Genki Sushi Menu

Genki Sushi Singapore Menu Prices 2024 vs 2023

Genki Sushi Singapore is a popular sushi restaurant chain in Japan, and it’s finally arrived in Singapore!

With over 700 branches worldwide, Genki Sushi has become one of the most recognizable names in the Japanese food scene. And now, you can enjoy their delicious selection of sushi and other offerings right here in Singapore.Genki Sushi Singapore Menu offers a variety of side dishes, desserts, and drinks that are sure to delight any palate.

Comparing their 2024 vs 2023 menu prices, there is a 0.02-0.10 cents increase for some of the various series under Genki Sushi.

This exciting new restaurant promises to bring you an experience like no other—from the moment you step through the doors, they’ll treat you to a dining experience that is part performance art piece and part modernist take on traditional Japanese cuisine.

Genki Sushi Menu 2024 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

In September 2023, the Genki Sushi Singapore menu witnessed notable price adjustments as an effect of inflation and necessary operational changes. The prices for some of its beloved sushi rolls, sashimi, and unique creations have seen a fair increase.

Despite the price changes, Genki Sushi continues to uphold its promise of offering quality and fresh sushi to its valued customers. As a result, Genki Sushi remains a favorite spot for Japanese cuisine lovers in Singapore.

Genki Sushi Singapore Menu Price List

Genki Sushi Menu 2024 Price

Image Credit: @Instagram

Genki Sushi Singapore is one of the most successful south east Asia development of Genki Sushi Co. ltd. It was founded in 1990 in Japan. Here is the list of all Genki Sushi Singapore Menu with prices:

