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Twenty Grammes Menu Singapore 2022

If you’re looking for a delicious, unique take on traditional Asian cuisine, then look no further than Twenty Grammes Singapore Menu.It is a Singapore-based restaurant that specializes in the cuisine of Southeast Asia. 

The name comes from the French phrase “vingt grammes”, which means “twenty grams” in English.Twenty Grammes is a Singapore-based café and bistro with locations across the country. Their menu offers an array of both sweet and savory dishes, as well as an extensive drinks list.

The menu features all kinds of dishes that are sure to please any palate, but also include unexpected ingredients like foie gras or strawberries as garnishes or in sauces. You’ll find yourself wondering if it’s an Asian dish or French one—and then wondering why you ever questioned it in the first place!

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Twenty Grammes Menu Price List Singapore

Twenty Grammes basically is the ideal amount of coffee beans to draw a good espresso shot. Starting out as an avenue to share a love for coffee and waffles, its brand has since then grown exponentially. Now it is famous as a local dessert boutique that serves curated desserts that use fresh and quality ingredients. Here is the list of all Twenty Grammes menu Singapore with prices list:

Twenty Grammes Pound Cakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Mochi DonutsS$ 25.50
Dessert BoxS$ 69.90
Autumn/Winter Bundle CS$ 38.00
Autumn/Winter Bundle AS$ 38.00
Autumn/Winter Bundle BS$ 35.50
Brown Butter Chocolate ChunksS$ 28.00

Twenty Grammes Brownies

Menu ItemsPrice
Dessert BoxS$ 69.90
Autumn/Winter Bundle AS$38.00
Autumn/Winter Bundle BS$ 35.50
Autumn/Winter Bundle CS$ 38.00
1pcs Medium tartS$ 285.00
4pcs Mini TartletsS$ 339.00
Summer bundle AS$ 38.00
Summer bundle BS$ 32.50
Summer Bundle CS$ 32.50

Twenty Grammes Classic

Menu ItemsPrice
Red Velvet with cream chesseS$ 48.00
Cookies & CreamS$ 48.00
Thai Milk Tea ChocolateS$ 48.00
Strawberry ShortcakeS$ 48.00
Earl Grey Lavender CakeS$ 48.00
Valrhona Chocolate CakeS$ 48.00
Basque Burnt CheesecakeS$ 55.00
Speculoos CheesecakeS$ 65.00
Black Sesame Almond CrunchS$ 48.00
Dark Chocolate GanacheS$ 55.00
Kitkat CheesecakeS$ 58.00

Twenty Grammes Crepe

Menu ItemsPrice
Rainbow mille crepeS$ 75.00
Classic mille crepeS$ 75.00
Chocolate mille crepeS$ 75.00

Twenty Grammes Cake promotion

Menu ItemsPrice
Lionel Bear cake- jet blackS$ 75.00
Lionel Bear cake- Off WhiteS$ 75.00

Twenty Grammes Cookies

Menu ItemsPrice
Brown Butter Chocolate chunksS$ 28.00
Mini Trio SetS$ 30.00
Nutella Baked TartsS$ 28.50
Crunchy AlmondS$ 18.00
Honey Parmesan CookiesS$ 18.00
Rose Lyclee CookiesS$ 18.00
Sea Salt Chocolate CookiesS$ 18.00
Chocolate AlmondS$ 18.00
Coffee butterS$ 18.00
Pistachio CranberryS$ 20.00
Celebration BundleS$ 85.00
Dark Chocolate SableS$ 20.00

Twenty Grammes Take-Out!

Menu ItemsPrice
Passionfruit LoafS$ 12.00
Earl Grey Salted Caramel Bundt CakesS$ 18.00
In-House Bottled BeverageS$ 6.00
BrowniesS$ 4.50
QuicheS$ 7.90
Fruit TartletS$ 28.00
Nutella TartletS$ 28.00
Matcha Chocolate TartletS$ 30.50
Salted Caramel Butter SconesS$ 20.00

 Twenty Grammes Sweet Tartlets

Menu ItemsPrice
Alphabet Tart (Fruits)from S$ 55.00
Mini Fruit tartletsfrom S$ 57.00
Charcoal Fruit tartletsfrom S$ 30.00
Lemon Meringue Tartletsfrom S$ 66.00
Mini Passionfruit Tartletsfrom S$ 66.00
Grandma’s Apple Crumble Squaresfrom S$ 45.00
Mini Chocolate Fruit Tartletsfrom S$ 66.00
Mini Chocolate Orange Tartletsfrom S$ 66.00
Mini Matcha White Chocolate Tartletsfrom S$ 66.00
Lemon Yuzu Tartletsfrom S$ 66.00
Mini Lemon Yuzu Tartsfrom S$ 66.00
Brioche Slidersfrom S$ 40.00
Alphabet Tart (Floral)from S$ 55.00
Number Tart (Floral)from S$ 55.00

