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I Love Taimei Menu Singapore 2022

I Love Taimei is one of the best popular Taiwanese street food restaurants in Singapore which provide great quality food to their customers. Their menu includes a wide range of delicious or tasty food items including Crispy chicken, Pearl milk ta, cheeseburger, or white pearl milk tea. Here is the list of all I Love Taimei food items with prices:

Menu ItemsPrice
$13.50 Extra Crispy Chicken Meal Dealfrom S$ 13.50
Popcorn Chicken 盐酥鸡小from S$ 5.90
Original Crispy Chicken 原味鸡排from S$ 6.90
BBQ Crispy Chicken 碳烤鸡扒from S$ 6.90
Extra Crispy Chicken 香炸鸡排from S$ 6.90
Taiwanese Tempura 甜不辣from S$ 5.20


Menu Items Price
Brown Sugar Red Bean Milk Teafrom S$ 4.41S$ 6.30
Brown Sugar Red Bean Milkfrom S$ 4.41S$ 6.30
Honey Lemon Aiyufrom S$ 4.13S$ 5.90

Meal Deal

Menu Items Price
$14.90 Popcorn Chicken + Dessert Combofrom S$ 14.90
$14.90 Extra Crispy Chicken + Dessert Combofrom S$ 14.90
$13.50 Taimei Hot Chicken Meal Dealfrom S$ 13.50
$13.50 BBQ Chicken Meal Dealfrom S$ 13.50
$13.50 Extra Crispy Chicken Meal Dealfrom S$ 13.50
$13.50 Original Chicken Meal Dealfrom S$ 13.50

Taimei Stars 台妹巨星

Menu Items Price
Popcorn Chicken 盐酥鸡小from S$ 5.90
Original Crispy Chicken 原味鸡排from S$ 6.90
Taimei Hot Chicken 台妹好辣from S$ 6.90
BBQ Crispy Chicken 碳烤鸡扒from S$ 6.90
Extra Crispy Chicken 香炸鸡排from S$ 6.90
Supersized Chickenfrom S$ 8.90
Braised Rice With Popcorn Chickenfrom S$ 10.40

Sidekicks 台妹女配角

Menu ItemsPrice
Shake Shake Fries 摇摇薯条from S$ 3.60
Tofu Fries 豆腐薯条from S$ 3.80
Sweet Potato 甘梅地瓜from S$ 4.20
Mushroom Combo 综合菇from S$ 4.90
Enoki Mushroom 金针菇from S$ 4.90
Taiwanese Tempura 甜不辣from S$ 5.20

Dessert Bowls

Menu ItemsPrice
Grass Jelly Dessert Bowlfrom S$ 5.90
Lemon Ai-Yu Jelly Bowlfrom S$ 5.90

Milk Teas

Menu ItemsPrice
Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 4.20
Honey Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 4.50
1988 Milk Teafrom S$ 5.70
Moon Riverfrom S$ 5.70
Chocolate La Crèmefrom S$ 4.90
Caramel La Crèmefrom S$ 4.90
Hazelnut La Crèmefrom S$ 4.90
Brown Sugar Milk Teafrom S$ 4.90
Honey Milk Tea 蜂蜜奶茶from S$ 4.50
Honey Green Milk Tea 蜂蜜奶绿from S$ 4.50
Caramel Milk Tea 焦糖奶茶from S$ 4.50
Caramel Green Milk Tea 焦糖奶绿from S$ 4.50
Hazelnut Milk Tea 榛子奶茶from S$ 4.50
Hazelnut Green Milk Teafrom S$ 4.50
Dark Chocolate Milk Tea 巧克力奶茶from S$ 4.50
Dark Chocolate Green Milk Teafrom S$ 4.50
Milk Tea Blackfrom S$ 3.70
Green Milk Teafrom S$ 3.70

Taimei Special

Menu Items Price
Sunny Islandfrom S$ 5.70
Purple Lemonadefrom S$ 5.70
Northern Lightfrom S$ 5.70
Double Yammy (Free Pearl)from S$ 5.70
Super Caramel Milkfrom S$ 5.30
Brown Sugar Milkfrom S$ 4.90
Honey Lemonfrom S$ 4.20
Sunny Islandfrom S$ 5.70