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2024 MenuPrice
Salmon SashimiS$ 6.43
Trio Sashimi PlatterS$ 12.64
Salmon 3 FlavorsS$ 5.78
Salmon Belly SashimiS$ 7.52
Spicy Salmon RollS$ 5.34
Kake UdonS$ 5.78
Family Feast SetS$ 79.35
Salmon Supreme SetS$ 44.47
Deluxe DMZ SetS$ 88.07
Agemono SetS$ 43.38
Genki Yusheng (All Salmon)S$ 57.66
Genki Yusheng (Baby Abalone)S$ 57.66
Salmon 10pcsS$ 20.60
Abalone 10pcsS$ 20.60
Pok ChuiS$ 3.16
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi SobaS$ 15.15
Beef & Chicken BentoS$ 17.33
Unagi & Ebi BentoS$ 19.51
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi BentoS$ 16.24
Ebi & HotateS$ 11.23
Lobster Salad & EbikkoS$ 7.52
Hotate Mentai & Ebi Garlic ButterS$ 11.88
Sukiyaki Beef 4pcsS$ 9.59
Special Set A (12pcs)S$ 18.42
Special Set B (12pcs)S$ 21.69
Special Set C (12pcs)S$ 22.78
Classic Set A (10pcs)S$ 8.61
Classic Set B (7pcs)S$ 10.79
Classic Set C (7pcs)S$ 17.33
Party Set A (24pcs)S$ 39.13
Party Set B (34pcs)S$ 45.67
Party Set C (46pcs)S$ 75.10
ChawanmushiS$ 3.60
EdamameS$ 3.60
Nameko Miso SoupS$ 3.16
Agedashi TofuS$ 4.69
Chuka KurageS$ 4.69
Salmon Miso SoupS$ 3.60
Chuka WakameS$ 4.69
Crab Yuzu ChawanmushiS$ 5.34
Teriyaki Fried TofuS$ 4.25
Spicy EdamameS$ 3.60
Aburi Tamago MentaiS$ 3.60
Spicy Salmon SeaweedS$ 4.69
Kani Salad SeaweedS$ 3.60
Tamago SushiS$ 2.83
Inari SushiS$ 2.51
Kani SushiS$ 2.83
Amaebi SushiS$ 3.16
Maguro SushiS$ 3.16
Ebi SushiS$ 3.60
Tako SushiS$ 3.16
Yaki SalmonS$ 3.60
Edo TamagoS$ 2.83
Unagi SushiS$ 3.60
Hokkigai SushiS$ 3.60
Ika SushiS$ 3.16
Thick Cut-Hotate SushiS$ 3.92
Smoked Duck SushiS$ 2.83
Salmon SushiS$ 3.60
Hamachi SushiS$ 4.69
Tamago MentaiS$ 3.60
Kani MentaiS$ 3.60
Kani Black PepperS$ 3.60
Ebi MentaiS$ 3.60
Ebi SrirachaS$ 3.60
Ebi Garlic ButterS$ 3.60
Hotate SrirachaS$ 4.25
Salmon SrirachaS$ 3.92
Salmon 3 FlavorsS$ 5.78
Salmon MentaiS$ 3.92
Salmon Black PepperS$ 3.92
Chicken Cheese BurgerS$ 4.25
Aburi MaguroS$ 3.92
Thick Cut Hotate Garlic ButterS$ 4.25
Hamachi SashimiS$ 7.52
Maguro SashimiS$ 6.43
Amaebi SashimiS$ 4.58
Salmon SashimiS$ 6.43
Salmon Belly SashimiS$ 7.52
Hotate SashimiS$ 7.52
Akaebi SashimiS$ 7.19
Irodori Sashimi PlatterS$ 12.64
Trio Sashimi PlatterS$ 12.64
Salmon (6pcs)S$ 12.64
All Salmon Sashimi PlatterS$ 21.80
Assorted Sashimi PlatterS$ 43.49
Cheese Tobikko GunkanS$ 3.60
Corn Mayo GunkanS$ 2.51
Scallop Wasabi GunkanS$ 3.16
Ebikko GunkanS$ 3.60
Tuna Salad GunkanS$ 2.83
Kani Salad GunkanS$ 2.83
Lobster Salad GunkanS$ 4.25
Ikura GunkanS$ 6.87
Inari Kani SaladS$ 2.51
Inari Lobster SaladS$ 3.60
Spicy Salmon GunkanS$ 3.60
Crab & Crab Miso GunkanS$ 4.69
Amaebi GunkanS$ 3.60
Tuna Salad InariS$ 2.51
Chuka Wakame GKS$ 2.51
Salmon Mentai GunkanS$ 3.60
Chuka Kurage GunkanS$ 2.83
Cheese Tobikko Ebi RollS$ 5.01
Tamago MakiS$ 2.83
Lobster Salad RollS$ 5.78
Soft Shell Crab RollS$ 6.43
Tekka MakiS$ 3.92
Kappa MakiS$ 2.83
Kani MakiS$ 2.83
Spicy Salmon RollS$ 5.34
Mentai RollS$ 6.43
Genki RollS$ 5.34
Salmon MakiS$ 3.92
Tuna Salad MakiS$ 2.83
Kamo Cheese RollS$ 5.34
Salmon HandrollS$ 3.60
Spicy Salmon HandrollS$ 3.92
Soft Shell CrabS$ 9.70
Squid TentaclesS$ 5.34
French FriesS$ 4.69
Tori KaraageS$ 5.01
ShishamoS$ 5.01
TakoyakiS$ 5.01
Ebi TempuraS$ 6.43
Mentai Mayo FriesS$ 5.01
GyozaS$ 5.01
Crispy Prawn w Yuzu MayoS$ 6.10
Cheese MochiS$ 5.01
Fried Salmon SkinS$ 5.34
OkonomiyakiS$ 6.10
Snowcrab CroquetteS$ 3.16
Mentai MayoS$ 0.65
Spicy Fried ChickenS$ 6.10
Kake UdonS$ 5.78
Zaru Soba (Cold)S$ 5.34
Maze SobaS$ 6.87
Ebi Tempura UdonS$ 9.37
Beef UdonS$ 9.37
Mini Salmon Ikura DonS$ 7.52
Kitsune UdonS$ 6.87
Mini Ikura DonS$ 14.06
Mini Kaisen DonS$ 18.42
Qoo GrapeS$ 3.16
Bottled WaterS$ 2.07
Jasmine Green TeaS$ 3.16
CokeS$ 3.16
Coke No SugarS$ 3.16
SpriteS$ 3.16
Green Tea PowderS$ 9.70
White RiceS$ 2.07
Rainbow SushiS$ 9.37
Starry DelightS$ 9.37
Edomae TamagoS$ 5.34
Kani & TamagoS$ 5.34
Kappa & Tamago MakiS$ 5.78
Inari, Lobster Salad & kani SaladS$ 8.61
Tuna Salad & Corn MayoS$ 5.34
Tamago Mentai & Kani MentaiS$ 7.19
Salmon & Yaki SalmonS$ 7.19
Salmon Sushi (4pcs)S$ 7.19
Hana Sushi (2pcs)S$ 10.79
Tekka & Salmon MakiS$ 7.96
Ikura & Spicy SalmonS$ 10.46
Kani Salad & Salmon MentaiS$ 5.78
Salmon Mentai & Black PepperS$ 7.96
Hotate Garlic Butter & Salmon MentaiS$ 12.32

