ 9.63
Tako WasabiS$ 9.63
Toyama Hotaruika ShoyuzukeS$ 9.63
ChanjyaS$ 9.63
Umeboshi Cream CheeseS$ 10.70
Tsukemono MoriawaseS$ 10.70

The Public Izakaya Cold Plates

Menu ItemsPrice
Baigai-niS$ 10.70
Ankimo PonzuS$ 13.91
Tororo MaguroS$ 19.26
Maguro YukkeS$ 19.26
Maguro Avocado Cream CheeseS$ 21.40

The Public Izakaya Agemono/ Deep Fried

Menu ItemsPrice
Jikasei Potato Croquette (2pcs)S$ 14.98
Chikuwa no Isobe-ageS$ 14.98
Gyoza Croquette (2pcs)S$ 14.98
Sunagimo-ageS$ 14.98
Satsuma-ageS$ 14.98
Kawa Ebi-ageS$ 14.98
Noto Amaebi Kara-ageS$ 14.98
Munenankutsu-ageS$ 17.12
Buta Minced KatsuS$ 16.05
Crispy Fried ChickenS$ 18.19
Tori Kara-age (4 large pcs!)S$ 20.33
Ishikawa no Buri Tatsu-ageS$ 18.19
Ika Nankotsu KarageS$ 16.05

The Public Izakaya Aburi/ Baked

Menu ItemsPrice
Jaga MentaikoS$ 14.98
Kani Tama GratinS$ 14.98
Mini OkonomiyakiS$ 14.98
Aburi ShimesabaS$ 18.19
Aburi MentaikoS$ 16.05

The Public Izakaya Nimono/ Simmered

Menu ItemsPrice
Motsu-niS$ 17.12
Gyu SujiS$ 17.12
Buta KakuniS$ 19.26

The Public Izakaya Yakimono/ Grilled

Menu ItemsPrice
Natto KitsuneS$ 8.56
Mentai Tamagoyaki (2pcs)S$ 8.56
“Kuro Mayo” Tsukune (2pcs)S$ 13.91
Yaki EihireS$ 13.91
Iwashi Mentaiko YakiS$ 13.91
Saba Bunka BoshiS$ 17.12
Ika IchiyaboshiS$ 23.54
Shima Hokke YakiS$ 27.82

The Public Izakaya Oden

Menu ItemsPrice
Omakase Oden Set (6pcs)S$ 23.54
Omakase Oden Set (10pcs)S$ 38.52

The Public Izakaya Rice/Noodles

Menu ItemsPrice
Negitoro DonS$ 25.68
Tororo Maguro DonS$ 25.68
Tori ChazukeS$ 25.68
Tori Soboro DonS$ 25.68
Plain Soba (hot)S$ 12.84
Plain Udon (hot)S$ 12.84
Onigiri (2pcs)S$ 9.63
Plain Japanese White RiceS$ 2.68

The Public Izakaya Kushiyaki Skewers Set

Menu ItemsPrice
Omakase Skewer Set (7pcs)S$ 32.10
Omakase Skewer Set (10pcs)S$ 43.87

The Public Izakaya Kushiyaki Skewers Ala Carte

Menu ItemsPrice
Buta Tontoro (Pork Collar)S$ 5.89
Bacon AsparagusS$ 5.35
Bacon Eringi MushroomS$ 5.35
Bacon Hotate ScallopS$ 9.63
Wagyu Beef SkewerS$ 12.95
Momoniku (Chicken Thigh)S$ 5.35
Munenankutsu (Chicken Cartilage)S$ 5.35
Sunagimo (Chicken Gizzard)S$ 5.35
Tebasaki (Chicken Wing)S$ 5.35
Bonjiri (Chicken Tail)S$ 5.35
Hatsu (Chicken Heart)S$ 5.35
Kawa (Chicken Skin)S$ 5.35
Reba (Chicken Liver)S$ 5.89
Negima (Chicken Thigh with Leek)S$ 5.89
Tsukune (Chicken Meatball)S$ 5.89
Shishito PepperS$ 4.71
Shiitake MushroomS$ 4.12

The Public Izakaya Sake- Sparkling

Menu ItemsPrice
Takara Mio 300mlS$ 23.54
Ninki-Ichi Sparkling Junmai Ginjyo 300mlS$ 29.96
Hanagaki Junmai Nigori 300mlS$ 40.66
Bijoufu Yuzu Shuwa 500mlS$ 72.76
Dassai Happo Nigori 360mlS$ 83.46
Seikyo Junmai Sparkling 720mlS$ 115.56

