Tsui Wah Menu

Tsui Wah Singapore Menu

Tsui Wah is a Hong Kong-style restaurant that opened in Singapore in the early 2018. It has since expanded to become one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Asia. The Tsui Wah menu offers a wide variety of dishes, including noodles, rice dishes, vegetables, and seafood.

The Tsui Wah Singapore menu includes chicken, soup, fried rice, noodles and more. Vegetarian options are available for those who want to keep their diet in mind when ordering food at this restaurant. These include tofu dishes made with mushrooms or vegetables or tofu that is deep-fried after marinating with soy sauce and ginger.

If you don’t see something on the menu that sounds good to eat today, don’t worry because there are plenty of other options available!

Tsui Wah Singapore Menu Price List

If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Singapore that serves delicious Chinese food, we have just the place for you! Tsui Wah is a chain restaurant that offers many different dishes at affordable prices. They do everything from traditional food to more modern Chinese dishes with a twist. 

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Here is the list of their menu items with their prices:

Tsui Wah Signature Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
Milk Tea (Hot)S$4.20
Jumbo Hot DogS$7.80
Kagoshima-Style Braised Pork Cartilage with Tossed Instant NoodlesS$12.50
Beef Brisket Curry with Steamed RiceS$17.80
Tsui Wah Signature Pork Chop BunS$10.00
Chicken Wings with Sweet Soy SauceS$12.40
Lamb Chop Curry with Steamed RiceS$34.00
Crispy Bun with Condensed MilkS$4.70

Tsui Wah Sizzling Plate Set 

Menu ItemsPrice
Mixed Grills on Sizzling Plate (Red Wine Gravy)S$29.80
Grilled King Prawn and Chicken Steak on Sizzling Plate (Red Wine Gravy)S$29.80
Lamb Chop on Sizzling Plate (Red Wine Gravy)S$37.70
Grilled Lyon-Style Pork Chop on Sizzling Plate (Onion SauceS$24.80

Tsui Wah Soup

Menu ItemsPrice
Chinese Soup of the DayS$5.80

Tsui Wah Vegetables and Healthy Choices

Menu ItemsPrice
Amaranth in Fish SoupS$10.00
Kangkong Served with Chilli and Preserved BeancurdS$7.80
Broccoli Served with Abalone SauceS$8.80
Shiitake Mushroom and Broccoli in Abalone SauceS$11.20
Homemade Fish Soup with RadishS$7.80

Tsui Wah Curry Series

Menu ItemsPrice
Pork Cutlet Curry with Steamed RiceS$16.50
Chicken Curry with Steamed RiceS$15.50
Assorted Vegetables and Prawns Curry with Steamed RiceS$18.80
Assorted Vegetables and Egg Curry with Steamed RiceS$13.00

Tsui Wah Noodles Expert

Menu ItemsPrice
Kagoshima – Style Braised Pork Cartilage & Wontons in Fish Soup with MixianS$12.40
King Prawns in XO Sauce with Tossed NoodlesS$15.80
Vegetables in XO Sauce with Tossed NoodlesS$9.50
Satay Beef Brisket and Tendon in Soup with NoodlesS$13.60
Wontons with Shrimp Roe in Fish Soup with NoodlesS$11.20
Kagoshima-Style Braised Pork Cartilage in Fish Soup with MixianS$11.20
Sliced Chicken in Mala Soup with MixianS$11.20
King Prawns in Mala Soup with MixianS$13.60
King Prawns in Mala Soup with Tossed MixianS$15.80

Tsui Wah Continental Delights

Menu ItemsPrice
Baked Spaghetti BologneseS$15.50
Baked Fried Rice with Pork Chop in Tomato PureeS$17.80

Tsui Wah Sizzling Plate Noodles

Menu ItemsPrice
Stir-fried Instant Noodles with Assorted Vegetables on a Sizzling PlateS$14.80