Genki Sushi Popular 2023 Price

ChawanmushiS$ 3.56
Salmon SashimiS$ 6.37
Salmon MentaiS$ 3.89
Mentai RollS$ 6.37
Salmon SushiS$ 3.56
Salmon 3 FlavorsS$ 5.72

Genki Sushi SUSHI-NIGIRI 2023 Price

Tamago SushiS$ 2.81
Inari SushiS$ 2.48
Kani SushiS$ 2.81
Amaebi SushiS$ 3.13
Maguro SushiS$ 3.13
Ebi SushiS$ 3.56
Tako SushiS$ 3.13
Yaki SalmonS$ 3.56
Edo TamagoS$ 2.81
Unagi SushiS$ 3.56
Hokkigai SushiS$ 3.56
Ika SushiS$ 3.13
Hotate SushiS$ 3.89
Smoked Duck SushiS$ 2.81
Salmon SushiS$ 3.56
Hamachi SushiS$ 4.54

Genki Sushi SUSHI-SEARD 2023 Price

Tamago MentaiS$ 3.56
Kani MentaiS$ 3.56
Kani Black PepperS$ 3.56
Ebi MentaiS$ 3.56
Ebi Garlic ButterS$ 3.56
Salmon 3 FlavorsS$ 5.72
Salmon MentaiS$ 3.89
Salmon Black PepperS$ 3.89
Chicken Cheese BurgerS$ 4.21
Aburi MaguroS$ 3.89

Genki Sushi SASHIMI 2023 Price

Hamachi SashimiS$ 7.45
Maguro SashimiS$ 6.37
Amaebi SashimiS$ 4.54
Salmon SashimiS$ 6.37
Salmon Belly SashimiS$ 7.45
Hotate SashimiS$ 7.45
Akaebi SashimiS$ 7.13

Genki Sushi GUNKAN 2023 Price

Cheese Tobikko GunkanS$ 3.56
Corn Mayo GunkanS$ 2.48
Scallop Wasabi GunkanS$ 3.13
Ebikko GunkanS$ 3.56
Tuna Salad GunkanS$ 2.81
Kani Salad GunkanS$ 2.81
Lobster Salad GunkanS$ 4.21
Ikura GunkanS$ 6.70
Inari Kani SaladS$ 2.48
Inari Lobster SaladS$ 3.56
Spicy Salmon GunkanS$ 3.56
Crab & Crab Miso GunkanS$ 4.64
Ika Capelin GunkanS$ 4.54
Amaebi GunkanS$ 3.56
Tuna Salad InariS$ 2.48
Chuka Wakame GKS$ 2.48

