Itacho Sushi Menu

Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu

Itacho Sushi Singapore has recently opened its doors, and it is already causing quite a buzz. This sushi restaurant is located in the heart of the city, and it serves up some of the most delicious sushi you will ever taste. The restaurant has a very modern yet cozy atmosphere that is sure to make you feel relaxed and at ease while you enjoy your meal.

The Itacho Sushi Singapore menu offers a wide variety of different types of sushi including nigiri, sashimi and maki rolls. You can also find some other Japanese dishes on the menu like tempura and donburi bowls. There are also vegetarian options available if you are looking for something healthy or vegetarian friendly options as well as gluten-free options which makes it easier for those who have allergies or dietary restrictions.

The staff at Itacho Sushi Singapore are extremely friendly and helpful so if you have any questions about anything on their menu they will be able to answer them quickly without any problem whatsoever which makes it very easy for anyone who has never been there before to order what they want without feeling overwhelmed by all the choices they have available too!

Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu Price List

The menu at Itacho Sushi Singapore is a delight for the eyes, and the taste buds: with a wide range of sushi and sashimi, various side dishes, and delicious desserts, you will be spoiled for choice.

We’ve compiled a list below of all the menu items from Itacho Sushi Singapore so that you can easily see what’s on offer and how much it will cost to treat yourself to this fantastic restaurant experience.

Itacho Sushi ( Sushi and Roll Set ) 

Menu ItemsPrice
Roasted EggS$5.56
Roasted Salmon SetS$15.09
Roasted Sushi SetS$17.23
Scallop SetS$27.07
Salmon SetS$14.55
Himeji Bento SetS$48.36
Misaki Bento SetS$37.02
Kirishima Bento SetS$36.27
Ume Sushi SetS$39.27
TAKE Sushi SetS$26.96
MATSU Sushi SetS$23.54
Roasted Salmon Sushi SetS$37.02
Roasted 5 Kind SushiS$29.10
Crispy Roll & Olive Mayonnaise California RollS$30.28
Creative Roll Set 6pcsS$20.44
Warship Set 5pcsS$18.62
Salmon Platter (Small) 6pcsS$19.58
Salmon Sushi & Roll Set 10pcsS$17.01
Roasted Salmon Set (Small) 6pcsS$18.94
Blue Fin Tuna Set 10pcsS$45.26
Roasted Salmon Set (Large)S$42.37
Salmon Lover Platter (Large)S$42.37
Yellowtail SetS$21.94

Itacho Sushi (Sushi)

Menu ItemsPrice
Blue Fin Tuna w/Tendon SushiS$12.63
Blue Fin Tuna w/Less Tendon SushiS$11.60
Blue Fin Tuna SushiS$5.46
Scallop SushiS$5.03
Inari SushiS$2.03
Spicy Salmon Inari w/ Sakura Shrimp EbikoS$5.03
Egg SushiS$2.03
Shrimp SushiS$2.89
Shrimp Tempura SushiS$3.75
Flesh Of Crab Stick SushiS$2.89
Striped Jack SushiS$6.42
Fatty Yellow Tail SushiS$5.56
Yellow Tail SushiS$4.71

Itacho Sushi Roast

Menu ItemsPrice
Roasted Squid SushiS$3.00
Roasted Duck Breast SushiS$3.75
Roasted Squid Leg SushiS$3.96
Grilled Pork SushiS$2.57
Roasted ScallopS$5.35
Roasted EelS$5.56
Supreme Sea Eel SushiS$12.20

Itacho Sushi Creative Roll

Menu ItemsPrice
Cucumber RollS$4.71
Salmon Salad Lobster RollS$6.42
Salmon & Salmon Roe RollS$10.38
Roasted Salmon RollS$6.85
Chu MakiS$4.39
Lobster & Mango Salad RollS$7.70
Scallop & Avocado Roll (Spicy)S$5.99
California RollS$4.82
Sweet Shrimp RollS$10.38
Salmon RollS$5.89

