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Chateraise Singapore Menu 2024

When you’re looking for a sweet treat, Chateraise is a great option. The patisserie has been making cakes for more than 50 years and is known for its beautiful cakes and pastries.

The delicious desserts from Chateraise Singapore Menu include cakes, fruit tarts, and macarons, among many others. You can choose from an extensive selection of flavors that includes strawberry cheesecake, black sesame chocolate cake, and green tea pudding with red beans, among many others.

Chateraise Menu 2024 Prices

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This October 2023, Chateraise is making a change in their prices of Menu. You can find the change in the prices below.

You can also order online at their website, where they offer free delivery within Singapore!

Chateraise Singapore Menu with Prices

Chateraise Menu 2024 Price

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There’s no shortage of Japanese desserts to choose from… So what should you eat? Below are some items for you to help you decide with their prices:

Chateraise Whole Cakes New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 17cmS$57.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 20cmS$67.00
Special Strawberry Half & Half 18cmS$57.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 17cmS$52.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 20cmS$62.00
Special Fruits Half & Half 18cmS$52.00
Party Square 25cm*20cmS$70.00
Fruits White Zebra Whole Cake 17cmS$47.00
Crispy Chocolate Whole Cake 17cmS$40.00
Mango Roll Whole CakeS$17.00
Fluffy Cream Roll Whole CakeS$17.00
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream Whole Cake 15cmS$45.00

Chateraise Sliced Cakes New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Legendary Fresh Cream CakeS$5.50
Crispy Chocolate CakeS$5.90
White ZebraS$6.00
Uji Matcha Mille CrepeS$6.00
Tiramisu Mille CrepeS$5.50
Gateau ChocolateS$5.50
Cute PandaS$5.50
Cute BunnyS$5.50
Chocolate BearS$5.50
Blueberry Rare Cheese CakeS$5.50
Fluffy Souffle Cheese CakeS$3.90
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream CakeS$5.90

Chateraise Bundles New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Chilled Items (6 Piece Box)S$12.90
Chilled Items (10 Piece Box)S$21.20

Chateraise Chilled Items New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Double Fantasy (Original)S$2.00
Double Fantasy (Sweet & Milk Chocolate)S$2.00
Double Fantasy (Matcha Latte)S$2.00
Fluffy Cream RollS$2.30
Fluffy Cream Roll (Uji Matcha)S$2.60
Fresh Cream DorayakiS$2.30

Chateraise Ice Cream New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Ice Cream (Individual Assorted)S$4.00
Chateraise MultiPack Ice CreamS$4.00
Assortment of 3 Ice Cream CakeS$55.20
Endless Party Ice Cream CakeS$53.20
Choconilla Ice Cream CakeS$23.70
Rare Cheese Ice Cream CakeS$23.70

Chateraise Gift Items New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Friends from Forest CookiesS$6.50
Langue de Chat SandS$9.00
Langue de Chat RollS$9.00
Langue de Chat AssortmentS$35.00
Seasonal Rice CrackerS$20.00
Longevity Ring (Small)S$22.00
Longevity Ring (Medium)S$40.00
Petit ChocolatS$5.50
Tea Time Rusk White Chocolate 5pcsS$6.50
Tea Time Bread Rusk Box AssortmentS$12.50

Chateraise Bread New Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Longevity RingS$2.70
Baked Cheese CakeS$2.70

Chateraise Seasonal 2023 Japanese Sumo Citrus Fair

Menu ItemsPrice
Japanese Sumo Citrus TartS$5.50
Japanese Sumo Citrus CakeS$5.30
Japanese Sumo Citrus Chocolate CakeS$5.30
Japanese Sumo Citrus Square CakeS$5.50
Japanese Sumo Citrus Fromage Tart 15cmS$30.00
Japanese Sumo Citrus Souffle Cheese Cake 14cmS$26.00
Japanese Sumo Citrus Fleur 15cmS$45.00
Japanese Sumo Citrus White Zebra 17cmS$47.00
Japanese Sumo Citrus Whole Cake 18cmS$52.00
Japanese Sumo Citrus Whole Cake 21cmS$62.00