Genki Sushi ROLL 2023 Price

Cheese Tobikko Ebi RollS$ 4.97
California RollS$ 4.54
Tamago MakiS$ 2.81
Lobster Salad RollS$ 5.72
Soft Shell Crab RollS$ 6.37
Tekka MakiS$ 3.89
Kappa MakiS$ 2.81
Kani MakiS$ 2.81
Spicy Salmon RollS$ 5.29
Mentai RollS$ 6.37
Genki RollS$ 5.29
Salmon MakiS$ 3.89
Tuna Salad MakiS$ 2.81

Genki Sushi HAND ROLL 2023 Price

Salmon HandrollS$ 3.56
Spicy Salmon HandrollS$ 3.89

Genki Sushi HOT FOOD 2023 Price

Soft Shell CrabS$ 9.61
Squid TentaclesS$ 5.29
French FriesS$ 4.64
Tori KaraageS$ 4.97
ShishamoS$ 4.97
Ebi TempuraS$ 6.37
Mentai Mayo FriesS$ 4.97
GyozaS$ 4.97
Cheese MochiS$ 4.97
Fried Salmon SkinS$ 5.29
OkonomiyakiS$ 6.05
Snowcrab CroquetteS$ 3.13
Mentai MayoS$ 0.65

Genki Sushi RICE & NOODLES 2023 Price

Kake UdonS$ 5.72
Maze SobaS$ 6.80
Ebi Tempura UdonS$ 9.29
Beef UdonS$ 9.29
Mini Chirashi DonS$ 7.45
Mini Salmon Ikura DonS$ 7.45
Hanjuku Egg (Add on)S$ 1.30
Kitsune UdonS$ 6.80

Genki Sushi APPETIZER 2023 Price

ChawanmushiS$ 3.56
EdamameS$ 3.56
Nameko Miso SoupS$ 3.13
Chuka IdakoS$ 4.64
Agedashi TofuS$ 4.64
Chuka KurageS$ 4.64
Salmon Miso SoupS$ 3.56
Chuka WakameS$ 4.64
Crab Yuzu ChawanmushiS$ 5.29

Genki Sushi BEVERAGES 2023 Price

Qoo GrapeS$ 3.13
Bottled waterS$ 2.05
Jasmine Green teaS$ 3.13
Ayataka S$ 3.13
CokeS$ 3.13
Coke no sugarS$ 3.13
SpriteS$ 3.13

Genki Sushi PLATTERS 2023 Price

Special Set AS$ 21.49
Special Set BS$ 17.17
Special Set CS$ 26.89
Classic Set AS$ 11.77
Classic Set BS$ 15.01
Classic Set CS$ 18.25
Genki Set AS$ 60.37
Genki Set BS$ 61.45

Genki Sushi TOP SELLING 2023 Price

Ebi TempuraS$ 6.37

Genki Sushi KIDS FAVORITE 2023 Price

Tamago MentaiS$ 3.42
Ebi MentaiS$ 3.53

Genki Sushi DELIVERY EXCLUSIVE 2023 Price

Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi SobaS$ 15.01
Beef & Chicken BentoS$ 16.09
Unagi & Ebi BentoS$ 18.25
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi BentoS$ 15.01

Genki Sushi Popular

Menu ItemsPrice
Kake UdonS$ 5.40
Salmon SashimiS$ 7.02
California RollS$ 4.54
Salmon MentaiS$ 3.56
Mentai RollS$ 5.94
ChawanmushiS$ 3.46

Genki Sushi Promotion

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon YushengS$ 49.57
Add on Pok Chui CrackerS$ 2.05
Family Feast SetS$ 53.89
Salmon Supreme SetS$ 27.97
Abalone YushengS$ 49.57
Add on 10pcs SalmonS$ 13.93
Add on 10pcs AbaloneS$ 13.93
Premium PartyS$ 67.93
Chicken Wings 6pcsS$ 16.09

Genki Sushi Delivery Exclusive

Menu ItemsPrice
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi SobaS$ 13.93
Beef & Chicken BentoS$ 15.66
Unagi & Ebi BentoS$ 17.82
Teriyaki Chicken & Ebi BentoS$ 13.93

