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Sushi Tei Singapore Menu

If you’re looking for a place to dine with friends, family or your significant other, look no further than Sushi Tei! They are proud to present the highest quality of Japanese cuisine available in all towns of Singapore. With Sushi Tei, you’ll have a chance to explore Singapore with the most-loved and best-known Japanese restaurant in town.

You’ll see why Sushi Tei is so popular—there’s so much to do and see in Singapore, and if you’re looking for an adventure, then this is the place for you. You’ll discover the best tastes of Japan in this Sushi Tei restaurant that offers authentic and creative dishes.

Sushi Tei Singapore is a restaurant in Singapore that serves a wide range of sushi that is freshly prepared with innovative combinations. The restaurant has a variety of sushimaki, rolls, maki and nigiri.

So visit the restaurant with your family and friends, and you’re going to enjoy your meal with Sushi Tei Singapore.

Sushi Tei Singapore Menu Price List

You might be wondering how much food costs at Sushi Tei in Singapore. Well, here is the list of some of their items on the menu. Check out this section for the Sushi Tei Singapore menu price list.

Sushi Tei Haru Matsuri Seasonal Menu

Menu Items Price
Sakura Hiramasa SashimiS$16.30
Sakura Hiramasa SushiS$8.00
Okra MozukuS$6.80
Sakura Haru RollS$9.20
Spicy Negitoro Tempura MakiS$16.20
Haru Kani Kaisen DonS$22.10
A4 Kumamoto Wao Wagyu Saikoro DonS$33.90
Tori Sumi YakiS$11.50
Mozuku KakiageS$9.20
Kaisen Mozuku SoupS$13.90
Kagoshima Buta YakiS$15.10
Kinchaku Tomato NabeS$16.20

Sushi Tei Bento Sets

Menu Items Price
Teriyaki Chicken BentoS$12.10
Tori Karaage BentoS$12.80
Buta Belly BentoS$16.50
Kaisen Tempura BentoS$17.80
Yakiniku BentoS$20.30
Unagi BentoS$21.50

Sushi Tei Appetizers

Menu Items Price
Chuka IidakoS$8.40
Chuka ChinmiS$8.40
Hanasaki IkaS$8.40
Chuka WakameS$8.40
Ikura ShoyuzukeS$12.50
Lobster SaladS$11.30
Chuka KurageS$8.40
Tako WasabiS$8.80
Spicy HotateS$8.40
Ankimo PonzuS$10.90
Sushi GariS$1.20

Sushi Tei Special Rolls

Menu Items Price
Aburi Salmon RollS$20.00
Spicy Mentai Spider RollS$22.50
Dragon RollS$22.50
Phoenix RollS$28.80
Rainbow RollS$20.00
Special Unagi RollS$31.30
Double Unagi RollS$21.30
Kani Mentai Mayo RollS$15.00
Lobster Salad RollS$16.30
Golden RollS$23.80

Sushi Tei Kagoshima Specialities

Menu Items Price
Kagoshima Pork KatsuS$18.80
Kagoshima Pork Belly SaladS$16.30
Kagoshima Pork Belly DonS$16.30
Kagoshima Pork Katsu DonS$21.30
Kagoshima Pork Katsu Curry RiceS$23.80
Kagoshima Pork Belly Curry RiceS$20.00
Kagoshima Pork Katsu Zaru Udon/Soba/Cha SobaS$25.00
Kagoshima Pork Katsu Udon/Soba/RamenS$25.00
Kagoshima Pork Katsu Curry Udon/Soba/RamenS$28.80
Kagoshima Pork Belly Udon/Soba/RamenS$20.00

Sushi Tei Sashimi

Menu Items Price
Salmon SashimiS$13.80
Amaebi SashimiS$21.30
Nama Hotate SashimiS$18.80
Hokkigai SashimiS$13.80
Maguro SashimiS$20.00
Ootoro SashimiS$48.80
Hamachi SashimiS$18.80
Mekajiki SashimiS$16.30

Sushi Tei Salads

Menu Items Price
Sashimi SaladS$16.30
Kani Avocado SaladS$15.00
Corn SaladS$11.30
Wakame SaladS$12.50
Seafood SaladS$16.30
Tokusen SaladS$22.50
Yakiniku SaladS$18.80
Yasai SaladS$10.00