Itacho Sushi Warship

Menu ItemsPrice
Corn Salad WarshipS$2.03
Spicy Salmon WarshipS$2.46
Lobster Salad WarshipS$4.49
Flying Fish Roe w/ Cheese WarshipS$3.10
Tuna & Corn Salad WarshipS$2.14
Fatty Tuna w/ Spring Onion WarshipS$5.03
Tuna Salad WarshipS$2.46
Flying Fish Roe WarshipS$3.00
Salmon Roe WarshipS$5.89
Sea Urchin WarshipS$12.31

Itacho Sushi Hand Roll

Menu ItemsPrice
Flying Fish Roe H.RS$4.82
Tuna Corn H.RS$4.39
Corn Salad H.RS$3.53
Tuna Salad H.RS$3.75
Egg H.RS$3.42
Shrimp H.RS$4.39
Shrimp Tempura H.RS$5.03
Eel H.RS$7.92
Spicy Salmon H.RS$4.71

Itacho Sushi Noodles & Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
Pork Chop Curry Rice w/ CheeseS$24.93
Nami ChirashiS$30.39
Chicken w/Scrambled Egg RiceS$15.41
Salmon Oyako DonS$26.43
Pork Chop UdonS$18.19
Seasonal Seafood Don w/ Salmon RoeS$23.86
Deluxe Tempura DonS$25.36
Deep Fried Chicken Curry RiceS$24.93
Curry Seafood RiceS$24.93
Deep Fried Chicken w/ Scrambled Egg Rice & SaladS$21.19
Beef Tenderloin w/ Boiled Egg Rice & SaladS$33.06
Grilled Eel Scrambled Egg Rice & SaladS$26.43
Pork Chop Scrambled Egg Rice & SaladS$20.97
Steamed RiceS$3.10
Udon / Zaru Soba w/ SoupS$8.99
Cold Green Tea NoodleS$8.67
Cold UdonS$8.67
Cod Fish, Vegetables & Prawn Tempura in Soup UdonS$22.26
Seafood w/ Egg in Tomato Soup UdonS$20.97
Sliced Pork w/ Egg in Tomato Soup Udon UdonS$20.97
Sliced Beef w/ Egg in Tomato Soup UdonS$20.97
Premium Bara Don w/ Aburi UniS$30.39
Premium Seafood Don w/ CaviarS$50.29
Deluxe Seafood Don w/ Flying Fish RoeS$63.45
Supreme Seafood Don w/ Crab MisoS$50.29

Itacho Sushi Sashimi

Menu ItemsPrice
Blue Fin Tuna w/Less Tendon SashimiS$34.88
Red Shrimp Sashimi (3pcs)S$20.65
Sweet Shrimp (6PCS) SashimiS$16.69
Sword Fish SashimiS$15.19
Squid SashimiS$8.35
Octopus SashimiS$8.35
Scallop SashimiS$15.19
Blue Fin Tuna (Akami) SashimiS$16.69
Fatty Salmon SashimiS$8.77
Salmon SashimiS$7.70
Assorted Sashimi SetS$34.24
Classic Sashimi SetS$76.72
Fatty Yellow Tail SashimiS$16.69
Yellow Tail SashimiS$13.91
Ume Sashimi SetS$38.41
Take Sashimi SetS$43.66
Selected Sashimi SetS$37.02

Itacho Sushi Soup & Steamed Egg

Menu ItemsPrice
Steamed Egg w/ ScallopS$8.24
Steamed Egg w/Salmon RoeS$8.24
Steamed Egg w/CrabS$7.49
Miso Soup (Contains Clams)S$6.42
Miso Soup (Contains Salmon)S$4.71
Black Truffle Foie Gras Steamed EggS$14.34
Sea Urchin Sweet Shrimp Steamed EggS$16.59

Itacho Sushi Deep Fry & Snacks

Menu ItemsPrice
Tempura MoriawaseS$13.91
Cream CroquetteS$8.35
Deep Fried Gyoza w/ Green Tea SaltS$6.42
Deep Fried Chicken w/ SaladS$11.34
Breaded Salmon w/ Soft Squid 3pcsS$11.34

Itacho Sushi Snack

Menu ItemsPrice
Edamame w/ Black Truffle & Black PepperS$7.38
Roasted Egg w/ Olive Truffle Sauce (Warm)S$8.24
Roasted Egg w/ Mentaiko (Warm)S$8.24
Seasoned Jelly Fish w/ Spicy SalmonS$11.34
Seasoned Octopus w/ Spicy SalmonS$11.34