Genki Sushi Top Selling

Menu Items Price
Sashimi PlatterS$ 17.82
Ebi TempuraS$ 6.26

Genki Sushi (Sushi Nigiri)

Menu ItemsPrice
Tamago SushiS$ 2.38
Inari SushiS$ 2.38
Kani SushiS$ 2.81
Amaebi SushiS$ 3.02
Maguro SushiS$ 3.46
Ebi SushiS$ 3.02
Tako SushiS$ 2.81
Yaki SalmonS$ 3.24
Yaki CornS$ 2.81
Edo TamagoS$ 2.81
Unagi SushiS$ 3.46
Hokkigai SushiS$ 3.46
Ika SushiS$ 2.81
Hotate SushiS$ 4.54
Smoked Duck SushiS$ 2.81
Hana SushiS$ 4.86
Salmon SushiS$ 3.02
Kajiki NSS$ 3.89
Hamachi NSS$ 4.54

Genki Sushi (Sushi-Seard)

Menu ItemsPrice
Tamago MentaiS$ 3.46
Kani MentaiS$ 3.46
Kani Black PepperS$ 3.46
Ebi MentaiS$ 3.56
Ebi Garlic ButterS$ 3.56
Scallop Mentai AburiS$ 4.97
Salmon 3 FlavorsS$ 5.18
Salmon MentaiS$ 3.56
Salmon Black PepperS$ 3.56
Chicken Cheese BurgerS$ 3.89
Hokkaido Cheese AbaloneS$ 3.89
Salmon Spicy MayoS$ 3.56
Aburi MaguroS$ 3.89

Genki Sushi Sashimi

Menu ItemsPrice
Hamachi SashimiS$ 8.86
Maguro SashimiS$ 7.02
Kajiki SashimiS$ 7.02
Amaebi SashimiS$ 7.02
Salmon SashimiS$ 7.02
Salmon Belly SashimiS$ 8.86
Sashimi PlatterS$ 17.82
Premium Sashimi PlatterS$ 22.14
Hotate SashimiS$ 7.02
Akaebi SashimiS$ 7.02

Genki Sushi Gunkan

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheese Tobikko GunkanS$ 3.46
Corn Mayo GunkanS$ 2.38
Scallop Wasabi GunkanS$ 2.81
Ebikko GunkanS$ 3.02
Tuna Salad GunkanS$ 2.81
Kani Salad GunkanS$ 2.81
Lobster Salad GunkanS$ 3.89
Ikura GunkanS$ 6.70
Inari Kani SaladS$ 2.38
Inari Lobster SaladS$ 3.02
Natto GunkanS$ 2.38
Spicy Salmon GunkanS$ 3.02
Salmon Ikura GunkanS$ 6.05
Crab & Crab Miso GunkanS$ 4.54
Ika Capelin GunkanS$ 4.54
Amaebi GunkanS$ 3.46
Tuna Salad InariS$ 2.38
Chuka Hotate GKS$ 2.81
Chuka Wakame GKS$ 2.38

Genki Sushi Roll

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheese Tobikko Ebi RollS$ 4.54
California RollS$ 4.54
Tamago MakiS$ 2.38
Lobster Salad RollS$ 5.29
Soft Shell Crab RollS$ 5.29
Tekka MakiS$ 3.46
Kappa MakiS$ 2.38
Kani MakiS$ 2.81
Natto MakiS$ 2.38
Spicy Salmon RollS$ 5.18
Mentai RollS$ 5.94
Genki RollS$ 4.86
Salmon MakiS$ 3.46
Volcano RollS$ 5.62
Unatama RollS$ 5.62
Tuna Salad MakiS$ 2.81

Genki Sushi Hand Roll

Menu ItemsPrice
Soft Shell Crab HandrollS$ 4.52
California HandrollS$ 3.02
Salmon HandrollS$ 3.02
Spicy Salmon HandrollS$ 3.02