Sushi Tei Sushi Moriawase

Menu Items Price

Sushi Tei Nigiri Sushi

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Belly SushiS$6.30
Aburi Salmon Belly SushiS$6.90
Mekajiki SushiS$7.50
Aburi Mekajiki SushiS$7.80
Maguro SushiS$8.40
Nama Hotate SushiS$7.50
Aburi Nama Hotate SushiS$7.80
Hamachi SushiS$8.40
Aburi Hamachi SushiS$8.80
Hokkigai SushiS$5.50
Amaebi SushiS$8.40
Tako SushiS$5.50
Ebi SushiS$5.50
Ebi Mentai SushiS$9.60
Salmon SushiS$5.50
Salmon Mentai SushiS$9.60
Kanikama SushiS$5.50
Kanikama Mentai SushiS$6.30
Tamago SushiS$4.40
Tamago Mentai SushiS$5.50
Unatama SushiS$11.50
Jo Unagi SushiS$11.30
Unagi SushiS$8.40
Inari SushiS$4.40
Inari Tuna Mayo SushiS$6.30
Inari Lobster Salad SushiS$9.60

Sushi Tei Gunkan Sushi

Menu ItemsPrice
Negitoro SushiS$8.40
Ikura SushiS$8.40
Ankimo SushiS$7.50
Chuka Chinmi SushiS$6.30
Chuka Iidako SushiS$6.30
Chuka Kurage SushiS$6.30
Salmon Ikura SushiS$7.50
Spicy Hotate SushiS$6.30
Ebikko SushiS$4.40
Hanasaki Ika SushiS$6.30
Tuna Salad SushiS$5.50
Kani Corn SushiS$4.40
Kizami Unagi SushiS$8.40
Lobster Salad SushiS$8.40
Tobikko SushiS$6.30
Chuka Wakame SushiS$6.30

Sushi Tei Makimono

Menu ItemsPrice
Mini California MakiS$9.60
Negitoro MakiS$8.40
Ebikko Tempura MakiS$9.60
Salmon Avocado MakiS$7.50
Ebi Tempura MakiS$7.50
Lobster Salad Tobikko MakiS$10.00
Unatama Tobikko MakiS$10.00
Spicy Maguro MakiS$9.60
Ebikko Avocado MakiS$8.40
Unakyu MakiS$9.60
Salmon MakiS$5.50
Baked Salmon MakiS$6.30
Spicy Salmon MakiS$6.30
Soft Shell Crab MakiS$10.00
Avocado MakiS$5.50
Kanikama MakiS$5.50
Tamago MakiS$4.40
Oshinko MakiS$4.40
Kappa MakiS$4.40
Tekka MakiS$8.40

Sushi Tei Wanmono

Menu ItemsPrice
Asari SakamushiS$18.80
Salmon Belly Miso SoupS$13.40
Yasai Miso SoupS$9.60
Asari Miso SoupS$16.30
Miso SoupS$3.80

Sushi Tei Tempura

Menu ItemsPrice
Tempura MoriawaseS$15.00
Hanasaki Ika TempuraS$12.50
Yasai TempuraS$11.50
Ebi TempuraS$16.30
Ebi & Yasai KakiageS$10.00

Sushi Tei Agemono

Menu ItemsPrice
Butterfly ShrimpS$7.50
Hokkaido Corn Cream CroquetteS$12.50
Kani CroquetteS$12.50
Potato CroquetteS$6.30
Curry CroquetteS$11.30
Agedashi TofuS$7.50
Big TakoyakiS$10.00
Soft Shell CrabS$20.00
Nanban ChickenS$15.00
Chicken KaraageS$11.30
Chicken KatsuS$13.80

Sushi Tei Yakimono

Menu ItemsPrice
Unagi KabayakiS$37.60
Homemade Meat GyozaS$11.30
Dashimaki TamagoS$8.80
Asari ButterS$20.00
Aburi Iberico Pork CheekS$17.50
Gyuniku RollS$18.80
Salmon Enoki RollS$12.50
Yasai ItameS$9.60

