Best Working Cafe Singapore

Best Working Cafe Singapore

Looking for the best working cafe Singapore? Look no further! Singapore is known for its vibrant cafe culture, and there are plenty of options for those looking to mix work and pleasure. Whether you’re a freelancer, digital nomad, or just someone looking for a change of scenery to get things done, finding the right working cafe can make all the difference.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best working cafes in Singapore, from cozy spots with a laid-back atmosphere to modern, bustling cafes with all the amenities you need to stay productive. We’ll also cover factors such as WiFi speed, availability of power outlets, and the quality of coffee and food offerings, because let’s face it – a good cup of coffee and tasty snacks can be the cherry on top of a productive work session.

So, grab your laptop and get ready to discover some of the best working cafes in Singapore that will make your workday a little more enjoyable. Whether you’re in need of a quiet corner or a lively atmosphere, Singapore’s cafe scene has got you covered. 

Top Working Cafe Singapore

Here, we explore our top picks for the best working cafes in Singapore, helping you discover your next ideal location to sip on a cup of artisanal coffee while effortlessly ticking off your to-do list.

Plain Vanilla Tiong Bahru

Best Working Cafe in Singapore

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Tucked in the heart of Tiong Bahru, Plain Vanilla is a serene and homey cafe perfect for remote workers. Known for their delicious cupcakes, the cafe offers a wide variety of baked treats alongside well-brewed coffee. With its communal-style tables, natural light, and comfortable seats, Plain Vanilla is a warm and welcoming space that makes one feel right at home. Moreover, the establishment provides a quiet ambiance and free Wi-Fi, making it a suitable spot for productivity and focus.

Address: 1D Yong Siak St, Singapore 168641

Contact No.: +65 8363 7614

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7:30 AM ~ 7:00 PM )

The Book Cafe

Best Cafe with Free-wifi to Work a day away

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The Book Cafe is a unique establishment perfect for book lovers and freelancers alike. This literary-themed cafe is filled with read-worthy classics and contemporary novels, providing a cozy atmosphere for working and reading. Patrons can enjoy a diverse menu of western and local dishes, as well as a wide range of coffee and tea flavors. The Book Cafe’s spacious layout and various seating options cater to different working styles, and its 24-hour operation ensures a comfortable environment for night owls.

Address: 20 Martin Rd, #01-02 Seng Kee Building, Singapore 239070

Contact No.: +65 6887 5430

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 8:30 AM ~ 8:30 PM )

Social Space Tanjong Pagar

Best Work Cafes to get work done

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A melting pot of commerce and creativity, Social Space in Tanjong Pagar is an ideal spot for productive collaboration. This hybrid cafe-concept venue offers not just great coffee and sumptuous light meals, but also a beautiful retail space featuring sustainably-made products. With ample seating areas, comfortable sofas, and a minimalist interior, Social Space provides a peaceful yet invigorating environment to accomplish your tasks. The cafe also promotes sustainable practices, encouraging a responsible and environmentally-friendly work atmosphere.

Address: 333 Kreta Ayer Rd, #01-14, Singapore 080333

Contact No.: +65 6655 0221

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM )

Botany Robertson Quay

Best Work-Friendly Cafe in Singapore

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Botany at Robertson Quay is a vibrant cafe boasting an extensive menu that features both Asian and Western cuisine. The riverfront location provides shoppers and remote workers alike with a relaxing environment perfect for lengthy coffee breaks or long hours of hard work. The cafe’s pet-friendly policy and ample outdoor seating options make it a hit among pet owners and those who love working with a view. With its generous Wi-Fi connectivity and delicious menu options, Botany promises a comfortable and stimulating work environment.

Address: 86 Robertson Quay, #01-03 Next to M Social Hotel, Singapore 238245

Contact No.: +65 6951 4861

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday ( 9:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM )

                             Saturday to Sunday ( 8:30 AM ~ 10:00 PM )


Most Popular Working Cafe Singapore

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A popular and sleek cafe with several branches throughout Singapore, Kith brings together work and leisure by providing a modern and stylish ambiance. It is well-known for its excellent coffee and an extensive food menu that features all-day breakfast dishes and sumptuous lunch options. The spacious establishment is suitable for large groups, and its serene atmosphere is perfect for concentrating on work. Kith’s free Wi-Fi and ample power outlets make it an ideal location for remote professionals and students alike.