Genki Sushi Hot Foods

Menu ItemsPrice
Soft Shell CrabS$ 8.53
Squid TentaclesS$ 5.18
French FriesS$3.78
Tori KaraageS$ 4.86
ShishamoS$ 4.86
TakoyakiS$ 4.86
Ebi TempuraS$ 6.26
Mentai Mayo FriesS$ 4.86
GyozaS$ 4.86
Crispy Prawn w Yuzu MayoS$ 5.94
Cheese MochiS$ 4.86
Fried Salmon SkinS$ 5.29
Chicken NanbanS$ 6.37
Maple Chz FriesS$ 4.86
OkonomiyakiS$ 5.72
Snowcrab CroquetteS$ 3.13
Mentai MayoS$ 0.54

Genki Sushi Rice & Noodles

Menu ItemsPrice
Kake UdonS$ 5.40
Zaru Soba (Cold)S$ 5.18
Maze SobaS$ 6.70
Ebi Tempura UdonS$ 9.18
Beef UdonS$ 9.18
Mini Chirashi DonS$ 7.13
Mini Salmon Ikura DonS$ 7.13
Mini Salmon Avo Mentai DonS$ 7.13
Hanjuku Egg (Add on)S$ 1.30
Spicy Sal Engawa DonS$ 7.13
Kitsune UdonS$ 6.70

Genki Sushi Appetizer

Menu ItemsPrice
ChawanmushiS$ 3.46
EdamameS$ 3.13
Nameko Miso SoupS$ 3.13
Chuka IdakoS$ 4.54
Chuka HotateS$ 4.54
Agedashi TofuS$ 4.54
Chuka KurageS$ 4.54
Salmon Miso SoupS$ 3.46
Chuka WakameS$ 4.54
Crab Yuzu ChawanmushiS$ 5.29
Agedashi HamburgS$ 5.18

Genki Sushi Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Qoo GrapeS$ 3.02
Bottled WaterS$ 2.16
Jasmine Green TeaS$ 3.02
AyatakaS$ 3.02
CokeS$ 3.02
Coke No SugarS$ 3.02
SpriteS$ 3.02

Genki Sushi Desserts

Menu ItemsPrice
Maple Caramelised ImoS$ 4.54
Caramelised TamagoyakiS$ 2.81

Genki Sushi Platters

Menu ItemsPrice
Special Set AS$ 21.49
Special Set BS$ 17.17
Special Set CS$ 26.89
Classic Set AS$ 11.77
Classic Set BS$ 15.01
Classic Set CS$ 18.25
Genki Set AS$ 60.37

Genki Sushi Kids Favourite

Menu ItemsPrice
Tamago MentaiS$ 3.46
Ebi MentaiS$ 3.56

Genki Sushi Kids Meal

Menu ItemsPrice
Rainbow SushiS$ 8.53
Starry DelightS$ 8.53

Genki Sushi Singapore Promotion 2023

Get up to 30% off their Weekday Lunch Set Specials!

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Genki Sushi Best Promotion

Image Credit: @Instagram

That’s right. You read that right. From Monday to Friday, you can get your lunch set at Genki Sushi Singapore for a fraction of the price. All you have to do is choose from their signature dishes!

Genki Sushi Promotion

Image Credit: @Instagram

You know what else? You can complete your lunch set with add-ons starting from $1! Choose from your favorite beverage and desserts at a special rate. Fill your tummy with affordable yet quality food during your next lunchtime at Genki.

Genki Sushi Promotion 2023

Image Credit: @Instagram

Available weekdays only, T&Cs apply.

This September 2023, Genki Sushi Singapore is rolling out an irresistible 1-FOR-1 deal on selected days to provide sushi lovers a taste of double goodness at fantastic value! 