The Public Izakaya Sake- Other

Menu ItemsPrice
Sawanotsuru Hon Nama Sake 300mlS$ 32.10
Kunimare Senshu 300mlS$ 37.45
Sasaiwai Koshihikari Junmaishu 300mlS$ 40.66
Honshu-Ichi Muroka Junmai Shu 720mlS$ 104.86
Koshino Kanbai White Label 720mlS$ 115.56
Seikyo Honjozo Chokarakuchi 720mlS$ 115.56

The Public Izakaya Sake- Tokubetsu Junmai

Menu ItemsPrice
Kita no Nishiki Kita Tokubetsu Junmai 300mlS$ 42.80
Bijoufu Tokubetsu Junmai 720mlS$ 94.16
Maruta Tokubetsu Junmai 720mlS$ 104.86
Houraisen Ichinen Fudou Yumesansui Tokubetsu Jumai 720mlS$ 115.56

The Public Izakaya Sake- Junmai Ginjyo

Menu ItemsPrice
Ginrei Gassan Senchu Jyukusei Junmai Ginjyo 300mlS$ 43.87
Tamano Hikari Iwai Junmai Ginjyo 720mlS$ 104.86
Kitaya Kansansui Junmai Ginjyo 720mlS$ 115.56
Kameji Kojitsu Junmai Ginjyo 720mlS$ 126.26
Okunoto no Shiragiku Junmai Ginjyo 720mlS$ 147.66

The Public Izakaya Sake- Daiginjyo

Menu ItemsPrice
Kimoto Daiginjyo 300mlS$ 44.94
Shirayuki Konishi Daiginjyo Hiyashibori 720mlS$ 94.16
Kitaya Daiginjyo Ginnohitomi 720mlS$ 104.86
Saku no Hana Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 147.66
Kokuryu Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 265.36

The Public Izakaya Sake- Junmai Daiginjyo

Menu ItemsPrice
Kitagawa Tomioh Gin no Tsukasa Junmai Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 94.16
Kitaya Kansansui Junmai Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 126.26
Tatenogawa Junmai Daiginjyo Honryu Karakuchi 720mlS$ 126.26
Horin Junmai Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 136.96
Benten Junmai Daiginjyo Dewasansan Genshu 720mlS$ 147.66
Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 158.36
Benten Junmai Daiginjyo Kamenoo Genshu 720mlS$ 169.06
“Gasanryu-Gokugetsu” Junmai Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 169.06
Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjyo 720mlS$ 265.36

The Public Izakaya Umeshu

Menu ItemsPrice
Kiku Masamune 3yrs Aged Umeshu 720mlS$ 83.46
Sawanotsuru Koshu Umeshu 720mlS$ 115.56

The Public Izakaya Yuzushu

Menu ItemsPrice
Umenoyado Yuzu Shu 720mlS$ 115.56
Shio Yuzu Shu 720mlS$ 115.56

The Public Izakaya Non-Alcoholic Beer

Menu ItemsPrice
Hoppy OriginalS$ 11.56
Hoppy BlackS$ 11.56
Original Hoppy with a Shochu Shot ChaserS$ 14.98
Black Hoppy with a Shochu Shot ChaserS$ 14.98

The Public Izakaya Hachi Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine 355ml

Menu ItemsPrice
BlancS$ 19.26

The Public Izakaya Updated Menu 2023

The Public Izakaya New Menu

Image Credit: @Instagram

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The Public Izakaya Singapore has always been known for its authentic Japanese cuisine and lively atmosphere. As they step into 2023, the updated menu promises to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Featuring an even more extensive selection of mouth-watering dishes, the new menu showcases the perfect balance of traditional and innovative flavors. 

The Public Izakaya Singapore Menu Updated

Image Credit: @Instagram

From classic izakaya favorites like yakitori and takoyaki to contemporary fusion dishes that blend the best of Japanese and Singaporean culinary traditions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

The Public Izakaya Singapore New Menu

Image Credit: @Instagram

To complement the delectable food offerings, the updated menu also includes an expanded range of premium Japanese sake, craft beers, and artisanal cocktails. So gather your friends, family, or colleagues, and immerse yourself in the vibrant dining experience that is The Public Izakaya Singapore 2023 Updated Menu.