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Address: 7 Rodyk Street, Robertson Quay, #01-28, Singapore 238215

Contact No.: +65 6341 9407

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 7:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM )

Genius Central

Best Study and Work Cafe Singapore

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Genius Central is more than just a cafe – it’s a community-driven space that houses a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, working professionals, and wellness enthusiasts. This elegant cafe boasts a health-conscious menu featuring delicious organic and locally-sourced ingredients, perfect for nourishing both the body and the mind as you work. The venue has meeting rooms, communal tables, and cozy nooks to cater to all working styles, as well as ample power outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi to keep productivity levels at their peak.

Address: 01-01 7-13 Amoy Street Far east square, Singapore 049949

Contact No.: +65 8940 1200

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday ( 8:00 AM ~ 8:30 PM )

                             Friday to Saturday ( 8:00 AM ~ 9:30 PM) 

                             Sunday ( 8:00 AM ~ 3:30 PM )


Top Working Cafe Singapore

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Perfectly positioned in the Kampong Glam neighborhood, Runes is an up-and-coming cafe that combines Scandinavian aesthetics and flavors. The minimalist and soothing design of the venue beckons patrons to sit back, unwind, and focus on their work. With its delectable food options and expertly-crafted coffee drinks, Runes creates an atmospheric haven for remote workers. The quiet environment, free Wi-Fi, and abundant power outlets make this a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful work oasis in the bustling city.

Address: 28 Biopolis Rd, Level 1 Lobby B Wilmar International Ltd, Singapore 138568

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday ( 8:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM )

The Ritual

Best Cafe to Work from in Singapore

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The Ritual is a charming cafe situated just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road. This peaceful haven boasts wood-accented interior design, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all patrons. The cafe serves up an array of classic and specialty coffee blends, carefully curated tea selections, and a mouth-watering menu that will keep you fueled for hours. The ample seating areas, quiet ambiance, power outlets, and high-speed Wi-Fi make The Ritual an ideal sanctuary for remote working.

Address: 383 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-09B, Singapore 259727

Contact No.: +65 6208 7496

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 8:00 AM ~ 6:30 PM )

Old Hen Coffee Bar

Famous Working Cafe Singapore

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Old Hen Coffee Bar is a cozy and rustic cafe located along the busy Rangoon Road. Known for its specialty cold brews and unique coffee varieties, this chic cafe exudes a laid-back atmosphere that is exceptionally conducive to working. The cafe boasts a repertory menu of delicious and hearty dishes to satisfy your hunger as you work through the day. With its comfortable seating, soft lighting, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets, Old Hen Coffee Bar promises a leisurely and conducive workspace for remote workers and digital nomads.

Address: 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218374

Contact No.: +65 6341 5458

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday ( 9:30 AM ~ 6:30 PM)


Best Work-Friendly Cafe to Visit in Singapore

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Dewgather is a splendid feast for your eyes with blush pink accents dominating its décor. This Melbourne-inspired café in Buona Vista offers an unmatched culinary experience that spans beyond ordinary brunch food choices. You can savor dishes like Humus in a Pan and Sweet Potato Fries served with a side of Chilli Mayo. What’s more, they provide a range of coffees and teas, mastered to perfection. If you plan on running a work marathon, the café’s abundance of power sockets is a significant plus point.

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-46 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617

Contact No.: +65 8860 3971

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday ( 8:00 AM ~ 9:30 PM) 

                              Sunday ( 7:30 AM ~ 9:30 PM )

Finding the Best Working Cafe Singapore

Looking for the best working cafe in Singapore should be an exciting adventure for remote workers, freelancers, and students. With a multitude of options offering varying atmospheres, facilities, and menus, you’re bound to find the perfect fit that caters to your work preferences and needs.

Remember to consider factors such as noise levels, Wi-Fi reliability, available power outlets, and seating comfort when making your decision. Don’t forget to savour local flavours and try different cafes to keep things fresh and inspiring. Singapore is undoubtedly a haven for a cafe-hopping culture, as it continues to cater to the growing number of remote workers and the creative community.

So, go ahead and embark on your journey to find the best working cafe in Singapore. Enjoy the process, and let your productivity and creativity soar in the Lion City’s thriving cafe scene. Happy working, and cheers to a perfect cup of coffee (or tea) while you’re at it!

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