Tsui Wah Hong Kong Flavor

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet and Sour PorkS$17.00
Sweet and Sour Prawns, Pineapple and HawthornS$18.90
Scrambled Egg with ShrimpsS$15.40
Scrambled Egg with Shrimps Fried RiceS$16.50
Char Siew and Scrambled Egg Fried RiceS$16.50
Pork Chop with Honey Shaoxing WineS$15.90
Braised Abalone Sauce Rice with Diced Chicken and KaleS$17.80
Luncheon Meat & Sunny-side Up Egg in Premium Soy Sauce with Steamed RiceS$9.50
Spiced Pork Chop with Green Onion and Eggs Fried RiceS$16.50

Tsui Wah Cantonese Side Dishes

Menu ItemsPrice
Wontons with Shrimp Roe in Fish SoupS$11.20
Satay Beef Brisket and TendonS$16.50
Kagoshima-Style Braised Pork CartilageS$13.00
Deep Fried Wontons – 6 pcsS$7.70
Mala PrawnsS$14.20

Tsui Wah Snacks

Menu ItemsPrice
Deep Fried Chicken Wings – 2 pcsS$8.30
French FriesS$5.90
Luncheon Meat FriesS$8.80
Luncheon Meat and Scrambled Egg SandwichesS$7.20
Scrambled Egg SandwichesS$5.90
Roti BreadS$2.95

Tsui Wah Steamed Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
Steamed RiceS$1.80

Tsui Wah Hong Kong-style Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice
Bottled Milk Tea (300ml)S$5.50
Bottled Coffee (300ml)S$5.50
Bottled Yuen YeungS$5.50
Yuen Yeung – Coffee & TeaS$4.20
Milk TeaS$4.20
Signature CoffeeS$4.20
Coffee with Condensed Milk (Hot)S$4.20
Tea with Condensed Milk (Hot)S$4.20

Tsui Wah Specialty Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice
Lemon TeaS$5.30
Honey Lemon WaterS$4.70
Barley with LemonS$5.90
Grass Jelly in Coconut MilkS$7.00
Almond Milk with Egg White (Hot)S$8.30

Tsui Wah Beer

Menu ItemsPrice
Tiger (per Can)S$8.80
Guinness (per Can)S$8.80

Tsui Wah Signature Dishes

Tsui Wah has a long history of serving delicious Hong Kong-style breakfast and lunch, and they’re proud to have been a part of that tradition for over 30 years. Their Signature Dishes are some of their most popular items—and for a good reason!

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Their Signature Dishes include:

Tsui Wah Kagoshima-Style Braised Pork Cartilage with Tossed Instant Noodles

Most Popular Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Japan, look no further than Tsui Wah’s signature dish. This traditional Kagoshima braised pork cartilage with tossed instant noodles will leave you feeling like you’ve just been transported to the bustling streets of Tokyo!

The Kagoshima Braised Pork Cartilage With Tossed Instant Noodles is a great example: it’s a bowl of instant noodles tossed with thin slivers of cartilage from the pig’s neck. It is a truly unique dish, and it is made from pork cartilage that was braised for three hours in a soy sauce-based broth. 

The noodles are tossed with more of the same broth and then served with pickled radishes. Its pork is also seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil, and it hits all the right spots for me—it’s salty, fatty and tender all in one bite. This dish will do the trick if you want something hearty and satisfying!

Tsui Wah Jumbo Hot Dog

Most Recommended Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Jumbo Hotdog is the signature dish at Tsui Wah, and it’s a must-try! This is a traditional Hong Kong style hot dog that has been perfected over time. This juicy hotdog is served on a sesame bun with Tsui Wah’s special yellow mustard and mayonnaise.

The hotdog bun is soft and light, while the filling is juicy, savory and flavorful. It’s topped with fresh vegetables and served with a side of sauce that compliments it perfectly. 

You can find this dish at all of their restaurants around Singapore —so you’ll never have to wonder what to order when you’re at one of our locations!

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Tsui Wah Beef Brisket Curry with Steamed Rice

Top Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a dish that’s spicy, saucy, and filling, this is the one for you. The Tsui Wah Signature Dish features layers of tender beef brisket simmered in a curry sauce that’s been perfectly seasoned by their chefs. 