Genki Sushi Singapore Promotion for September 2023

Image Credit: @Instagram

On Tuesdays, the promotion is splashed on their signature Yaki Salmon Sushi. Complemented by the deliciously charred aroma of grilled salmon, the flavorful mouthful is set to serve a double satisfaction at the price of one. Savor every bite of this exquisite piece, and surely, your Tuesdays will never be the same. Hot and tasty, make the most out of your dining experience without digging too deep into your pocket. 

Genki Sushi Singapore Deals 2023

Image Credit: @Instagram

To electrify your Mondays, they are offering the Trio Sashimi Platter with a 1-FOR-1 deal. So, what’s a better way to kickstart your week than indulging in a platter of assorted, fresh sashimi? Emanating a burst of oceanic flavors that you can’t resist, the tantalizing hues and mouth-watering taste will undoubtedly double your satisfaction.

Genki Sushi Singapore Promotion 2023

Image Credit: @Instagram

Finally, they wrap up the week with a flavor-filled bang! As you celebrate TGIF at Genki Sushi, treat yourself with their savory Smoked Duck Sushi. Receive two servings for the price of one! Every Friday, they ensure twice the joy and flavor for every customer with this exceptional 1-FOR-1 deal.

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Rush to your nearest Genki Sushi outlet and savor these exciting deals while stocks last on a daily basis. Please note that T&Cs apply. Mark your lovesome sushi dates until Friday, 15th September 2023 and double up your satisfaction.

Genki Sushi Singapore Popular Menu 2023

Genki Sushi Singapore Menu 2024 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

Have you ever wondered what the most popular meal at Genki Sushi Singapore will be in 2023? I have, so I decided to find out. Here’s what I found:

Genki Sushi Chawanmushi

Best Soup of Genki Sushi Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

Chawanmushi is a must-try for any sushi lover. The chawanmushi is made with savory broth, dashi, and a hint of sake. It’s then topped with mushroom and scallions. The combination of the savory broth and the crunchy tempura on top makes this dish so satisfying. It’s not too filling, but it’s also not too light—it’s just right!

Genki Sushi Salmon Sashimi

Best Sashimi at Genki Sushi Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

When I think of sashimi, I think of a delicate, almost translucent fish that melts in my mouth with each bite. When I think of salmon sashimi, however, all I can think about is how much I want to eat this again.

The fish was fresh, and the texture of the sashimi was very light—it almost felt like I was eating air! The soy sauce added a touch of umami to the dish, but it wasn’t overpowering at all; rather, it complemented the taste of the fish perfectly. The shaved ice added a nice crunchiness that balanced out the soft fish and soy sauce.

Genki Sushi Kake Udon

Best Udon of Genki Sushi Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Kake Udon at Genki Sushi is simply perfection. The noodles are perfectly cooked, the broth is light but flavorful, and the tempura veggies are a great complement. The only complaint I have is that the tempura itself isn’t as crispy as I’d like it to be—but that’s a small gripe in an otherwise perfect dish. I would recommend this dish for anyone who loves udon noodles and seafood!

Genki Sushi Singapore Menu Updated 2022

Genki Sushi is a restaurant chain that was founded in 1990 in Japan. Later it exploded all over the world in different countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, China, Australia, Philippines, United States including California, Washington. 

One of the main reasons for their becoming a brand all over the world is that they periodically update their menu items to bring their customers back. They have varieties of food items that come every year in their menu.

Here are some picture of latest updated Genki Sushi Singapore Menu:

Genki Sushi Best Seller

The best things in life are free, but if you want to get your hands on the best sushi in Singapore, you’ll need to pay up.

Genki Sushi is a chain restaurant that has gained popularity for its affordable and delicious offerings. It’s known for its conveyor belt system of ordering, which means you don’t have to wait long for your food—and it’s also known for its reasonable prices. So what makes this restaurant so special? We’ll give you the rundown on Genki Sushi Singapore best seller!