Sushi Tei Noodles

Menu ItemsPrice
Kaisen Ramen (Tonkotsu/Shoyu Tonkotsu/Spicy Miso)S$22.50
Kitsune Udon/Soba/RamenS$15.00
Nabeyaki UdonS$16.30
Tonkotsu Udon/Soba/RamenS$12.50
Spicy Miso Udon/Soba/RamenS$12.50
Chasyu Ramen (Tonkotsu/Shoyu Tonkotsu/Spicy Miso)S$18.80
Onsen Tamago Udon/Soba/RamenS$15.00
Niku Udon/Soba/RamenS$20.00
Hotate Tamago Toji Udon/Soba/RamenS$17.50
Yaki Udon/SobaS$16.30
Hiyashi Chuka (Original/Sesame)S$17.50
Chicken Tamago Toji Udon/Soba/RamenS$17.50
Asari Tamago Toji Udon/Soba/RamenS$20.00
Truffle Yuzu Mayonnaise RamenS$20.00
Karaage Udon/Soba/RamenS$16.30
Karaage Zaru Udon/Soba/Cha SobaS$16.30
Chicken Curry Udon/Soba/RamenS$18.80
Chicken Katsu Curry Udon/Soba/RamenS$23.80
Chicken Katsu Udon/Soba/RamenS$20.00
Chicken Katsu Zaru Udon/Soba/Cha SobaS$20.00
Zaru UdonS$12.50
Cha SobaS$12.50
Zaru SobaS$12.50
Kakiage Udon/Soba/RamenS$18.80
Tenzaru Udon/Soba/Cha SobaS$20.00
Tempura Curry Udon/Soba/RamenS$23.80
Tempura Udon/Soba/RamenS$20.00

Sushi Tei Donmono

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Ikura DonS$25.00
Una Bara Chirashi DonS$28.80
Tokusen Ryoshi DonS$46.30
Negitoro DonS$18.80
Maguro DonS$23.80
Bara Chirashi DonS$18.80
Aburi Mentai DonS$22.50
Jo Unagi DonS$38.80
Ebi & Yasai Kakiage DonS$18.80
Aburi Iberico Pork Cheek DonS$21.30
Chasyu DonS$18.80
Yakiniku DonS$18.80
Yakitori DonS$16.30
Kaisen Ikura Fried RiceS$20.00
Chicken Katsu DonS$17.50
Fried Garlic RiceS$12.50
Oyako DonS$16.30
Ebi DonS$16.30
Unatama DonS$25.00
Beef Curry RiceS$21.30
Chicken Katsu Curry RiceS$20.00
Chicken Curry RiceS$16.30
Karaage Curry RiceS$17.50
Yasai Curry RiceS$16.30
Steamed RiceS$2.80
Sushi RiceS$2.80

Sushi Tei Dessert

Menu ItemsPrice
Orange JellyS$5.30
Grape JellyS$5.30

Sushi Tei Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice
Coke Zero SugarS$3.90
Ice Lemon TeaS$3.90
Suntory Oolong TeaS$3.90
Vida C LemonS$3.90

Sushi Tei Best Seller Menu

The menu at Sushi Tei provides a glimpse of what the restaurant offers, with a section for drinks, appetizers, salads, sushi and rolls.

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Here are some of the best selling menu items.

Sushi Tei Salmon Sashimi

Best Sushi Tei Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Sushi Tei has the freshest fish and best sushi in town.

Their salmon sashimi is to die for. It’s really fresh, thick and delicious. You can have it in the form of a roll, or you can have the salmon sashimi on its own. They have a great selection of rolls, although the salmon sashimi is their signature dish.

Additionally, the Sushi Tei is able to keep their salmon sashimi so fresh by using only the freshest ingredients available. The result is a delectable treat that will have you coming back again and again!

So, if you’re looking for something different from traditional sushi, Sushi Tei has got you covered!

Sushi Tei Teriyaki Chicken Bento

Top Sushi Tei Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Sushi Tei believes in making their customers happy. That’s why they created a menu that is not only delicious, but also packed with lots of great options for those looking for something different. They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from, including their best seller: Teriyaki Chicken Bento.

Teriyaki Chicken bento is a classic entrée for many Singaporean customers. It is grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce on steamed rice. There are many ways to make this, but this dish is a favorite of many who want to avoid a heavier sauce. Not only is the teriyaki sauce light and the chicken is grilled to perfection, but the combination of the teriyaki sauce and steamed rice makes a great sweet and savory meal.

Sushi Tei Edamame

Most Popular Sushi Tei Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

At Sushi Tei, they believe in the power of Japanese green beans. They’re not just a healthy snack—they are delicious on their own.

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Their green beans are grown and harvested in the heart of Japan, where they’re grown using traditional farming methods. They’re hand-picked by local farmers, who know just how to harvest them so that they don’t get mushy or lose their flavor.

When you bite into a piece of sushi tei’s edamame, you’ll be transported back to your childhood days, when your mom would make you some on the weekend. You’ll taste the crispness and the crunchiness of the bean on your tongue. You’ll remember how good it felt to eat something healthy after eating some bad food, and you’ll be happy that all vegetarian dishes have gotten better over time!

