Subway Menu Singapore 2022

Here you will find all information about Subway Menu Singapore 2022. Subway brand started 50 years ago by Dr.  Peter Buck when he changed the life of a student by just saying that “let’s open a submarine sandwich shop.”

subway menu

Subway Menu Prices

Now Subway is the world’s biggest submarine sandwich chain. They have many tasting and delicious food, here’s the list of Subway Menu Singapore price :

Subway Singapore Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Veggie Deluxe SubSGD 6.60
Bulgogi Chicken SubSGD 7.40
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese SubSGD 8.00
Breaded Chicken Cutlet SubSGD 8.00
Spicy Italian SubSGD 7.30
Egg Mayo SubSGD 6.10
Chicken Ham SubSGD 6.10
Italian B.M.T.™ SubSGD 7.30
Roasted Chicken SubSGD 7.10
Subway Melt™ SubSGD 7.80
Tuna SubSGD 6.30
Turkey SubSGD 6.30
Veggie Delite™ SubSGD 5.40
Veggie Patty SubSGD 7.80
Chicken Bacon Ranch SubSGD 7.80
Chicken Teriyaki SubSGD 7.10
Meatball Marinara Melt SubSGD 7.20
Roast Beef SubSGD 8.00
Subway Club™ SubSGD 7.30
Cold Cut Trio Sub (I’M BACK)SGD 6.10

Subway Singapore Wraps

Menu ItemsPrice
Breaded Chicken Cutlet WrapSGD 8.40
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese WrapSGD 8.40
Bulgogi Chicken WrapSGD 7.80
Veggie Deluxe WrapSGD 7.00
Spicy Italian WrapSGD 7.70
Egg Mayo WrapSGD 6.50
Chicken Ham WrapSGD 6.50
Italian B.M.T.™ WrapSGD 7.70
Roasted Chicken WrapSGD 7.50
Subway Melt™ WrapSGD 8.20
Tuna WrapSGD 6.70
Turkey WrapSGD 6.70
Veggie Delite™ WrapSGD 5.80
Veggie Patty WrapSGD 8.20
Chicken Teriyaki WrapSGD 7.50
Chicken Bacon Ranch WrapSGD 8.20
Meatball Marinara Melt Wrap SGD 7.60
Subway Club™ Wrap SGD 7.70
Roast Beef Wrap SGD 8.40
Cold Cut Trio Wrap (I’M BACK) SGD 6.50

Subway Singapore Flat Breads

Menu ItemsPrice
Veggie Deluxe Flatbread  SGD 7.00
Bulgogi Chicken Flatbread  SGD 7.80
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese Flatbread  SGD 8.40
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Flatbread  SGD 8.40
Spicy Italian Flatbread  SGD 7.70
Egg Mayo Flatbread  SGD 6.50
Chicken Ham Flatbread  SGD 6.50
Italian B.M.T.™ Flatbread  SGD 7.70
Roasted Chicken Flatbread  SGD 7.50
Subway Melt™ Flatbread  SGD 8.20
Tuna Flatbread  SGD 6.70
Turkey Flatbread  SGD 6.70
Veggie Delite™ Flatbread  SGD 5.80
Veggie Patty Flatbread  SGD 8.20
Chicken Teriyaki Flatbread  SGD 7.50
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread  SGD 8.20
Meatball Marinara Melt Flatbread  SGD 7.60
Subway Club™ Flatbread  SGD 7.70
Roast Beef Flatbread  SGD 8.40
Cold Cut Trio Flatbread (I’M BACK)  SGD 6.50

Subway Singapore Salads

Veggie Deluxe SaladSGD 8.40
Bulgogi Chicken SaladSGD 9.20
Chunky Beef Steak & Cheese SaladSGD 9.80
Breaded Chicken Cutlet SaladSGD 9.80
Spicy Italian SaladSGD 9.10
Egg Mayo SaladSGD 7.90
Chicken Ham SaladSGD 7.90
Italian B.M.T.™ SaladSGD 9.10
Roasted Chicken SaladSGD 8.90
Subway Melt™ SaladSGD 9.60
Tuna SaladSGD 8.10
Turkey SaladSGD 8.10
Veggie Delite™ SaladSGD 7.20
Veggie Patty SaladSGD 9.60
Chicken Teriyaki SaladSGD 8.90
Chicken Bacon Ranch SaladSGD 9.60
Meatball Marinara Melt SaladSGD 9.00
Subway Club™ SaladSGD 9.10
Roast Beef SaladSGD 9.80
Cold Cut Trio Salad (I’M BACK)SGD 7.90