Itacho Sushi Salad

Menu ItemsPrice
Avocado & Salmon Cube SaladS$12.63
Softshell Crab & Avocado w/ Crab Meat SaladS$16.59
Crab Meat Salad w/ AvocadoS$11.34

Itacho Sushi Grill

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled EelS$23.54
Saba w/ SaladS$19.58
Salmon Mentaiko w/ SaladS$17.98
Kama 2pcsS$19.58

Itacho Sushi Dessert

Menu ItemsPrice
Homemade Milk Pudding w/ Red BeanS$6.42
Caramel Roasted Egg 6pcsS$7.70

Itacho Sushi Party Platter

Menu ItemsPrice
Sushi Set HARUS$58.85
Sushi Set NATSUS$86.67
Crispy Roll Set FUYUS$49.22
Roasted Salmon Sushi SetS$58.85
Otsumami Set UMES$51.36
YAMA Sushi SetS$29.96
KAWA Sushi SetS$23.54
UMI Snack SetS$27.82
KIKU Snack SetS$34.24
Sashimi Set MATSUS$55.64
Sashimi Set TAKES$44.94
Sushi Set AKIS$71.69

Itacho Sushi Exclusive Delivery Sets

Menu ItemPrice
Pork Mapo Tofu With RiceS$12.85

Itacho Sushi Drinks

Menu ItemsPrice
Coke ZeroS$3.75
Lemon TeaS$3.75
Heaven & Earth Green TeaS$3.75
Mineral WaterS$3.00

Itacho Sushi Best Seller Menu

Are you ready to try something new?

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We are so excited to introduce the Itacho Sushi Singapore Best Seller Menu. We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to sushi, so we want to make sure that you can make an informed decision about what will become your new favorite dish. That’s why we’ve put together this list of their top selling menu.

Itacho Sushi Roasted Salmon Set (small) 6pcs

Best Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I love the way they roast the salmon, and it’s not just because of the taste. The way they cook it makes me feel like they’re doing everything they can to make sure I get the best experience possible.

The first thing that makes me feel that way is how they prepare the salmon. You can tell right away that they’ve put a lot of thought into it—they’ve got a special oven that roasts the salmon at just the right temperature and for just the right amount of time, so it comes out perfectly cooked every time. They don’t even use any kind of seasoning on it—they let its natural flavor shine through.

The set comes with three pieces of salmon sushi, one lobster & mango salad roll and one avocado soft shell crab roll. The salmon was cooked to perfection and seasoned with just the right amount of salt. The mango salad roll was also amazing – crunchy tempura batter on the outside and fresh mango on the inside. The avocado soft shell crab roll was crispy and fresh, with a mild creamy taste from the avocado.

Overall, this is a great meal if you’re looking for something light but flavorful!

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Itacho Sushi Roasted Salmon Sushi Set

Top Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Roasted Salmon Sushi Set is a great choice for those who want to experience the best of what this restaurant has to offer. The salmon is cooked perfectly, and it pairs beautifully with the cheese sauce and truffle sauce. These two sauces are some of the best you’ll find anywhere on earth, which makes them perfect for complementing the fish.

This dish actually has four different sauces that range from creamy and cheesy to spicy and tangy. You can choose which of the sauces you want on your sushi roll, or try them all! The fish caviar and olive sauce adds a salty flavor, while the truffle sauce has a rich earthy taste.

The spicy cheese sauce is spicy but not overwhelming. It adds just enough kick to give your palette a little jolt of excitement. The spicy truffle sauce has an earthy taste with hints of garlic and onion.

If you like things hot, then you will love this option! The yuzu adds just enough citrus flavor without being overpowering. It balances well with all the other ingredients in this dish so that each bite is flavorful and unique!

Also, if you’re looking for something that will give you some new ideas about how sushi can be enjoyed in different ways than just raw fish or rice alone, then definitely give this one a try!

Itacho Sushi Salmon Lover Platter (Large)

Most Popular Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Salmon Lover Platter is the perfect option for a full meal. It’s great for those who like salmon and want to try something new, or for anyone who just loves fish!