Sushi Tei Aburi Salmon Roll

Best Seller Sushi Tei Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Aburi Salmon Roll at Sushi Tei is a delicious sushi roll that is perfect for those on-the-go days. The salmon is delicious, and the sushi roll is light and fluffy! It is also fresh, flavorful, and comes with a great presentation. I love the balance of flavors and textures in this roll. It’s one of my favorite sushi rolls because it is so easy to eat and can fit into my diet.

The Aburi Salmon Roll has a beautiful green color to it that makes it look amazing when you order it. This roll has a marinated salmon on top which gives it great flavor but still maintains its fluffiness! The spicy mayo sauce and wasabi make this sushi roll even better!

This is an amazing deal for those who want something healthy yet delicious!

Sushi Tei Dragon Roll

Most Recommended Sushi Tei Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

When it comes to sushi, you can’t go wrong with the Sushi Tei Dragon Roll.

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This is a popular option for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. You’re going to love the crunch of the prawn and the creamy avocado topping.

Additionally, the avocado is delicious and fresh, and it really is a taste sensation. On the other hand, the king prawn is always hot and fresh and the rice is always perfect. This is a versatile sushi that can be paired with a variety of different sauces and toppings. This sushi is a must-try for anyone who enjoys sushi!

Sushi Tei Homemade Meat Gyoza

Top Sushi Tei Singapore Menu 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for great homemade gyoza, you’ve got to come check out Sushi Tei. They’re so good that their reputation has spanned the nation – and they’ve been voted the best in Singapore!

The dough is made fresh daily, and the filling is made with delectable cuts of premium pork. When you add in some traditional seasonings like soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger, these meat-filled dumplings are delicious!

Their team will make sure they’re ready when you arrive – because nobody should wait more than 15 minutes for a delicious meal. Get yours while they last!

Sushi Tei Review by Customer

About Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is a Japanese eating place that serves up professional culinary talents and an innate appreciation for food. Since their debut in 1994, they have got solid identification in their uniqueness through combining the intricacies of sashimi with teppanyaki to provide the peak of Japanese delicacies to the masses.

Illustrating the rising influence that Asia has on cutting-edge Japanese delicacies, their menu capabilities a fusion of conventional Japanese dishes with cutting-edge modern trends. An ever-evolving choice of appetizers, mains and sushi specials will assure you without a doubt actual Japanese eating experience.

They often launch seasonal topics to lure the flavor buds in their customers. Some of which spotlight objects in step with Japan’s seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring – and forte objects from areas including Hokkaido, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and lots of extra.

Now this Japanese eating place chain has more than eighty one stores in nine international locations such as Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar & Indonesia.

Sushi Tei Outlets in Singapore

Sushi Tei Changi Jewel

78 Airport Boulevard,#03-209, Jewel Changi Airport,

Singapore 819666

Contact No: 62431633

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Holland Village

118 Holland Avenue, #03-04, Raffles Holland V,

Singapore 278997

Contact No: 66940112

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei JEM

50 Jurong Gateway Road,#03-18, JEM,

Singapore 608549

Contact No: 66844013

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei NEX

23 Serangoon Central, #03-15/16, NEX,

Singapore 556083

Contact No: 66347717

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei North Point

930 Yishun Ave 2 #02-15, Northpoint City,

Singapore 768019

Contact No: 62572822

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Paragon

290 Orchard Road, #05-04/05, Paragon,

Singapore 238859

Contact No: 62351771

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Raffles City

252 North Bridge Road, #03-13/14, Raffles City Shopping Centre,

Singapore 179103

Contact No: 63347887

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Serangoon Gardens

64/64A Serangoon Garden Way,

Singapore 555960

Contact No: 62837117

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Tampines 1

10 Tampines Central 1, #04-13, Tampines 1,

Singapore 529536

Contact No: 67847877

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Thomson Plaza

301 Upper Thomson Road, #03-48, Thomson Plaza,

Singapore 574408

Contact No: 64576678

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Road, #03-110, Tiong Bahru Plaza,

Singapore 168732.

Contact No: 62525566

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei Vivo City

1 Harbour Front Walk, #02-152, VivoCity,

Singapore 098585

Contact No: 63769591

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Sushi Tei West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road, #01-87, West Coast Plaza,

Singapore 127371

Contact No: 67750012

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:00pm

Contact with Sushi Tei Singapore

It will be hard to imagine that you can get sushi cheaper than this, so if you’re just looking for a cheap but good sushi place, then this is where you should go. However, if you want quality sushi, and the rest of Sushi Tei’s dishes are on your agenda as well, then it may be worthwhile to consider visiting other outlets.

To make it worthwhile, you may contact them on their social media accounts to know more about their latest menu before visiting them.

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