The Public Izakaya Popular Menu 2023

This section provides answers to some frequently asked questions. It will also provide you with the latest information on The Public Izakaya Popular Menu 2023 and help you determine if what food is right for you:

The Public Izakaya Maguro Avocado Cream Cheese

Best Salad of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re new to the world of Japanese food, Maguro Avocado Cream Cheese can be a great food to start.

The fish is fresh and flavorful, with just enough cream cheese to make it taste like something special without overpowering the tuna. The avocado is ripe, with a nice crunch that contrasts well with the softness of the cream cheese. The wasabi mayonnaise adds just a hint of spice that keeps things interesting while still letting you enjoy the flavor of your meal.

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The crackers are crisp and flavorful on their own, but they also go perfectly with this dish. They’re not too hard or crunchy, which means they don’t interfere with any flavors in your mouth. This makes them ideal for scooping up as much of everything else as possible.

If you want a new twist on traditional sushi without sacrificing any of its deliciousness, Maguro Avocado Cream Cheese is an excellent choice!

The Public Izakaya Maguro Kawa Ebi-age

Famous Shrimp of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Maguro Kawa Ebi-age was one of the most unique dishes I’ve ever been served, and I don’t say that lightly. I would have never guessed that river shrimp could be deep fried, but they were crispy and delicious. The lemon served on the side was a great addition to the dish that made it even better.

The Public Izakaya Tori Kara-age

Best Chicken of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Tori Kara-age is a Japanese dish that consists of extra-large fried soy marinated chicken chunks. It’s accompanied by mayonnaise and ponzu dips.

The chicken was crispy and crunchy, with a light flavor that wasn’t too overwhelming. The mayonnaise dip was delicious—not too creamy and not too tangy. The ponzu dip was also good, but I preferred the mayo more.

Overall, this is a good dish if you’re looking for something light with a little bit of kick.

The Public Izakaya Agedashi Tofu

Best Tofu of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a meal that’s both delicious and healthy, look no further than Agedashi Tofu.

This dish consists of deep-fried tofu in dashi broth with bonito flakes. It’s the perfect way to enjoy tofu without sacrificing your health!

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The tofu is deep fried in the traditional way—it’s cut into bite-sized pieces, then fried in oil until it becomes golden brown. The dashi broth is made from kelp and dried fish flakes called bonito, which give it its distinctive flavor and aroma. The combination of these two ingredients makes Agedashi Tofu one of my favorite dishes on the menu at The Public Izakaya.

The Public Izakaya Best Seller

Have you ever been to The Public Izakaya?

If not, you should definitely check out one—they’re a great place to wind down after a long day. Public Izakaya specializes in small plates, so you can order one or two dishes at a time, and try them all! If you’re like us and you love food, this restaurant is the perfect place for you.

This restaurant is one of our favorite places in Singapore. It’s got an amazing interior design and the food is incredible. We wanted to share it with everyone else! Here are our top six favorite dishes from The Public Izakaya:

The Public Izakaya Omakase Oden Set 

Best of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Omakase Oden Set is a great dish to start for those who want to try something new. It includes daikon, egg, konnyaku, and three other selections for $11.99.

The oden itself is tasty and the broth is flavorful without being too salty or bland. The daikon was tender and soft, which was surprising since it’s often tough when cooked for a long time in a soup. The egg was cooked perfectly—not too hard on the outside but firm enough to hold together when cut into bite-sized pieces. 

Best Seller of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The konnyaku was also cooked well—it had a nice texture similar to al dente pasta but with an added earthiness that made it interesting to eat all by itself. I would recommend this dish if you’re looking for something different than the usual ramen options or if you’re just looking for something filling on its own without the need for any sides or additional toppings (although there are some options available).

The Public Izakaya Jaga Mentaiko

Delicious of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Jaga Mentaiko is a Japanese dish that consists of baked julienne potato with spicy pollock roe. 

The potato is cut into thin strips and then combined with the roe, which is a type of fish caviar that has a salty flavor and is often used as condiment in Japanese cuisine. The combination produces an interesting flavor that can be described as a mild spiciness, but it’s not overpowering and the taste is quite pleasant. Furthermore, it is quite firm and crunchy, with a mild sweetness that goes well with the salty roe. The spice of the roe is balanced out by the sweetness of the potato, making this a very satisfying snack.

