Shami Banana Leaf Menu

Shami Banana Leaf Menu

At Shami Banana Leaf Menu, they are dedicated to bringing you the freshest, most delicious meals. They know that your time is valuable, so they make sure that everything is prepared fresh and without preservatives for your convenience. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Indian meal or just want to try something new, they have a wide variety of options for everyone.

Their menu includes traditional favorites like chicken tikka masala, as well as more unusual dishes like our creamy fish head curry and rich shrimp menu. They also offer vegetarian options so that everyone can enjoy their meal!

They believe that food should be enjoyed with family and friends. That’s why they offer dining in combination with takeout so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to enjoy a good meal with those you love most!

Shami Banana Leaf Menu Price List

Shami Banana Leaf is one of the best restaurants in Singapore. It serves delicious food and has a good ambiance. The restaurant is known for their authentic Indian cuisine. They serve dishes like Dosa, Idli, Vada, Sambar, Rasam, and many more that are made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

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The menu is extensive with a variety of items to choose from. This makes it a perfect place for families and friends to enjoy their time together over a delicious meal.

And if you ever wondered how much Shami Banana Leaf charges for their dishes?

Well, wonder no more! We’ve put together a list of all the prices from the menu so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Shami Banana Leaf Popular

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Briyani SetS$ 11.00
Boneless Mutton Briyani SetS$ 11.80
Boneless Mutton Meal SetS$ 11.40
Chicken Meal SetS$ 10.50
Fish Meal SetS$ 10.30
Fish Briyani SetS$ 10.50

Shami Banana Leaf Fish Head Curry

Menu ItemPrice
Ala Carte – Fish Head CurryS$ 25.00

Shami Banana Leaf Omelettes

Menu ItemsPrice
Egg BurjiS$ 11.00
Cheese OmeletteS$ 11.80
Onion & Chilli OmeletteS$ 11.40

Shami Banana Leaf Briyani Set Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Briyani SetS$ 11.00
Boneless Mutton Briyani SetS$ 11.80
Fish Briyani SetS$ 10.50
Vegetarian Briyani SetS$ 10.30

Shami Banana Leaf White Rice Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Vegetarian Meal SetS$ 9.30
Chicken Meal SetS$ 10.50
Bone Mutton Meal SetS$ 10.70
Boneless Mutton Meal SetS$ 11.40
Fish Meal SetS$ 10.30

Shami Banana Leaf Fish Head Curry Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
2 Pax Fish Head MealS$ 48.00
4 Pax Fish Head MealS$ 71.00
6 Pax Fish Head MealS$ 98.00

Shami Banana Leaf All Time Favourites Non Vegetarian

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken 65S$ 12.00
Fish 65S$ 12.00
Prawns 65S$ 15.50

Shami Banana Leaf All Time Favourites Vegetarian

Menu ItemsPrice
Mushroom 65S$ 9.00
Paneer 65S$ 9.50

Shami Banana Leaf Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot Fresh Lime Teh OS$ 4.20
Hot Fresh LimeS$ 3.80
Hot Nattu Sakkarai Masala TeaS$ 4.40
Hot Bru CoffeeS$ 3.80

Shami Banana Leaf Iced Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced NesloS$ 3.80
Iced Fresh Lime Teh OS$ 4.50
Iced Butter MilkS$ 4.80
Iced Bru CoffeeS$ 4.20
Thai Tender CoconutS$ 4.20
Iced MiloS$ 3.50
Iced Mango LassiS$ 5.00
Iced Sweet LassiS$ 4.70
Iced Fresh Lime JuiceS$ 4.00
Iced Bandung with LimeS$ 5.00
Iced Rose LassiS$ 4.70
Iced Syrup LimauS$ 4.00
Iced Chill Rose MilkS$ 4.00

Shami Banana Leaf Chicken Dishes – Spicy

Menu ItemsPrice
Pepper ChickenS$ 11.55
Chettinad ChickenS$ 12.55
Kadai ChickenS$ 11.55

