Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets Opening Hours and Locations

Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets: Opening Hours and Locations

Whether you are a local foodie embarking on a culinary adventure, a hesitant tourist hunting for the best dining experience, or just an individual with a particular palate pining for exquisite Japanese cuisine, this blog post is for you! Get ready to embark on a guided tour across the city to discover the much celebrated Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets.

In this post, we dive headfirst into the gastronomic world of Washoku Goen, shedding light on each of its locations scattered across the city-state. We’ll also provide all the necessary details you need, from opening hours to the best selling dishes in each outlet. So tighten your seatbelts, prepare your taste buds, and get ready to delve deeper into the electrifying world of the Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets.

Come along, let’s explore together, and elevate your dining experience to a whole new level. Ready to feast your senses? Read on…

Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets, Locations and Operating Hours

Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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Vivo City

1 HarbourFront Walk #03-01 Stall 23 VivoCity Food Republic, Singapore 098585

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:30 AM ~ 9:30 PM)

Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street #03-30 Stall 11 Bugis Junction Food Junction, Singapore 188021

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Causeway Point

1 Woodlands Square #04-01/04 Causeway Point, Singapore 738099

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Great World City

1 Kim Seng Promenade, level 3, Singapore 237994

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Operating Hours:Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:30 AM ~ 9:30 PM)

What makes Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets popular?

Signature Dish of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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Washoku Goen, a renowned food chain in Singapore, has reflected a deeply ingrained penchant for Japanese cuisine in the heart of Singapore’s cosmopolitan culture. Known for its affordable and delectable Japanese dishes, the popularity of Washoku Goen outlets across Singapore is not surprising. Here are a few reasons why Washoku Goen is beloved by its regulars.

Authentic Japanese Cuisine

The cornerstone of Washoku Goen’s popularity is its dedication to authentically Japanese cuisine. Each dish reflects original Japanese culinary art, maintaining a delicate balance between aesthetics, taste, and nutrition. The menu boasts a wide range of dishes, from classic choices like Yakisoba and Ebi Tempura to more unique offerings such as the Chef’s Special Mega Katsu Curry.


Despite offering gourmet dishes, Washoku Goen’s prices are significantly lower than those of other Japanese restaurants in Singapore. This affordability makes its outlets a favorite food destination among students, office-goers, and families alike, without compromising the quality of food.

Quality Ingredients

Quality is the underpinning principle in all aspects of Washoku Goen’s offerings. Each dish is prepared using high-quality ingredients carefully selected to deliver mouth-watering flavours and aromatic brilliance. Customers continually praise the freshness of the ingredients used in their meals.

Hygienic Practices

Washoku Goen places great emphasis on clean and hygienic cooking methods. Their immaculate outlets are always spotlessly clean, and strict compliance with food safety regulations is observed, fostering trust among their clientele.

Convenience and Accessibility

With several outlets across Singapore, Washoku Goen makes it easy for customers to access its delicious dishes. The outlets are strategically located in bustling areas such as shopping malls and business parks, providing convenience for customers.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service at Washoku Goen’s outlets is another significant factor that contributes to its popularity. The staff is praised for their friendliness, responsiveness, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a positive dining experience for customers.

Must Try Dishes of Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets

Washoku Goen, known for its authentic Japanese cuisine replete with hearty, flavorful dishes, is a must-visit for anyone seeking a true taste of Japan in the heart of Singapore. Here are the top 5 dishes that you must absolutely try when you visit their outlets:

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Chicken Katsu Curry Omelette Rice

Famous Dish of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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This dish is a delightful fusion of flavors, textures and Japanese culinary techniques. The Chicken Katsu Curry Omelette Rice features a succulent, breaded chicken cutlet topped with a thick, savory curry sauce and served over fluffy, tender rice wrapped in a delicately cooked, creamy omelet. This meal pairs the crispy texture of the Katsu with the mild sweetness of the curry, creating a perfectly balanced taste that is sure to bring a smile to your face with every bite.

