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Hi my name is Jon. Bred and living in Singapore. This is a blog on Food, Food and food in Singapore.

I am obsessed with food. After all, it’s the reward after a long day at work or school – and in Singapore, we have more than enough to choose from wherever you go.

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Whether you’re looking for breakfast foods to start your day off right or something to nosh on during a mid-afternoon slump, there are a lot of choices readily available and some of the best cafes in Singapore abound in areas such as Clementi, Hougang and even in Potong Pasir.

The best part is that these places are just within walking distance from your home so take advantage of this amazing perk and discover new cafes today!

New Cafes in Singapore 2023

We’ve got your hip and trendy cafes covered on our list of the latest cafe openings in Singapore .

Be the first kid to know where to chill with a cuppa or a snack.

Aiming for a grande cappuccino accompanied by antipasto platter?

Hurry up and check out some of these fab cafes in Singapore now!

Inflation in Singapore 2023

Also , I am tracking the price increases of your favourite food and drink each year. Be amazed by how much your bubble tea has increased as compared to 2022.

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