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PastaMania Menu Singapore Prices 2023 vs 2022

The Pastamania Menu Singapore is a casual Italian restaurant chain that offers a variety of pasta, pizza and other Italian specialties. It is one of the fastest growing chains in the country.

Comparing their 2023 vs 2022 menu prices, there is a 0.10-0.60 cents increase for some of the various series under PastaMania.

The Pastamania Menu Singapore includes an extensive selection of pasta dishes, pizzas and more. Pastamania is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Singapore that serves up delicious Italian dishes using only the finest ingredients. They offer both traditional Italian food and modern twists on classic recipes, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Pastamania Menu Singapore Price List

PastaMania Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

PastaMania is a largest Italian Informal dining chain in Singapore that serves their customers varieties of Pasta. In PastaMania Menu Singapore you can taste their pastas easily for dine-in from their more than 20 Singapore stores. Here is the list of PastaMania Singapore Menu items with prices:

2023 MenuPrice
CarbonaraS$ 13.80
Chicken Bacon AglioS$ 11.50
Cheddar Cheese SticksS$ 7.50
Beef BologneseS$ 10.90
Treat For OneS$ 20.00
Creamy ChickenS$ 12.90
Set Meal
Soup SetS$ 6.50
Snack SetS$ 7.90
Value MealS$ 17.00
Treat For OneS$ 20.00
Pasta PartyS$ 38.00
Feast for 3S$ 46.00
Epic Value FeastS$ 68.80
Cheddar Cheese SticksS$ 7.50 
Crispy Chicken FiletsS$ 7.50 
Honey Garlic ChickenS$ 7.50 
CalamariS$ 7.80
Cheesy Garlic Bread TrioS$ 5.00
Waffle Potatoes with Nacho CheeseS$ 7.20
Garlic BreadS$ 4.00
Cream of MushroomS$ 4.90
Chicken MinestroneS$ 4.90
Chicken WingsS$ 8.20
Mala Mid WingsS$ 8.20
Pasta (Fusion)
Basil Chicken AglioS$ 10.90
Seafood Tom YumS$ 14.80
Salted Egg ChickenS$ 14.80
Otah AglioS$ 14.80
Kecap Manis Chicken BaconS$ 13.80
Seafood ZuppaS$ 14.80
Seafood MalaS$ 14.80
Pasta (Aglio-based)
Aglio OlioS$ 8.90
Chicken Bacon AglioS$ 11.50
Prawn AglioS$ 13.20
Pasta (Cream-based)
Creamy ChickenS$ 12.90
Cheesy CrumbleS$ 8.90
Cheesy Crumble Chicken BaconS$ 10.90
Cheesy Crumble Chicken HamS$ 10.90
Al FunghiS$ 11.50
AlfredoS$ 12.90
CarbonaraS$ 13.80
Truffle TrioS$ 14.80
Pasta (Tomato-based)
Spicy ChickenS$ 10.90
PomodoroS$ 8.90
ArrabiataS$ 9.20
Beef BologneseS$ 10.90
Chicken SausagesS$ 11.20
Beef MeatballsS$ 13.20
Chicken BologneseS$ 10.90
Chicken Cheese SalsicciaS$ 13.90
MarinaraS$ 14.80
VongoleS$ 13.90
7″ MargheritaS$ 10.90
10″ MargheritaS$ 14.90
7″ Chicken Ham & MushroomS$ 11.90
10″ Chicken Ham & MushroomS$ 15.90
7″ HawaiianS$ 11.90
10″ HawaiianS$ 15.90
7″ Hot Basil ChickenS$ 11.90
10″ Hot Basil ChickenS$ 15.90
7″ VegetarianS$ 11.90
10″ VegetarianS$ 15.90
7″ Beef PepperoniS$ 12.90
10″ Beef PepperoniS$ 16.90
7″ Meat LoversS$ 12.90
10″ Meat LoversS$ 16.90
7″ Truffle MushroomsS$ 12.90
10″ Truffle MushroomsS$ 16.90
Baked Item
Chicken Ham & Chicken Sausage Baked RiceS$ 12.50
Mushroom Baked RiceS$ 11.90
Choco Banana BrownieS$ 8.90
Nutty Cioccolato BrownieS$ 8.90
Udders – Dark ChocolateS$ 4.80
Udders – Cookies & CreamS$ 4.80
Yeo’s Green TeaS$ 3.30
Sparkle Drinking WaterS$ 2.90
Passion FruitS$ 5.50
StrawberryS$ 5.50
Calamansi CoolerS$ 5.50
Passion Tea QuencherS$ 5.50
Coconut WaterS$ 3.90
Vida C BlackcurrantS$ 3.30

PastaMania Popular Menu Prices 2022

Cheddar Cheese SticksS$ 7.50
Chicken Bacon AglioS$ 10.90
Creamy ChickenS$ 12.50
Prawn AglioS$ 12.90
CarbonaraS$ 13.80
Value MealS$ 17.00

