Signature Koi Singapore Outlets Opening Hours and Locations

Signature Koi Singapore Outlets: Opening Hours and Locations

Every connoisseur of beverages who has found themselves in Singapore has been charmed by the flavors of Signature Koi, a well-renowned and high-demand tea outlet. Embodying a unique blend of traditional Taiwanese tea culture and innovative insta-worthy presentation, Signature Koi has steadily gained its reputation as a must-visit tea sensation on the island.

True to its promise of being accessible and present in the most happening corners of the city, Signature Koi has outlets interspersed across Singapore. With hours of operation designed to accommodate both early risers, eager to start their day with a fresh cup of Koi, and night owls, looking for that late-night tea fix, Signature Koi plays a pivotal role in both your energetic mornings and tranquil evenings. 

Pay attention to our guide as we unveil every aspect of the utterly appetizing world of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets. With our help, you will never find yourself far from the delightful taste of Koi’s signature drinks. Join us on this enchanting tea journey across Singapore!

Signature Koi Singapore Outlets, Locations and Operating Hours

Signature Koi Singapore Outlets - Suntec City Outlet

Image Credit: @Instagram

Suntec City

3 Temasek Boulevard #01-429/430/432, Mall, Tower 5 Suntec City North Wing, 

Singapore 039983

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn #B3-15/16 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-06, Singapore 138617

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

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i12 Katong

112 E Coast Rd, #01-21, Singapore 428802

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Fernvale CC

21 Sengkang West Ave, #01-02, Singapore 797650

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

About Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Signature Koi Singapore Outlets - Orchard Road Outlet

Image Credit: @Instagram

Signature Koi is an iconic chain in Singapore, renowned for its high-quality beverages and its esteemed reputation in customer service. Its outlets are strategically located across Singapore, making this gourmet teahouse quite accessible to locals and tourists alike.

This Singaporean favorite maintains a stylish and contemporary design across its establishments, immersing guests in a modern Asian concept. The ambiance is deliberately serene and inviting, providing a calming place for customers to unwind and take pleasure in their selection of drinks.

Must Try Drink of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

Signature Koi offers an array of top-tier hand-shaken teas and coffees that are masterfully prepared with utmost care. Their ingredients are sourced from premium suppliers, ensuring the consistency and quality of their beverages. From milk teas and fruit teas to classic blends and artisan creations, the diversity in their menu caters to the discerning tastes of both traditional tea lovers and adventurous experimenters.

Signature Drink of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

Not only are the drinks delightful, but the experience is also emphasized. Each customer is engaged in a sensory journey from the moment they step into the outlet, greeted by the aroma of fresh tea leaves, the visual presentation of the drinks, the taste of their carefully crafted beverages, and the warm hospitality from staff.

Signature Koi Singapore Outlets - Fernvale Community Club Outlet

Image Credit: @Instagram

Signature Koi does not merely serve beverages – it delivers a personalized tea experience in an elegant setting. Regardless of which outlet you find yourself in across Singapore, Signature Koi assures consistent high standards that delight customers in every serving.

Must Try Drinks in Signature KOI Singapore Outlets

Signature KOI is a celebrated bubble tea brand in Singapore, renowned for its authentic and diverse selection of beverages. If you chance upon a Signature KOI outlet, there are five standout drinks that you mustn’t miss. Here’s a look at those tantalizing options:

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Sparkling Grapefruit

Best Drink of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

Taking the refreshing citrus flavor of grapefruit and infusing it with an invigorating fizz, the Sparkling Grapefruit is a must-try. Sparkling and tangy, this beverage is a perfect thirst-quencher for the tropical climate of Singapore.

Baileys Latte

Famous Tea of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

For lovers of creamy, rich flavors, the Baileys Latte at Signature KOI is not to be missed. Combining the decadent taste of Baileys Irish Cream with the smoothness and bitterness of a traditional latte, this drink is an indulgence that’s worth every sip. Ideal for a break amidst a busy day, it offers a touch of Irish charm amidst Singapore’s urban setting.

Mojito Green

Popular Tea of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

Mojito Green adopts the classic flavor of a Mojito and pairs it with the clean taste of green tea. A refreshing and non-alcoholic take on the traditional mint rum cocktail, Mojito Green is a dazzling fusion of East and West. It combines minty, citrusy mojito flavors with the calming lushness of green tea, resulting in a rejuvenating drink.

Rum and Raisin Earl Grey

Best Tea of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

Infused with the flavors of rum and raisin, Earl Grey tea at KOI reaches new levels of deliciousness. The distinctive hint of rum and the sweetness of raisin perfectly complement the fragrant, citrus-like notes of Earl Grey. A sense of English tradition meets a daring innovation in this delightful concoction.

Green Apple Yakult Floral Green Tea

Recommended Tea of Signature Koi Singapore Outlets

Image Credit: @Instagram

Rounding out the top five must-try drinks at Signature KOI is the Green Apple Yakult Floral Green Tea. A unique drink that pairs tangy green apple with the probiotic goodness of Yakult, all rounded out by the subtle flavor of floral green tea. It’s an unlikely trio that work harmoniously together, creating a layered and satisfyingly refreshing drink.

Traverse the world of tastes in one place. From Singapore to Ireland, Cuba, England, and Japan — KOI Singapore outlets promise a global journey through their delectable beverage menu. Each drink at Signature KOI brings something daring and unique to the table and embodies the innovation and creative spirit of this beloved brand.

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What makes Signature Koi Singapore Outlets popular?

Singapore is renowned for its vibrant food scene, with an eclectic mix of fast-food joints, traditional food stalls, and high-end restaurants. Among these, Signature Koi outlets have carved a unique niche for themselves, quickly becoming a staple among locals and tourists alike. Here’s why they have gained immense popularity.

Variety of Flavors

Signature Koi offers a diverse range of flavors that keep customers coming back for more. From refreshing fruit teas to their renowned creamy milk teas, their menu caters to all tastes. Signature Koi prides itself on innovating its menu to keep customers excited, offering twists on classics alongside fresh new flavors.

Quality Ingredients

One of the significant factors that set Signature Koi apart is their dedication to high-quality ingredients. They use premium tea leaves sourced from Taiwan, with a rigorous selection process to ensure only the best are used. Similarly, they strive to use fresh and natural ingredients, which customers acknowledge in every sip they take.

Consistent Taste

Consistency is vital in food and beverage outlets, and Signature Koi does not disappoint. Regardless of the outlet’s location, customers can expect the same rich taste and quality. This reliability builds trust and reputation among customers, leading to its fame.

Excellent Customer Service

Signature Koi outlets strive to offer an excellent customer experience, aside from providing delicious teas. The staff is well trained to maintain professional and friendly behavior. Efficient service further paves their way to the hearts of the customers.


With a modern and cozy environment, Signature Koi offers the perfect setting for people who want to unwind, spend some quality time, or simply enjoy their flavorful beverage. The warm, ambient lighting along with comfortable seating arrangements adds to the overall positive experience at Signature Koi.

Sustainability Practices

In this age of environmental consciousness, Signature Koi’s commitment to sustainability also draws praise. Their efforts include sourcing responsibly and encouraging customers to bring their reusable cups for a small discount – practices that align with Singapore’s vision to become a zero-waste nation.

These elements combined create a unique experience for customers, explaining why Signature Koi has become a popular choice for tea enthusiasts in Singapore and beyond.

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