Shami Banana Leaf Prawns

Menu ItemsPrice
Pepper PrawnsS$ 12.00
Chittinad PrawnsS$ 13.00
Prawn Chukka VaruvalS$ 12.00
Massala PrawnsS$ 12.00

Shami Banana Leaf Manchurians

Menu ItemsPrice
Prawn ManchurianS$ 10.50
Fish ManchurianS$ 9.00
Chicken ManchurianS$ 9.50

Shami Banana Leaf Mutton

Menu ItemsPrice
Mutton Chukka VaruvalS$ 13.00
Mutton Rogan JoshS$ 13.00
Kadai MuttonS$ 12.85
Pepper MuttonS$ 12.85

Shami Banana Leaf Vegetables

Menu ItemsPrice
Dry Gobi ManchurianS$ 10.50
Gravy Gobi ManchurianS$ 10.50

Shami Banana Leaf Roti – Non vegetarian

Menu ItemsPrice
Tandoori Roti with Pepper ChickenS$ 12.00
Butter Tandoori Roti with Pepper ChickenS$ 12.50
Tandoori Roti with Kadai ChickenS$ 13.00
Butter Tandoori Roti with Kadai MuttonS$ 13.50
Chapatti with Pepper MuttonS$ 13.50
Chapatti with Chicken VindalooS$ 14.00

Shami Banana Leaf Non Vegetarian Naan Sets

Menu ItemsPrice
Garlic NaanS$ 3.80
Plain Naan with Butter ChickenS$ 15.00
Plain Naan with Mutton Rogan JoshS$ 15.50
Garlic Naan with Butter ChickenS$ 15.30
Garlic Naan with Mutton Rogan JoshS$ 15.80
Butter Naan with Chicken Tikka GravyS$ 16.50
Cheese Naan with Chicken VindalooS$ 17.00
Cheese Naan with Mutton Shahi KormaS$ 17.80

Shami Banana Leaf Vegetarian Naan Sets

Menu ItemsPrice
Tandoori Butter RotiS$ 4.00
Tandoori RotiS$ 3.80
Garlic Naan VegetarianS$ 3.80
Butter Naan VegetarianS$ 3.50
Plain Naan VegetarianS$ 3.30
Plain Naan with Fried DalS$ 11.00
Butter Naan with Fried DalS$ 12.00
Chapatti with Fried DalS$ 12.50
Plain Naan with Paneer Butter MasalaS$ 13.00
Garlic Naan with Paneer Butter MasalaS$ 13.30
Butter Naan with Paneer Tikka MasalaS$ 13.70
Chapatti with Kadai VegetablesS$ 14.20

Shami Banana Leaf Best Seller 

When you need a good place to go, there are many options. But when you want the best, you need to know the best.

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When it comes to Indian food in Singapore, this is one of the most well-known and beloved places. The restaurant has been around for years now and has consistently served delicious meals that have kept customers coming back for more.

Whether it’s your first time or your 100th, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Here are their best sellers for menu items at Shami Banana Leaf.

Shami Banana Leaf Boneless Mutton Briyani Set

Best Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This dish is probably the most popular dish in India. It has a perfect combination of flavors and spices which make it one of the most delicious dishes in the world.

The ingredients used in this recipe are mutton, rice, onions, ginger, garlic paste, yogurt, saffron and other spices. The combination of these ingredients makes it one of the most favorite dishes among people across the world.

The presentation of this dish is excellent and the taste is amazing. The boneless mutton pieces are cooked well and there is no smell of mutton. The rice used in this dish is also very soft and tasty.

This Boneless Mutton Briyani Set is an excellent choice for your everyday meal as well as special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It is also an ideal choice for kids who love to eat spicy food because they can easily enjoy this delicious dish without any worries.

Shami Banana Leaf Chicken Briyani Set

Famous Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This Chicken Briyani Set at Shami Banana Leaf is a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

We ordered the Chicken Briyani Set, which comes with rice, chicken tikka, and raita. The rice was soft and fluffy but still had a nice chew to it; the chicken was juicy and tender, and the raita was cool and refreshing. The whole dish was really well balanced—each element complemented the others perfectly.

