Percolate Reviews 2022

Percolate is a quaint and beautiful heartland cafe that recently surfaced in the Bedok neighbourhood. Every element in the cafe falls into place with great harmony, creating a tranquil and composed ambience.

It is the haven for a quiet escape, accompanied by a well-thought coffee and charming desserts.

Percolate Reviews


You would be able to feel this serenity for yourself the moment you enter the cafe. The soothing music, the welcoming sight of the woody brown tables and fresh white walls, as well as the individual pieces that put a graceful finish to the interior.

The natural light pours into the cafe beautifully, and naked bulbs from above cast some alluring shadows on its decor pieces.

The furniture are put together with woods and raw metal to create a rustic look, and it goes very well with the naked bulbs dangling on the ceiling. If you take a careful glimpse, you could even see the different patterns of the tungsten in the bulb.


I had the Cafe Latte, and I found that the coffee here is on the acidic side and it had a nice roasty taste to it. The owner, Avin, thought that the taste of this brew is less mainstream but as a lover of this blend himself, he hopes to expand its audience in the heartland through affordable prices.


They have a very special Cold-brewed Tea here and they make it by leaving the tea leaves in room temperature water before chilling it in the fridge for half the day.

This brew method has taken all the best features of the tea with it, and left behind any bitterness and dryness a tea could have.  This tea was exceptionally fragrant and soothing. Though it came in a really petite amount, I’m sure all tea lovers would be happy to pay this price for such a nice glass of tea.

The hot favourite of this cafe, the Salted Caramel Cheesecake was a pleasant treat. The taste of the cheese cream was really nice with the fluffy and moist sponge cake. Though we hardly detected any salted caramel taste, the cake was worth our calories.

I thought we were going to put on 2kg in just a day with just two person at the table with another 3 sweet treats.

The Pear Crumble Danish was soft and the sweetness from the pear made it exceptionally lovely.

For those who enjoys desserts which are not too sweet, you could have the Chocolate Espresso Tart. The overall taste was on the bitter side and it tasted more like dark chocolate tart since the espresso taste wasn’t strong. The chocolate filling melted in the mouth immediately since it was served at room temperature.

Percolate food Reviews

Finally, we had the Banana Date Loaf which became one of our favourites in the cafe. The fragrance of the banana was pleasantly strong, I could sniff it before it was even close to me and fragrance continue to emerge as I bit on it. Minions of banana should totally try this one.

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I really loved Percolate for its beautiful design and simplicity. It allowed me to slow down my pace and just unwind in its serenity. Moreover, the coffee and desserts were good companions and I would love to spend another afternoon there again.

Thank you Percolate for your warm hosting!