PastaMania Set Meal

Value MealS$ 17.00
Treat For OneS$ 20.00
Pasta PartyS$ 38.00
Feast for 3S$ 46.00
Soup SetS$ 6.50
Snack SetS$ 7.90

PastaMania Appetisers

Cheddar Cheese SticksS$ 7.50
Crispy Chicken FilletS$ 7.20
Honey Garlic ChickenS$ 7.20
CalamariS$ 7.20
Cheesy Garlic Bread TrioS$ 4.90
Waffle Potato with Nacho CheeseS$ 6.90
Cream of MushroomS$ 4.80
Chicken MinestroneS$ 4.80
Chicken Wings (Spicy)S$ 8.20
Chicken Floss Mid WingsS$ 9.20
Garlic BreadS$ 3.90

PastaMania Best Pasta

Aglio OlioS$ 8.90
Chicken Bacon AglioS$ 10.90
Prawn AglioS$ 12.90
Basil Chicken AglioS$ 10.80
Seafood TomYumS$ 14.50
Salted Egg ChickenS$ 14.50
Thai Red Curry SeafoodS$14.50
Creamy ChickenS$12.50
Cheesy Crumble Chicken BaconS$10.50
Cheesy Crumble Chicken HamS$10.50
Al FunghiS$11.30
Cheesy CrumbleS$ 8.90
Spicy ChickenS$ 11.00
PomodoroS$ 8.90
ArrabiataS$ 8.90
Beef BologneseS$11.00
Chicken SausageS$ 10.90
Beef MeatballsS$ 12.90
VongoleS$ 13.50
Chicken BologneseS$ 10.90
Chicken Cheese SalsicciaS$ 13.80
MarinaraS$ 14.50

PastaMania Pizza

7″ MargheritaS$ 10.80
10″ MargheritaS$ 14.80
7″ Chicken Ham & MushroomS$ 11.80
10″ Chicken Ham & MushroomS$ 15.80
7″ HawaiianS$ 11.80
10″ HawaiianS$ 15.80
7″ Hot Basil ChickenS$ 11.80
10″ Hot Basil ChickenS$ 15.80
7″ Beef PepperoniS$ 12.80
10″ Beef PepperoniS$ 16.80
7″ Meat LoversS$ 12.80
10″ Meat LoversS$ 16.80
7″ Truffle MushroomsS$ 12.80
10″ Truffle MushroomsS$ 16.80

PastaMania Baked Item

Mushroom Baked RiceS$ 11.90

PastaMania Desserts

Choco Banana BrownieS$ 8.50
Udders – Cookies & CreamS$ 4.80
Udders – Dark ChocolateS$ 4.80
Nutty Cioccolato BrownieS$ 8.50

PastaMania Beverages

CokeS$ 3.30
Coke ZeroS$ 3.30
Yeo’s Green TeaS$ 3.30
Sparkle Drinking WaterS$ 2.90
Passion Fruit SodaS$ 6.20
Strawberry SodaS$ 6.20
Calamansi CoolerS$ 6.20
Minty AppleS$ 6.20
Coconut WaterS$ 3.90

PastaMania Singapore Menu Updated In 2022

The PastaMania was established in 1998, but now they serve informal dining concepts in more than eight countries.

PastaMania Menu just does not contain PastaMania classics Pasta like Carbonara. But you can also find specially crafted fusion delights from their menu.

Quality is their first priority, therefore they produce delicious food items and update their menu regularly to bring their customers back.

Here are some pictures of Updated PastaMania Menu Singapore:

PastaMania Menu Singapore
PastaMania Singapore Updated Menu

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PastaMania Awesome Combo

PastaMania Menu 2023 Price

Image Credit: @Instagram

A 2 person bundle meal is a good choice, it includes 2 pastas, 2 drinks and 2 appetizers. You’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable meal with your dining partner.

If you want something more than order the Feast for 2, in this meal you will get 2 Pastas, 2 drinks, 2 appetizers and also a dessert.

If you are looking for local flavor then Fusion Pasta Executive Meal is the best choice for you. There is an option to select from two types of fusion pasta including Seafood Tom Yuk or Salted Egg Chicken Pasta.

You can enjoy this exclusive meal with dessert and drink. You can also choose a fusion pasta meal with dessert, drink or appetizer. 

PastaMania Fusion Pasta Singapore Menu
PastaMania Fusion Pasta

Best PastaMania Student Meal

Those who want to get a PastaMania student special meal show their student pass or EZ-link card at their restaurant. Also they have many special deals for students.

In just $4.90 choose any of the following:

  • Aglio Olio
  • Cheesy Crumble Chicken Ham
  • Turkey Bacon Aglio
  • Mediterranean
  • Spicy Chicken
  • Chicken Ham & Mushroom Pizza
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Pastamania Best Seller

PastaMania Singapore Menu 2023 Prices

Image Credit: @Instagram

The Pastamania is a restaurant that offers an extensive menu of delicious pastas and other Italian dishes. Pastamania has been a favorite for many years in Singapore, but it is still one of the best places to eat pasta.