Chateraise Whole Cakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 18cmS$55.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 21cmS$65.00
Special Strawberry Half & Half 18cmS$55.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 18cmS$50.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 21cmS$60.00
Special Fruits Half & Half 18cmS$50.00
Party Square 25cm*20cmS$70.00
Fruits White Zebra Whole Cake 17cmS$45.00
Crispy Chocolate Whole Cake 17cmS$40.00
Cute Panda Whole Cake 16cmS$40.00
Mango Roll Whole CakeS$14.00
Fluffy Cream Roll Whole CakeS$14.00
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream Whole Cake 15cmS$45.00
White Souffle Tiramisu 15cmS$30.00
Chocolate Fresh Cream Whole Cake 12cmS$20.00
Gateau Chocolate Bar CakeS$22.00
Nama Chocolate Daifuku Bar CakeS$25.00
Fruits Stage Cake 17cmS$53.00
Strawberry Stage Cake 17cmS$58.00
Legendary Fresh Cream Whole Cake 12cmS$27.00
Special Fruits Whole Cake 12cmS$28.00
Special Strawberry Whole Cake 12cmS$29.00

Chateraise Sliced Cakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Legendary Fresh Cream CakeS$5.10
Crispy Chocolate CakeS$4.70
White ZebraS$4.70
Uji Matcha Mille CrepeS$5.10
Double Chocolate Mille CrepeS$5.10
Gateau ChocolateS$5.10
Cute PandaS$5.10
Cute BunnyS$5.10
Chocolate BearS$5.10
Blueberry Rare Cheese CakeS$5.10
Fluffy Souffle Cheese CakeS$3.90
Allergy Free Soy Milk Fresh Cream CakeS$5.90
White Souffle TiramisuS$5.10
Coffee Chocolate Cake with Caramel & NutsS$6.90
Tiramisu TrifleS$6.80

Chateraise Bundles

Menu ItemsPrice
Chilled Items (6 Piece Box)S$11.40
Chilled Items (10 Piece Box)S$19.00

Chateraise Chilled Items

Menu ItemsPrice
Double Fantasy (Original)S$1.90
Double Fantasy (Sweet & Milk Chocolate)S$1.90
Double Fantasy (Matcha Latte)S$1.90
Fluffy Cream RollS$1.90
Fluffy Cream Roll (Uji Matcha)S$2.20
Fresh Cream DorayakiS$1.90
Eclair ChocolateS$2.00

Chateraise Ice Cream

Menu ItemsPrice
Ice Cream (Individual Assorted)S$4.00
Chateraise MultiPack Ice CreamS$4.00
Assortment of 3 Ice Cream CakeS$50.20
Endless Party Ice Cream CakeS$48.20
Choconilla Ice Cream CakeS$20.70
Rare Cheese Ice Cream CakeS$20.70

Chateraise Gift Items

Menu ItemsPrice
Friends from Forest CookiesS$5.80
Friends from Forest Cookie BagS$15.00
Langue de Chat SandS$8.00
Langue de Chat RollS$8.00
Langue de Chat AssortmentS$30.00
Seasonal Rice CrackerS$18.00
Longevity Ring (Small)S$19.00
Longevity Ring (Medium)S$38.00
Petit ChocolatS$5.10
Tea Time Rusk White Chocolate 5pcsS$6.00
Tea Time Bread Rusk Box AssortmentS$11.50

Chateraise Bread

Menu ItemsPrice
Baked Cute DoughnutS$4.00
Additive Free Waffle Plain (3pcs)S$4.00
Longevity RingS$2.50
Baked Cheese CakeS$2.50

Chateraise Singapore New Menu 2023

Chateraise Singapore Menu 2024 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

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Chateraise is a cake shop located in Singapore. It offers a wide range of cakes and pastries, including tiramisu, cheesecake, and even mango cake. Chateraise also has an extensive selection of wines to accompany your dessert.

The menu at Chateraise is constantly changing, so be sure to check out their website or call ahead to see what new treats have been added! But today, we’ll try to look out the seasonal japanese sumo citrus fair menu for 2023:

Japanese Sumo Citrus Square Cake

Most Popular Cake of Chateraise Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Japanese Sumo Citrus Square Cake is a delicious, rich dessert that’s sure to please your guests.

Fresh cream with a rich and melt-in-your-mouth flavor is used to bring out the full flavors of the fresh fruits in this cake.

The sponge sandwich has layers of fresh cream, strawberries, pears in syrup, yellow peaches in syrup, decorated with seasonal SUMO Citrus and blueberries. The layers are held together by more fresh cream!

This cake is perfect for any occasion—it’s not too sweet or heavy, but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavor either!

Japanese Sumo Citrus Chocolate Cake

Top Cake of Chateraise Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Japanese Sumo Citrus Chocolate Cake is a delicious dessert that combines the freshness of strawberries and rich chocolate cream. It is a soft and pleasant sponge cake with a layer of chocolate cream, then it is topped with strawberries.