Here are the Best Seller in Genki Sushi Singapore:

Genki Sushi Salmon Mentai

Best Genki Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit:@Instagram

The salmon was cooked perfectly: tender and juicy inside with a nice charred flavor outside. The mentai sauce had just enough saltiness to complement the sweetness of the fish without being overpowering; it had just enough spice to give it some kick without being spicy (if you’re afraid of spice).

 And the whole thing comes together in one bite: if you’re looking for a light snack or something to eat while you’re on the go, this is perfect. It’s also great if you’re looking for something hearty and filling.It’s not cheap though—it’s more than double what other sushi rolls cost at this restaurant . But honestly? Worth it!

Best Seller Genki Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit:@Instagram

All in all, this is probably one of my favorite dishes ever—and definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something new to try at Genki Sushi Singapore.                                               

Genki Sushi Mentai Roll

Most Popular Genki Sushi Singapore Menu
      Image Credit:@Instagram


The Mentai Roll Sushi is a great choice if you’re looking for something light and refreshing. The mentai sauce is tangy and sweet, with hints of crunchy sesame seeds and the freshness of cucumber. The rice is perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of vinegar to give it a little zing.

The mentai was melted just right, and the rice was slightly warm and perfectly sticky. The fish had a great texture and a slight crunch to it that balanced out the softness of the rice. There was just enough rice to make the roll big enough to fill you up, but not so much that you felt bloated after eating it.

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The Mentai Roll Sushi is perfect for a hot summer day when you want something that’s not too heavy and will still fill you up! Overall, I would definitely recommend this sushi if you’re looking for something light yet filling!

Genki Sushi Salmon 3 Flavors

Famous Genki Sushi Singapore Menu
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The salmon 3 flavor is one of their signature dishes, and I must say it is truly delicious. It’s an interesting mix of flavors and textures, but it all comes together in a way that makes you feel like you’re eating something special. The salmon itself has a great texture that makes it easy to eat with chopsticks and no dipping sauce required. The first bite was mind-blowing—I could feel the flavors exploding in my mouth, and I didn’t even realize that this was just the beginning. 

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Each piece of salmon has a different flavor profile, so you can mix and match to find your favorite. I recommend the raw fish with the spicy sauce on top—it’s an explosion of flavors that will keep you coming back for more.And the sauce… oh, that sauce! It’s creamy without being goopy or runny, and it has just enough sweetness to balance out the salty flavor of everything else on your plate.

Genki Sushi Singapore Delivery Locations

The Genki Sushi is a popular restaurant chain with more than 15 outlets in Singapore. Here is the list of all Genki Sushi Outlets in Singapore

Bugis Plus
201 Victoria Street, #01-13, Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road, #02-33, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #02-37/38, City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Hillion Mall
17 Petir Road, #01-14, Hillion Mall
Singapore 678278
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Junction 8
9 Bishan Place, #01-22/30, Junction 8
Singapore 579837
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

23 Serangoon Central, #04-21/22, NEX
Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road, #B2-25/26, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #04-30, Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Rd, #06-05/06, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-456/457, North Wing, Suntec City
Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5, #03-26/27, Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Waterway Point
83 Punggol Central, #02-23, Waterway Point
Singapore 828761
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

3 Gateway Drive, #03-05, Westgate
Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

About Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is an Restaurant chain of Conveyor belt sushi that was founded in 1990 in Japan. Later it was expand all over the world, in Singapore they open their first store in 2011.

Their aim is to provide a delicious dinner to their customers. Their mission is to provide their customers a vide rang verity of food items in reasonable price.

Genki Sushi Singapore Menu

Besides their vide range of restaurant menu, they also serve don meals, with some Asian flavored don verities including black Pepper Chicken Don.

Is Genki Sushi Halal in Singapore?

Many Muslim Singaporean want to know that either Genki Sushi Menu Halal in Singapore. No, Genki Sushi Menu is not Halal certified in Singapore because they serve their customers wine, which is not Halal.

Contact with Genki Sushi Singapore

Genki Sushi Menu have vide range of food items, If you have any suggestion about Genki Sushi Singapore menu then must contact with their team through following social media platform:

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