Flavoured Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Four Season La Crèmefrom S$ 4.70
Honey Lemon Four Seasonfrom S$ 4.70
Four Season Teafrom S$ 3.90
Oolong Teafrom S$ 3.70
Oolong La Cremefrom S$ 4.50
Cloudy Mangofrom S$ 4.90
Mango Popzfrom S$ 4.90
Passion Popzfrom S$ 4.90
Osmanthus Oolong La Crèmefrom S$ 4.50
Honey Osmanthus Oolong Teafrom S$ 4.50
Mango Lemon Osmanthus Teafrom S$ 4.50
Honey Green Tea 蜂蜜绿茶from S$ 4.30
Mango Green Tea 芒果绿茶from S$ 4.30
Passion Fruit Green Teafrom S$ 4.30
Lemon Green Tea 柠檬绿茶from S$ 4.30
Green Tea 绿茶from S$ 3.50
Wintermelon Teafrom S$ 3.50
Wintermelon La Cremefrom S$ 4.20

I Love Taimei Updated Menu January 2022

I Love Taimei is one of the best Taiwanese street foods in Singapore. The quality of their food is much better than their competitors in the same area. If you are a light snack lover then we highly recommend you to visit their restaurant. 

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They always introduce and bring a wide range of delicious items to their menu. Their menu includes common street food like Crispy chicken, calamari, Pearl Milk Tea, and also Lemon Crispy chicken, cheeseburger, or white pearl milk tea. 

Here are some pictures of Taimei updated menu in Singapore:

Best Food Items

Fried Chicken
Fried chicken is one of the famous items on their menu, it’s tastes like “crunchy” and “juicy”, as well as “crispy”.it is also known as  “spicy” and “salty”. Commonly Fried chicken is presented with chili as paprika, or hot sauce to give it a more spicy taste. Here is the recipe for their delicious Fried Chicken:

Take 2  cups of flour, garlic salt, paprika,2 teaspoons pepper, and poultry seasoning in one dish, and beat eggs and 1and half cups of water with 1 teaspoon, salt and more 1 cup of flour and 1 teaspoon pepper. Dip chicken in egg mixture, after that put a few pieces in flour mixture at a time. Turn out to cook. Fry chicken, several pieces at a time in heated oil as long as its skin seems golden brown, put out on a paper towel.

Calamari is a form of seafood. Many people at first experience think it tastes like fish. But the reality is the opposite as it has a sweet and mild flavor. Calamari meat is firm and sometimes chewy and also the taste itself is mild and slightly sweet. Remember that calamari can be cooked in different techniques to make it tastier or as you like.
First, dip the squid in buttermilk. To create the coating for squid, make a mixture of flour and seasoning. Carefully dip the calamari in tasty flour and, after that put in a pot of hot oil to cook.

Pearl Milk tea
It has a very sweet taste. Not completely like an icy cold milkshake unless it is a slushy type. Take a pot of full boil water then put in pearls. strictly noted that pearls only add full boil water otherwise they will explode. Cook for 5 or 6 minutes and cover with a lid with medium heat.

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After that, put the pearl in a dish of cold water to decrease heat. After some time, drain up the water and they are ready to include in your drinks.

You can not find out the best brown sugar fresh Milk at I love taimei in Singapore. It is really good, a little bit of the pearls included in this have no special taste. It is still definitely drinkable and has good taste.

Pudding milk tea and yam milk tea are the two new flavors on the menu. Both have good taste, the yam milk tea has a little bit of sweet IMO and pudding milk tea is a little too thick/firm.

After dinner, choosing a double yummy drink is fantastic. It is too heavy for some people due to all the milk. Double Wammy has a very distinct taste even though selecting 0% sugar.

I Love Taimei Delivery Locations in Singapore

I love Taimei has more than 5 delivery locations in Singapore from where you can choose their menu items to enjoy your meal. Here is the list of all I Love Taimei Singapore outlets:

Bugis Junction
230 Victoria Street, #B1-K11, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188024

Changi Airport Terminal 1
80 Airport Boulevard, Terminal 1, Departure/Transit Lounge East, #03-53, Changi Airport
Singapore 819642

Hillion Mall
17 Petir Road, #B2-43, Hillion Mall
Singapore 678278

Junction 8
9 Bishan Place, #B1-22, Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837

23 serangoon central #B2-48A, NEX
Singapore 556083

Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1, #B1-K8, Tampines 1
Singapore 529536

83 Punggol Central, #B1-K5, Waterway
Singapore 828761


Taimei was founded by two Taiwanese sisters, who love cooking food. After completing their graduation, they think of starting their own food and beverage company. Their main theme was to transform traditional Taiwanese to fusion fast food concepts. For this purpose, they started searching for the best possible Taiwanese food.

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After a long term of research and training, they opened their first location in 2009, Bugis Taiwan. In 2013 they opened their first overseas franchised outlet in Jakarta, and in June 2011 in Singapore.