Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu

If you’re looking for a place to eat in the city of Singapore, look no further than Chuan Yang Ji . Serving up delicious Chinese cuisine, this family-run restaurant has become one of the most popular places to eat.

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and it is no surprise that Chuan Yang Ji has been a favorite among families and friends for generations. The restaurant has maintained its reputation as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area by providing customer satisfaction through its delicious dishes that are made with fresh ingredients and authentic recipes.

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat’s extensive menu features an array of traditional Chinese dishes, as well as some more modern takes on Chinese staples like dumplings and noodles. The restaurant’s chef is famous for his ability to balance bold flavors with a delicate touch—so if you’re looking for a restaurant that will let you experience something new while still providing comfort food classics, this is the place for you.

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu Price List

Chuan Yang Ji is a Chinese restaurant that is known for its traditional Chinese cuisine and, while it offers plenty of options for those who prefer to eat vegetarian, it also has an extensive meat-based menu.

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The menu includes a variety of dishes available in small or large portions, including rice and noodles, as well as soups and appetizers. There are also several vegetarian options on the menu that can be ordered with either chicken or beef.

Here is their menu with prices:

Chuan Yang Ji Set Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
2 人套餐 Menu for 2-3 People onlyS$66.20
6 人套餐 Menu for 6-7 People onlyS$214.00

Chuan Yang Ji Specialized Mutton Soup Steamboat

Menu ItemsPrice
川羊记 羊骨胶原羊肉汤底 Mutton Soup PotS$18.20
澳洲黑山羊麻辣锅底 Spicy Black Goat PotS$82.40
香辣羊蝎子锅底 Lamb Spine Hot PotS$62.10
麻辣牛油锅底 Sichuan Mala Spicy Hot PotS$12.80
麻辣鸳鸯锅底 Double-flavored HotpotS$19.30

Chuan Yang Ji Dishes for Beer

Menu ItemPrice
脆炸酥肉 Fried Crisp Meat(Pork)S$11.20

Chuan Yang Ji Cold Dish

Menu ItemsPrice
招牌夫妻肺片 Mixed Meat with Special Spice SauceS$14.30
重庆口水鸡 Steamed Spring Chicken with Chili SauceS$13.20
蒜泥白肉 Sliced Pork Belly with Garlic SauceS$11.10
老醋蜇头 Jelly Fish with Black Vinegar (约 200gm)S$14.30
油爆肚 Chili with Beef Tripe (约 110gm)S$13.40
麻辣牛肉干 Spiced Beef Jerky (约 160gm)S$14.40
香辣牛板筋 Spiced Beef Back Strap (约 160 克)S$14.40
川北凉粉 Bean Jelly Noodle with Chili Sauce (约 200gm)S$8.90
凉拌三丝 Mixed Vegetable Slices (约 150gm)S$8.90
四川泡菜 Homemade Sichuan Pickled VegetablesS$8.90
炝拌黄瓜 Cucumber with Dry Chili OilS$7.80
炝辣藕丁 Lotus Root with Dry ChiliS$10.00
老醋拌木耳 Premium Black Vinegar Black FungusS$7.80

Chuan Yang Ji 川羊记的烧烤:BBQ (可选辣或者不辣)

Menu ItemsPrice
顶级羔羊烤羊肉串 Grilled Lamb Shashlik (4pcs)(4 串起点)S$11.20
烤澳洲和牛串 Grilled Australian Wagyu-beef ShashlikS$6.20
烤羊排 Grilled Lamb ChopS$9.10

Chuan Yang Ji Dessert and Fruit

Menu ItemsPrice
冰糖炖雪耳 Chilled White Fungus Soup (碗) 川羊记招牌甜品S$3.70
桂花冰粉 Ice Jelly with Brown Sugar Sauce (碗)S$3.70
红糖糍粑 Glutinous Rice Cake with Brown SugarS$9.10
黄米凉糕 Cold Glutinous Millet Cake (暂不上架)S$11.20

Chuan Yang Ji Rice and Dough

Menu ItemsPrice
培根芽菜蛋炒饭 Bacon and Sprout Fried RiceS$9.10
葱油饼 Fried Spring-onion PancakeS$4.80
水饺 Dumpling(一份 10 粒)S$6.40
羊肉烧饼 Fry-roasted Mutton BunsS$6.70
黑糖烧饼 Black Sugar Sesame Pan Fry CakeS$5.90
冰花锅贴 Pan-fried DumplingS$9.10
白米饭(日本珍珠米) Steamed RiceS$1.60

Chuan Yang Ji Individual Set Meal

Menu ItemsPrice
羊肉粉 Rice Noodle with MuttonS$9.60
羊肚粉 Rice Noodle with Lamb TripeS$9.60
羊肉面(刀削面/拉面) Sliced Noodle with Mutton MeatS$9.60
羊肚面(刀削面/拉面) Sliced Noodle with Lamb TripeS$9.60
羊排汤套餐 Mutton Soup with RibsS$11.20
羊肚汤套餐 Mutton Soup with Lamb TripeS$11.20
羊肉丸子汤套餐 Meatball Mutton SoupS$11.20
红 烧牛肉面(刀削面 / 拉 面 / 米粉) Braised Beef NoodleS$9.60
重庆小面 Chongqing Spice NoodleS$6.40
羊排刀削面/拉面(辣/不辣)Slice Noodle with lamb rib (spicy/no spicy)S$10.70
羊排粉(辣/不辣)Rice noodle with lamb rib (spicy/no spicy)S$10.70

