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Woobbee Menu Singapore Prices 2023 vs 2022

The Woobbee Menu Singapore offers a variety of teas and desserts in an intimate setting. This is a place where you can find an array of teas and other beverages that are made with natural ingredients. 

Comparing their 2023 vs 2022 menu prices, there is a 0.10 increase for all of the various series under Woobbee.

The teas are prepared by a team of tea experts who have the knowledge to prepare the perfect cup of tea for you. They have a variety of flavors and combinations, so you can choose what suits your taste buds.

Whether you’re looking for a unique blend of herbs and spices, or just want some caffeine to keep you going through the day, they have what you need. They have a variety of teas from all over the world—so that no matter where you are in Singapore, they can deliver your order directly to your door.

Woobbee Menu Price List Singapore

Woobbee Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

Woobbee is one of the most famous bubble tea brands in Singapore which was established in 2010, Singapore. It is famous because of their modern wide range of modern delicious bubble teas. On their menu, they offer different unique flavors including Pei Pa Koa and Ai-Yu Passion Green Tea. Here is the list of all Woobbee Menu Singapore with prices:

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2023 MenuPrice
Herbal Mint Milk TeaS$ 5.40
Herbal Mint Green TeaS$ 5.40
WB Milk TeaS$ 3.90
Guava Plum Green TeaS$ 5.40
Pink Grapefruit Green TeaS$ 5.10
Honey Mint Milk TeaS$ 5.10
Foodpanda Exclusive – Woobbee Summer Series
Chrysanthemum Green Tea W AloeS$ 4.80
Herbal Tea Earl Grey W GrassjellyS$ 4.80
Oatly (Plant Based Milk)
Dark Chocolate Oolong Oat MilkS$ 6.00
Oat Milk Black TeaS$ 5.30
Oat Milk Green TeaS$ 5.30
Oat Milk Oolong TeaS$ 5.30
WB Signatures
Double Chocolate Milk TeaS$ 5.40
Honey Mint Milk TeaS$ 5.10
Herbal Mint Milk TeaS$ 5.40
Herbal Mint Green TeaS$ 5.40
Fresh Lemon Honey Green TeaS$ 5.10
Guava Plum Green TeaS$ 5.40
Pink Grapefruit Green TeaS$ 5.10  
Passionfruit Green TeaS$ 5.10
Fresh Milk Herbal Mint TeaS$ 6.10
Black Tea
WB Milk TeaS$ 3.90
Fresh Milk Black TeaS$ 4.60
Fresh Milk Caramel TeaS$ 5.10
Vanilla Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Hazelnut Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Honey Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Taro Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Honey Black TeaS$ 4.40
Straight Black TeaS$ 3.40
Green Tea
Green Milk TeaS$ 3.90
Honey Green Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Strawberry Green Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Fresh Milk Green TeaS$ 4.60
Fresh Milk Honey Green TeaS$ 5.10
Plum Green TeaS$ 4.40
Lychee Green TeaS$ 4.40
Citron Green TeaS$ 4.60
Osmanthus Green TeaS$ 4.60
Honey Green TeaS$ 4.40
Straight Green TeaS$ 3.40
Oolong Tea
Oolong Milk TeaS$ 3.90
Honey Oolong Milk TeaS$ 4.40
Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaS$ 4.60
Fresh Milk Oolong TeaS$ 4.60
Fresh Milk Honey Oolong TeaS$ 5.10
Honey Oolong TeaS$ 4.40
Straight Oolong TeaS$ 3.40
Yakult & Juices
Yakult-T OriginalS$ 4.40
Yakult-T Pink GrapefruitS$ 4.90
Yakult Oolong TeaS$ 4.40
Citron Honey JuiceS$ 4.80
Fresh Lemon Honey JuiceS$ 5.10
Coffee and Cocoa
WB Milk CoffeeS$ 4.50
Hazelnut Coffee LatteS$ 5.00
Cacao Barry (Chocolate)S$ 5.00
Hazelnut CocoaS$ 5.50
MochaS$ 5.00
Mint MochaS$ 5.50
Menu ItemsPrice
Honey Mint Milk Teafrom S$ 5.00
Herbal Mint Milk Teafrom S$ 5.30
WB Milk Teafrom S$ 3.80
Herbal Mint Green Teafrom S$ 5.30
Strawberry Green Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Lychee Green Teafrom S$ 4.30