Famous of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This dish is perfect for when you want something simple and easy to make at home. It pairs well with almost any kind of meat or fish, and can also be eaten by itself if you’re looking for something light but flavorful for dinner tonight!

The Public Izakaya Tori Kara-age

Most Popular of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Tori Kara-Age Extra-Large Deep Fried Chicken Chunks accompanied Mayonnaise & Ponzu Dip has a rating of 5 stars out of 5.

It is a chicken dish that has crunchy batter that does not feel greasy at all and the chicken inside is tender and juicy. It has no bones and is easy to eat. The mayo dip is sweet, creamy and salty which goes very well with the karaage chicken. The ponzu dip tastes sour but not too sour as it balances out with the sweetness from the mayo dip nicely.

Most Recommended of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This dish is best eaten when hot, otherwise it loses its crunchiness and becomes soggy after cooling down slightly at room temperature or fridge temperature (the mayo sauce will also harden). You can also eat it cold if you prefer to avoid food waste but personally I found it more enjoyable when hot because then the flavors come alive!

The Public Izakaya Omakase Skewer Set

Top of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This set of assorted skewers is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s easy to prepare, and has a lot of variety. The skewers come in four different flavors: chicken, beef, shrimp and pork. They have a nice charcoal grilled flavor, and are extremely easy to prepare—just place them on the grill or in the oven until they’re done!

Unique of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The set contains seven skewers (four of each flavor), so it’s perfect for small families or couples who just want to share a meal together. This is also an ideal product for people who don’t want to spend too much time cooking; all you need to do is throw some vegetables on the grill alongside these skewers for an easy side dish!

If you’re looking for something simple yet tasty, then this skewer set is definitely worth checking out!

The Public Izakaya Bukkake Sushi

Yummy of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Bukkake Sushi is a delicious maki sushi topped with ikura caviar, crabmeat mayonnaise and minced tuna. This is a very fresh tasting roll and the ingredients are top notch. The ikura caviar adds a nice pop of salty flavor to the roll, while the crab meat mayonnaise gives it a nice creaminess that you don’t always find in sushi rolls. The minced tuna is also very tasty, adding to the overall freshness of this roll.

Great of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

In addition to being delicious, this roll is also very filling. It makes for a great meal or snack when you’re looking for something light but satisfying. I would recommend it to anyone who loves sushi rolls!

The Public Izakaya Buta Kakuni

Best Pork of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Buta Kakuni was a solid choice for meat eaters who are looking for something that’s a bit different than the usual suspects, like chicken and beef.

The first thing that caught my eye about this dish was how rich and savory the sauce was—it had a deep soy flavor with hints of sweetness and umami. The pork belly was tender and juicy, with just enough fat to keep it from being dry, but not so much that it overwhelmed everything else on the plate. 

Best Seller Pork of The Public Izakaya Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

And while many people might think that soft boiled egg is an odd pairing for pork belly, I found that they actually brought out each other’s best qualities: the saltiness of the egg cut through some of the richness of the sauce without adding any unnecessary saltiness; while the soft yolk provided an additional layer of texture and creaminess to each bite.

It’s not often that I find myself going back for seconds when eating at Japanese restaurants—I tend to prefer more traditional fare like chicken teriyaki or tempura shrimp—but Buta Kakuni has definitely become one of my favorites over time. I’d say this is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something new and different!

The Public Izakaya Review by Customer

The Public Izakaya Outlets in Singapore

The Public Izakaya Tras Street

100 Tras St, #01 – 09, Singapore 079027

Opening Hours: Monday~Friday (11:30 AM~12:00 AM)

                          Saturday (5:00 PM~12:00 AM) / Sunday (5:00 PM~10:00 PM)

Phone: +65 6604 9622

The Public Izakaya Icon Village

Altez, #01-14/15/16, 16 Enggor St, Singapore 079717

Opening Hours: Monday~Friday (11:30 AM~12:00 AM)

                          Saturday (5:00 PM~12:00 AM)

Phone: +65 6333 9622

Contact with The Public Izakaya in Singapore

If you’re looking for a place to go out with your friends or family and have an amazing time, then the Public Izakaya is the place for you.

The Public Izakaya is a Japanese style bar located in Singapore. It has a wide variety of food and drink options that are all delicious. They also have an extensive menu, which is updated often. So if you want to stay updated on their menu you can check their social media account here:

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