Here is the list of their menu that you must try:

Pastamania Creamy Chicken

Best Pastamania Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

I love pasta. So when I heard that Pastamania was releasing a creamy chicken pasta, I knew I had to try it.

When you walk into Pastamania, you’re greeted with a sea of options: salad, pizza, noodles, seafood, meat… but there’s one thing that stands out from the rest: the creamy chicken pasta.

Best Seller Pastamania Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

When you first dig in, you’ll notice a thick layer of sauce on top of the noodles—and then a layer of bread crumbs underneath that! It’s like eating two different meals at once! The bread crumbs give it a nice crunch and contrast with the softness of the noodles underneath. 

Then there’s all that creamy sauce—it’s not just regular cream sauce—it has an extra kick to it! And finally, on top of everything else is some crispy chicken pieces—and they’re delicious! They’re salty and crispy and go perfectly with everything else on your plate.

I highly recommend this dish if you’re looking for something new to try at Pastamania and want to experience something new and exciting

Pastamania Carbonara

Top Pastamania Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

I’ve been to Pastamania many times, and this is my review of their Carbonara.

The first thing that struck me about this dish was the presentation. It’s served on a plate with a single fork, and it comes off as a bit simple. However, when I took my first bite, I was blown away. The carbonara sauce was creamy and rich without being too heavy, and it had just the right amount of cheese to give it some extra flavor without going overboard. The pasta itself was cooked perfectly al dente.

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The cheese is melty and gooey, but not overpowering. The onions are sautéed to perfection—they’re not too raw or too crispy;I’m not sure what else I can say about that except that it was just right.

Famous Pastamania Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

Overall, I would highly recommend this dish. If you’re looking for something different but still want something delicious and filling, this is the place for you!

Pastamania Cheddar Cheese Stick

Popular Pastamania Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

I was a little skeptical of this dish when I first saw it.

But then I realized that it had cheddar and was shaped like a stick, and I knew I just had to try it.

I’m so glad I did! This cheese stick is great for snacking on with friends, or even just by yourself when you’re feeling particularly adventurous (which is all the time).

The cheese is delicious and rich, with just enough bite to make it interesting. It’ll fill you up without weighing you down, which means you can eat as many as your heart desires without worrying about any negative side effects.

Most Recommended Pastamania Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

It’s also not too salty—you won’t feel like you need to drink extra water afterwards (which can happen if other brands are too salty). In fact, you might even feel energized after eating one of these sticks!

Overall, this dish gets an A+ from me: it’s delicious and fun!

PastaMania Delivery Locations

For the Italian restaurant there are more than 20 PastaMania delivery locations in Singapore. Here is the list of all PastaMania Outlets in Singapore:

Bishan Junction 8
9 Bishan Place, #01-37, Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street, #B1-08, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Road, #02-23, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm

Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square, #B1-20, Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #02-21/22, City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10:30pm

Downtown East E!Hub
1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-125, E!Hub
Singapore 519599
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10:30pm

FairPrice Hub
1 Joo Koon Circle, #01-42/47/48, FairPrice Hub
Singapore 629117
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm

PastaMania Pronto x Kraftwich – Fusionopolis One
1 Fusionopolis Way, #01-04, Fusionopolis One
Singapore 138632
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm

HarbourFront Centre
1 Maritime Square, #02-05/06/07, HarbourFront Centre
Singapore 099253
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Hillion Mall
17 Petir Road, #B2-48/49/50, Hillion Mall
Singapore 678278
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm


52 Jurong Gateway Road, #04-26, JEM
Singapore 608549
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Jurong East Swimming Complex
21 Jurong East Street 31, #01-01, Jurong East Swimming Complex
Singapore 609517
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Kallang Leisure Park
5 Stadium Walk, #01-27, Kallang Leisure Park
Singapore 397693
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm

Lot One Shoppers’ Mall
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #03-02A, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall
Singapore 689812
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am-10pm

Mapletree Business City
20 Pasir Panjang Road, #02-13, Mapletree Business City
Singapore 117439
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm

23 Serangoon Central, #04-21/22, NEX
Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-10:30pm

About PastaMania

PastaMania is an Italian restaurant chain which was established in 1998, in the basement of a shopping center in Singapore. After this they opened many other restaurants in Singapore.

They not only expanded their restaurant chain in Singapore but also they opened restaurants in many other countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh, Middle East.

PastaMania Singapore Restaurant
PastaMania Singapore Restaurant

A lot of people think that PastaMania opened their first store in Italy, but no it’s a Singapore local restaurant. There main menu item is Pasta but they also serve Pizza on their menu.

They are so loyal to their pasta that they created a program, doughworkz, for 4-12 years old kids. With the help of this program people will also learn how to make Pasta.

Contact With PastaMania

Do you have any questions about the PastaMania menu in Singapore ? then must contact them through their social media accounts given below:

For more Singapore Restaurant menu must visit Cafehopping

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