Subway Singapore Drinks and Sides

CokeiesSGD 2.50
Cookie (3 Pieces)SGD 3.60
Cookie (12 Pieces)SGD 14.00
Vitamin Water (Restore)SGD 3.40
Minute Maid Orange JuiceSGD 3.20
Hot TeaSGD 2.70
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 2.50
Chicken Ham & Cheese ToastieSGD 4.70
Lays Nori SeaweedSGD 2.00
Lays BBQ ChipsSGD 2.00
Mushroom soupSGD 4.00
Cookie (6 Pieces)SGD 7.00
Coke ZeroSGD 2.50
Vitamin Water (XXX)SGD 3.40
Mushroom & Cheese ToastieSGD 4.70
Hot CoffeeSGD 2.70
Lays Classic ChipsSGD 2.00
Cookie (1 Piece)SGD 1.60
Hot LatteSGD 3.20
SpriteSGD 2.50
Ruffles ChipsSGD 2.00
Egg Mayo & Cheese ToastieSGD 4.70
Hot CappuccinoSGD 3.20
Sweet Corn BowlSGD 2.00

Subway Menu Singapore Updated In 2022

Now Subway is itself a brand and world’s largest Submarine chain having more than 45,000 outlets all over the world. They have become a leading choice for people, through their meals the whole family can enjoy.

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Subway Menu Singapore

From the beginning they served delicious food to their customers, also with the passage of time they updated their menu, that their customers are not bored.

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Here is some photos of Updated Subway Singapore Menu:

Subway Breakfast Menu

If you want to get a subway breakfast menu, you have to reach their outlets at 11:00 AM.

If you reach there before 11:00 AM then you can enjoy breakfast containing delicious Sandwiches like bacon, egg, black forest ham, and cheese.

They have many other delicious items in their breakfast. You can also choose Chicken Sausage, Chicken ham, Chicken Bacon, cheese with your other favorite items.

Subway Breakfast menu

Subway Chicken Sausage, egg and cheese is one of the best combinations that people mostly like to eat. Flat Bread with egg is also a great choice to make your breakfast tasty.

Subway Cold Cut Trio Sandwich

Subway is famous for its Cold Cut Trio. They serve freshly baked bread to their customers cover with freshly experience sliced turkey bologna, turkey ham and turkey salami with their choice of of fresh vegetables.

If you want to eat tasty sandwich at low budget then we will highly recommend you this. Its a great combination of sweet onions and mayonnaise sauce with the cold cut trio sandwich.

Cold Cut Trio Sandwich Subway Singapore Menu

Subway Menu Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie  

They make their sandwiches even more delicious when they are paired with the perfect side and drink or even added with something extra. They were voted as the winner of the Cookie Poll in 2019 with their timeless chocolate chip cookie.

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Subaway Menu Classic chocolate chip cookie

Try their white chip macadamia nut cookie if you prefer a nuttier version, which is one of the favorite item of Singaporeans. Despite being not overly sweet, it still has a strong macadamia taste.

Subway Meat Stack Sub Menu

Stacks of meat and veggies are sandwiched between your choice of bread and crunchy vegetables in their new Meat Stack Sub. Whether you’re craving for a breakfast warm-up or a lunchtime indulgence, Subway’s new stacked-up sub will satisfy your meatiest cravings.

Subway Meat Stack Sub Singapore Menu

There will be a limited edition Subway Meat Stack Sub available at all Subway outlets between 30 January 2020 and 5 January 2022.

Subway Top Sandwiches

Subway Egg Mayo is top favorite item of Subway sg menu, people love this item just because of their great taste. It’s a simple recipe that anyone will like, it made like a thick spread of chopped up boiled egg that mixed with mayonnaise.

Subway egg mayo

Subway Chicken Ham is at second number in subway favorite list items. It is also a great sandwich that people like after Subway Egg mayo, it consists of thin and soft sliced chicken ham with customers’ choice of vegetables and spices.

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