Spring Chicken of Chargrill bar

Chargrill Bar Menu Singapore 2022

in 2008  Mr. Fong Chee Cheong, started Char Grill Bar as a subsidiary of Garden Cuisine Pte Ltd. Char Grill Bar has created a specific brand for itself with its stall concept that focuses on value-for-money western fare that doesn’t break the bank. Here is the list of all Chargrill Bar Menu with price list:


Menu ItemsPrice
901. NuggetsS$ 4.40
902. Cheese FriesS$ 4.40
903. WedgesS$ 4.40
904. Sweet PotatoS$ 4.40
905. Cheese SticksS$ 4.40
906. Golden Salted Egg FriesS$ 4.40
907. Finger BitesS$ 12.40

Salads and Sausages

Menu ItemsPrice
601. Classic SaladS$ 5.40
602. Chicken SaladS$ 7
603. Crispy Fish SaladS$ 7
604. Smoked Duck SaladS$ 7
605. Giant Chicken SausageS$ 4.50
607. Giant Chicken Sausage SetS$ 9.40


Menu ItemsPrice
401. Seafood MarinaraS$ 6.40
402. Ham and Mushroom SpaghettiS$ 6.40
403. Beef Bolognese SpaghettiS$ 6.40
404. Seafood Aglio OlioS$ 7.40
405. Giant Sausage SpaghettiS$ 7.40
406. Ham and Sausage CarbonaraS$ 7.40
407. Tom Yum Chicken Fillet SpaghettiS$ 7.40
408. Smoked Duck Aglio OlioS$ 7.40

Char Flaming Grilled Chicken

Menu ItemsPrice
101. Double Up Char Grilled Chickenfrom S$ 11.40
102. Char Grilled Chicken Chopfrom S$ 7.40
103. Crispy Chickenfrom S$ 7.40
104. Black Pepper Chicken Chopfrom S$ 7.40
105. Golden Salted Egg Chickenfrom S$ 8.40
106. Hawaiian Grilled Chickenfrom S$ 8.40
107. Mexican Grilled Chickenfrom S$ 8
108. Cajun Grilled Chickenfrom S$ 8
109. BBQ Grilled Chickenfrom S$ 8
110. Mostilla Grilled Chickenfrom S$ 8

Cowboy Pride

Menu ItemsPrice
201. Prime Stripeloin Steakfrom S$ 11.30
202. Super Cut Striploin Steakfrom S$ 15.30
203. Classic Rib-eye Steakfrom S$ 15.30
204. Black Pepper Grill Lambfrom S$ 10.30
205. Char Grill Bar Combo Mixfrom S$ 13.40
207. Asain Smoked Duckfrom S$ 10.40

Local Favourites

Menu ItemsPrice
801. Whole Spring ChickenS$ 11.30
802. Half Spring Chicken SetS$ 6.40
803. Fried Chicken WingsS$ 4
804. Chicken Wings SetS$ 6
805. Western Fried RiceS$ 4.40
806. Fried Rice with Crispy ChickenS$ 6.40
807. Fried Rice with FishS$ 6.40
808. Fried Rice with Lamb ChopS$ 6.40
809. Fried Rice with Giant SausageS$ 7

Baked Rice

Menu ItemsPrice
701. Seafood Baked RiceS$ 7
702. Ham and Sausage Baked RiceS$ 7
703. Mexican Chicken Baked RiceS$ 7
704. Chicken Broccoli Baked RiceS$ 7

Handform Rock Burger

Menu ItemsPrice
501. Single Rock Burger Setfrom S$ 7.40
502. Cajun Chicken Burger Setfrom S$ 7
503. Fish Fillet Burger Setfrom S$ 7
504. Golden Salted Egg Chicken Burger Setfrom S$ 7

Harvest from The Sea

Menu ItemsPrice
301. Grilled Fish Italian Herbfrom S$ 7.40
302. Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Saucefrom S$ 7.40
303. Grilled Fish with Black Pepper Saucefrom S$ 7.40
304. Crispy Fish N ChipsS$ 7.40
305. Char Grilled Salmon Steakfrom S$ 10.30
306. Mostilla Grilled Fishfrom S$ 8
307. Golden Salted Egg Crispy Fishfrom S$ 8.40

Side Items

Menu ItemsPrice
Baked PotatoS$ 2.70
Mashed PotatoS$ 2.70
Mixed VegetableS$ 2.70
California Raisin RiceS$ 2.70
French FriesS$ 2.70
Onion RingsS$ 2.70
Baked BeanS$ 2.70
House PotatoS$ 2.70
ColeslawS$ 2.70
Mexican Cheese PastaS$ 2.70
Potato SaladS$ 2.70
Garden SaladS$ 2.70
908. Fresh Shittake Mushroom SoupS$ 3.30
909. Garlic BreadS$ 1.50

Chargrill Bar Updated Menu February

When it comes to informal and affordable western cuisine, no one does it better than Char Grill Bar. Diners are spoilt for choice when browsing through the extensive menu which showcases a wide selection of more than 60 flavourful mouthwatering dishes at inexpensive prices.

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Whether you have are craving tender and juicy char-grilled steak or chicken, baked rice or salad, there is something to please everyone craving for more. Here are some pictures of Chargrill Bar Updated Menu:

Chargrill Bar Combo Mix

When you have no idea about what to eat at Chargrill Bar Combo Mix then you would try chargrill Bar Combo Mix it is very delicious and tasty. This set consists of Sausage, sunny-side-up egg, lamb chop, pork chop (or chicken chop), each set serves with 2 side items of your choice. Char-Grill Bar is the perfect place to satisfy your Western food cravings.

Salmon Steak

The taste of salmon is the same as mildly flavored meat which came right out of the sea. It has a tonic and subtle taste. However, you should take in mind that its taste will depend on the way it is cooked. Some Important ingredients are, salmon or halibut steaks (8 ounces each),  butter, melted, lemon juice,  green onion, sliced, minced fresh parsley, garlic salt, lemon-pepper seasoning.

Spring Chicken of Chargrill bar

Spring Chicken is one of the Famous items of Chargrill bar Menu. it is as tasty and delicious as sound it is a good source of protein. important ingredients are, unsalted butter, softened cloves, grated ginger, plus slices ginger, Salt and fresh black pepper, chicken, onion, serrano chiles, seeded and thinly sliced, lime, chicken stock, Asian fish sauce.

Chargrill Bar Delivery Locations Singapore

Chargrill Bar has 4 delivery locations in Singapore from where you can enjoy your meal. Here is the list of all Chargrill Bar Outlets in Singapore:

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Blk 463 Sembawang Drive #01-01 Singapore 750463
Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday:11.30am-10.30pm

Blk 280 Bishan Street 24 # 01-24 Singapore 570280
Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday:11.30am-10.30pm

Blk 301 Punggol Central #01-06 Singapore 820301
Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday:11.30am-10.30pm

Blk 505 Canberra link #01-04 Singapore 750505
Operating Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 11.30am-10.30pm

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