The Super Foodie Paradise Menu

The Super Foodie Paradise Menu

It’s not hard to find a good restaurant in the city. If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably heard about the Super Foodie Paradise Menu. We’re here to tell you: it’s no joke.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce The Super Foodie Paradise, an exciting new restaurant that combines the best of Western, Mexican and healthy food.

The Super Foodie Paradise Menu has something for everyone: salads for those looking to stay fit, tacos for those looking to try something different, and even burgers for those who just want something familiar. The menu is designed to ensure that you’ll be able to eat your way through the day without ever getting bored or feeling like you’re missing out on something delicious.

But regardless of what kind of diet you follow or what kind of meal you’re craving, there’s one thing that stays constant: your health! And when it comes to health and wellness, it’s all about balance—that’s why we’ve created The Super Foodie Paradise Menu.

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The Super Foodie Paradise Menu Price List

This is a complete menu, price list and menu description guide for all of our local restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a home-style breakfast in the morning, or a quick lunch on your way back from work, they’ve got something for everyone!

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We want to make sure that you never have to worry about where to eat if you’re hungry in the area. That’s why we offer an extensive list of the Super Foodie Paradise with their menus and prices available online so that you can browse at your convenience and find exactly what you want.

The Super Foodie Paradise  Bagel Master™️ – Signature Bagelwich Bagels

Lord Lox BagelwichS$ 18.00
The breakfast BagelwichS$ 18.00
Eggs & Avo BagelwichS$ 18.00
Chico Pesto BagelwichS$ 18.00
Egg & Brisket BagewichS$ 18.00
Tuna Mania BagelwichS$ 18.00
The Truffle Guy Bagelwich (Vegan)S$ 18.00
Creamy Mushoom Bagelwich (Vegan)S$ 18.00
Brie Shrimpy BagelwichS$ 18.00

The Super Foodie Paradise Next Level Nachos™️

Build Your Own Mega Nachol BowlS$ 19.90
Viva Mexicana NachosS$ 17.90
Max Level NachosS$ 19.90
Cheesy Chipotle NachosS$ 17.90
Volcano NachosS$ 17.90
Smoked Brisket NachosS$ 21.90
Vegan Chili Cheese NachosS$ 18.90
Captain’s NachosS$ 22.90
Nachos Chips & Dips SetS$ 12.90

The Super Foodie Paradise RostiBoy™ Rosti Bowls

The Classic RostiBoy™S$ 18.90
The Breakfast RostiBoy™S$ 23.90
The All Day RostiBoy™S$ 26.90
The Mexican RostiBoy™S$ 22.90
The V RostiBoy™S$ 21.90

The Super Foodie Paradise RostiBoy™ – Burrata & Rosti Bowls

The Classic Burrata RostiBoy™ (GF, Vegetarian)S$ 29.90
Bang Bang burrata RostiBoy™ (GF, Vegetarian)S$ 32.90
The Bravo Burrata RostiBoy™ (GF, Vegetarian)S$ 32.90
The Mighty Mexican Burrata RostiBoy™ (GF, Vegetarian)S$ 32.90
The Salmon Burrata RostiBoy™S$ 34.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Pita Hero™️ – Perfect Pita Pockets

Macho MexicanS$ 18.90
Hummus HeroS$ 18.90
Julius CaesarS$ 18.90
Papa PestoS$ 18.90
Greek GoddessS$ 18.90
Hi! Hi! HawaiianS$ 18.90
Customize Your Own Pita HeroS$ 18.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Jammy’s™️ – Guiltless Pleasures