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Delicious Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

If you’re looking for something light and healthy yet filling at the same time, this is definitely a good choice. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner on its own or as part of a larger meal with other entrees or appetizers (but don’t fill up too much beforehand or else you won’t be able to finish your whole plate).

Shami Banana Leaf Fish Head Curry

Most Popular Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The fish head curry here at Shami Banana Leaf  is a must-try. The first time I tried it, I was thinking, “how many heads are in this curry?” When I found out that it was just one head—I mean, come on. That’s what makes this dish so unique.

It’s not just the flavor of the curry that makes this dish worth trying, but also the texture of the meat from the head itself. It has a consistency similar to chicken meat with a little bit more flavor. 

Most Recommended Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

It’s the perfect balance of spicy and sweet, and the fish heads are so tender that they fall apart in your mouth. The curry sauce itself is rich and creamy, with just enough heat to make you sweat. The vegetables are fresh and crunchy, which helps to cut through the richness of the dish.

The spices used in this dish are perfect for those who like their food with a kick! I would recommend this dish for anyone who loves spicy food or anyone who wants to try something new.

Shami Banana Leaf Tandoori Roti with Pepper Chicken

Yummy Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Tandoori Roti with Pepper Chicken was a mind-blowing dish. The roti is basically an Indian tortilla, and the pepper chicken is a spicy mix of chicken and bell peppers. It’s served with side salad and raita, which is a yogurt dip that really complements the spiciness of the dish.

The roti itself is amazing—it’s made with whole wheat flour and baked in a tandoor oven, so it has a nice crispy texture on the outside and soft chewy interior. It’s served warm with some butter on top, which melts into the bread as you eat it. It has such great flavor that even if you didn’t want to use it for dipping or eating with your hands (which I definitely recommend), you could just eat it plain!

The pepper chicken had an incredible depth of flavor—it was spicy but not overpowering, and had just enough heat to keep me wanting more. The peppers were cooked perfectly—not too crunchy or undercooked, but still maintaining their texture and flavor. There was also just enough sauce to keep things moist without being too runny or messy—the sauce is made out of yogurt and tomato paste, which gives it a nice tanginess without being overwhelming.

Shami Banana Leaf Garlic Naan Vegetarian

Top Shami Banana Leaf Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This garlic naan is the best vegetarian option on their menu. It’s soft and warm, with just enough garlic to be flavorful without overpowering the rest of the dish. The naan comes with a side of yogurt raita, which is a refreshing complement to the spiciness of the dish.

It has a soft texture and a strong garlic flavor. The garlic is spread thinly across the bread, making it easy to eat with your hands. The bread itself is made using simple ingredients such as flour, water, salt and yeast. The bread is cooked in a tandoor oven which gives it its unique flavor and texture.

I recommend ordering this as an appetizer or sharing it with friends. It’s not filling enough to be a main course, but if you eat it as part of an Indian meal, it will leave you feeling satisfied without leaving you stuffed.

Shami Banana Leaf Review by Customer

Shami Banana Leaf Location in Singapore

The location of this restaurant chain is in Singapore that serves up some of the tastiest Malaysian and Indian food around. If you’re looking for delicious, authentic cuisine with a modern twist, you’ve come to the right place. They have one location in Singapore and here is the information about the store:

Shami Banana Leaf Sembawang Road

349 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758356

Opening Hours: Wednesday~Sunday (10:30 AM ~ 10:00 PM)

Telephone: +65 6754 3898

Contact with Shami Banana Leaf in Singapore

This restaurant is located in Singapore, and it’s known for its Indian food. They serve a variety of different dishes including chicken tikka masala and lamb vindaloo.

The restaurant is open from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm Wednesday to Monday, and they serve both halal and non-halal food. Their menu has a wide variety of Malaysian and Indian dishes, which will satisfy any taste bud. You can find all your favorite dishes including Mutton, Chicken, Briyani, Vegetarian Menu, Roti and more!

If you want to contact Shami Banana Leaf in Singapore, here is their social media account:

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