Chicken Katsu Original Curry Rice

Recommended Menu of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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For those who prefer a simpler take on the traditional curry rice, the Chicken Katsu Original Curry Rice is a must-try at Washoku Goen. The tender chicken cutlet, breaded and deep-fried to a crispy golden brown, is served over a bed of warm, aromatic rice and blanketed with their traditional curry sauce. The rich and slightly spicy curry bolsters the full-bodied flavor of the Katsu, offering an impressively layered but harmonious taste experience.

Tonkotsu Special Ramen

Best Ramen of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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Crafted by expert chefs, the Tonkotsu Special Ramen at Washoku Goen is a standout dish, heralding the rich flavors of traditional Japanese ramen. The dish features a warm, savory broth made from pork bones boiled for several hours, resulting in a creamy, deeply flavorful soup. Along with thin, firm noodles, slices of tender chashu pork, green onions, and a soft-boiled egg, this dish is a perfect symphony of taste and texture, satisfying the deepest of ramen cravings.

Sumibiyaki Big Rice

Top Menu of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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Sumibiyaki refers to the Japanese cooking technique of charcoal grilling, and the Sumibiyaki Big Rice offers a generous portion of expertly grilled ingredients over a bed of warm rice. This dish tantalizes with its smoky, slightly charred elements: succulent meat, assorted vegetables, and fresh seafood. You’ll be treated to a burst of flavors that ranges from the tender, fragrant rice to the smoky, umami goodness of the grilled items.

Subibi Big Rice

Famous Menu of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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Lastly, we have the Subibi Big Rice, another brilliant take on Japanese “don” (rice bowl) dishes. This sumptuous bowl is marked by perfectly seasoned and grilled slices of beef, sweet caramelized onions, and a gorgeous runny egg that delivers a rich creaminess to the dish. The delicate balance between all these components, both in taste and texture, promises a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

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Whether it’s a light lunch, a big dinner, or a midday snack, these dishes from Washoku Goen are sure to capture your palate with their delicious authentic Japanese flavors. Each dish offers a unique experience that will take you on a culinary journey through Japan without having to leave Singapore.

Tips on Visiting Washoku Goen Singapore Outlets

Best Menu of Washoka Goen Singapore Outlets

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Since its establishment, Washoku Goen has gained significant recognition in Singapore because of its delicious array of Japanese dishes. Visiting one of their outlets should definitely be on your itinerary if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine. Here are some tips that will enhance your visit to Washoku Goen in Singapore:

Find Out Their Operating Hours

Avoid disappointment by confirming the operating hours of any Washoku Goen outlet you plan to visit. You can do this by checking their official website or contacting their outlets directly.

Check the Menu

Look up the restaurant’s menu and decide what you want before you go. This will save your time once you’re at the outlet. They serve a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste, from rice-bowl dishes to semi-buffet options.

Consider the Crowd

Like many popular eateries, Washoku Goen can get crowded, especially during meal times. If you want to avoid long queues, either come early or avoid peak dining hours.

Be Nutrition Conscious

Health-conscious diners will appreciate Washoku Goen’s commitment to serving dishes with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and veggies. They specifically structure their meals to provide a balanced, nutritious meal.

Parking Amenities

If you’re driving, be sure to check for available parking amenities for a fuss-free dining experience. Most of their outlets have plentiful parking options, but it’s always best to check ahead.

Reviews and Recommendations

Before your visit, read up on the most popular dishes and customer reviews to decide what to try. Also, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for their recommendations when you are there.

Enjoy the Ambience

Last but not least, enjoy the ambience. Washoku Goen locations are carefully designed to provide a traditional Japanese dining atmosphere, which enhances the overall culinary experience.

Remember, dining at Washoku Goen is not just about satisfying your hunger, it’s about enjoying a high-quality, authentic Japanese dining experience!

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