The cake has an elegant design with its white glaze, which makes it look very appealing. The combination of flavors such as chocolate and strawberry make this cake irresistible!

Japanese Sumo Citrus Tart

Famous Cake of Chateraise Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

The tart has an elegant look with its golden crust, and it tastes absolutely delicious. The taste of the tart is rich and creamy. The texture of the tart is smooth with a slight crunch on top that makes it very appealing. The filling has the perfect amount of sweetness to make it not overwhelming. The filling also has a nice citrus flavor which adds to the overall experience of eating this tart.

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I highly recommend trying this tart if you have never tried one before! It will definitely be worth your time and money!

Japanese Sumo Citrus Cake

Best Cake of Chateraise Singapore Menu 2023
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you are a fan of strawberries, you’ll love this cake.

The cake is a soft and pleasant sponge cake, which is sandwiched with fresh cream rich in milk flavor and strawberries. The top of the cake is covered with strawberries and SUMO Citrus.

The combination of these ingredients makes for a unique taste that will leave you wanting more!

Chateraise Promotion

Best Promo for Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Introducing these two traditional Japanese confections: Mugwort daifuku and Salt-bean Daifuku! These traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi in Japanese) are made of low-sugar mochi dough and filled with home-made red bean paste.

These sweets are a must-try for any visitor or tourist who wants to get a taste of Japan! And they’ve got the perfect deal for you: buy one, get one free!

Until June 30th, you can get two of these delicious treats for only $1.25 each with Chateraise App users only! Just download their mobile app, show the coupon screen to their staff at your nearest Chateraise store, and enjoy this sweet deal while it lasts!

Download today!

Chateraise Best Seller Cake

Here are the best chateraise cake in Singapore:

Chateraise Legendary Fresh Cream Cake

Best Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

For those of you who prefer light-tasting and fresh cakes, this is the cake for you.

Legendary Fresh cream cake with fresh strawberries is a classic combination that never fails to satisfy. But what makes this cake so good? The secret to its success lies in its simplicity. Using only the best ingredients, it’s a light and sweet treat that’s packed with flavor.

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Best Chateraise Singapore Menu 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

The strawberries are picked at just the right time of year to be at their most flavorful, so they make the overall cake taste definitely fruitier. The cake overall tasted wonderfully balanced with the fresh cream and not overly sugary, despite the fact that it’s packed with strawberry jam.

If you’re a sweet tooth and prefer sweeter cakes, maybe skip this one; but if you prefer light-tasting cakes without sacrificing flavor (or sweetness!), definitely don’t miss out on this!

Chateraise White Zebra

Top Chateraise Singapore Menu 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for a cake that will take your breath away, look no further. The Chateraise White Zebra is a layer cake made up of 18 crepes and fresh cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 

The layers are soft and fluffy—the perfect texture when you bite into this confection. And the taste is delicate and sweet, but not overpowering. It’s creamy without being excessive or fatty; it has just enough flavor to keep you coming back for more.

Top Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram 

White Zebra has been known for its unique recipe and taste that is not just ordinary but extraordinary in every way! It is not too sweet nor too bland; it has just the right amount of sweetness to make it perfect for any occasion.

The White Zebra is a must-try cake that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

Chateraise Crispy Chocolate Cake

Most Recommended Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This Crispy Chocolate Cake is made with authentic Belgian Couverture chocolate and truffles, then topped with crushed ganache chocolate. Chocolate sponge cake is the foundation of this delicious treat, which is filled with sweet white chocolate fresh cream and dark chocolate fresh cream in the middle. 

The combination of these creamy layers comes together to create a truly unique dessert experience.You’ll be able to enjoy the crispy texture in between each layer of cake as well as the harmony of fragrant sweet chocolates that you can actually smell when eating this treat!

Chateraise Special Strawberry Whole Cake

Most Popular Chateraise Singapore Menu 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

When you want a special cake that’s as sweet as your love, then this special whole strawberry cake is right for you.

This cake is made with soft sponge, topped with sun-kissed strawberries and covered in a delicious strawberry sauce. It’s finished with a fresh cream that will make your mouth water every time you look at it.

You don’t want just any old cake—you want something that shows how much you care about the person you’re sharing it with. And this is exactly what our whole strawberry cake does: it shows that extra bit of love and affection that makes all the difference in their world!