Keto & Vegan Granola – Matcha Sesame (225g pack)S$ 25.90
Keto + Vegan Lemon Crumble Mini LoafS$ 14.90
Keto + Vegan Dark Chocolate Caramel Tart (1 Slice)S$ 13.90
Keto & Vegan Dark Chocolate Caramel Tart (Whole)S$ 100.00
Jammy’s Keto Brownie-Misu – ClassicS$ 17.90
Jammy’s Keto Brownie Triple Taster BoxS$ 26.50
Jammy’s Keto Hazelnut BrownieS$ 10.90
Keto Brownie Box – HazelnutS$ 87.20
Jammy’s Keto BrownieS$ 8.90
Keto Brownie BoxS$ 71.20
Jammy’s Keto Walnut BrownieS$ 9.90
Keto Brownie Box – WalnutS$ 79.20
Keto Peanut Butter BlondieS$ 9.90
Keto Blondie Box – Peanut ButterS$ 79.20
Keto Almond Butter BlondieS$ 10.90
Keto Blondie Box – Almond ButterS$ 87.20
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Caramel Pecan (NEW!)S$ 27.90
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Roasted PistachioS$ 27.90
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Rich HazelnutS$ 27.90
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Really Dark ChocolateS$ 25.90
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Raspberry SorbetS$ 25.90
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Salted Vanilla (NEW!)S$ 27.90
Keto & Vegan Gelato – Almond Butter Crunch (NEW!)S$ 27.90
Keto & Vegan Granola – Hazelnut & Cocoa (225g pack)S$ 25.90
PBJ Keto Brownie BowlS$ 16.90
All or Nuttin’ Keto Brownie BowlS$ 16.90
Mochalicious Keto Brownie BowlS$ 16.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Super Shakes by Shake Farm™️

Early Energiser (GF)S$ 11.90
Deep Detox (GF)S$ 11.90
Clean Cleanse (GF)S$ 11.90
Stress Less (GF)S$ 11.90
Clean Cut – Protein Shake (GF)S$ 12.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Protein Bowls by Shake Farm™️

Grandma’s RoastS$ 23.90
Mexicana (GF)S$ 23.90
Veganlicious (GF)S$ 22.90
Keto All Day Brunch (GF)S$ 26.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Scrumptious Salads by Shake Farm™️

The Super Salad (GF)S$ 20.90
Mighty Mexican (GF)S$ 20.90
Perfect Pesto (GF)S$ 21.90
Green Goodness (GF)S$ 21.90

The Super Foodie Paradise The Original Cuban Bro’s™

The Original Bro’sS$ 19.90
The Vegan Bro’sS$ 21.90
The Brisket Step Bro’sS$ 21.90
The Tuna Bro’sS$ 20.90
The Big Bro’sS$ 20.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Bang Bang Burritos™️

The Sunrise BurritoS$ 22.90
The Classic BurritoS$ 17.90
The AtlanticS$ 19.90
The CowboyS$ 22.90
The Speedy GonzalesS$ 17.90
The Veganlicious BurritoS$ 17.90
The Cheesy Pesto BurritoS$ 19.90
The Volcano BurritoS$ 18.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Bob The Burger Builder – Engineered Burgers

Bob’s Foundation BurgerS$ 19.90
Handy Mexican Man BurgerS$ 19.90
Lean Construct Salmon BurgerS$ 21.90
Bang Bang Builder BurgerS$ 23.90
Super-Structure Impossible BurgerS$ 26.90
Mechanically Impossible BurgerS$ 24.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Gangster Wrapper™️

The Notorious B.I.G.S$ 17.90
The Shinjuku WrapS$ 19.90
The Cartel WrapS$ 20.90
The Fifty CentsS$ 17.90
The D O Double GS$ 19.90
The Wu Tang ClanS$ 17.90
The Gangster DawgS$ 22.90
The Benjamin FranklinsS$ 19.90
The Vegan GangsterS$ 21.90
The Keto WrapperS$ 20.90

The Super Foodie Paradise KetoBurg™ – Guilt Free Burgers

The Original KetoBurgS$ 19.90
The King KetoBurgS$ 23.90
The Spicy KetoBurgS$ 20.90
The Breakfast KetoBurgS$ 21.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Keto Burrito™️

Peri Peri Burrito BowlS$ 21.90
Mama’s Salsa Burrito BowlS$ 20.90

The Super Foodie Paradise The Burrata Bowl Co.™ – Classic Keto Burrata Bowls

Classico Fantastico (Keto & GF)S$ 28.90
Babbo’s Burrata Bowl (GF)S$ 31.90
Ciao Bella Burrata Bowl (Keto & GF)S$ 31.90
Mexicano Delizioso (Keto & GF)S$ 32.90
Burrata Di Salmone (Keto & GF)S$ 34.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Dos Amigos Mexicana™️