Twenty Grammes Petit Fours

Menu ItemsPrice
Mini Red Velvet SquaresS$ 45.00
Mini Earl Grey SquaresS$ 45.00
Grandma’s Apple Crumble SquaresS$ 45.00
Mini Matcha White Chocolate TartletsS$ 66.00
Mini Royal Milk Tea CakeS$ 45.00
Mini Chocolate Fruit TartletsS$ 66.00
Mini Rose Lyclee SquaresS$ 45.00
Mini fruits TartletsS$ 57.00
Mini Salted Caramel CakeS$ 45.00
L:emon Meringue TartletsS$ 66.00
Charcoal Fruit tarletsS$ 30.00
200x Macarons S$ 400.00
Cake PopsS$ 50.00
Mini Chocolate Orange TartletsS$ 66.00
Mini Lemon Yuzu TartsS$ 66.00
Mini Passionfruit TartletsS$ 66.00
Brioche SlidersS$ 40.00
Nutella TartletS$ 28.00

Twenty Grammes Cupcakes

Menu ItemsPrice
Strawberry Vanille CupcakesS$ 17.00
Rose Lyclee CupcakesS$ 19.50
Mermaid CupcakesS$ 27.00
Lyclee Raspberry CupcakesS$ 24.00
Earl Grey Lavender CupcakesS$ 19.50
Chocolate Salted Caramel CupcakesS$ 17.00
Thai Red Tea CupcakesS$ 17.00
Double Chocolate CupcakesS$ 24.00
Valrhona Chocolate CupcakesS$ 19.50

Twenty Grammes Macarons

Menu ItemsPrice
10x MacaronsS$ 30.00
30x MacaronsS$ 80.00
50x MacaronsS$ 92.50
200x MacaronsS$ 400.00
4 Tier Macaron CakeS$ 365.00

Twenty Grammes Corporate Favours

Menu ItemsPrice
4pcs Mini TartletsS$ 339.00
1pcs Medium TartS$ 285.00

Twenty Grammes Updated Menu 2022

Dessert, dessert, and more dessert support Twenty Grammes going strong in Singapore’s Bugis. Delivering up delicious coffee drinks, tasty waffles, decadent cakes, and fantastic frozen yogurt. Twenty Grammes is not just become famous on the basis of their few menu items, they always introduce new menu items to bring their customers back. Here are some pictures of Twenty Grammes updated menu:

Charcoal waffle

Charcoal waffle topped with tasty greek yogurt and a whole plenty of fruits goodness. Paired with pumpkin seeds which are full of healthy fats that are good for the heart and liver. Some important ingredients are flour, sugar, baking powder, salt,  charcoal powder, egg yolks, milk, buttermilk, and melted butter.

Hojicha Soft serve with waffles

Hojicha Soft has a mellow, nutty flavor similar to the toasty flavor of a genmaicha blend—which achieves its nuttiness with roasted, puffed rice—and the lightly sweet, caramel undertones of oolong. It makes it tastier to serve with waffles. important ingredients are egg yolks,  sugar milk, vanilla bean or vanilla extract,  loose leaf hojicha tea heavy cream.

Top 3 Must Try Twenty Grammes Singapore Menu

Twenty Grammes Singapore menu is an ode to the classic French cuisine, but with a modern twist. The culinary team has been carefully crafting the menu that boasts of their signature dishes.

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It’s not just the food that’s getting people excited—the restaurant itself is beautiful, with great decor and an intimate atmosphere that feels like you’re eating at someone’s home.To make sure you get the most out of your experience, they put together a list of their top three must-try dishes from the Twenty Grammes Singapore menu!

October Dessert Box

Best Twenty Grammes Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

So when October came around, they decided it was time to take a trip down memory lane and bring you an autumnal box that’s full of all your favorite seasonal sweets.They are a dessert subscription box that sends you tasty treats from around the world. 

Best Seller Twenty Grammes Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

Each month, they send you a box of surprise desserts from a different country. The Sweets Box includes six different desserts—one of which is always a cake! The other five vary depending on what’s in season or new at the time of delivery.

Yuzu Cranberry Tartlet

Famous Twenty Grammes Menu Singapore
Image [email protected]Instagram

The tartlet is made with a buttery shortbread crust, filled with candied yuzu rind and cranberries, and topped off with a dollop of rich whipped cream. The filling has just enough sweetness to balance out the tartness of the yuzu rinds without being too sweet or overpowering for those who don’t like overly sweet desserts. This is definitely one you won’t want to miss!

At Twenty Grammes, They are committed to bringing you an experience that will give you more than just something to eat. They want to bring you something that will make you feel something. And they believe that their menu of tartlets is just the thing for that!

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Isabelle waffle

Most Recommended Twenty Grammes Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

The Isabelle waffle is a Belgian-style waffle that’s made with malted milk, eaten hot, and topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.It’s a crispy, golden waffle topped with tart strawberries and a drizzle of sweet honey. It’s the kind of thing you can’t have just one bite of—you need to make it last as long as possible.

Most Popular Twenty Grammes Menu Singapore
Image Credit:@Instagram

 And once you’ve had your fill? You’ll want to go back for more.Isabelle waffle is like a little slice of heaven. If you’re looking for a place that’s all about the waffle, Twenty Grammes is the place.

Twenty Grammes Singapore Delivery Locations

Here is the exact location of Grammes outlets in Singapore:

753 North Bridge Rd 

Singapore 198721
+65 9447 2020

Sunday – Thursday
12pm – 10pm

Friday – Saturday
12pm – 1am 

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