Chateraise Ice Cream

Their Chateraise Ice Cream is a rich, creamy vanilla flavor with hints of brown sugar and caramel. It’s ideal for days when you just want to unwind and chill.

Most Recommended Chateraise Singapore Menu 2022
Image Credit: @Instagram

Or maybe you’re looking for something with a little more zip? Try their Chateraise MultiPack Ice Cream—it includes Mini Soft Monaka Chocolate: the same great taste, but with added variety.

Most Popular Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you want something that’ll really wow your guests, we recommend their Endless Party Ice Cream Cake.

It is made of one-of-a-kind ingredients like vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip ice cream and is wrapped with homemade biscuits. We think it’s the perfect way to celebrate any occasion!

And if you’re looking for an elegant dessert that’s sure to impress even the most discerning palate, try their Choconilla Ice Cream Cake.

This decadent dessert features layers of chocolaty goodness interspersed with vanilla ice cream and topped off with fresh strawberries and blueberries. It’s truly an event all on its own!

Chateraise Shine Muscat and Pione Half and Half 18cm

Delicious Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The first thing that you’ll notice about this cake is its beautiful appearance. The layers are all perfectly aligned, with the cream cake on top, and chocolate cake below it.

The next thing you’ll notice is the taste, which is just as good as it looks! The freshness of the cream goes perfectly with the richness of the chocolate, and together they create a smooth texture that makes for a very enjoyable eating experience.

Unique Chateraise Singapore Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

But what really stood out for me was the combination of two types of Japanese grapes: Shine Muscat and Pione grapes. These two flavors complement each other perfectly—they’re sweet but not too sweet; they’re juicy but still have some bite to them; and they’re both full of flavor without being overpowering or overwhelming. This combination also helps bring out all of these elements in each individual grape flavor while also providing a new kind of experience that I’ve never tried before.

If you’re looking for something new and different but still want something familiar too (like cake), then this is definitely worth trying out!

Visiting Chateraise Singapore

Chateraise Singapore Locations

Châteraisé @ Westgate

3 Gateway Dr, #B1-24, Singapore 608532

Phone: +65 6252 8525

Châteraisé @ Chinatown Point

133 New Bridge Rd, #01-40, Singapore 059413

Phone: +65 6444 7262

Châteraisé @ Tampines 1

10 Tampines Central 1, #01-60, Singapore 529536

Phone: +65 6509 8803

Châteraisé @ Compass One

1 Sengkang Square, #03-39/40/41, Singapore 545078

Phone: +65 6386 5436

Châteraisé @ ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn, #B4-45/46 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Phone: +65 6509 0919

Châteraisé @ Lot 1

21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, # B1 – 15, Singapore 689812

Phone: +65 6769 0676

Châteraisé @ Bedok Mall

311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B2-19, Singapore 467360

Phone: +65 6386 0389

Châteraisé @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #B1-127, Singapore 168732

Phone: +65 6970 9818

Châteraisé @ SingPost Centre

10 Eunos Rd 8, #01-134/135, Singapore 408600

Phone: +65 6747 0560

Châteraisé @ Seletar Mall

33 Sengkang West Ave, #B2-19/20 The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653

Phone: +65 6904 9582

Châteraisé @ Clementi Mall

3155 Commonwealth Ave W, #B1-03/04, Singapore 129588

Phone: +65 6694 4612

Châteraisé @ AMK Hub

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-06, Singapore 569933

Phone: +65 6481 3110

Châteraisé @ City Square Mall

180 Kitchener Road #B1-K2/K3 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

Phone: +65 6929 7051

Châteraisé Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square, #01-K04, Singapore 738099

Phone: +65 6767 3389

Châteraisé @ Northpoint City

930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City South Wing, #01-152, Singapore 769098

Phone: +65 6873 2088

Châteraisé @ NEX

23 Serangoon Central, #B2-49A, Singapore 556083

Phone: +65 6634 0014

Châteraisé @ Junction 8

200 Bishan Road, #B1-19B Junction 8, Singapore 579827

Phone: +65 6734 4355

Châteraisé @ Toa Payoh

480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480

Phone: +65 6266 0858

Châteraisé @ Jurong Point

1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-21, Singapore 648886

Phone: +65 6254 4318

Châteraisé @ Kampung Admiralty

676 Woodlands Drive 71, #01-08 Kampung Admiralty, Singapore 730676

Phone: +65 6386 5436

Contact with Chateraise Singapore

If you have any questions about the Chateraise Singapore menu or want to stay up to date on their recent updates, you should follow them on their social media profiles:

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