Qu! Qu! Qu! QuesadillaS$ 19.90
Vegana QuesadillaS$ 19.90
Amigos FajitasS$ 22.90
Keto FajitasS$ 24.90
Vegan FajitasS$ 21.90
Amigos EnchiladasS$ 22.90
Vegan EnchiladasS$ 21.90
Amigo BurritoS$ 18.90
Vegan Amigo BurritoS$ 18.90
Amigo Burrito BowlS$ 20.90
Keto Burrito BowlS$ 22.90
Macho NachosS$ 19.90
Vegana NachosS$ 19.90
Dos Amigos Sides – Nacho Chips & Dips SetS$ 11.90
Dos Amigos Sides- Vegan Chilli con CarneS$ 7.90
Dos Amigos Sides – Mexicana Spiced BeansS$ 7.90
Dos Amigos Sides – Keto Spicy Salsa SauceS$ 6.90
Dos Amigos Sides – Enchilada Hot SauceS$ 3.90
Dos Amigos Sides – GuacamoleS$ 9.90
Dos Amigos Sides – Housemade Corn ChipsS$ 6.90

The Super Foodie Paradise The King’s Kebab™️ – Royal Kebab Series

The Greek GeezaS$ 26.90
The Spicy OneS$ 26.90
The Kent KebabS$ 23.90
The Italian JobS$ 24.90
Build Your Own King’s KebabS$ 26.90

The Super Foodie Paradise The King’s Kebab™️ – Signature Salads

The Sovereign Salad (GF)S$ 24.90
Mighty Mexican (GF)S$ 24.90
Grand Greens (GF)S$ 24.90
Imperial Pesto (GF)S$ 24.90

The Super Foodie Paradise The King’s Kebab™️ – Just the Skewers, Please!

Four Spice Chicken Kebab SkewerS$ 15.50
Greek Halloumi Kebab SkewerS$ 17.50
Spicy Tofu Kebab SkewerS$ 15.50
Seared Salmon Kebab SkewerS$ 19.00
Mediterranean Roasted VeggiesS$ 15.50

The Super Foodie Paradise Acai King™️ – The King’s Selection

Awesome Avocado (Vegan)S$ 18.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Acai King’s™️ – Acai Chia Pudding Bowls

Chi-KetoS$ 16.90
Man Goes ChiaS$ 16.90

The Super Foodie Paradise Acai King™️ – Acai Overnight Oats Bowl

Apple Crumble (Vegan)S$ 16.90

The Super Foodie Paradise™ – Sides & Snacks

Freshly Cooked Potato Chips & Choice ofS$ 14.90
Vegan Chilli FriesS$ 13.90
Signature Loaded FriesS$ 15.90
Vegetable Crudites & Choice of HousemadeS$ 14.90
Loaded Sweet Potato FriesS$ 16.70

The Super Foodie Paradise Best Seller

It’s no secret that the Super Foodie Paradise restaurant is a favorite among Singaporeans and visitors alike. If you’ve visited the restaurant, you know how delicious their food tastes and how clean and inviting their dining area is. But what you may not know is that they offer a variety of dishes that you can try to share those same culinary delights at home. Here is the list of their best seller:

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The Super Foodie Paradise (Tuna Mania Bagelwich)

Best of The Super Foodie Paradise Menu
Image Credit: @Grabfood

The Tuna Mania Bagelwich from Bagelicious is an excellent choice for a lunch or dinner on the go.

The tuna salad is packed with flavor and has just the right amount of mayo to give it a nice consistency without making it too creamy. The vegetables are fresh and crisp, and the bagel itself is nicely toasted with a crunchy crust that gives way to a soft inside. It was delicious, and it made me feel like I was doing something good for my body by eating it. I have to admit that when it first came out, I didn’t really think much of it. 

But now that I’ve tried it, I am hooked on the stuff! It’s like a tuna sandwich without all of the bread (which is good for your waistline), but with all of the flavor. The sauce on top is amazing—it has just enough spice to give it a kick, but not so much that you can’t enjoy your meal. It’s also nice because you don’t have to worry about getting messy while eating—all you have to do is pop open the bagelwich and eat away!

The Super Foodie Paradise (The Brisket Step Bro’s)

Best Seller of The Super Foodie Paradise Menu
Image Credit: @Grabfood

The Brisket Step Bro’s was a delicious experience, and I’m so glad that I got to try it out.

The pulled beef brisket was tender and juicy, and the spicy house-made coleslaw was really good with it. The Cuban Bro’s signature mustard mayo was also a great complement to the meat, adding some texture and flavor that made this sandwich stand out.