Foodpanda Exclusive – Woobbees’ Signature Bundles

Menu ItemsPrice
Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle (Regular)from S$ 0
Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle (Large)from S$ 0

Woobbee Oatly (Plant Based Milk)

Menu ItemsPrice
Dark Chocolate Oolong Oat Milkfrom S$ 5.90
Taro Black Tea Oat Milkfrom S$ 5.90
Oat Milk Black Teafrom S$ 5.20
Oat Milk Green Teafrom S$ 5.20
Oat Milk Oolong Teafrom S$ 5.20

Woobbee Signatures

Menu ItemsPrice
Double Chocolate Milk Teafrom S$ 5.30
Honey Mint Milk Teafrom S$ 5.00
Herbal Mint Milk Teafrom S$ 5.30
Herbal Mint Green Teafrom S$ 5.30
Fresh Lemon Honey Green Teafrom S$ 5.00
Guava Plum Green Teafrom S$ 5.30
Pinkgrapefruit Green Teafrom S$ 5.00
Passionfruit Green Teafrom S$ 5.00
Fresh Milk Herbal Mint Teafrom S$ 6.00

Woobbee Black Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
WB Milk Teafrom S$ 3.80
Fresh Milk Black Teafrom S$ 4.50
Fresh Milk Caramel Teafrom S$ 5.00
Vanilla Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Hazelnut Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Honey Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Taro Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Honey Black Teafrom S$ 4.30
Straight Black Teafrom S$ 3.30

Woobbee Green Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Green Milk Teafrom S$ 3.80
Honey Green Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Strawberry Green Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Fresh Milk Green Teafrom S$ 4.50
Fresh Milk Honey Green Teafrom S$ 5.00
Plum Green Teafrom S$ 4.30
Lychee Green Teafrom S$ 4.30
Citron Green Teafrom S$ 4.50
Osmanthus Green Teafrom S$ 4.50
Honey Green Teafrom S$ 4.30
Straight Green Teafrom S$ 3.30

Woobbee Oolong Tea

Menu ItemsPrice
Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 3.80
Honey Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 4.30
Osmanthus Oolong Milk Teafrom S$ 4.50
Fresh Milk Oolong Teafrom S$ 4.50
Fresh Milk Honey Oolong Teafrom S$ 5.00
Honey Oolong Teafrom S$ 4.30
Straight Oolong Teafrom S$ 3.30

Woobbee Yakult & Juices

Menu ItemsPrice
Yakult-T Originalfrom S$ 4.30
Yakult-T Pink Grapefruitfrom S$ 4.80
Yakult Oolong Teafrom S$ 4.10
Citron Honey Juicefrom S$ 4.70
Fresh Lemon Honey Juicefrom S$ 5.00

Woobbee Coffee and Cocoa

Menu ItemsPrice
WB Milk Coffeefrom S$ 4.40
Hazelnut Coffee Lattefrom S$ 4.90
Cacao Barry (Chocolate)from S$ 4.90
Hazelnut Cocoafrom S$ 5.40
Mochafrom S$ 4.90
Mint Mochafrom S$ 5.40

Woobbee Updated Menu 2022

Woobbee Singapore Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

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As a popular bubble tea shop in Singapore Woobbee always keep their menu updated. Their menus most famous items include Signatures, Black Teas, Oolong Teas, Juices & Non-Teas, Green Teas, as well as Coffees & Cocoa.

Using fresh ingredients they prepared and serve their customers drinks. They always updated and introduce new drinks in their menu to bring their customers back. Here are some pictures of Woobbee updated menu:

Woobbee 2.0 Herbalmint (Pei Pa Koa) Tea Latte

Herbalmint or Pei Ka Koa is one of their signature flavors, it’s a mixed and redesigned 2.0 milk tea beverage. Basically, it’s Nin Jiom Chinese herbal syrup that is usually used when you treat cough or sore throat.

After hearing about syrup, maybe you are doubtful about it, but it’s most likely the signature dish on their menu. If you want to taste it then we will recommend you to order default it the Herbalmint and white pearls.

For a long time, they serve this item on their menu, but now they redesigned it with the addition of Hokkaido Fresh Milk. This relaunched drink is a richer, creamier drink and available only in regular-sized. If you want both the refreshing and the throat soothing herbal power of Pei Pa Koa then this drink is made for you.

