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Yardbird Menu

Yardbird Singapore Menu

Yardbird is a Southern-style restaurant that has locations in both Miami, Florida and Singapore. It was opened by Chef Jeff McInnis, who was a finalist on Top Chef, and two restaurateurs from Miami, John Kunkel and Chris Romero. The first location opened in South Beach in 2011. It was nominated for a James Beard Award …

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Ice Lab Menu

Ice Lab Singapore Menu

Ice Lab is a Korean dessert café that has been established by Mr. Shin Jung Hwan. The café specializes in shaved ice desserts, particularly bingsu. The brand’s logo is represented by a polar bear, which reflects their best-selling shaved ice dessert. Its product is bingsu, which is made from fine ice shavings and served in …

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Sushi Tei Menu

Sushi Tei Singapore Menu

If you’re looking for a place to dine with friends, family or your significant other, look no further than Sushi Tei! They are proud to present the highest quality of Japanese cuisine available in all towns of Singapore. With Sushi Tei, you’ll have a chance to explore Singapore with the most-loved and best-known Japanese restaurant …

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Astons Specialities Menu

Astons Specialities Singapore Menu

If you’re in Singapore, then you’ll know about Astons Specialities. They’ve become one of the most popular food outlets in Singapore, giving people much-needed sustenance for their taste buds. The restaurant has been highly regarded for its impeccable service and great value for money. The Astons Specialities Singapore menu features delicious dishes, including Chargrilled Chicken …

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