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I also loved how they used coral lettuce instead of iceberg—it added a nice crunchy texture that made this sandwich feel fresh and light. The diced jalapenos were also a nice touch; they added just enough heat without being overpowering or overwhelming.

One thing I would change about this sandwich is that there wasn’t enough cheese—I would love to see them add more! Overall though, this is a great option for vegetarians looking for something delicious on the go.

The Super Foodie Paradise (The Breakfast KetoBurg)

Famous of The Super Foodie Paradise Menu
Image Credit: @Grabfood

The Breakfast KetoBurger was everything I hoped it would be. The handmade grass-fed beef patty was delicious and perfectly seasoned, and the creamy garlic mushroom (vegan) was rich and savory. The baby spinach was fresh, crunchy, and added a nice contrast to the soft mushrooms. 

The spicy salsa gave just enough heat to make the whole thing interesting without being overwhelming. The turkey bacon was crispy and flavorful, and the garlic aioli added just enough richness to round out the sandwich.

The bun was fluffy and light—I couldn’t believe it was homemade! It tasted like it had been baked with love by someone who really cares about their craft. 

The Super Foodie Paradise (The Atlantic Burrito)

Most Popular of The Super Foodie Paradise Menu
Image Credit: @Grabfood

I loved this burrito! It was so delicious and filling, but not heavy at all. The tzatziki really added a lot of flavor to the dish, and I loved mixing it with the quinoa super salad. The quinoa super salad was very refreshing and light, which is what I needed after a long day of work.

The tzatziki sauce was made from cucumber yogurt and garlic paste which gave it a really unique flavor that I loved. It wasn’t too spicy or too creamy—just perfect! The quinoa super salad was crunchy and fresh without being too bitter or overpowering in taste. The rocket leaves added an extra touch of freshness as well as a nice texture change from the softness of the rest of the ingredients in this dish.

 Finally, there were two slices of feta cheese on top of each other which added another layer of flavor. I would definitely recommend this burrito if you’re looking for something healthy and delicious!

The Super Foodie Paradise (Papa Pesto)

Most Recommended of The Super Foodie Paradise Menu
Image Credit: @Grabfood

What could be better than a fresh, delicious pita pocket? Two fresh, delicious pita pockets. Papa Pesto Pita is the best of both worlds. With a choice of protein and a variety of toppings, you can customize your pita to fit your needs. And the fillings are not just for looks—they’re also delicious!

The walnut pesto is made in-house and contains fresh basil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, olive oil and garlic. You can choose from feta cheese or goat cheese as your protein option and add dried cranberries, balsamic cherry tomatoes or almonds to your filling. There’s even baby spinach if you’re feeling adventurous!

Each pita is made with wholemeal pita bread that tastes great whether it’s warm or cold. They’re so good that I ate two on my first visit (and then went back for more).

The Super Foodie Paradise (The Cowboy Burrito)

Top of The Super Foodie Paradise Menu
Image Credit: @Grabfood

I ordered the Cowboy Burrito with Chimichurri as my protein, Lemon Brown Rice as my base, Caramelized Onions as my garnish, Walnut as my nut, Spiced Dukkah as my spice, Sweet Basil as my herb, and Mature Cheddar as my cheese. I chose a flour tortilla wrap to hold it all together.

The Chimichurri was a great choice for this burrito. The lemon brown rice was comforting and hearty. The walnut added crunch without overpowering the rest of the ingredients. The dukkah gave it a unique kick that made it stand out from other burritos I’ve tasted in the past. The sweet basil gave it an earthy undertone that complemented all of the other flavors nicely without being too overpowering itself. Finally, the cheddar rounded out all of these different tastes beautifully!

This burrito is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something new and exciting!

The Super Foodie Paradise Outlet in Singapore

The Super Foodie Paradise’s outlet at The Digital Kitchen is the first of its kind to offer a wide range of healthy food choices to customers. It is also the only place where you can get your favorite health drinks and shakes without having to go to another shop or cafe for it.

With a variety of options available, you can choose from any of their health drinks and shakes or even their freshly baked cakes, burgers, bagels and burritos. To know their location, check this out:

The Super Foodie Paradise Bendemeer Road

80 Bendemeer Road #01-01 The Digital Kitchen, Singapore 339949

Opening Hours : Daily (11:00 AM~ 9:30 PM)

Phone: +65 6974 7836

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