Chuan Yang Ji Drinks 

Menu ItemsPrice
雪花啤酒 Snow BeerS$7.50
雪花啤酒四瓶套装 Snow Beer 4 Bottles PackS$23.50
泰国香椰 Thai CoconutS$5.40
王老吉 Chinese Herbal TeaS$3.20
瓶装饮料 Bottle Soft DrinkS$3.20
青岛啤酒 Qingdao BeerS$8.60
中国茶 Chinese TeaS$3.20
灌装饮料 Can Soft DrinksS$2.20
矿泉水 Mineral WaterS$2.20
自制果汁饮料 JuicesS$2.20

Chuan Yang Ji Sauce

Menu ItemPrice
自助小料 SauceS$2.14

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Best Seller

The Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat is a premier destination for those who want to dine in high style. The restaurant offers an unparalleled selection of entrees, and each dish is prepared with the finest ingredients and served by an attentive staff.

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The best sellers at Chuan Yang Ji are:

Chuan Yang Ji Pan-fried Dumpling

Most Popular Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Pan-fried Dumpling is a delicious option for those who love Chinese food. If you’re not familiar with this type of cuisine, it’s a bit different from the Americanized versions that are so popular in the States. For one thing, it’s much more healthy than our take-out. And it’s also much tastier!

It is a dumpling that has been prepared in a pan with oil or butter. This means that it’s crisp on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside—a perfect contrast. It comes in several different flavors: pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetable. All of them are delicious, but my favorite is definitely the shrimp flavor with garlic sauce!

The dumplings were perfectly cooked, with a nice texture to the dough, and a perfect amount of filling inside. The wrapper was chewy but not dense—not like biting into a rock or anything, but also not mushy or gummy in any way. The filling was flavorful, not too salty or greasy at all, which is always nice when you’re eating fried food

I would definitely recommend this dish if you’re looking for something that’s tasty. It’s also pretty affordable compared to other types of Chinese food I’ve tried before.

Chuan Yang Ji Rice Noodle with Mutton

Most Recommended Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

This dish is one of the most adventurous dishes on the menu. It’s a hearty dish, so you should be ready to eat a lot, but it’s worth it.

The Rice Noodle with Mutton was hands down the best dish I’ve ever had. It’s a mix of rice noodles, bean sprouts, and mutton (duck meat). When you first bite into it, you’ll notice the crunchiness of the noodle and the softness of the mutton. You can really taste both flavors in this dish because they complement each other so well. There’s also a hint of saltiness which makes the dish even more enjoyable to eat!

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The price is reasonable, but it may be too expensive for some people who aren’t used to eating at fancier restaurants like this one. However, if you’re looking for something that tastes amazing and will fill you up until dinner time rolls around again, then by all means get yourself some Rice Noodle with Mutton!

Chuan Yang Ji Braised Beef Noodle

Best Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

Braised beef noodles are a traditional Chinese dish that is both delicious and healthy. The broth is made from beef bones and other ingredients that are cooked for several hours until the broth has a rich, flavorful taste. The noodles themselves are made from wheat flour and egg, so they are very nutritious and filling.

The meat used in this dish is usually beef tendon or brisket. After the meat has been braised with the other ingredients, it will be sliced into bite-sized pieces before serving over the noodles. This dish is usually served with pickled mustard greens or cabbage on top as well as thinly sliced scallions that have been fried until crispy brown in some oil.

The beef is tender and flavorful and there’s plenty of it. The veggies are crisp and fresh. The noodles are cooked perfectly—not too hard or soft—and the broth has just enough spice to give it a kick without making your mouth burn!

If you enjoy Chinese food at all then I highly recommend trying this one out because it’s one of my favorites!

Chuan Yang Ji Sliced Noodle with Mutton Meat

Top Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat Menu
Image Credit: @Instagram

I had the Sliced Noodle with Mutton Meat and I would say it was one of the best noodles I’ve ever had.

I ordered it over a bed of rice noodles, and the sauce was just perfect. It was sweet and savory, with a touch of sourness that made my mouth water for more. The noodles were cooked perfectly—they were neither too hard nor too soft, so they absorbed all of the flavors of the sauce beautifully.

The mutton meat was tender and juicy, but not too fatty or greasy. It tasted like it was fresh out of the oven!

I highly recommend this dish if you’re looking for something new, unique, and delicious!

Visiting Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat

Chuan Yang Ji Outlets in Singapore

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat (Balestier)

432 Balestier Road #01-434 Public Mansions, Singapore 329813

Phone: +65 6358 4188

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat (Geylang)

2 Lorong 1 Geylang, Singapore 389115

Phone: +65 6333 5736

Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat (Chinatown)

211 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058760

Phone: +65 6909 6887

Contact with Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat

If you have any questions or recommendations about their menu, or if you’d like to get the latest news early, please contact Chuan Yang Ji Mutton Soup Steamboat teams through the following social media:

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