It’s served over rice, making it an excellent choice for anyone who likes to enjoy their food with a side of carbs. This is one of their most popular dishes, and I think it’s because it has everything you could want in a meal: flavor, texture and heartiness.

The beef brisket is cooked to perfection and melts in your mouth. At the same time, the curry sauce adds just enough spice without being overpowering. While, the steamed rice helps soak up all of the flavors from the dish, making it even more delicious!

So what are you waiting for? Give your family something they will love and remember forever; this dish is exactly what you need!

Tsui Wah Signature Pork Chop Bun

Best Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Tsui Wah is a Hong Kong-style cafe that’s been around for over 30 years. It’s the go-to place for pork chop buns and other comfort food. And one of those places where you can always expect to see someone you know—either because you’re a regular or because your friends are regulars.

The Tsui Wah Signature Pork Chop Bun is a delicious treat, with the perfect blend of savory and sweet. Its bun is soft and fresh, with a slight sweetness that complements the savory pork chop. While the sweet and sour sauce enhances the flavor of the pork that it’s served with—a perfect balance of salty and sweet. Furthermore the pork chop itself is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside—it’s just how you will like it!

I recommend pairing this dish with their Tsui Wah Signature Egg Tart for an unforgettable combination.

Tsui Wah Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk

Best Seller Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s a bun, but it’s not a bun. The Tsui Wah Signature Dish is a crispy bun with condensed milk.

The Tsui Wah signature dish is a sweet bun that has been around since the 1950s. Originating in Hong Kong, this sweet treat was originally made by hand and sold at the Tsui Wah Bakery in Sham Shui Po, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Hong Kong. Since then, it has spread its deliciousness to other parts of Asia, especially in Singapore.

One bite into this sweet treat, and you’ll be transported back to your childhood with memories of eating them in school as a reward for good grades or staying out of trouble!

Tsui Wah Chicken Wings with Sweet Soy Sauce

Great Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I love chicken wings, but I hate how they make my hands all greasy. That’s why I was so excited to try these sweet soy sauce wings from Tsui Wah. They’re so good and incredibly easy to eat—just pop them into your mouth and go!

The wings themselves are crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and perfectly seasoned with just enough sweet soy sauce flavor to make them really stand out. The sauce is made from scratch with real ingredients like cane sugar, tamari, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, sesame seeds, and ginger root (to name a few).

Delicious Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I would definitely recommend these wings for any occasion—they’re perfect for watching football or just snacking on before bed. But if you’re planning on taking them somewhere else to share with friends or family members, be prepared for a lot of compliments!

Tsui Wah Lamb Chop Curry with Steamed Rice

Tsui Wah Singapore Menu Best 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

Lamb chops are a dish that can be prepared in many different ways, but I prefer it with curry. The lamb is moist and tender, but still firm enough so that it stays on the bone when you take a bite. 

Famous Tsui Wah Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The curry has a strong flavor and spicy kick to it that’s perfect for cooling off after a long day of work. The rice complements the lamb perfectly—it’s not too hard or soft and has just enough flavor to enhance the overall experience without overpowering any of the other components of the meal.

 I would recommend this dish if you like lamb chops or curries

Tsui Wah Reservation

Tsui Wah is a local Chinese restaurant chain that has been serving quality food to the people of Singapore since the 1950s. It is famous for its delicious dim sum and other traditional Chinese dishes and its unique interior.

In addition to being a popular dining spot for locals and tourists alike, Tsui Wah also offers online reservations through their website.

When did Tsui Wah open in Singapore?

Tsui Wah Restaurant Locations

Tsui Wah JEM

50 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-38 Jem, 

Singapore, 608549

Phone: +65 6978 9271

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay

Block A, Clarke Quay, 3 River Valley Rd, #01-03, 

Singapore, 179020

Phone: +65 6250 9270

Tsui Wah Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Blvd, Jewel Changi Airport, #03-230, 

Singapore, 819666

Phone: +65 6978 9272

Contact with Tsui Wah Singapore

Do you have any recommendations for their menu? Then, contact the Tsui Wah team via the various social media channels listed below.

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