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The platter includes 2 pieces of salmon sushi, 2 pieces of fatty salmon sushi with mentaiko, 2 pieces of salmon roe warship with crab meat, and 6 pieces of mini rolls. The variety is great because it allows you to try different flavors. For example, if you’re craving something salty then you can eat the salmon roe warship with crab meat but if you’re looking for something more sweet then try the fatty salmon sushi with mentaiko!

It’s also a great value because it comes with 6 mini rolls that are smaller than regular rolls, so they’re easy to eat and don’t take up too much space in your stomach – making them ideal if you want to eat more than one thing at once!

Itacho Sushi Roasted Salmon with Tenkasu Roll

Most Recommended Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a tasty, healthy meal, look no further than the Roasted Salmon with Tenkasu Roll. This roll is made with salmon, avocado, cucumber and tenkasu (deep-fried tempura bits). The combination of flavors and textures is perfect for lunch or dinner.

This dish comes in a large portion, so it’s great if you’re sharing with someone else or if you want to save some for later. If you’re not sure what tenkasu are, don’t worry! They are simply tempura bits that have been deep-fried and sprinkled on top of the roll. Their crispy texture adds an extra crunchy texture to this dish that pairs perfectly with the creamy avocado and light salmon.

If you’re looking for something healthy but still filling and delicious, this is the dish for you!

Itacho Sushi Crispy Roll Set FUYU

Best Seller Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

In this set, we have the Crispy Roll Set FUYU. This is a special set that has been specially designed to cater to your taste buds. In this set, you get to enjoy a variety of different rolls that are sure to satisfy your appetite.

The first roll in this set is the Spicy Salmon w/Crab Stick Egg Roll Mentaiko Mayo Sauce. This is a roll that has been made with salmon and crab sticks that have been mixed together with mentaiko mayonnaise sauce, giving it a spicy taste.

The second roll in this set is the California Roll. This roll has been made using avocado, cucumber and sushi rice wrapped in nori seaweed paper and then sliced into pieces for serving purposes.

The third roll in this set is a Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Roll w/Mentaiko Caviar. This dish consists of soft shell crab which has been deep-fried and then served with caviar sauce on top as well as some mayonnaise sauce underneath it as well so that it can be eaten without getting messy while eating it!

The fourth roll in this set is Speciality Prawn Tempura Roll, which consists of prawn tempura inside. It offers a nice textural contrast between the crunchy shrimp and the soft rice, but it doesn’t have much flavor on its own.

Finally, my favorite in this set was the roasted salmon w/tenkasu roll; it is another stand-out sushi roll: tender and flavorful, with just enough zest from the sauce to give it a nice kick without being overpowering or overwhelming.

Visiting Itacho Sushi Singapore

Itacho Sushi Outlets in Singapore

Itacho Sushi Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road #02-35 Plaza Singapura, 

Singapore 238839

Phone: +65 6337 8922

Itacho Sushi ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B3-20 ION Orchard, 

Singapore 238801

Phone: +65 6509 8911

Itacho Sushi Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street #B1-05 Bugis Junction, 

Singapore 188021

Phone: +65 6337 8911

Itacho Sushi The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-12 The Star Vista,

Singapore 138617

Phone: +65 6694 0880

Itacho Sushi Tampines Mall

4 Tampines Central 5 #04-32 Tampines Mall, 

Singapore 529678

Phone: +65 6789 5388

Itacho Sushi Bedok Mall

311 New Upper Changi Road #B2-42/43 Bedok Mall,

Singapore 467360

Phone: +65 6227 8911

Itacho Sushi City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road #04-12 City Square Mall,

Singapore 208539

Phone: +65 6509 0833

Itacho Sushi Jewel Changi Airport

78 Airport Boulevard #B2-210 Jewel Changi Airport, 

Singapore 819666

Phone: +65 6214 9986

Itacho Sushi Novena Square 2

10 Sinaran Drive #02-88 Square 2, 

Singapore 307506

Phone: +65 6261 4616

Contact with Itacho Sushi Singapore 

They’re always looking for ways to improve their menu, so they’d love to hear your thoughts about how they can do that. Feel free to contact them with your ideas and suggestions through their social media and website. They welcome all feedback, and they want to make sure that you feel heard!

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