Woobbee Popcorn Honey Tea Latte

Popcorn Honey Tea Latte is another house special milk tea, it’s an exclusive item at AC Kafe. This tea is famous because of its wildflower honey with its unique taste.

You can also add some honeycomb, to boost its flavor and texture, for an extra $1.60. Popcorns in this drink add some nutty, buttery, and caramel sweetness.

Woobbee Salty Lemon Mint Green Tea

Cold green tea is a great choice for those who love to keep their things cool and lemony at the same time. Its taste is a unique blend of salty, sour as well as minty notes.

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They use fresh ingredients to prepare it, that’s why each cup comes with fresh wedges of lemons which refresh their customers. The addition of salt makes it taste like the Himalayan Salt Candy but in drink form.

Intense Caramel Tea Latte

Intense Caramel Tea Latte is the best choice for those who love strong flavors. It comes with Hokkaido-sourced fresh milk.

The luscious caramel sauce mingling with the creamy white milk creates an intense smoky-sweet flavored beverage.

Woobbee Must Try Tea

Woobbee Menu 2023 Price

Image Credit: @Instagram

Here you will find a collection of our favorite drinks, from coffee and tea to smoothies and cocktails. We’ve tried them all in different places, so you can trust us when we say these are the best drinks out there.

Woobbee Pink Grapefruit Green Tea

Best Woobbee Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Pink Grapefruit Green Tea is a wonderful example of the kind of tea that can only be made in the right environment. The pink grapefruit flavor is so intense, you’ll swear you’re drinking straight up fruit juice.

This tea has a nice citrusy taste, but not too tart or bitter. It’s also quite sweet and refreshing, and the mint leaves add a hint of spice to it. The green tea infused into the water quickly and evenly, so you don’t have to wait long for your cup to cool down and lose its heat (which can happen with some teas).

Best Seller Woobbee Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

So if you’re sensitive to caffeine or are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up without any jitters or crash later on—this isn’t it! But if you’re looking for something sweet and fruity that’s also healthy for you? Look no further than this delicious blend!

Woobbee Strawberry Green Milk Tea

Famous Woobbee Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

This tea is perfect for anyone who wants to feel refreshed and invigorated. The green tea leaves are combined with strawberry flavoring and milk, providing a delicious combination of flavors that will leave you feeling energized. 

The milk also adds a creamy texture to the drink, which makes it perfect for hot summer days when you want to cool off but still enjoy a delicious beverage.This tea has an intense flavor profile that will leave you wanting more! 

Most Popular Woobbee Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

Even though it is sweet, there is no artificial aftertaste from the added sugars in this drink; instead, the taste is light and fresh, like a spring breeze blowing through your mouth. This tea can be consumed any time of day—just remember not to overdo it!

Woobbee Lychee Rose Oolong Tea

Most Recommended Woobbee Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a tea that will help you relax and unwind, look no further than Lychee Rose Oolong Tea. This tea has a sweet and fruity flavor that’s perfect for any time of day, but if you want to really kick back and relax, try sipping on it after dinner or before bed.

The aroma of rose petals will fill your home with the scent of summertime roses and make you feel like you’re lounging in a garden as the sun sets behind the trees.This tea has been proven to increase focus and concentration, so if you need to get some work done, this is the tea for you!

Top Woobbee Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

It contains caffeine but not as much as coffee does—about half as much—which means it won’t keep you up all night with jitters or make it hard for you to sleep later on in the evening.

Woobbee Delivery Locations

Woobbee has 5 delivery locations in Singapore from where you can enjoy their drink. Here is the list of their outlets in Singapore:

Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road, #02-26, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30am-8:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10:30am-7:30pm

2 Fusionopolis Way, #01-06, Innovis
Singapore 138634
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

Tanjong Pagar Plaza
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-18, Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 082001
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30am-7:30pm, Saturday 11am-5:30pm

ActionCity Jewel Changi Airport
#04-223 & 224, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Shaw Tower
100 Beach Road #01-53 Singapore 189702

About Woobbee

The brand Woobbee is operated by two partners – Irene Low & Benjamin Lim. With their life experience in this field, they create different appealing flavors in the market. They choose their restaurant name by the Chinese word 无比 which means “unbeatable”.

They always use fresh and healthy ingredients in their drinks, and it’s the only shop in Singapore that uses superior raw sugar which is free from chemical processes. So we can say they if you want to enjoy delicious tea without compromising on quality or your health then must visit Woobbee.

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